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									                                                                                      Aegis Control Modules
                                                                                  Home & Lifestyle Management System

                                        Aegis Control Modules are specifically designed to control and
                                      coordinate a home’s lighting, temperature and security. The
                                    control module allows the home owner access to every home
                                  function through wall-mounted consoles, any telephone, or through
                                the internet via personal computer or PDA with optional software.
                              Aegis control modules are available in three sizes: the Aegis 1000 for
                             apartments and townhomes, the Aegis 1500 for average sized homes and
                            the Aegis 3000 for larger buildings.

                          Lighting Control
                        !   Controls both the hardwired Aegis Lighting Control System and various X-10 systems
                        !   Aegis Lighting Control features full two-way operation and programmable fade rates
                        !   Lighting can automatically trigger based in motion, door opening, time or security mode.
                        !   Can automatically trigger lights a specified number of minutes before or after
                          ! Emergency lighting can automatically flash house lights on when a break-in occurs
                          ! Lighting Scenes can coordinate all lights for party, home theater, or a quiet evening at home
           ! Automatic light sequencing can make the home looked lived-in when the house is empty
          ! All lights also operate manually

           ! UL/Industry Canada approved security/fire prevention system with vandal resistant cabinet
          ! Extensive lightning/surge protection with 12-hour backup battery
         ! Approved digital dialer with Contact ID
        ! Security violations automatically flash house lights and audibly announce violated zones
       ! Three levels of user priority with timed access
      ! Multiple partitions available on Aegis 1500 and 3000

     Temperature Control
     ! Aegis automatically controls the temperature, fan and mode in multiple HVAC zones
    ! Outdoor temperature sensor anticipates temperature load for maximum efficiency and comfort
   ! Aegis "sets-back" unused temperature zones when homeowners leave home or go to sleep
   ! User can manually override the system at any time

   Human Interface
    ! All functions controllable from Aegis wall mounted consoles
    ! Complete access and control from any fixed or mobile telephone, on-site or off-site
   ! Control also available through Scene Switches and AVMS touch screens
   ! Complete Internet based monitoring or control through a computer or Pocket PC
  ! Off-site programming through dealer software
  ! Consoles display text messages for important reminders
 ! Aegis announces important messages with an easy to understand voice
 ! Aegis can call or send an email to inform homeowners of important events with option components

 ! Multiple RS-232/485 interfaces available for connection to other systems
! Multiple voltage/relay outputs available
! Built-in interface for Aegis AVMS and scene switches
! All Aegis controllers may be mounted in OnQ cabinets for a completely integrated wiring solution

Warranty 5 years
Specifications subject to change without notice.

                       Aegis Systems A Member of The Lenbrook Group of Companies
                       Tel: (800) 263-4641 Fax: (800) 263-1555 Internet:
                                                                             Control Module Selection Guide
                                                                                          Home & Lifestyle Management System

Features                              Aegis 1000                        Aegis 1500                             Aegis 3000

                                    Image                              Image                                 Image

Security Zones                      8 expands to 24                    16 expands to 48                       16 expands to 176
Security Partitions (Areas)               None                                  2                                      8
Fire Protection               2 and 4 wire smoke detectors       2 and 4 wire smoke detectors         2 and 4 wire smoke detectors
Voltage/Relay Outputs               2 expands to 10                       8 maximum                           8 expands to 136
LCD Consoles                          4 maximum                           8 maximum                              16 maximum
User Codes                                  8                                  16                                     99
Event Log                              50 events                           100 events                             250 events
Digital Communicator              Contact ID, 4/2, 3/1                Contact ID, 4/2, 3/1                   Contact ID, 4/2, 3/1
Power Line Carrier Lights                  16                                  64                                    256
Aegis Lighting Control                16 (16 total)                       62 (64 total)                        248 (256 total)
Thermostats                                 2                                   4                                     64
Program Lines                             100                                 500                                    1500
Internal Flags                   One condition per line             Two conditions per line                 Two conditions per line
Macro Buttons                              16                                  32                                     64
Serial Interface               1 included plus 1 optional          1 included plus 1 optional           3 included plus 1 optional
Serial Mode(s)                         Aegis Link                   Aegis Link and Pro Link                 Aegis Link and Pro Link
Messages                         16 text, voice or serial            32 text, voice or serial               64 text, voice or serial
Ethernet Interface                        None                                None                              Future upgrade
Two-way Voice                           Optional                            Optional                               Optional
Built-in Vocabulary                    195 words                           450 words                  500 words plus 60 recordable
AC Power                          16 VAC transformer                  24VAC transformer                       24VAC transformer
Wireless (Supervised)              Optional 16 zones                   Optional 16 zones                     Optional 128 zones
Interfaces with AVMS                       No                                  Yes                                     Yes
Scene Switch Drivers                     Built-in                            Built-in                               Built-in
Warranty                                 5 years                             5 years                                5 years

                                     Specifications subject to change without notice.

                                      Aegis Systems A Member of The Lenbrook Group of Companies
                                      Tel: (800) 263-4641 Fax: (800) 263-1555 Internet:

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