linking-expressions by lanyuehua


									                    Use linking expressions to connect ideas within paragraphs
                            and to smooth transitions between paragraphs.

                       Use these linking expressions to add an idea to one already stated:

moreover                       likewise                  besides                  too
further                        also                      and                      again
furthermore                    nor                       and them                 in addition
equally important              in the same fashion

                   Use these linking expressions to limit or contradict something already said:

but                            however                   on the other hand        otherwise
yet                            still                     on the contrary          at the same time
and yet                        nevertheless              although

                Use these linking expressions to show a time or place arrangement of your ideas:

first                          meanwhile                 next                     here
second (et cetera)             later                     presently                nearby
finally                        eventually                at length                opposite to
at this point                  sooner or later           afterward                adjacent to

          Use these linking expressions to exemplify some idea or to sum up what you have said:

for example                    in fact                   on the whole             in any case
for instance                   to sum up                 in short                 as has been said
in other words                 in brief                  in any event             as a result

                Use these linking expressions when appropriate as alternatives to those above:

therefore                      accordingly               after all                lastly
thus                           as a result of this       in the next place        soon
in spite of this               similarly                 as might be expected     in addition
consequently                   besides                   an example of this       then again

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