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					Hello! Welcome to the audio program, Zero-Cost Income from Home.

Here is what you will hear in the full 2 ½ audio seminar with Paul Mladjenovic:

        Make Real Money in Your Spare Time with a No-Cost Business
Gain the knowledge, information, and resources needed to launch a home-based business,
full-time or part-time, that is no-cost or low-cost. It is even possible to make a good
income even if you don't have a lot of time or are very busy. Most of the businesses
described can be easily started simply with access to a home computer and/or the
Internet. There are many ingenious ways to make money to replace lost income or
supplement what income you do have. Paul Mladjenovic has taught thousands of students
about realistic ways to generate income and build wealth for over two decades. In this
brand-new, one-session class, he will share with you what he (and others) has personally
done and what can work in today's difficult economic conditions. Paul will even reveal
the profitable strategies that he has privately used.

Besides the file that you are now reading (READ-ME.doc), there are the following:

The “Zero-Cost Income from Home” audio seminar comes in the following files:

   1) ZCIH-internet1-mp3

   2) ZCIH-internet2.mp3

   3) ZCIH-internet3-mp3

In addition, you get a batch of ebooks and other information on making money on the
Internet in a separate file…


Bonus program! Get a full 3-hour seminar that I did in 2006 entitled “Mail Order and the
Internet”. This is the file that contains it…


Although it is a little dated, I added this to your order as my thanks since it is a great
beginner’s seminar on the topic of doing business on the internet. The business and
marketing strategies and resources are timeless and the program is considered by many to
be a classic since it has been done for nearly two decades and many beginners succeeded
from the knowledge and guidance contained within.

Thank you very much for getting this program. In addition, get my free financial ezine,
the Prosperity Alert at
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programs that I do across the country at

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your business, go to my blog at

If you any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly at

I wish you continued success…


Paul Mladjenovic

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