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					EOG Review – Math   (5th)

Number Operations
 How is the amount of
 cake uneaten expressed
 as a fraction and as a
A      3/5 = 0.6
B     3/5 = 0.06
C     2/5 = 0.04
D     2/5 = 0.4
 The coach used a digital
 stopwatch to time a race. The
 winning time is shown on this
                                 A   17/1000

                                 B   1 7/10

                                 C   1 7/100

When the race was over, the
                                 D   1 7/1000
coach posted the winning time.
Which is the winning time?
In which sequence of numbers does the
denominator always decrease when the
number is written in fractional form?
A 2, 0.2, 0.02, 0.002
B 0.02, 0.03, 0.04, 0.05
C 0.005, 0.05, 0.5, 5
D 0.25, 0.025, 0.26, 0.026
Jon has 3/5 of a dollar, Pasha has
$0.65, Marie has 7/10 of a dollar,
and Karen has $0.62. Who has
the largest amount of money?
A Jon
B Pasha
C Marie
D Karen
Jackie, Morgan, Kyle, and Chung ran the 100-meter
dash. Jackie finished in 17.6 seconds, Morgan
finished in 17.06 seconds, Kyle finished in 17.66
seconds, and Chung finished in 17.066 seconds.
Which runner finished last?
A Jackie
B Morgan
C Kyle
D Chung
Which of the following amounts is
closest to ¼ of a dollar?
A $0.30
B $0.40
C $0.70
D $0.90
In physical education class, the students kept a chart of
how far they ran each day. Jesse made the following chart
last week.

                               On which day did he run
                               closest to one mile?
                                       A Monday
                                       B Tuesday
                                       D Thursday
Sherry studied this group of fractions.

1/4   1/5   1/6   1/7

What is true about the value of the fractions?
A Increasing the denominator increases the value of the
B If the denominator stays the same and the numerator
increases, the fraction names a smaller amount.
C Increasing the denominator by adding 2 cuts the size of
the fraction in half.
D If the numerator stays the same and the denominator
increases, the fraction names a smaller amount.
Bob has a board that is 5 feet long. He will cut a
piece from the board that measures 4 feet 5 ¾
inches long for a bookshelf. How much board will be
left after Bob cuts off the amount needed for the
A 6 ¼ inches
B 6 ¾ inches
C 7 ¼ inches
D 7 ¾ inches
The Diaz family was planning a vacation. A five-day
river rafting trip would cost the family $225.99 for
each day. A cruise to Hawaii would cost $2,651.05.
What is the difference in the cost of these trips?
A $1,520.95
B $1,521.01
C $1,521.05
D $1,521.10
Mr. Gibbon’s dogs eat a total of 48 cups of
dry food a day. About how many quarts of
dry food would his dogs eat in a month?
A less than 200
B between 200 and 400
C between 400 and 600
D more than 600
Each shelf holds about 31 books. To
estimate how many shelves are needed for
86 books, which equation should be used?
A 90   3
B 90   30
C 90 x 3
D 90 x 30
Joseph’s book has 270 pages. If he needs to read
30 pages a day during the next three days to
finish his book, how many pages has he already
A 90
B 180
C 225
D 315
Jeff is three times the age of his sister; his sister
is one-half the age of her neighbor. Her neighbor
is 6 years old. How old is Jeff?
A 9 years old
B 5 years old
C 15 years old
D 18 years old

  Line l is parallel to line m, and line s is parallel to
  line t.

Which of the following is a pair of exterior angles in
Mrs. Aldridge has asked her students to predict how
many liters of water it will take to fill a 10-quart
bucket. Which prediction is close to 10 quarts?
A 80 liters
B 40 liters
C 20 liters
D 10 liters
Mrs. Dabney placed a candle that is 30 cm tall on
the table. About how tall is the candle in inches?
A 6 in.
B 12 in.
C 30 in.
D 36 in.
Steven bought a half-gallon container of orange
juice. How many liters of orange juice does Steven
A less than 1 liter
B between 1 liter and 1.5 liters
C between 1.5 liters and 2 liters
D more than 2 liters

Kevin drew a diagonal inside a quadrilateral and made
2 equilateral triangles. What kind of quadrilateral did
Kevin use to draw the triangles?
A rhombus
B pentagon
C rectangle
D trapezoid
     This picture is made mostly of which of
     the following?

A obtuse angles and diagonal line segments
B right angles and circles
C acute angles and intersecting line segments
D right angles and straight line segments
What is the measure of angle B in the following
triangle ?
 Charles noticed these highway signs on
 his way to school.

Which statement best describes the signs Charles
A Only right angles are in the two signs.
B Right angles or obtuse angles are in the signs.
C Acute angles or obtuse angles are in the signs.
D Only obtuse angles are in the two signs.
Which of the following is a plane figure with 6
sides, 6 obtuse angles, and 6 vertices?
Which of these polygons must have diagonals that
are perpendicular?
A rectangle
B parallelogram
C trapezoid
D rhombus
A triangle has two 30 interior angles. Which term
correctly describes the triangle?
A regular
B scalene
C equilateral
D isosceles

The principal asked each classroom to report
the number of bags of newspapers collected
for the recycling project.

                            How many classrooms
                            collected 50 or more bags of
Professor Smith is doing a study on the number of
geese that come to Green Lake each day. Her data
show that during the first week there were 27, 34, 22,
49, 38, 10, and 50 geese. Which stem-and-leaf plot
shows her data?
This circle graph shows the results from the election for class
 If 150 students voted, about how many votes did John

                                          A 25
                                          B 38
                                          C 50
                                          D 75
  The fifth-grade students in Mrs. Lindley’s class made a
  line plot that showed the total amount of time they spent
  on homework for one night.

Based on the line plot, which statement is true?
A The mode of the data is one hour and forty minutes.
B The range of the data is one hour and forty minutes.
C The sum of the data is one hour and twenty minutes.
D The median of the data is one hour.
According to this graph, which of the following is true
about the early pioneers’ food resources?

                                A Fishing and fruits
                                combined would be the
                                largest food resources.
                                B Wheat and dairy farming
                                make up about the same
                                amount of the food
                                C Fruits provide the least
                                amount of food resources.
                                D Vegetables and dairy
                                farming make up the same
                                amount of the food
The science class did an experiment. A jar containing water and
a thermometer placed outside for twelve hours. Every hour the
temperature was recorded.
About how many degrees did the temperature increase from 7
a.m. to 9a.m?

                                                   A 83°
                                                   B 23°
                                                   C 38°
                                                   D 18°
Two teachers put the test scores for their math
classes in order from lowest to highest.

Which statement is true about the comparison of the two sets of
test scores?
A Mrs. Smith’s class had a higher mode than Mr. Jones’s class.
B Mrs. Smith’s class had the same median as Mr. Jones’s class.
C Mrs. Smith’s class had the same range as Mr. Jones’s class.
D Mrs. Smith’s class had a higher median than Mr. Jones’s

One number in this pattern is wrong.

22 26 30 36 38 42

What change should be made to correct
this pattern?
A replace 26 with 24
B replace 26 with 28
C replace 36 with 34
D replace 42 with 40
Sonya folded a sheet of paper and recorded
the number of resulting sections after each

                                 How many sections
                                 would result after the
                                 4th fold?
                                 A 16
                                 B 24
                                 C 28
                                 D 32
     A radio station will announce the winner of a
     contest when 2,500 callers have phoned the
     station. This chart shows the total number of phone
     calls received.

If the pattern continues, when will the radio station announce a
A 8:00 p.m.
B 9:00 p.m.
C 10:00 p.m.
   The chart shows the greatest number of line segments that
   can connect various numbers of points on a circle.
Based on the number pattern, how many line segments will connect 7

                                                  A 28
                                                  B 25
                                                  C 21
                                                  D 16
There are 45 fifth-graders in art class. The art teacher
wants to arrange their pictures on the wall so that one
is in the first row, two are in the second row, three are
in the third row, etc. How many rows of pictures will
there be?
A 8 rows
B 9 rows
C 10 rows
D 11 rows
 The librarian is setting up tables in the media
 center. He can place 4 chairs around one
 table. If he pushes 2 tables together, he can
 place six chairs around the table.

If 12 people need to sit around the table, how many tables
should the librarian push together?

Josh wants to save $84.00 to buy a pair of in-line skates. He plans to
save $1 the first month, $3 the second month, $6 the third month, and
$10 the fourth month.

                                      If Josh continues this savings
                                      pattern, how many months will
                                      it take Josh to save $165.00?
                                      A 5 months
                                      B 7 months
                                      C 9 months
                                      D 13 months
Shannon kept a chart to show how many
pages she read each day.

                         How many pages will she
                         read on the day fourteen
                         if she continues this
                         A 35 pages
                         B 38 pages
                         C 41 pages
                         D 44 pages
Mr. Thompson started a math club at school. In
its first year, the club had 12 members. The table
below shows the increase in club membership.

If this growth pattern continues, how many
members will the math club have at the end of the
sixth year?
A 21
B 57
C 75
Maria’s family drives 378 miles from Asheville to
Wilmington every summer. Maria’s father drives at a
constant speed of 50 miles per hour. About how much
driving time does it take Maria’s family to get to
    A 7 ½ hours
   B 7 hours
   C 6 ½ hours
   D 6 hours

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