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					                     April 2011
            AdAr ii/NiSAN 5711
                Vol. 53, No. 8
       Worship and Sabbath
                 Schedules               14450 West Ten Mile Rd . Oak Park, MI 48237
                                         248.967.4020 .

                     Friday, April 1
     Scholar-in-Residence Weekend
        6:00 p.m. Pre-Service Oneg
                  6:30 p.m. Kaballat
                   Shabbat Worship
          7:30 p.m. Shabbat Dinner
                     Anat Hoffman
                                                                          Join us for Temple Emanu-El’s…
                                                                          Family Seder 2011
                  Working for Social
                    Change in Israel

                    Shabbat, April 2
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship
   Naming of Julia Freddi Samson,
       daughter of Miranda Liebowitz
                    and Eric Samson                                       Tuesday, April 19th 6:30 p.m.
        12:30 p.m. Scholar Luncheon
                      Anat Hoffman
                Struggle for Pluralism                                    Schmooze a little... learn a little... eat a LOT!
                       Friday, April 8
                                                          Adults: $40.00 • Kids (ages 4-12): $18.00
    6:00 p.m. Share Shabbat Dinner
7:00 p.m. First Friday Family Service
                                                                  Children 3 and under: Free
                on the Second Friday           Menu: Seder Plate, Matzoh Ball Soup, Gefilte Fish, Chopped Liver (or mock chopped liver for
                    Shabbat, April 9            vegetarians), Chicken Marbela*, Tzimmes, Roasted garlic mashed potatoes, Cheesecake
            10:30 a.m. Bennett Hart,                                       Catering by Annabel’s and Company
                        Bar Mitzvah
                                             *Call the office by April 15 for vegetarian entree or to notify us of other dietary restrictions.
                     Friday, April 15            Please consider sponsoring a JARC resident for Seder 2011!
     8:00 p.m. Volunteer Recognition
                             Shabbat                               Please RSVP to the Temple office by April 15
                 Shir Chadash Choir
                                                             For information, call Murt Sherbow at 248-399-1356
                 Shabbat, April 16
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship
                     in Rosen Foyer
        Conversion: Carla Stephens

                                                                                                  Please join us at our 10th Annual
                 Tuesday, April 19
10:30 a.m. Pesach Morning Worship
                                                                                                MIRIAM’S SEDER
                     Friday, April 22                                               Celebrate Passover with a Woman’s Perspective
         8:00 p.m. Zachary Fincher,
                         Bar Mitzvah                                                       ThuRSDAY, APRIL 21 @ 6:00 p.m.
                        Babynaming:                                                                  in the Esther Katzman Social hall
               Thalia Quinn Permut
                                                                                                       Cost: $10.00 per person
                   Shabbat, April 23
10:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning Worship                                                                Vegetarian Potluck Dinner -
                    in Rosen Foyer                                                                    FooD assignments:

                                   *                                                                 Persons with last names ending in:
                  Monday, April 25                                                           A-J - Bring Dessert K-S - Main Dish (Vegetarian)
              10:30 a.m. Last Day of                                                          T-Z -Salad Plus all the traditional Seder foods
                    Pesach Worship
                    Torah Chanting:             "Come to the seder and             (Dishes should be enough to feed 6-8 people—please help us serve those
                                                                                        with food allergies by bringing a card listing food ingredients.
                                               learn how Jewish women
                 Frank Castronova
                                                                                     All food must be acceptable for Passover. Vegan options available.)
                     Friday, April 29          have had a prominent role                          Call Robin Gold at: 248-543-5037
             8:00 p.m. Blaine Tikey,
                        Bar Mitzvah               in Jewish History!"                     or and let her know what
                                                                                              you are bringing and/or how you can help!
                   Shabbat, April 30
          10:30 a.m. Tatiana Cripps,                                                  DON”T FORGET TO BRING A CAN FOR THE CHAVEET BARREL
                         Bat Mitzvah
      o      u       r          t         e    m         p   l      e                f          A          m            i        l          y                t           r          e          e

                 April ANNiVerSArieS!                                              SpoNSor A WiNe & CheeSe oNeg
                                                                    in honor of a simcha - anniversary, birthday, graduation or other special
  Steven & Karen Soffin 4/6                                             event. or, you may wish to honor the memory of a loved one…
  James & Donna Brennan 4/7
  Norman & Rosa Berger 4/8                                                our special, welcoming onegs have been well attended and are
  Glenn & Natalie Lapin 4/8
  Jeffrey & Rae Mandel 4/8
                                                                         fast becoming a fixture at temple. the minimum cost to sponsor a
  Gary & Maxine Mondshine 4/8                                                 Wine & cheese oneg is $100. Please contact the office:
  Ronald & Carole Weiner 4/8                                                         248-967-4020, ext. 204, to select a date.
  Adam & Margaret Bornstein 4/12
  Mitch & Marcia Meisner 4/12
  Cynthia Sherburn & Michael Sosin 4/12
  Rachel & Christopher Hulen 4/15
  Carl Bunin & Linda Solomon 4/26                                     y              A               r              t                z             e               i             t               S
  Mark Handelsman & Elaine Bloom 4/27
  Bernard & Shirley Malamud 4/29
                                                                          April 3-9                 *Samuel H. Dudick                 Scott Nathan Davis                         Jan Dunn
                                                                      *Dr. Max Aiken                 Berthold Erdstein                  *Rolla J. Donner                *Lois Eder-Weisman
                 Yom Huledet SameiacH                                    *Bella Barr                  *Lemuel Farber                       Sophie Eglin                      *Jennie Fagin
                                                                         *Louis Barr                 *Jane Finkelstein                      Avery Fried                  *Harry G. Feldscher
             april Birthdays - temple children                        Morton Braiker                      Albert Fox                      *Edith J. Gans                 *Sharyn Finkelberg
                                                                        Solita Cohn                *Daniel A. Friedman                    *Jack A. Glass                     *Albert S. Finn
      Shane Handelsman            Caleb Richardson
                                                                    *Blanche Einhorn                  Irving Friedman                   Harry Greenberg                    Eudice Fischhoff
      Allison Lammers             Lucille Rosenthal
      Claire Sinai                Nicholas Stoller                   *Paul Fogelman                   *Joseph Glinter                      Lee Grodsky                  *Betty Dorothy Frank
      Hannah Stoller              Emma Quail                        Mildred Friedberg                Melvin Gluckman                 Harold Bernard Gross                 *Kate Jacob Frank
      Graham Wise                 Ruth Sharlein                      Thomas Gilhuly                   Bertram Gordon                      Sam Horowitz                 *Douglas E. Friedman
      Jack Wise                   Eric Silver                       *Benjamin Glinter             Alexander Greenbaum                    Samuel Hurwitz                  *Marian Castleman
      Natalie Danzig              Joshua Frowine                     *Isadore Goode                     Robyn Gross                     *Dorothy Kallush                          Funke
      Alexander Fetterman         Edward Rosenthal                      Helen Hack                   Dora P. Hockfield                      Jack Kolko                         *Eric Gilbert
      Alison H. Cook              Lindsey Katz                          *David King                  *Herman Kessell                   Edgar Kornhauser                  Abraham Glovinsky
      Blake Phillips              Jake Cooper                                                           Dora Kleiman                        Ida Kramer                      *Jeanette Gold
      Rebecca Driker-Ohren        Hanna Sosin
                                                                      *Sol Lachman
                                                                       *Louis Lucow                      *Irvin Klein                      *Elsie Laven                Dr. Herbert Goldstein
      Aidan Horowitz              Riley Stocki
      Ellary Koretz               Jules Erb                         *Josephine Jacob                  *Rosalyn Kraus                        Harry Levin                      Elaine Gordon
                                                                           Marwil                    *Samuel Landau                        Anna Levine                        Nate Gordon
                                                                     *Minnie Morgan                       Sylvia Latt                       Meyer Lubin                        Ike Grodsky
                         mAzel toV                                      Faith Naber                     *Dora Lucow                     *Aaron Malamud                       *Kate J. Harris
                                                                 *Leo Henry Newhouse                   Ron MacAskill                    Isadore Matenky                Dr. Maurice Herschfus
           To Mary Ann Milczuk & Seymour Schwartz                *Samuel A. Rappaport                *Esther Malamud                     Isadore Pelzner                    *Benjamin Jaffe
          who were married the last weekend of January                 Mary Robiner                 *Isadore Melamed                   Abraham Pickard                 *Dr. Dennis D. Kovan
          To Jacqueline Steingold who was selected                  *Sylvia Schulman                *William Nedelman                     *Sarah Ravitz                      Hertzka Lewin
       “Woman of the Year” by the Downriver branch of the            *Anne Schwartz                     Joseph Pohl                        Jack Reitman                    Susan Liebowitz
        AAUW, American Association of University Women              Charles Schwartz                   *Isidore Ravitz                 *David H. Resnick                      *Miron Maisel
         To Michelle & Larry Stern and to Joyce & Alan             *Seymour Shulman                   *Samuel Reder                         Esther Rich                     *Stella T. Marks
        Kaczander on the birth of their son and grandson,         Judge Sandra Silver                  Sylvia Reitman                  *Dora Rosenberg                        Fern Onickel
             Merritt Ilan Stern on February 20, 2011                       Davis                        *Sylvia Ross                  *Madolyn Rosenthal                  Barbara Rabotnick
                                                                      *Milton Slatkin                    Betty Rubin                       Shirlee Rosin                     Stanley Rosen
                                                                         Jack Soifer                *Anne K. Schuster                  *Sidney Samovitz                   *Gussie Sherman
                                                                      *Isadore Stern                *David T. Schuster                  Markus S. Simon                     *Muriel Sofferin
                                                                       *Kevin Traute                   *Evelyn Sorkin                     Martin J. Soffin                   Ben Tuckman
                                                                        *Jack Weiss                  Maxwell Torneck                    *Richard A. Stein                    Morris Werney
                                                                                                         *Ida Trager
          Weekly Event Reminders                                        Evelyn Zalk
                                                                                                        Kevin Traute
                                                                                                                                            Edith Walter                      Ernest Wolfe
                                                                                                                                                                           *Bertha G. Woolf
      Members with email may receive Rabbi Klein’s                      April 10-16                     Archie Zeitlin                   April 24-30                          Sophia Zeitlin
        “Monday Mailing” email that includes a two-                 *Issedor Aronsson             *Benjamin Zuckerman                     *Eli Aiken                        Dov Baer Zhuk
      week listing of congregational events, as well as            *Abraham Baransky                                                   *Sigmond Barna
                                                                       Joseph Bean                      April 17-223                *Abraham Becker, M.D.
        special announcements. Members who do not                                                    *Ida (Hudel) Band
                                                                     Ralph Bensman                                                         *Eva Bell
       receive email may read his Monday Mailing at                    *Max Bloom                       *Nina Block                    *Seymour Cobrin
      Temple (posted on his office door) or call Rabbi            *Bernard Blumenstein                   Lillian Brod                   Dorothy Cohn
         Klein (248-967-4252, ext. 207) and request                  Thomas Bonner                      Albert Chait                     *Julius Droz
        phone-reminders from the Membership Com-                     Benita Bornstein                   Layne Conn                    *Dorothy Droz Mills
                                                                 *Leo Alexander Coskey                  *Ruth Curtis
      mittee for social action, adult education, worship
         or social programs.
                                                                   *A light will be lit on our Memorial Board. If you wish to memorialize your loved ones in a special way, consider purchasing a
                                                                   memorial plaque to be displayed in our Anne Jospey Sanctuary. Each year, on the anniversary of their death, it will be lit as a
                                                                   remembrance. Contact the Temple office at 248-967-4020 to make arrangements for this eternal memory of your loved one.

-2-       Temple emanu-el BulleTin • april 2011 • aDar ii/nisan 5771
t h e        r A b b i ’ S            C o r N e r                C A N t o r ’ S                           N o t e S

                        This month of April will bring us
                        a number of important programs           let All Who
                        and celebrations, both individual        Are hungry eat!
                        and communal. We will celebrate
                        four of our children “coming of          The Pesach seder is one of the
                        age,” two who have just come into        masterpieces of our Jewish heritage.
                        the world, and one who is coming         Family and friends gather around
                        into Judaism. We will gather as a        the table for a relaxed, interactive
                        congregation, as a community and         experience that engages all the
                        as a people in the celebration of        senses. Our Jewish sages teach that
                                                                 it is incumbent upon each person
 Rabbi Joseph P. Klein Pesach/Passover. We will welcome          to feel as if he or she had been part
                        our Scholar-in-Residence Anat                                                    Cantor Darcie N. Sharlein
Hoffman for a weekend of insight and information. She            of the exodus from Egypt, and that
represents the very best of our Reform Movement in Israel,       lingering over the maggid, the retelling of that exodus, is
and is known internationally for her leadership of the Israel    praiseworthy. However, there’s just one problem: Everyone is
Religious Action Center.                                         hungry!

This month of April holds within it examples of everything       At some point during the evening, many families feel that the
a synagogue-congregation ought to be and must do. In so          seder becomes a burden. The smell of soup (and other deli-
many ways, April will celebrate the vitality and mission of      cious foods) is wafting in from the kitchen and the guests are
Temple Emanu-El. And the one event that truly reflects           getting fidgety. Focus is waning; someone may be caught flip-
the heart and soul of our congregation is our Volunteer          ping through the haggadah to count how many pages are left
Recognition Shabbat on April 15.                                 before “The Festive Meal” is to begin.

We are who we are because of the efforts, energy, en-            When those around your table start asking, “Can we eat al-
thusiasm and dedication of you, our members. From our            ready?” there is a seder-friendly way to answer, “Yes!”
Executive Committee and Board of Directors, to the chairs        In his haggadah, A Different Night, Noam Zion tells of an
of committees and event organizers; those who usher at           “ancient custom of eating extensive appetizers – each with
services, help in the office or patrol the parking lot on Sun-   its own dip,” and suggests “dipping and tasting various fresh
day morning—you are the reason that our congregation is          vegetables and other appetizers during the Seder until suf-
able to have an April like this, and you are the reason that     ficiently full to persevere during the extensive storytelling
Temple Emanu-El is the warm and comfortable community            (Maggid), but not so full as to ruin one’s appetite for the
that it is.                                                      matza eaten later.”
                      We will honor all of you on                The eating of such appetizers can begin early in the seder,
                      Friday night, April 15. And as a           after the “karpas” blessing. Karpas is when we eat parsley
                      representative and model of the            or another green dipped into salt water, and the blessing we
                      outstanding volunteer efforts of our       recite is the same as for any vegetable: “Baruch Atah, Adonai
                      membership, we will singly honor           Eloheinu, Melech ha-olam, borei p’ri ha-adamah – Blessed
                      Judy greenwald for her lifetime            are You, Adonai our God, Ruler of the universe, creator of the
                      contribution to our congregation.          fruit of the earth.”
                      Indeed, Judy represents the devotion
                                                                 It follows that once this blessing has been recited, we may
                      and dedication of our members. She
                                                                 continue eating vegetables throughout the seder. I know of
has given, and continues to give us, her time and expertise.
                                                                 one family that provides an artichoke for each guest, and each
Her contributions to the maintenance and beauty of our
                                                                 person snacks on his or her artichoke until the meal begins.
building are legion, and the social events she has organized
                                                                 You might put out a crudités tray, or for a more casual feel, a
are the standard for which we strive.
                                                                 bowl of potato chips. With a little bit of food in our bellies, we
Please join us on April 15th as we gratefully honor Judy,        are better able to engage with the seder experience, challeng-
and of course each of you-- for it is because of you that        ing ourselves to feel as if we had each personally experienced
we are the vibrant, active, warm and welcoming family of         the exodus from Egypt.
families that is Temple Emanu-El.
                                                                 B’teavon and Chag Sameach! I hope you have a delicious,
                                                                 engaging, and meaningful Pesach.

     Temple emanu-el: WheRe YOu BelOng                • 248-967-4020                                                              -3-
      April 10th Speaker Marty levine will be
      speaking on Jewish War Veterans.
      April 17th Speaker Jody liption,
      (see right)

      May 15th Gabriella Barthlow Time to be de-
      cided Will be speaking on Consumer and
      Credit Advocate See

      June 12th Tentative Brotherhood
      Baseball Outing Tigers playing

       Brotherhood Presentation
                   April 10, 2011
      Temple member Marty Levine, and                          Sunday, April 17th 9:30 Am
        membership chair of the Jewish                                        Modell Room
       American War Veterans, Dept. of
                                                                Sponsored by Sisterhood and Brotherhood
      Michigan – along with 2 other mem-
      bers of the JWV and also a member                  Join Jody Lipton, an experienced personal injury attorney,
                                                                in a highly educational and relevant speech.
       of Venture Scouts – will be giving
                 a presentation.                         Knowledge is Power: Understand your Auto Policy.
                                                                        Light refreshments provided.
       Our meeting starts at 9:00 a.m. with
       the speakers beginning at 9:30 a.m.
         We will serve bagels and coffee.

        Social Action In Action                                                                          Social Action will give
                                                                                                        you a 2x2 gardening kit
        IT STARTS WITH YOUR PLATE                                                                       for $18 or 4x4 kit for $36
        Reasons to plant a vegetable garden
        • Grow a healthy homegrown food supply
        • Kids are more likely to eat food they help grow
        • Save energy & cut greenhouse gasses (from food processing & transportation)
        • Build community and beautify your neighborhood
        • Save money by growing your own food
        • Play your part in a global movement to fix our broken food system

            See the demo & sign up in the Temple Foyer

-4-    Temple emanu-el BulleTin • april 2011 • aDar ii/nisan 5771
religiouS                  SChool direCtor

                     Comedy And tragedy:                             make “mazon: A Jewish response
                     the Seder As theater                            to hunger” A part of your Seder
                     A Seder Workshop with                           At the Seder we say: “Let all who are hungry come and eat,”
                     Geoff Berdy, Sunday,                            yet hunger exists all around us. This non-profit not only
                     April 17, 9:30 a.m.                             provides an opportunity for giving to end hunger, but tons of
                                                                     educational materials. We have seder kits from MAZON that
                     "In every generation it is the duty of each     will be going home with students, and available to the rest of
                     person to consider one’s self personally        the congregation through the Education Office. Contact us at
  Geoff Berdy        liberated from Egypt."                 or go to the MAZON website at
It is no secret that the Passover Seder is influenced by the
Greek culture of its day. The lounging, greens before the
meal, even the word “afikomen” are more “Athens” than                Jet’s/No’ar (grades 4-7) trip
“Jerusalem.” Judaism’s ability to absorb essential elements          to Joe dumars fieldhouse
of “host” cultures is a secret of its survival and part of what
                                                                     Sunday, April 17, 11:30-2:30 p.m., Lunch included, $10
makes Jewish education, and its most popular moment: the
Seder, so interesting. So we shouldn’t be surprised that the         Join us as we explore the “Bayou Adventure.” Participants
Seder also exhibits traces of that central duality at the heart of   will chose from: putt-putt, laser tag, high ropes, bunjee jump,
Greek culture: “tragedy and comedy” or the tendency to make          trampoline and slot car races. Parent drivers/chaperones
theater part of religion. The Seder is constructed with dualities    welcome. Please call 248-967-4023 or email:
in mind: slavery and freedom, joy and tears, death and rebirth,
and we are intended to literally act them out and heighten
the dramatic tension. Some questions to ponder that we’ll be         Coming in may: Celebrating israel
discussing and that you might want to consider are:                  honoring our faculty and parents
  Why might the Exodus story be considered the central               Some things we hope you’ll look forward to in May:
  drama in Western culture?
                                                                     “Israel-Theme Share Shabbat and Student Art Show” with
  Do changes in the modes of transmission of tradition               Share Shabbat Dinner and First Friday Service, May 6,
  between generation and the next demand we find new                 6:00 p.m. dinner, 7:00 p.m. service.
  ways to tell the story? How?
                                                                     “Community Wide Yom Haatzmaut (Israel Independence
  Is the Seder as a storytelling event more important or             Day) Celebration for Teens”, Monday May 9, 7-9 p.m., we’ll
  more obsolete for its increasing uniqueness?                       be organizing rides from Monday Night School

young family Shabbat                                                 “Parent Teacher Appreciation Brunch” Sunday, May 15,
                                                                     11:00 a.m. (last day of Religious School)
Friday April 15, 6-7:30 p.m, $5 per adult children 6 and up.
Geared towards families with children tot-age through second
grade. Join us for Shabbat dinner featuring songs, story, crafts,
candle-lighting, kiddush and more. Dinner features chicken
for adults, chicken fingers for kids (vegetarian option: pasta),
salad, vegetables and dessert. RSVP to the Education Office: or 249-967-4023.

                    our Sunday morning tefillah – Community time is getting rave reviews!
           Please join us each week in the sanctuary at the beginning of Religious School at 9:00 a.m. for 15-20 minutes
                of Tefillah, prayer and song with Rabbi Klein, Cantor Sharlein and Education Director Geoff Berdy.
                  This time provides our Religious School students grades 1-7 and their teachers the “moment” to
                   build special social and emotional ties with our clergy and each other. Parents have said they
                                     truly appreciate the time to celebrate community as well!

     Temple emanu-el: WheRe YOu BelOng                 • 248-967-4020                                                              -5-
       from the exeCutiVe direCtor                                       f r o m         t h e         p r e S i d e N t

      We reprint, with permission, an excellent article that was writ-   temple leadership Challenge
      ten by Ann Targownik in 1997 for her congregation’s bulletin.
                                                                                                Spring now has sprung. Pesach is just
      “What Do I Get for My Dues?”                                                              around the corner and families will be
      Our Membership committee is occasionally confronted with                                  holding Seders all about our community
      this blunt question. Well, for your dues, you get membership                              including a Seder at Temple Emanu-El.
      at Temple Israel Reform Congregation of Staten Island—an
                                                                                                 Our Executive Committee and Board
      opportunity to work and to contribute.
                                                                                                 are very excited about many events that
      Now, what do members do here? They attend Services; or                                     we are planning for our 60th Temple
      maybe they don’t attend—maybe they lead Services. They                                     Anniversary. Each of our committees has
      get mailings (or maybe sometimes they don’t get mailings!)           Steven L. Permut,     strengthened its respective programs and
      or maybe they get mailings but don’t read the mailings. They              President        plans. Social Action, Religious, Adult
      come to social events for fundraising purposes or maybe they                               Education, Education, Capital Budget,
      come to fundraising events for social purposes; maybe they         Building and grounds, Financial Obligations and Budget have
      plan to come but they can’t come or maybe they really don’t        all strengthened their programs and/or processes.
      want to come at all. They organize things or maybe they help
                                                                         The two areas of concern that I see involve our membership
      those who organize things; maybe they help those who are
                                                                         levels and consequently our finances. Membership has been the
      not so organized or maybe they have no idea what’s going on.
                                                                         topic or our board retreat and many creative ideas and visions
      They send their children to our school or maybe they don’t
                                                                         have been created at this retreat. Temple Emanu-El has been
      have children or maybe they sent their children years ago but
                                                                         holding its own against the general Jewish demographics of the
      they continue to support the school so that the congregation’s
                                                                         greater Detroit area. We all personally know young dynamic
      next generation of children can go to school. They come to
                                                                         people (including my three grown children) who have left De-
      study or maybe they come to teach; they come to gain insight
                                                                         troit for either adventure or other economic or career opportuni-
      or maybe they come to share. They come to learn about doing
                                                                         ties. Of course membership levels directly affect our finances
      good deeds or they come to perform good deeds. They come
                                                                         and Temple Emanu-El has done an exceptional job of providing
      to remember, to laugh and to join others in joy or maybe they
                                                                         religious, spiritual, social and educational needs to our commu-
      come to forget, to cry or to forget their crying. They come to
                                                                         nity in spite of less available funds.
      complain, to cooperate, discuss, decide; they come to connect
      to others or to connect to their own past or to their children;    What may come as a surprise to some is that this is not a new
      they come to exchange pleasantries, exchange histories; they       phenomenon. When I was a relatively new member of Temple,
      come to fill a need or divulge a need, to be part of a commu-      our then President Jack Nolish’s now famous mantra “Dues
      nity or to be apart from the secular community, to partake of      don’t do it” was first coined. This mantra is even truer today.
      delicous pastries or maybe to take no part at all. They give       We as a community need to understand that we have a desire,
      and maybe they help others to give; maybe they discover what       moral or otherwise, to provide the ability for all Jews regardless
      they can give (time, money, knowledge, inspiration, music,         of financial status to belong to our Temple if they so desire. As
      clothes, food, kind words). They come to be in a special place     such, there will always be a gap between our budget expenses
      or maybe to be with special people. They come as individual        and revenue funds that come from dues that needs to be filled
      Jews or as a family; they don’t always know why they come;         through unsolicited gifts and donations and active fundraising.
      and maybe they don’t come at all but they’re members just          This year is no different. While last year the professional staff
      the same. Maybe they are members simply because they are           created the TEMPLE EMANU-EL LEADERSHIP CHAL-
      Jews—simply because they know that whatever they need or           LENGE (TLC), and the Board stepped to meet this challenge, I
      want from their heritage, at whatever moment in their lives,       am now asking the general membership this year to step up to
      or whatever hope there is for our future as Jews, it will be       the TLC and meet the same challenge this year. I will be sending
      met with the strength of congregations if they will ensure that    you a letter latter this month as part of a Pesach fundraising ef-
      strength through their membership. So, for your dues, Temple       fort and I hope you can come through to cover our foreseen defi-
      Israel Reform Congregation simply supplies membership. All         cit. Whether you can give $50, $100 or several thousand more,
      the rest is up to us, the members.                                 I hope all can step up and say HINENI and participate to a level
                                                                         that is comfortable to each of you. Please think about it now and
      (Ms. Targownik is currently serving as Director of Develop-
                                                                         when you get my letter. And of course have a Happy Pesach.
      ment at Temple Shaaray Tefila in New York City. She served
      as Executive Director for three years at Stephen Wise Free
      Synagogue in New York City and Executive Director for five
      years at the Jewish Center of the Hamptons, East Hampton,

-6-       Temple emanu-el BulleTin • april 2011 • aDar ii/nisan 5771
                                                                        Wine tasting Success
                                                                        Thanks so much to our wonderful committee for
                                                                        another great wine tasting event. The room looked
                                                                        beautiful, the food was delicious, the baskets and
                                                                        silent auction items were amazing, and we all had a
                                                                        blast! Thanks also to geoff kretchmer for the sound
                                                                        system, gordy oliva for being an awesome MC, Ja-
                                                                        mie schultz and his band Jamie Todd for some great
                                                                        music, and rabbi klein and cantor sharlein for a
                                                                        beautiful havdallah! Members of 2011 Wine Tasting
                                                                        committee were Janeen Fetterman and kim milner
                                                                        co-chairs, Jill Hart, Jill noll, nancy cohen,
                                                                        Wendy Bakst, Deb Walter, cathy topf, michelle
                                                                        keys, tiffany elie, marilyn kaczander-cohen,
                                                                        Deb stocki, ruth sherman, madelyn Phillips,
                                                                        arlene kominars, robin erb, Jodi Quail,
                                                                        erica mcmanus, Pam koretz, Yvonne crenshaw,
                                                                        amy Wise, and chris gross.

 b’NAi mitzVAh                  cuy kzn
                 Bennett Hart - April 9                                           Blaine Tikey - April 29
                  Bennett Jacob Hart will become a Bar                             Blaine Alexander Tikey will be called to the
                  Mitzvah on Saturday, April 9, 2011. Bennett                      Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on Friday April 29th.
                  is the son of Jill and David, and brother                        Blaine is the son of Linda Kretchmer-Tikey
                  of Mitchell and Sophie. Bennett’s proud                          and Barry Tikey. Sharing in the joy of his Bar
                  grandparents are Phyllis and Howard                              Mitzvah are his grandparents, Claire and Ar-
                  Ringel of Cincinnati and Alice and Clifford                      thur Kretchmer, and older brother Ryan. He is
                  Hart of Ann Arbor. Bennett is a seventh        also the great grandson of the late Harry and Jewel Kretchmer
                  grade honors student at Norup International    who were founding members of Temple Emanu-El. Blaine is a
School. As he reads from the Torah, Bennett will remember        7th grade student at Emerson Middle School. He plays basket-
Natan Hartzberg, a young boy who perished in the Holocaust       ball for the Livonia Hawks and enjoys bowling and hockey.
without having the opportunity to become a Bar Mitzvah.          For his Mitzvah project, he has participated in several Temple
For his Mitzvah project, Bennett worked at the day camp          events, including the Purim carnival and the Shalach Manot
at Temple, where he enjoyed helping with the four year old       program. He also volunteered with National Council of Jewish
campers. He enjoys sports, playing guitar and hanging out        Women packing Backpacks for the Homeless. He is looking
with his friends.                                                forward to celebrating this day with his family and friends

                 Zackary Fincher - April 22                                       Tatiana Cripps - April 30
                 Zackary ( Zack) David Fincher will be                            Tatiana Collette Cripps will become a Bat
                 called to the Torah as a Bar Mitzvah on                          Mitzvah on Saturday, April 30, 2011. Tatiana
                 Friday, April 22, 2011. Zack is the son                          is the daughter of Gabi Silver and David
                 of Marcie and Rich Fincher. Zack is the                          Cripps and the older sister of Natalie. Tatiana
                 grandson of Lorraine Greenberg and the                           is a 7th grade student at Norup International
                 late Henry Greenberg and the nephew of                           School where she plays on the girls volleyball
                 Joe Greenberg. Zack is also the grandson                         team. Tatiana participated in many Mitzvah
of Ronald and Karen Fincher and the late Patricia Fincher.                        projects including delivering Christmas gifts
Zack is a seventh grader at Anderson Middle School where         to needy families in southwest Detroit and volunteering at the
he plays the saxophone in the band and is a Boy Scout. For       Holocaust Memorial Center. Tatiana also enjoys volunteering
his mitzvah project, Zack volunteered at the Temple Purim        at many of JARC’s activities. Tatiana loves playing sports and
Carnival, packaged foods with Kids against Hunger, planted       spending time with her friends.
trees with the Greening of Detroit and collected cans with the
Boy Scouts.

     Temple emanu-el: WheRe YOu BelOng              • 248-967-4020                                                            -7-
  S        m         A      l      l                 t      A      l      k

                                                                                    Special thanks to Aida Cutler, Murt
                         We are fortunate to have our parents volunteering
                                                                                    Sherbow and Vivian DeGain who
                         throughout the school year in many different capacities:
                                                                                    stepped up to the plate to assure
                         drivers, bakers, room parents, and gallery showings.
                                                                                    our monthly bulletins get out while
                         Rachel Victor, former ECC parent, is a Speech and Lan-
                                                                                    Faye is at home recuperating from
                         guage Pathologist from William Beaumont Hospital’s
                         Center for Childhood Speech and Language Disorders.
                         Rachel has generously volunteered her time to perform      Please watch your snail and email
                         speech and language screenings for our children.           boxes for details on the upcoming:
      Eileen Brand     Check the newspapers. Matzah is on sale (don’t pay full      • Free dues raffle
                       price), which tells us that Passover will soon be here.
                                                                                    • Dues renewal packet in early May
  The Early Childhood Community is very busy preparing for this holiday of
  freedom. In our classrooms children will be making matzah, matzah cov-            • Notice of the Annual Meeting and
  ers, seder plates, saltwater bowls, and creating a Haggadah to tell the story     Dinner (May 24) where we present
  of Passover. Each room will prepare traditional school charoset (no nuts or       the budget and elect trustees for
  wine) for their class seder.                                                      2011-12
  With seders quickly approaching here are some suggestions to bring
  more meaning and enjoyment back to the family seder, especially for
      1. Go the local dollar store and buy some “visual aids” for the plagues.      isaac mayer Wise
        When you get to that part of the Haggadah, throw out a pile of frogs…       Shabbat Service
        plastic cows and animals…snakes and spiders…ping pong balls
        (hail)…dark sunglasses (darkness)…Be creative and fun. The kids             Friday, April 22, 2011 at
        (and adults) will love it.                                                  Temple Beth El -- 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                    Members of Detroit-area Reform
      2. Buy some dollar store “prizes” for kids. When they ask a good
                                                                                    congregations will come together as a
        question (which is what you are trying to stimulate), they get a prize.
                                                                                    community at Temple Beth El on Friday,
        Also give prizes for asking the Four Questions, good singers, etc…
                                                                                    April 22, 2011 for the annual Isaac Mayer
        The kids will keep busy playing with their prizes until they think of
                                                                                    Wise Shabbat.
        another good question and jump back in.
                                                                                    Each year, MetFed sponsors a community
      3. Read the Haggadah in the language that you best understand. English
                                                                                    service on the Friday during Passover.
        is fine! If there are a lot of children, you may find the Haggadah your
                                                                                    Hosting privileges have rotated among
        child made in pre-school to be the best.
                                                                                    the area Reform congregations: Temple
  Mark your calendars! The early childhood social event of the season is            Beth El, Beth Isaac Synagogue, Temple
  coming and will include our Tiny Tots at the JCC. The Young Masters Art           Emanu-El, Temple Israel, Temple Kol
  Exhibit will be held on Wednesday evening, May 4th, at Temple. Children           Ami, Temple Shir Shalom, and
  have the opportunity to choose their favorite works of art, which our teach-      Congregation Shir Tikvah.
  ers have been keeping in individual portfolios. The art work is framed for
                                                                                    This event started in 1967, when the Met-
  display throughout our Temple. As you “kvell” over your child’s creativ-
                                                                                    ropolitan Detroit Federation of Reform
  ity, take a moment to observe the developmental stages reflected in the art
                                                                                    Synagogues was founded to promote the
  of the different age groups. Following the exhibit everyone is welcome to
                                                                                    advancement of Reform Judaism and to
  join us in the Esther Katzman Hall for an ice cream social. We welcome
                                                                                    foster community togetherness and inter-
  all volunteers to help us set up and take down the art work. No experience
                                                                                    congregational harmony.
  needed! We always enjoy the participation of our alumni families.
  Wishing everyone a Healthy and Happy Passover!

                                                    eileen Brand, Director,
                                               Early Childhood Community

-8-      Temple emanu-el BulleTin • april 2011 • aDar ii/nisan 5771
                                                                           Excellent references from
                                                                           your friends, neighbors &
                                                                            Temple Emanu-El members

 We had some boxes of papers to shred and decided
      many of our members must as well, so…

        ON SUNDAY, APRIL 17
         FROM 8:30 a.m. - NOON
               ONLY $5/BOX!

eVery CAN CouNtS
Now more than ever.
Please bring a can of food
for the chaveet whenever
you visit Temple. Our
neighborhood food banks
thank you for sharing your
food with the hungry -                                     Picture your business or
                                                               service ad here!
now more than ever,
eVery CAN                                                  Call the Temple Office to advertise in
                                                               our monthly Temple Bulletin!

   Temple emanu-el: WheRe YOu BelOng      • 248-967-4020                                               -9-
 g         i       f           t      S                A         N       d                 m       e         m          o            r     i        A        l         S

  A Sincere Thank You: We sincerely thank everyone for their generous contributions to our various funds. Your support allows us to
   continue offering our outstanding programs and services and helps us to support all members of our Temple Family. Thank you!

       BUILDING AND                LECH LECHA OPERATING              In Memory of:                     In Honor of:                      In Memory of:
     MAINTENANCE FUND                   ENDOWMENT                    Bernard Cooper                    Joyce & Sidney Schulman’s         Ralph Weiss
 For the Speedy Recovery of:       In Honor of:                        Scott & Lynn Cooper             55th Wedding Anniversary          Barry Weiss
 Fred Frank                        The birth of Thalia Quinn         Elizabeth Buch                      Flo & Lou Citarel                 Sue & Dan Stettner
   Abby Goldfaden                  Permut                              Allen Buch                      Sam Hurwitz, Bar Mitzvah
 Faye Damraur                        Bruce & Linda Gordon            Louis Lefkovits                     Laura & Martin Kohn             DR. MAURICE B. WEINER
                                                                       The Rose, Pulleyblank,          In Memory of:                        & DR. RICHARD A.
   Esther Kirschner                In Memory of:                                                                                          WEINER CHILDREN’S
 In Memory of:                     Faye Goldman                        & Rosenthal Families            Father, David Marks
                                                                     Marvin Littman                      Flo Citarel & Lollie Bennish,         BOOK FUND
 Herman Rosenberg                  Barry Weiss
   Sanford Rosenberg               Ralph Weiss                         Jay, Karren, & Sarah Richard      Daughters                       For the Speedy Recovery of:
                                     Temple Emanu-El                 My Parents                        Henrietta &                       Easton Brodsky
        CANTOR’S                     Caring Community                  Liliane Rattner                 Nathaniel Schostak                Mrs. Leonard Trunsky
   DISCRETIONARY FUND              Bessie Belsky                                                       George Cohn                         Judith Weiner
 In Memory of:                     Joseph Vulcan                       WILLIAM H. RATTNER                Nancy Kursman                   In Honor of:
 Phyllis Kellerman                   Claire Belsky                     MEMORIAL FUND FOR                                                 Mrs. George Victor’s 97th
                                   Rose W. Scheer                     THE PRESERVATIOn OF                    SASSON SHAYA                Birthday
   Barbara & Doug Kellerman                                                  TORAHS
                                     Nancy Scheer & Tom Hulbert                                              LIBRARY FUND                  Judith Weiner
   & Family
 Dave Morningstar                    & Dan, Ben, & Julia             In Memory of:                     In Memory of:                     In Memory of:
   Grandchildren,                  For the Speedy Recovery of:       My Parents                        Ruby Virginia Hale                Dorothy Trock
   Robert & Anna                   Fred Frank                         Liliane Rattner                   E. Carole Shaya                    Gary & Kathleen Trock
 Anna Baker                        Faye Damraur                                                                                          Richard A. Weiner
                                                                          MILTON RIBIAT                    RUTH & MAXWELL                  Judith Weiner
   Shari Morningstar                 Marilyn & Don Cohen                MEMORIAL TEACHER                   STETTNER CARING
 Bernard Cooper                                                         ENRICHMENT FUND                       COMMUNITY                         YOUTH CHOIR
   Pat Chomet                              MUSIC FUND
 Rose Lefkovits                    In Honor of:                      In Memory of:                     General Donation:                 In Honor of:
   The Rose, Pulleyblank,          The Bar Mitzvah of Joshua         Marvin Littman                    From Renee Eisenberg              The Bar Mitzvah of
    & Rosenthal Families           Goldfaden                           David & Jill Hart               For the Speedy Recovery of:       Samuel Hurwitz
 Sidney Gelb                         Judy & Lillian Greenwald        Belle Eisenberg                   Linda Schwarzberg                   Mel & Ellie Natinsky
   Eric & Sherri Gelb              For the Speedy Recovery of:         Renee Eisenberg                   Sue & Dan Stettner              Samuel Phillip Hurwitz,
                                   Faye Damraur                                                        In Honor of:                      Bar Mitzvah
 For the Speedy Recovery of:                                            BEA SACKS SOCIAL                                                   Charlotte Corner
 Faye Damraur                      Fred Frank                                                          The birth of Linda & Steve
   Mel & Ellie Natinsky              Judy & Lillian Greenwald                                          Permut’s granddaughter,
                                                                     For the Speedy Recovery of:       Thalia Quinn Permut               ZUSSMAN-UNGER YOUTH
 In Honor of:                      In Memory of:                     Faye Damraur                                                          SCHOLARSHIP FUND
                                   Leah Weil                                                           The birth of Elayne & Dan
 Sam Hurwitz’s Bar Mitzvah                                             Bea Sacks                       Steinhardt’s grandson,            In Honor of:
   Ruth & Harvey Hurwitz             Claire Belsky                     Murt Sherbow                                                      Samuel Hurwitz, Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                                       Joshua David Franklin
        FUND FOR LIFE                     NORMAN ROSE                Fred Frank                          Sue & Dan Stettner                T.E. Board of Trustees
                                          CANTOR FUND                  Murt Sherbow                    The marriage of Mary Ann
 In Memory of:                                                                                         Milczuk & Seymour Schwartz
 Louis Skulnick                    General Donation:
                                   From the Estate of Becky                                              Rena & Larry Friedberg
   Donna & Jim Brennan
                                   Warfel on behalf of her
   GENERAL GIFTS FUND              friends
 For the Speedy Recovery of:       In Memory of:
 Faye Damraur                      Morris W. Weingarden
 Fred Frank                        Charles Paul Druker
   T.E. Board of Trustees            Marshall & Karen Weingar-
 Faye Damruar                        den
   Flo & Lou Citarel               Sam Rudner
 In Honor of:                        Steve & Sharon Dillon
 Jim Embree’s Retirement           For the Speedy Recovery of:
 from Comerica Bank                Fred Frank
   Wendy & Marc Bakst                Dolores Galea
 In Memory of:
 Morris Schwartz                          RABBINIC
   Dan & JoEllen Schwartz            DISCRETIONARY FUND
 Shirley Korobkin                  For the Speedy Recovery of:
                                   Faye Damraur
   Suzanne & Arnold Portner
                                     Marsha Weiss, Sher &
                                     Sandy Kaplan
                                                                                               Recognition Shabbat
     MEMORIAL COLLEGE              Fred Frank
      STUDENT FUND                   Vivian DeGain                                                 April 15 – 8:00 p.m.
 In Memory of:                     In Honor of:
 Marvin Littman                    Rabbi Klein                                                     with the Shir Chadash Choir
   Robin & Richard Gold              Kathy Neel
 Alan Finkel                       The marriage of Mary Ann
   Lola Lane                       Milczuk & Seymour Schwartz                     Please join us on April 15th as we gratefully
 In Honor of:                        Vivian DeGain
 Norman Berger, Happy                Mel & Ellie Natinsky                        honor our volunteers –– chairs of committees,
 Birthday                          Rabbi Klein for my reading                 event organizers; those who usher at services, help
   Rosa Berger                     of Torah Mishpatim,
                                   January 29th                                 in the office or patrol the parking lot on Sunday
     PRAYER BOOK FUND                Vivian DeGain
 In Memory of:                     Sam Hurwitz’s Bar Mitzvah                  morning –– because of you we are a vibrant, active,
 Janet Rosenson                      Ruth & Harvey Hurwitz
   Lindy, Ray, Elana,              Samuel Phillip Hurwitz,                          warm and welcoming family of families.
   Dan Buch & Karen Jurist         Bar Mitzvah
                                     Charlotte Corner

-10- Temple emanu-el BulleTin • april 2011 • aDar ii/nisan 5771
                                                                          Temple emanu-el
                                                                      Community of Learners
                                              Please join us for Scholar-In-Residence Weekend
                                                      with Special Guest, Anat Hoffman
                                                             (co-sponsored by metropolitan federation of reform synagogues )

                                                       FriDAY niGht
                                                        Dinner AnD
                                                                                   Friday, April 1
                                                                                   6:00 p.m. – Wine & Cheese Pre-Oneg
                                                                                   Hosted by Temple sisterhood
                                                       Patron $36 pp
                                                     Sponsor: $25 pp               6:30 p.m. – Kabbalat Shabbat Services
        Anat Hoffman became
   Executive Director of the Israel                                                7:30 p.m. – Shabbat Dinner and Presentation
                                           SAtUrDAY LUnCh $12 pp
 Religious Action Center in 2002.                                                  CALL US When YOU’re riGht:
      Previously, she served as a
                                             SUnDAY Program        Free            Working for social cHange in israel
  Jerusalem City councilwoman
                                                     Please rSVP for
     for 14 years. Anat led in the
                                             all events by March 29.               Saturday, April 2
 battles for the right of women to                                                 12:30 p.m. – Lunch and Learn Shabbaton
 pray at the Western Wall and for
                                                     SUPPOrt ADULt                 the SeArCh FOr CrACKS in the CitY OF StOne:
   women’s equal pay for equal
                                                   eDUCAtiOn AS A                  an anaTomy of THe sTruggles for
       work. She pushed for the
                                                    COMMUnitY OF                   pluralism in moDern Jerusalem
        provision of adequate
                                              LeArnerS BeneFACtOr
 municipal services for the more
 than 200,000 Palestinian citizens              Your $75 contribution              Sunday, April 3
 of Jerusalem. She has fought to             gains you admission to                9:30 a.m. – Sunday Morning Presentation
  see that the powerful Orthodox            all weekend events and                 BetWeen the StOneS AnD A hArD PLACe
   bloc in the City Council does                  reserved seating at
                                                                                   THe sTruggle of “Women of THe Wall”
  not dictate lifestyle choices for            dinner and luncheon.
                                                                                   co-hosted by congregation shir Tikvah
      the secular population of
      Jerusalem and has fought                  if you do not recieve this Bulletin in time to rSVP for lunch or dinner,
  tirelessly for religious pluralism.                 please plan to join us for our Friday Pre-Oneg & Worship,
                                                    our 1:00 p.m. Discussion on Saturday or our Sunday morning
                                                                presentation at 9:30 a.m. thank you!

                                  upComiNg eVeNtS At temple emANu-el
                                                                                                 MIRIAM’S SEDER
                                            Family Seder                                       ThuRSDAY, APRIL 21
                                Adults: $40.00 • Kids (ages 4-12): $18.00
                                        Children 3 and under: Free
                                                                                              Cost: $10.00 per person
                               Consider sponsoring a JARC resident: $40.00                Persons with last names ending in:
                                                                                                 A-J - Bring Dessert
                                           Please RSVP to the                         K-S - Main Dish (Vegetarian) - T-Z -Salad
                                        Temple office by April 15                           Call Robin Gold at: 248-543-5037
                                                                                              or

                                         TeAR-off RegiSTRATion foR eVenTS liSTed AboVe

NAME                                                                                        DAy PhONE
EvENT                                                                        # ADuLTS              # ChiLDREN             AMOuNT ENCLOSED

    Please make your check payable to: Temple Emanu-El and return to the Temple office.          TOTAL Enclosed: $

    Temple emanu-el: WheRe YOu BelOng                    • 248-967-4020                                                                 -11-
    t e m p l e                                                                                       C A l e N d A r
                                                         April 2011 - Adar ii/Nisan 5771
                                                                                                                                                                                 1    SIR Weekend
                                                                                                                                                        SIR Weekend
                                                                                                                                                                                      9:30 AM
                                                                                                                                                        6:00 PM                       Torah Study
                                                                                                                                                        Wine & Cheese Oneg
                                                                                                                                                                                      10:30 AM
                                                                                                                                                        6:30 PM                       Morning Shabbat
                                                                                                                                                        Kabbalat Shabbat Service
                                                                                                                                                                                      12:30 PM
                                                                                                                                                        7:30 PM                       Liebowitz-Samson
                                                                                                                                                        Dinner & Presentation          Baby-Naming Kiddush
                                                                                                                                                                                      12:30 PM
                                                                                                                                                                                      Lunch & Learn
                             3                                 4                            5                           6                           7                            8
    SIR Weekend                     7:00 PM                          No Religious School         7:30 PM                    No Religious School         6:00 PM                                              9
                                    Youth Choir                      ECC Regular Schedule        Shir Chadash               ECC Regular Schedule        Share Shabbat Dinner         9:30 AM
    9:30 AM                                                                                                                                             7:00 PM                      Torah Study
    Presentation                    No High School                                               ECC Regular Schedule                                   First Friday Service         10:30 AM
                                    ECC Regular Schedule                                                                                                                             Bennett Hart Bar Mitzvah
                                                                                                                                                        ECC Regular Schedule

                           10                                11                             12                      13                             14                          15                         16
    Building Closed                 11:00 AM                        4:30 PM                      ECC Passover Seders        4:30 PM                     6:00 PM                       9:30 AM
                                    Religious Ed. Assembly          Religious School             7:30 PM                    Religious School            Young Family Shabbat          Torah Study
                                    7:00 PM                         6:15 PM                      Shir Chadash               7:00 PM                     8:00 PM                       10:30 AM
                                    High School                     Exec. Committee Meeting                                 Nechamah                    Volunteer Shabbat with        Morning Shabbat
                                    Youth Choir                     7:00 PM                                                                             Choir
                                                                    Brotherhood Game Night
                                    Religious Classes

                           17                                18                             19                     20                              21                        22                           23
    8:30 AM – 12:00 PM              6:00 PM                          10:30 AM                    Building Open              5:30 PM                     7:30 PM                       9:30 AM
    Paper Shredding                 Building Closed                  Morning Worship             Passover                   Miriam Seder                [Isaac Meyer Wise             Torah Study
    9:00 AM                                                          6:30 PM                                                7:00 PM                     Shabbat Service, Temple       10:30 AM
    Brotherhood Meeting             1st Seder                        2nd Seder                                              Nechamah                    Beth-El]                      Morning Shabbat
                                    No ECC or Religious                                                                                                 8:00 PM
    9:30 AM                         School
    3rd Grade Parents                                                Temple Office Closed                                   No ECC or Religious         Zackary Fincher               Passover
                                    Passover                         No ECC or Religious                                    School                      Bar Mitzvah
    Auto Insurance                                                   School                                                 Passover
    Presentation                                                     Passover                                                                           Passover

                           24                                25                             26                     27                              28                        29                           30
    No Religious School             10:30 AM                         4:30 PM                     7:30 PM                    4:30 PM                     8:00 PM                       9:30 AM
    Passover                        Morning Worship                  Religious School            Shir Chadash               Religious School            Blaine Tikey Bar Mitzvah      Torah Study
    Easter                                                           7:30 PM                                                7:00 PM                                                   10:30 AM
                                    No ECC or Religious              BOT Meeting                                            Nechamah                                                  Tatiana Cripps
                                    School                                                                                  7:30 PM                                                   Bat Mitzvah
                                    Passover                                                                                Pres. Council Annual
                                    Temple Office Closed                                                                    Calendar Mtg.

                                                                                                                                                                                        at Detroit, MI
                                                                                                                                                                                       and additional
    14450 W. Ten Mile Rd. Oak Park, MI 48237-1438                                                                                                                                      Mailing offices
	                Joseph	P.	Klein	 Rabbi                                                                                                                                              Permit No. 0443870
	             Darcie	N.	Sharlein	 Cantor
	          Milton	Rosenbaum,	z’l	 Rabbi	Emeritus
	               Norman	Rose,	z’l	 Cantor	Emeritus
	            Susan	J.	Kirschner	   Executive	Director
	               Geoffrey	Berdy	    Director,	Education	&	Youth	Activities
	                  Eileen	Brand	   Director,	Early	Childhood	Community
	          Michaelyn	Silverman	    Founding	Director	-	ECC
	              Steven	L.	Permut	   President
	                Mitch	Meisner	    Admin.	Vice-President	&	President-Elect
	                David	Gubow	      Financial	Vice-President
	                Fredrick	Frank	   Religious	Vice-President
	                 Wendy	Bakst	     Education	Vice-President
Marilyn	Kaczander-Cohen	       	   Membership	&	Programming	Vice-President
	                 Dennis	Kayes	    Treasurer
	                 Debra	Walter	    Secretary
	            Dolores	M.	Galea	     Immediate	Past	President
	                     Bea	Sacks	   Bulletin	Editor

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