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									                                              ALAG Advisory Board
            NAME                 TITLE                   ORGANIZATION                         EMAIL
Dr. Cassie Renzi   Board Chairman             Kaiser University       
Vince Baumstark    Juvenile Justice Liaison   Volusia County Schools  
Tom Besaw          CTE Coordinator            Volusia County Schools  
Judy Conte         School Board Member        Volusia County Schools  
Dan Cox            Educational Specialist     Volusia County Schools  
Lt. John Brodie    Luetentant                 Port Orange Police Dept.
Molly Justice      Court Comm. Officer        State of Florida        
Allen Green        Mayor                      City of Port Orange     
Kim Bouck          Attorney                   Rue & Ziffra P.A.       
Isreal Gonzalez    Teen Court Liason          State of Florida        
Rich Kizma         Attorney                   Volusia County Schools  
Gerald Monahan     Chief of Police            Port Orange Police Dept.
Ken Parker         City Manager               City of Port Orange     
Mike Chilcot                                  Volusia County Sheriff's office
Mario Henderson    Alumni                                             
Kevin Winchell                                Stetson University      
Regina Spatcher                               Kaiser University
Chris Kelly                                   State Attorney's Office 
Jeremy Ossler      ALAG Director              Atlantic High School    
Delia Boehm        Law Teacher                Atlantic High School    
Lewis Hartman      Criminal Justice Teacher   Atlantic High School    

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