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									                                                                                                                              June 2007
                                                                                                                     Volume VI, Issue 2

 “ P A T R O L L I N G             T H E      T O U G H E S T            P R E C I N C T S           I N     N E W        Y O R K ”

                             President’s Message: Who are You? Part II
                             As you know, I have informed you in our last newsletter about the 1% among us who continue to attempt
                             to divide the rest of us through misleading, inaccurate, and confusing statements that concern you and
                             ultimately affect your family.

                             Let me state the facts to you so we are absolutely clear. The COBA Executive Board and I have and will
                             continue to represent you and your family to the fullest extent. A few uninformed individuals have
                             attempted to mislead you about the 10 hours between tours and other issues such as over-crowding,
                             single color uniforms for inmates, reduction of square footage in the jails, and other issues that the
                             Department of Correction has proposed to the New York City Board of Correction. It is imperative that you
                             read my testimony given before the Board of Correction on April 17th. We vigorously oppose all of the
COBA President               proposals that negatively affect Correction Officers. You can view my full testimony on the COBA website
Norman Seabrook              at You can read the facts for yourself.

Another issue which is being blurted out by the uniformed 1% is the rules related to time off between tours. Each and every Correction
Officer is entitled to voluntary overtime and receives mandatory overtime during his/her work week. The DOC does not give you two
hours between tours. Those two hours come from your compensatory time (comp time) and must be requested by you, according to
Departmental Operations Order # 76/88. If you choose to use those hours they will be deducted, if not, they will be paid to you in full.
It’s not free.
There is no danger that this system is changing. If you request two hours between tours it can and should be granted and it will be
deducted from your comp time. If you don’t request two hours between tours and you show up late for work, those hours will be
deducted from your comp time/vacation leave time. It is imperative that the 99% of us who do what we are required to do, day in and
day out, continue to stay focused on the goals that have been set forth by the membership and the COBA Executive Board. We must
also recognize that a few among us are malicious and disingenuous. That has always been and always will be the case in labor
organizations. There are bitter and negative people in all walks of life and all organizations.
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                                                                                               IN THIS ISSUE
                    NOT GUILTY!!!                                                              President Seabrook Testifies Before
                                                                                               the Board of Correction               p.2
CORRECTION OFFICER CLEARED OF MULTIPLE CHARGES                                                 Legislative Report                    p.3
                                                                                               COs Win at OATH                       p.5
On May 25, 2007, a Bronx State Supreme Court Judge found Correction Officer                    HMD: Know Your Rights                 p.6
Joseph Collins not guilty of multiple charges brought against him by the Bronx                 Unions Connect: COBA & EMS            p.6
District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Correction. Officer Collins was               Upcoming COBA Events                  p.7
charged with official misconduct, assault, and falsifying business records. The
charges stemmed from an incident in AMKC during which CO Collins came to
the aid and defense of another CO who had been slashed by an inmate. When
he was first indicted, his case was dismissed, but then the DA re-indicted him.
From day one the COBA publicly stated that we did not believe Officer Collins
did anything wrong and that the union would do all that we can to make sure
that he would be exonerated of these charges.

CO Collins shared with COBA news his first-hand account of his two-year ordeal
and what he wants every Correction Officer to know about what he went
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    COBA Opposes Several Proposed Changes
     to the Minimum Standards for City Jails
          President Seabrook Cites Concerns for CO’s Safety in
             His Testimony to the NYC Board of Correction
                                                                                  The DOC claims the proposed change is a cost-cutting
                                                                                  measure and has maintained that it will not affect security. In
                                                                                  defending their plan, Commissioner Horn has noted that state
                                                                                  prisons and other facilities throughout the country currently
                                                                                  use that reduced size standard.

                                                                                  President Seabrook, however, argued that comparison was
                                                                                  inaccurate. "For example, in Los Angeles the inmates are
                                                                                  locked in all the time," he said. "Correction Officers do not often
                                                                                  have contact with inmates and do not enter and move among
                                                                                  the inmates in dormitories and Los Angeles does not have
                                                                                  contact visits."

                                                                                  President Seabrook also highlighted a few of the proposed
Pictured above: President Seabrook delivers his testimony before the BOC at       changes which the COBA firmly supports.
the April 17th public hearing. He was joined by ADW/DW Association
President Sidney Schwartzbaum and CCA President Ronald Whitfield.                 He suggested that sentenced inmates wear different colors
                                                                                  than the other prisoners so that officers can recognize the
On April 17, 2007, COBA President Norman Seabrook detailed                        higher security risks. "This is particularly important in view of
the COBA’s concerns regarding the Department of Correction’s                      other proposed changes which will often permit sentenced
proposed changes to the rules governing the operations of                         and detainee inmates to be housed together," Seabrook noted.
New York City jails during a public hearing before the New York
City Board of Correction. He argued against changing the                          President Seabrook also expressed the COBA’s support of a
rules prohibiting an officer from working more than two                           proposed amendment that would authorize the Department
consecutive shifts and mandating that they be afforded at                         of Correction to listen to and monitor prisoner telephone calls.
least 10 hours off before returning to duty after working two                     “This new security measure will enhance our officers’ ability to
tours. "There is a direct correlation between an officer's                        potentially identify and prevent any inmate plans for illegal
ability to receive adequate rest between his or her shifts and                    activity,” Seabrook said.
the safety and security of that officer's facility," Seabrook told
the Board of Correction.                                                          The DOC also proposed a new rule regarding the limitation of
                                                                                  inmates’ access to recreation, which would authorize the DOC
President Seabrook noted that many of those overtime rules                        to deny recreation for up to five days for prisoner misconduct
were enacted following the jail riots that occurred in the                        on the way to, from, or at recreation. No such limitation
1980s. "It was determined that Correction Officers were over-                     currently exists in the current standards. While COBA supports
worked and the lack of sufficient rest they received between                      this proposal, President Seabrook advocated taking it one step
their shifts diminished their alertness and thus impeded their                    further by stating, “We believe that recreation should be
ability to perform their duties at optimal levels," said                          denied for a minimum of five days going up to twenty days, for
President Seabrook. "The bottom line is that the proposed                         prisoner misconduct on the way to, from, or at recreation.”
repeal of Section 1-03 is not good for the safety and security
of the officers and not effective for providing the utmost care,                  President Seabrook concluded his testimony by reminding
custody, and control of inmates."                                                 each of the Board of Correction members of the critical impact
                                                                                  these proposed changes will have on Correction Officers and
President Seabrook also stated that COBA has a "very serious"                     their abilities to effectively perform their duties. “I strongly
problem with decreasing the space required for inmates                            urge each of you to carefully consider the issues we have
from 60 square feet to 50 per inmate. That plan, he noted,                        raised and our reasons for raising them. The safety and
would allow the department to add 10 inmates to each                              security of our members, the inmates, and the City of New York
dormitory, which would in turn require one Correction                             are at stake,” Seabrook stated. The board is expected to vote
Officer to oversee 120 inmates, up from 100.                                      on the proposed changes in early October.

COBA Legislative Report                                                 Rescheduling & Redeployment:
Mayor Bloomberg Signs Legislation Providing                                      Questions & Answers
Health Benefits to Family Members of Correction
Officers Who Die In the Line of Duty                                                                   1. What is RESCHEDULING?

                                                                                                       Correction Officers work what is
                                                                                                       called a rotating shift (referred
                                                                                                       to as “the wheel”). The Wheel
                                                                                                       consists of the following tours:
                                                                                                       0700x1531, 1500x2331, and

                                                                                                       If you’re scheduled to work on
                                                                        By: Steve Robinson             a 0700x1531 tour or a split tour
                                                                        Sergeant-At-Arms               that corresponds with that tour
By: Thomas Farrell                                                                                     such as 0800x1600, 0900x1731,
Acting Legislative Chairman                                             0930x1800, 1000x1831, or a 1059x1816 tour, your tour cannot
                                                                        be changed to the 1500x2331 or 2300x0731 or any of the split
On May 1, 2007, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg signed Introductory          tours that correspond with those tours. If you’ve been
Number 499-A into law. This legislation provides health benefits        rescheduled, you should call the COBA Grievance Department
to the surviving family members of the City’s Department of             immediately at 212-274-8000.
Correction uniformed employees who die in the line of duty
while in active service.                                                According to the COBA Contract, Article III
                                                                        (Hours and Overtime), Section 2:
Under existing law, surviving family members of New York
City police officers and firefighters are entitled to receive           “In order to preserve the intent and spirit of this Section on
continued health benefits after the Police or Fire Pension              overtime compensation, there shall be no rescheduling of
Board determines that the death of such firefighters or police          days of and/or tours of duty. This restriction shall apply both
officers occurred while in active service as a result of accident       to the retrospective crediting of time off against hours
or injury sustained while in the line of duty. Surviving family         already worked and to the anticipatory re-assignment of
members of the City’s Departments of Correction uniformed               personnel to different days off and/or tours of duty.”
employees have received such health benefits on a case-by-
case basis through legislative amendment, when the City                 2. What should a Correction Officer do if he/she is
Council and the Administration have approved the provision                 REDEPLOYED?
of such benefits.
                                                                        If you are redeployed, you should do the following (unless
Introductory Number 499-A eliminates the need to enact                  ordered to do otherwise):
separate legislation on behalf of the survivors of a Correction
Officer who dies in the line of duty while in active service. It        i) Report to your parent command and change into your
will mirror the existing process with respect to benefits for the          uniform.
survivors of deceased police and firefighters by automatically          ii) Report to your supervisor in uniform and be prepared to
extending health benefits after the New York City Employee                  be transported to your place of redeployment.
Retirement System (NYCERS), the pension board for Correction            iii) Submit you overtime slip upon return to your parent
employees, determines that the death of the uniformed                        command for travel time within you tour of duty.
member occurred while in active service and as a result of an
accident or injury sustained while in the performance of duty.          NOTE: Travel time is the amount of time it takes for you to get
                                                                              from your parent command to your place of
                                                                              redeployment and the amount of time it takes for you
  moving moving moving                                                        to return from your place of redeployment to your
                                                                              parent command by the Department vehicle .
                  Effective July 1, 2007
                                                                        If you are ordered by a supervisor to do otherwise, you
               COBA New Location:                                       should have your orders noted in writing and include the
                                                                        name and shield number of the supervisor who gave you the
            75 Broad Street, Suite #0810
          New York, New York 10004-2415
          212.274.8000 •

                                                                                  suspended me without pay for two years. The DA said they would
                                                                                  give me a misdemeanor with no jail time if I coped out, gave names,
                                                                                  and just retired. But I didn’t feel that I should do that because I was
                                                                                  innocent, so I said we have to take this to trial.

                                                                                  From the time of my arrest until the end of my trial, Norman
                                                                                  Seabrook and the COBA Executive Board were there supporting me
                                                                                  the whole time. This whole experience was a nightmare for me. I lost
                                                                                  my home, my vehicle, a lot of personal stuff and it caused me a lot of
                                                                                  other personal problems. I lost everything. I was surprised and
Justice Prevailed! Pictured above: The COBA Executive Board, CO Buckhalter,       disappointed by the way I was treated by the DOC because I had
CO Joseph Collins (center), COBA attorney Steven Isaacs and COBA attorney         served the Department for so long and they never even sat down
Louis Albert, who represented CO Collins for the past two years.
                                                                                  with me to ask me my version of what happened. They just had me
Continued from page 1                                                             locked up. I felt like I was ruined. A lot of rumors came out from
Not Guilty!!!                                                                     people who didn’t even know me, speculating about what kind of
                                                                                  man I was.
“My name is Joseph Collins and I have been a Correction Officer
since 1985. Most recently, I was assigned to AMKC. In October of
                                                                                  It took a very, very long time before I was able to even have my case
2005, I was at my post when a personal body alarm went off in
                                                                                  go before a judge. My attorney kept pushing for a trial but the DA
Modular 11, where a fellow officer had just been slashed during an
                                                                                  kept trying to push it back. I would call my attorney at one o’clock in
altercation with an inmate. When I responded to assist the officer,
                                                                                  the morning and he would call me back whenever I called. He was
another inmate came to intervene and I got involved in a use of
                                                                                  concerned about all of the many issues I faced, not just the charges
force with him. The inmate was restrained and handcuffed and
                                                                                  against me, but also how this process had negatively impacted my
taken to the clinic. After that I wrote a report and went home. About
                                                                                  life. I considered him a friend. I was very happy with him. I knew we
a month later, I received a letter at my home from the Department’s
                                                                                  were going to win. My lawyer was ready to go. I never had any
Investigation Division informing me that I had been suspended.
                                                                                  doubts from day one.
So I called the Investigation Division to get in contact with them and
a couple days later, my lawyer informed me that the DOC                           There were 10-13s and there were officers who helped raise money
investigators believed something happened in the receiving room                   to assist me, but in the courtroom, I received more support from the
and that the DA was looking to arrest me and that I needed to tell                union than anyone else. The officer who was slashed didn’t even
them what happened. I explained to them that I didn’t know                        come to support me. I think a lot of other officers should have been
anything about what happened in the receiving room. The incident                  there everyday. Norman Seabrook and the Executive Board
I responded to took place within the dorm. My union attorney told                 members came from the time of my arrest to the very end of my trial.
me that the DA wanted me to give the DA names of officers and that                A lot of officers should have been there and should have supported
if I didn’t, they would arrest me. Then on the following Monday, I                me because this experience could happen to any one of us.
was arrested and charged with an assault and falsifying documents,                Everybody had a lot of ideas and things to say about it, but virtually
which is a felony. I faced up to four years in prison. The DOC                    nobody showed up. When I looked around in the back of the court
suspended me without pay. I was never interviewed by the                          room, I only saw two officers but every member of the Executive
Department and they never asked me any questions. They just                       Board from the union was there. That’s bad!”

Continued from page 1                                                               to deliver the best and settle for nothing less. You and your
President’s Message: Who are You? Part II                                           families can rest assured that this Executive Board and I will
                                                                                    continue to break new ground, reach new horizons, and
I understand that there will be some complaints now and again                       demand the respect that you so rightfully deserve.
and some of those complaints are absolutely legitimate and
will be properly addressed in a timely fashion by this Executive                    Also within the next few weeks, it will be time again for you to
Board. I also understand that there will be moments from time                       register for COBA’s Annual Family Day at Rye Playland, which
to time, where there will be some confusion as to what is taking                    gives you the opportunity to greet old friends and make new
place. However, it is important that we remember that it’s                          ones. We look forward to seeing you and your family. May God
usually the bitter and negative few from all ranks who have no                      bless you and your family and may you enjoy the summer
idea what they are talking about who have caused and who                            season.
continue to cause this confusion. This is a gross disservice to the
rest of us. I cannot prevent some individuals from writing                          Sincerely,
misleading information about this organization. However, I can
in fact assure you that I will never allow anyone to deceive us.

In our upcoming newsletters, we will outline to you our
legislative agenda for 2008, along with our position on contract                    Norman Seabrook
negotiations. As president of this organization, I will continue                    President

         Correction Officers Win at OATH!
          OATH Judge Dismisses Disciplinary Charges
               Against Two Correction Officers
The attorneys at Koehler & Isaacs LLP, COBA's law firm,             The inmate denied starting the fight. He said that the
work diligently every day to protect and defend                     incident began after he complained about having to go
Correction Officers who are the subject of disciplinary             back into his cell an hour before the regular lock-in, but he
charges. On May 8, 2007, an Office of Administrative Trials         claimed that he returned without incident. According to
and Hearings judge recommended dismissing charges                   his testimony, his complaining angered the officers, whom
against two Correction Officers who were charged with               he falsely claimed threatened to retaliate against him later.
using excessive force against an inmate who refused to
enter his cell during a jail lockdown.                              Inmate Rodriguez said a few minutes later, two Captains
                                                                    burst into his cell asking him why he was "assaulting" one
The Department's case against the                                                   of the officers. He alleged that they then
Correction Officers relied heavily on the                                           began hitting him and the probe team also
testimony of Miguel Rodriguez, the inmate                                           later joined the attack.
who was injured, and Christopher Perez,
another inmate housed directly across                                              In a nearby cell, another inmate,
from him.                                                                          Christopher Perez, testified that one
                                                                                   Captain actually entered his cell while
In his decision, the OATH judge asserted                                           another Captain went into inmate
that the inmate’s credibility was "extremely                                       Rodriguez's cell. According to inmate
weak" and noted that the inmates'                                                  Perez's account, one of the Captains
accounts of the December 15, 2005                                                  dragged him out of his cell and ordered
incident contradicted one another.                                                 him to crouch to his knees to prevent him
                                                                                   from seeing what was happening to
The Department was seeking to terminate                                            inmate Rodriguez.
two Correction Officers and a Captain for
using excessive force and subsequently                                              The judge noted that both the officers and
submitting false reports about the                                                  the inmates offered very different versions
confrontation, which occurred in one of the housing areas           of what occurred. The judge pointed out, however, that
in a facility on Rikers Island.                                     inmate Rodriguez denied ever striking the Correction
                                                                    Officer "even though the injury report established that the
The Correction Officers reported that a dispute began               officer had a visible bruise on her chest." That injury
after inmate Rodriguez's unprovoked attack on a female              "significantly discredited the inmates' story," he added.
Correction Officer, who was trying to get him to return to
his cell. According to their testimony, he cursed at her, and       The judge further noted that the detailed timeline of
then grabbed her shirt and slapped and punched her. In              events was compatible with the account offered by the
response, a Captain came to her aide and exchanged                  Correction Officers. "The timeline is decidedly inconsistent
blows with inmate Rodriguez, wrestling him to the floor.            with Mr. Rodriguez's account of a 10-to-15-minute
                                                                    beating at the hand of the Captains," noted the judge in
Another Captain said he also came to help, but was                  his recommendation.
overcome by the chemical spray, which was used to
restrain the inmate. The Correction Officer activated her           The recommendation to dismiss the charges also noted
body alarm to call a department probe team, which                   that both of the inmates were convicted felons.
helped control the situation.
                                                                    Commenting on this legal victory, President Norman
During the fight, the Correction Officer was unable to view         Seabrook said, “Clearly, this case was without merit from
much of what happened because she was in a vestibule                the beginning. I strongly urge the Commissioner to heed
nearby that was locked down after the altercation started.          the judge’s recommendation and to dismiss these
However, the officer said she was able to hear what was             frivolous charges.”
going on.

 Health Management Division:                                                       President Seabrook:
                                                                                   Correction Guardians
Know Your Rights                                                                   2007 Man of the Year
                               A Correction Officer armed
                               with the information from
                               the Department’s own Rules
                               and Regulations and its
                               Directives and Operational
                               orders related to sick leave is
                               a Correction Officer who
                               has educated himself or                                                             PHOTO BY: RALPH E. SMITH

                               herself about his or her                                                            Left to right: COBA President
By: Thomas Farrell
                               rights. In order to protect                                                         Norman Seabrook, DOC
Acting Legislative Chairman                                                                                        Guardians Association
                               yourself, you should know
                                                                                                                   President Tommy Summers,
                               the Departmental Rules and                                                          and Dr. Ali Al Rahman.
Regulations and Directives concerning your sick leave rights
and responsibilities.                                                        On May 18, 2007, The NYC Correction Guardians Association
                                                                             held their annual scholarship awards dinner dance at the
COBA will continue to work diligently to see that the                        packed “Windows Over Harlem.” At the event, COBA President
Department’s medical arm does not contest our every move                     Norman Seabrook received the “Man of the Year” award. “I am
when we are out sick. Directive 2262R is far from perfect, but
                                                                             deeply honored to receive this award from Guardians
COBA will continue to fight all injustices committed in its name.
                                                                             President Tommy Summers and the members of his dedicated
Our sick leave is very important to us, considering the type of
                                                                             Executive Board,” Seabrook said. “The Guardians Association
work that we do, and we should be completely aware of the
department’s rules concerning it.
                                                                             and their members reflect the very best qualities that make
                                                                             each of us proud to be a part of New York City’s Boldest.”
You should understand that since we receive full pay even when
unavailable for duty due to injury or illness, the Department has
a right and an obligation to assess the injury/illness, classifying it
as “Full”, “Restricted” or “No work” status. The right of the
Department does not, however, diminish your right to produce
independent evidence to influence the assessment of HMD.

What does that mean? It means that even though the
Department has a vested interest in down-playing your ailment
                                                                             UNIONS CONNECT
and getting you back to work (preferably on “Full Duty”), you                 COBA & The EMT’S and Paramedics
need not fall victim to the Department prior to being able to go
back to work. You will, however, be unsuccessful if you appear                   of the FDNY, LOCAL 2507
for your HMD appointment without a doctor’s note, or with a
doctor’s note that reads “patient stressed out – says he/she
                                                                             On May 29, 2007, COBA President Norman Seabrook, Treasurer
needs a month off,” or something along those lines. Less is not
                                                                             Elias Husamudeen, and Legislative Chairman Tommy Farrell,
more when dealing with HMD. In addition to the HM-2 Form                     met with Uniformed EMT’s and Paramedics of the FDNY, Local,
that you are required to have your Doctor fill out for each visit to         2507 President Patrick J. Bahken and representatives from his
HMD, have your Doctor write a detailed note outlining your                   union to discuss common concerns. Additionally, they
condition. The note should expressly state:                                  explored ways in which both unions, working hand-in-hand
                                                                             can provide the best possible assistance to Correction Officers
1. Your relation to the Physician.                                           who incur injuries resulting from use-of–force incidents and
2. Your statement of ailment, pain, etc.                                     inmate assaults.
3. Physician’s observation
4. Physician’s diagnosis                                                     As every CO knows, the EMS/EMT workers are the first
5. Physician’s prescribed treatment                                          responders to injured Correction Officers. Specifically, it is
6. Physician’s prognosis for recovery and time frame for your                EMS/EMT House 49 which responds to all incidents that
   return to work.                                                           occur on Rikers Island. With that in mind, it is imperative for
                                                                             every CO to be as helpful as possible to our brothers and
Also, any and all copies of test reports that your doctor has,               sisters at EMS so they can perform whatever task that is
I.e. X-rays, MRI’s, Lab Results and Operative Reports, etc. The              required of them to assist officers during emergencies at
more medical documentation that you and your doctor                          their facilities. This meeting was the first in what will be a
                                                                             series of future meetings that will address ongoing issues
provide to HMD, the more likely your dealings with HMD will
                                                                             that affect both COBA members and EMS workers .
be problem free.
April 18, 2007                                                        But, rather it was walked right in through the front gate by
                                                                      one of those derelict one percentile. What adds further insult
Norman Seabrook, President                                            to injury is that they have the unmitigated gall, once they are
COBA                                                                  caught committing or having proven involvement in a
335 Broadway, 5th Floor                                               criminal act, the audacity to expect the COBA to cover their
New York, NY 10013                                                    legal representation! Wonders will never cease to amaze me!

Dear Brother Norman,                                                  This one percentile has tarnished the name “BOLDEST” and
                                                                      has made a mockery of every uniform member who
I am writing you this correspondence regarding the                    performs their duties with pride, expertise, and
President’s Message titled, “Who Are You?” which truly is the         professionalism. The one percentile has proven that they are
question. First, I would like to commend you for taking on a          not for us but are against us and they should be dealt with
subject that so many tend to shy away from, because of its            accordingly. The job is difficult enough without the ninety-
very nature. I am currently in my 18th year with the                  nine percent having to be exposed to this festering
Department and I have never seen this topic discussed, or             cancerous one percentile’s lackadaisical attitude. I believe
ever addressed by the previous Executive Board.                       that there are others who share my same frustration with this
                                                                      openly hidden soar, which has been exacerbated by the one
There is a systemic problem as you so eloquently put it with          percentile’s stupidity.
the one percentile of our uniform staff, which has no moral
scruples regarding the dangerous game they have chosen to             In closing, I must say that I’m just a CO and I will be just a CO
play with these inmates. The fine line between us, the                until the day I retire from this job. But, it is my goal to depart
officers and them, the inmates has been crossed so much so            from this job with the dignity and respect that I have brought
that the one percentile feel justified with their careless            to it and have received from other agencies within the law
actions with no regard for their brother and sister officers.         enforcement community. So, the question remains, “Who are
                                                                      you?” And the answer is I am the one of the ninety-nine
The credence of the three “C”s—Care, Custody, and Control             percentile that is a good honest Correction Officer and pretty
have lost their luster and have been replaced with                    “DAMN PROUD OF IT!” Thank you for having the courage to
Carelessness, Counter-Productiveness, and Corruption.                 address an issue that gravely affects us all.
Norman, let’s be real. I am not talking about a bad use of
force incident. What I am referring to is the contraband that         Yours fraternally,
the one percentile believes it is ok for them to furnish to
these inmates for monetary gain. The cigarettes, Tops                 Concerned CO
tobacco, cellular phones, narcotics, razor blades, and box
cutters just to name a few, are the prison contraband items of        COBA News welcomes additional comments and thoughts on this important
choice. And it is mind-boggling how this one percentile has           subject that continues to impact each and every member of this Department.
no conscious of their actions, totally disregarding the safety        Letters can be emailed to or sent to
of their fellow officers and the good order of the institution.       The COBA, Attention: COBA News, 335 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013

Maybe the one percentile should be reminded of how
Correction Officer George Motchan lost his life while on duty,
because an inmate was allowed to make a telephone call
after normal hours. The inmate was able to have a gun
                                                                         COBA UPCOMING EVENTS:
planted in a toilet in a bathroom at Kings County Hospital,
which subsequently was the cause of Officer Motchan’s                    COBA’S ANNUAL
death, killed in the line of duty. Maybe, they would think
twice before supplying these inmates with unmonitored and                HOT DOG EATING CONTEST
unrestricted communication to the outside world, where                   Friday, June 22nd 11:00 AM.
they are free to conduct their criminal activity within our              Location: Behind SSD

When we have uniform members who are affiliated with                     COBA’S ANNUAL FAMILY DAY
Security Risk Groups, displaying gang signs, having sexual
relations (a criminal violation of the Penal Code) and are               AT RYE PLAYLAND
unduly familiar with these inmates, we as an agency have a               To be held in September. Details to follow.
SERIOUS PROBLEM! This behavior will only lead to a good
uniform member being injured or possibly killed.
                                                                         COBA’S ANNUAL WIDOWS’ AND CHILDRENS
Norman, I quote you as stating, “Today it’s a cell phone;                AWARDS DINNER DANCE
tomorrow it’s a 9 millimeter.” My brother, it’s sad to say that
“tomorrow” has arrived and the future looks very bleak. I can            Thursday, October 25th.
recall two occasions during my career that a firearm made its            Proceeds to benefit the COBA
way into our facilities, one of which a homicide was                     Widows’ and Childrens Fund.
committed. And, we know that it didn’t come into the
command through the visits.

            SPECIFIC NEEDS                                                                                  KOEHLER & ISAACS LLP
                                                                                                                     ATTORNEYS AT LAW

Discount Mortgages For COBA Members and their families                                   WHAT TO DO IF YOU OR A FAMILY MEMBER HAVE
• No Application Fee    • No Commitment Fee                                                     BEEN INJURED IN AN ACCIDENT
• No Processing Fee     • No Document Prep Fee                                         If you or a family member are injured in an accident and require immediate
• Reduced Attorney Fee  • No Courier Fee                                               legal representation, call the law firm of Koehler & Isaacs LLP at
                                                                                       917-551-1300 and you will be put immediately in contact with attorneys
• Reduced Title Charges • No Underwriting Fee                                          working with the firm who will be ready to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days
                                                                                       a week. There is no charge unless you win your case or the case is settled by
We have all the following programs available:                                          the firm. The attorneys who will handle your case have a proven track record
• FHA/VA, SONYMA, FannieMae, FreddieMac - Direct Lender                                of securing substantial monetary settlements and/or verdicts on behalf of
                                                                                       their clients and their families. Below are just a few of some of their more
• Refinances, Second Mortgages and Equity Lines
                                                                                       recent cases:
• Second Home, Investment Properties and Relocation                                    • $14.5 million        settlement for the families of two clients killed in an
  Mortgages                                                                                                   auto accident.
• No Income Verification and No Income / No Asset Verification                         • $10 million          settlement for the family of a client who was
• Zero point loans available on most programs                                                                 seriously injured.
                                                                                       • $10 million          on behalf of the family of a Correction Officer,
• Officer Next Door Program                                                                                   who died as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
                                                                                       • $8 million           settlement on behalf of the family of a client killed in
First West Mortgage Bankers, Ltd.                                                                             an auto accident.
Contact: Richard Tschernia, Executive Vice-President                                   • $5.5 million         verdict for the family of a client who died in a motor
                                                                                                              vehicle accident.
1-800-462-8178 •                                                  • $4 million           settlement for an individual injured as a result of
                                                                                                              medical malpractice.
                                                                                       • $3 million           settlement with a structure worth in excess of $10
                                                                                                              million on behalf of the family of a CO, who died as a
                                                                                                              result of a motor vehicle accident.
                                                                                       • $1.5 million         settlement in a medical malpractice case where a
                                                                                                              woman died after giving birth to a child.

                                                                                               (917) 551-1300 •

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                   COBA Annual Golf Classic
                  Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association, Inc.
                         “Patrolling the Toughest Precincts in New York”
                                              Monday, August 27, 2007
                                                  Inwood Country Club
                                  Proceeds to benefit the COBA Scholarship Fund.


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