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Last Name      First Name              Year   Cemetery
Abbot          Myrtil (Wilbur)         1946   Pine Grove
Abbot          William C.              1924   Pine Grove
Adams          A. D. (Ann D..)         1914   Pine Grove
Adams          Abigail B. (Mrs.Jud.)   1881   Pine Grove
Adams          Alice                   1864   Pine Grove
Adams          Almira S.               1896   Pine Grove
Adams          Austin                  1894   Pine Grove
Adams          Charles                 1875   Pine Grove
Adams          Charlotte (Parks)       1845   Pine Grove
Adams          Charlotte H.            1930   Pine Grove
Adams          Cheney R.               1895   Pine Grove
Adams          Clayton C.              1945   Pine Grove
Adams          David C.                1841   Pine Grove
Adams          Edward A.               1882   Pine Grove
Adams          Eva A. (Mrs. C.)        1956   Pine Grove
Adams          Fercus Lee              1877   Pine Grove
Adams          Horace                  1849   Pine Grove
Adams          John                    1889   Pine Grove
Adams          Levi H.                 1936   Pine Grove
Adams          Mary (Mrs. John)        1846   Pine Grove
Adams          Mary A.                 1939   Pine Grove
Adams          Palmer                  1875   Pine Grove
Adams          Polly ( Mrs. Palmer)    1851   Pine Grove
Adams          Ralph C.                1914   Pine Grove
Adams          Roxana(Mrs. Cheney)     1885   Pine Grove
Adams          Sarah (Brown)           1871   Pine Grove
Adams          Sarah (McAallister)     1868   Pine Grove
Aldrich        Elvira M.               1840      South
Aldrich        William H.              1843      South     nsf
Alix           Emma (Simmons)          1912   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Allen          Abiah, Mrs.             1825   Pine Grove
Allen          Abigail (Mrs. Jesse)    1829     Church
Allen          Betsy (Mrs. W.)         1866   Pine Grove
Allen          ch of Curtis            1841      South     nsf
Allen          Edwin L.                1846   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Allen          Emily Kimball           1845     Church
Allen          Eva S. (dau of Jesse)   1985   Pine Grove
Allen          George                  1829     Church
Allen          Hannah M.               1883   Pine Grove
Allen          Hannah P. (mother)      1881   Pine Grove
Allen          Horace                  1840      South
Allen          James                   1830     Church
Allen          James (father)          1870   Pine Grove
Allen          James C.                1902   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Allen          James, son of Jesse     1901   Pine Grove
Allen          Jesse                   1816     Church
Allen          Jesse                   1922   Pine Grove
Allen          John                             at sea     nds
Allen          John P. (son of John)   1927   Pine Grove
Allen          Lewis                   1863   Pine Grove
Allen          Lucinda                 1792     Church

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Allen             Lucy Ann                 1915   Pine Grove
Allen             Lucy B. (Shattuck)       1907   Pine Grove
Allen             M. Elizabeth(Mrs. J.)    1920   Pine Grove
Allen             Nehemiah                 1799     Church
Allen             Polly (Mrs. James)       1841     Church
Allen             Stoughton                1831     Church
Allen             Washington               1863   Pine Grove
Anderson          John                     1881   Pine Grove
Anderson          Lydia Dix (Mrs. John)    1906   Pine Grove
Andreson          Bernard                  1978      South
Andreson          Matilda                  1967      South
Angelopoulas      Alberta                  1953   Pine Grove   nsf
Angier            Harlan W.                1979   Pine Grove
Angier            M. Idella                1937   Pine Grove
Angier            Olive B.                 1969   Pine Grove
Angier            Wayland                  1915   Pine Grove
Arlt              Agnes (Nill)             1972      South
Arms              Leslie                   1963   Pine Grove
Arms              Mary C.                  1994   Pine Grove
Armstrong         Roger                    1993   Pine Grove
Arnold            Caroline A.              1953      South     nsf
Arnold            George E.                1949      South     nsf
Arnold            Margaret                 1962   Pine Grove
Arnold            Thaddeus                 1945   Pine Grove
Ash               George                   1894   Pine Grove
Ash               Martha S. (Wilbur)       1902   Pine Grove
Aubertine         Blanche ( w Philip)      1976      South
Aubertine         Philip                   1971      South
Aubertine         Rita T.                  1974      South
Austin            Catherine (Robinson)     1897   Pine Grove
Austin            Christopher              1881   Pine Grove
Austin            Henry P.                 1919   Pine Grove
Austin            Lizzie Mabel             1898   Pine Grove
Austin            Mary C. (Stone)          1892   Pine Grove
Austin            Page                     1896   Pine Grove
Aykroyd           Sarah A. (Barr)          1980   Pine Grove
Ayres             Alice                    1866   Pine Grove   nds
Ayres             Charles P. (son of P.)   1846   Pine Grove
Ayres             Charlie Farnham (ch)     1863   Pine Grove
Ayres             Didamia Whipple          1875   Pine Grove
Ayres             Eunice H.                1918   Pine Grove
Ayres             Fannie (Thompson)        1932   Pine Grove
Ayres             Frank W.                 1850   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Ayres             George M.                1909   Pine Grove   nsf
Ayres             Hannah (Ingalls)         1919   Pine Grove
Ayres             Harriet (Mrs. Perley)    1892   Pine Grove
Ayres             Henrietta Phelan         1944   Pine Grove   nsf
Ayres             Hiram (son of Perley)    1859   Pine Grove
Ayres             Ida Delmar (4 yrs.)      1888   Pine Grove
Ayres             Infant son               1835   Pine Grove   nsf
Ayres             John                     1873   Pine Grove
Ayres             John Whipple             1905   Pine Grove

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Ayres               Julia                      1860     Pine Grove    nsf
Ayres               Julia Ann(Mrs. John)       1904     Pine Grove
Ayres               Kate M.                    1923     Pine Grove
Ayres               Louisa A.                  1918     Pine Grove
Ayres               Moses O.                   1895     Pine Grove
Ayres               Neddie Granr (ch)          1869     Pine Grove
Ayres               Nellie Colfax (ch)         1869     Pine Grove
Ayres               Perley                     1880     Pine Grove
Ayres               William C.                 1922     Pine Grove
Ayres               Winfield                   1937     Pine Grove
Babbitt             Anienette (Mrs. Jas.)      1871     Pine Grove
Babbitt             Eldora Ann                 1888     Pine Grove
Babbitt             Hattie A. (Morse)          1900        South
Babbitt             Henry L.                   1912        South
Babbitt             James                      1891     Pine Grove
Bachelder           ch of Daniel               1820        South      nsf
Bachelder           Esther, Miss.              1840        South      nsf
Bachelder           Mary, Miss.                1845        South      nsf
Balcom              Annie E. (Mrs. J.F.)       1919     Pine Grove
Balcom              Edward H.                  1893     Pine Grove
Balcom              Ellen M. (Moore)           1962     Pine Grove
Balcom              John Franklin              1933     Pine Grove
Balcom              Lymert Stephen             1935     Pine Grove    nsf-BP
Banks               Burt                       1941     Pine Grove    nsf-BP
Banks               Hattie A.                  1921     Pine Grove
Banks               Minnie W.                  1889     Pine Grove
Barker              Toby                       1830     Rutherford
Barlow              Mary                       1949        South      nsf-bp
Barnes              Lorenzo D.                 1885     Pine Grove    nsf-book
Barnes              Sophia D.                  1893     Pine Grove    nsf-book
Barr                Addison                    1932     Pine Grove
Barr                Alan W.                    1986     Pine Grove
Barr                Charlotte K.               1983        South
Barr                Laura G. (Kehoe)           1975     Pine Grove
Barr                Sumner                     1879     Pine Grove
Barr                Susan (Robinson)           1892     Pine Grove
Barr                Walter S.                  1854     Pine Grove
Barr                William R.                 1906     Pine Grove
Barringer           James                      1980     Pine Grove
Bartlett            Eliza Jane (Muzzy)         1940    Green Hollow
Bartlett            Emeline A.(Adams)          1863     Pine Grove
Bartlett            Henry                      1938    Green Hollow
Bascomb             Leonard                    1837       Church
Bealand             Arthur                     1982        South
Becan (Bechan)      Jan                        1936        South
Bechan              Anna (Stehlik)             1956        South
Bechan              Anthony                    1986        South
Bechan              Bohumila (Stehlik)         1966        South
Bechan              ch of Anthony              1922        South      nsf
Bechan              ch of John                      ?      South      nsf
Bechan              Charlotte                  1991     Pine Grove
Bechan              Frank                    int. 1923     South      nsf-bp

                                    Page 3

Bechan        Frantiska (Janak)       1948      South
Bechan        Fred                    1972   Pine Grove
Bechan        John James              1964      South
Bechan        Margaret                1991   Pine Grove
Bechan        Mary S.                 1967      South
Bechan        William                 1989      South
Beckwith      child                   1932      South     nsf
Beckwith      Elsie                   1977   Pine Grove
Beckwith      F. W.                   1952      South     nsf
Beckwith      Gladys                  1922      South     nsf
Bell          Anna (Mrs. James)       1850     Church
Bell          Anna O.                 1864     Church
Bell          James                   1811     Church
Bell          James                   1793     Church
Bell          Martha                  1795     Church
Bell          Martha                  1782     Church
Bell          Melinda                 1873     Church
Bell          Patty (Hattie)          1778     Church
Bellows       Phebe (Mrs. Jonas)      1821   Pine Grove
Bent          Jennie A. (Mrs. H.)     1876   Pine Grove
Berard        Arthur L.               1991      South
Berard        Viola G.                1985      South
Best          John                    1896   Pine Grove
Bigelow       John C.                 1858   Pine Grove
Bigelow       Lydia A. (Stearns)      1905   Pine Grove
Black         George, Jr.             1838      South     nsf
Black         Harold, Sr.             1982   Southwest
Black         Lillian                 1974   Southwest
Blake         Joseph                  1885   Pine Grove
Blake         Martha A. (Warren)      1919   Pine Grove
Blake         Rhoda                   1837      South     nsf
Bolton        Jane, Mrs.              1814      South
Bond          Nathan D.               1852   Southwest
Bothwell      C. Rockwood             1887      South
Bothwell      ch(twins)of Cheney      1834      South     nsf
Bothwell      Charlotte               1839      South     nsf
Bothwell      Charlotte               1871      South
Bothwell      Cheney                  1875      South
Bothwell      Cheney, Jr.             1906      South
Bothwell      Daniel                  1873      South
Bothwell      Electa                  1825      South
Bothwell      Ellen L.                1911      South
Bothwell      Florence                1958      South
Bothwell      Melinda                 1855      South
Bothwell      Nellie                  1878      South
Bothwell      Rebecca                 1848      South     nsf
Bothwell      Reuben                  1851      South
Bothwell      Waldo                   1880      South     nsf
Boyd          Cheney                  1827    Boyd-Pvt.
Boyd          Frank H.                1938   Pine Grove
Boyd          Frederick H.            1845      South     nsf
Boyd          Helen                   1848      South     nsf

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Boyd                  James                   1824    Boyd -Pvt.
Boyd                  John                    1786     Boyd-Pvt.
Boyd                  John, 2nd               1828     Boyd-Pvt.
Boyd                  Lucretia                1859     Boyd-Pvt.
Boyd                  Mary E.                 1847       South        nsf
Boyd                  Mary E. (Stone)         1935    Pine Grove      nsf-BP
Boyd                  Mary M. (Bullard)       1942    Pine Grove
Boyd                  Winthrop H.             1965    Pine Grove
Boyden                Caroline M. (Earle)     1885    Pine Grove
Boyden                Daniel                  1817      Church
Boyden                Samuel                  1868    Pine Grove
Bracconnier           Andrew                  1983    Pine Grove
Bracconnier           Florence                1988    Pine Grove
Brennan               Sarah E., Mrs. W.F.)    1993    Pine Grove
Brennan               William F.              1995    Pine Grove
Briant                John                    1833      Church
Briggs                Albert M.               1986    Pine Grove      nsf
Briggs                Elizabeth               1951    Pine Grove
Briggs                Franklin T.             1930    Pine Grove
Briggs                George A.               1950    Pine Grove
Briggs                George N.               1919    Pine Grove
Briggs                John L.                 1939    Pine Grove
Briggs                Robert                  1945    Pine Grove
Briggs                Mary Adams, Mrs. G.     1912    Pine Grove
Briggs                Maud (Watson)           1964    Pine Grove
Bright                Marion (Spear)          1961    Pine Grove
Bright                Wellington              1939    Pine Grove
Brimhall              Caroline (Mrs. Jonas)   1876    Pine Grove
Brimhall              Eunice (Mrs. Sam.)      1830    Pine Grove
Brimhall              Jonas                   1856    Pine Grove
Brimhall              Samuel                  1812    Pine Grove
Brimhall              Samuel                  1856    Pine Grove
British Soldiers                                     Coldbrook Hill
Brooks                Amy A. (Mrs. Nath.)     1890    Pine Grove
Brooks                Edna A. (Bullard)       1987    Pine Grove
Brooks                Jennie A.               1880    Pine Grove
Brooks                Nathaniel N.            1897    Pine Grove
Brown                 Edward (son Moses)      1829      Church
Brown                 Eunice                  1828      Church
Brown                 Gladys (Wood)           1978    Pine Grove
Brown                 James                   1819      Church
Brown                 Mae (Ayres)             1961    Pine Grove      nsf
Brown                 Mary (Mrs. James)       1795      Church
Brown                 Moses                   1826      Church
Brown                 Nathan                  1834      Church
Brown                 Remington J. S.         1940    Pine Grove
Brown                 Rhoda (Mrs. James)      1819      Church
Brown                 Salome (dau. Moses)     1829      Church
Buckley               Joseph W.               1970    Pine Grove      nds
Buckley               Mercedes L.             1959    Pine Grove
Bullard               Abby                    1870    Pine Grove
Bullard               Abigail                 1791      Church

                                     Page 5

Bullard      Adin                    1891    Pine Grove
Bullard      Adin                    1818    Pine Grove
Bullard      Almira B.               1892    Pine Grove
Bullard      Asahel                  1891    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Avery                   1905    Pine Grove
Bullard      Calvin                  1811    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Charles Dwight          1915    Pine Grove
Bullard      Dwight                  1887    Pine Grove
Bullard      Edwin H.                1966    Pine Grove
Bullard      Eldretta (Stearns)      1913    Pine Grove
Bullard      Ella S.                 1913    Pine Grove
Bullard      Florence (Mrs. Ed.)     1974    Pine Grove
Bullard      Gladys T.               1974    Pine Grove
Bullard      Harriet                 1811    Pine Grove
Bullard      Henry D.                1942    Pine Grove
Bullard      Hiram (ch)              1834    Pine Grove    nds
Bullard      Joel                    1859    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      John                    1879    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Jonathan                1796    Pine Grove
Bullard      Josephine Etta          1942    Pine Grove
Bullard      Lizzie M. (Gleason)     1944    Pine Grove
Bullard      Lucinda                 1820   Green Hollow
Bullard      Lucinda (Mrs. M.)       1857    Pine Grove    nsf
Bullard      Lydia                   1819    Pine Grove
Bullard      Malvina (Robinson)      1909    Pine Grove
Bullard      Mary                    1831    Pine Grove
Bullard      Mary B.                 1856    Pine Grove
Bullard      Milton A.               1966    Pine Grove
Bullard      Moses                   1842    Pine Grove    nsf
Bullard      Nancy                   1860    Pine Grove    nsf-book
Bullard      Nancy D.                1893    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Patricia Ann            1957    Pine Grove
Bullard      Phielena                1885    Pine Grove
Bullard      Polly                           Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Ralph                   1989    Pine Grove
Bullard      Rebecah                 1823    Pine Grove
Bullard      Ruth                    1792    Pine Grove
Bullard      Sanford H.              1909    Pine Grove
Bullard      Silas                   1826    Pine Grove    nrs
Bullard      Silas                   1860    Pine Grove    nsf-book
Bullard      William                 1851    Pine Grove
Bullard      William S.              1818    Pine Grove
Burbank      Daniel                  1816       South
Burbank      Deborah, Mrs.           1826       South
Burbank      George                  1813       South
Burbank      John                    1818       South      nsf
Burbank      Maria                   1894       South
Burbank      Mary, (Mrs. John)       1824       South      nsf
Burbank      Nancy                   1854       South
Burbank      Patty, Mrs.             1837       South
Burt         Alfred E.               1883       South
Burt         Charles                 1885       South      nsf

                            Page 6

Burt             David, Rev.             1932      South
Burt             David., Rev.            1832      South
Burt             Eli                     1846      South
Burt             Elizabeth W.            1902      South
Burt             Elmira                  1837      South
Burt             Frank E.                1907      South
Burt             George Bunker           1884      South
Burt             Julia F.                1855      South
Burt             Laura Green             1914      South
Burt             Maria L.                1851      South
Burt             Nancy H. (Fobes)        1879      South
Burt             Sarah L.                1881      South
Burt             William A.              1908      South
Bushnell         LIzzie P. Fairbank      1924   Pine Grove
Bushnell         Watson A.               1923   Pine Grove
Butler           Charles                 1892      South
Butler           Clara A.                1857   Pine Grove
Butler           Fannie                  1956   Pine Grove
Butler           G. S.                   1934   Pine Grove
Butler           Maria L.                1924      South
Butler           Orton                   1961   Pine Grove
Butler           Ruth E.                 1901   Pine Grove
Butler           S. O.                   1902   Pine Grove
Butler           Sarah E.                1955   Pine Grove
Butterfield      Carrie (Barr)           1919   Pine Grove
Butterfield      J. Myron                1911   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Charles B.              1906   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Eliza P.                1904   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Florence L.             1955   Pine Grove
Caldwell         George                  1881   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Harry E.                1950   Pine Grove
Caldwell         James W.                1893   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Lavina E.               1912   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Maud S.                 1911   Pine Grove
Caldwell         Paul                    1887   Pine Grove
Camber           Charles C.              1949   Pine Grove
Camber           George E.               1923   Pine Grove
Camber           Mary A. (Ross)          1925   Pine Grove
Camber           son of Charles          1905   Pine Grove
Carbonneau       Laura                   1952      South
Carbonneau       Louis                   1966      South
Casault          Mabel                   1995      South
Chaddock         Sarah                   1781     Church
Chamberlain      Charles                 1891      South
Chamberlain      Edward                  1870      South
Chamberlain      Edwin                   1922      South
Chamberlain      Ellen                   1914      South
Chamberlain      Huldah H.,Mrs.          1849      South
Chamberlain      Lydia B.                1890      South
Chamberlain      Ruth                    1863      South     nsf
Chamberlain      Sophia                  1875      South     nsf
Chamberlain      Stephen                 1879      South

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Chamberlain       Thomas                 1884       South
Charron           Leo                    1982    Pine Grove
Cherbuy           Eugene A.              1964    Pine Grove
Cherbuy           Ruth J.                1975    Pine Grove
Chestna           Adam                   1988    Pine Grove
Chickering        Lorenzo                1897    Pine Grove
Christianson      Carl                   1978    Pine Grove
Christianson      Eleanor                1968    Pine Grove
Christianson      Marion G.              1943    Pine Grove
Clapp             Abigail                1824       South
Clapp             Irene                  1881       South
Clapp             Jonas                  1840       South
Clapp             Jonas, Jr.             1829       South
Clapp             Mehettable(Boyd)       1828     Boyd-Pvt.
Clapp             Sally                  1841       South
Clapp             Silas                  1872       South
Clapp             Sybil                  1852       South
Clark             (infant)               1814    Pine Grove
Clark             Betsy (Mrs. Ed.)       1862    Pine Grove
Clark             Edith(Packard)         1879    Southwest
Clark             Edward                 1846    Pine Grove
Clark             Eunice Root            1844    Pine Grove nsf-book
Clark             George                 1911    Pine Grove
Clark             Henry H.               1874    Pine Grove
Clark             John P.                1869    Pine Grove
Clark             Mary J.                1919    Pine Grove
Clark             Ruth S. (Mrs. John)    1907    Pine Grove
Clark             Sophia                 1864       South    nsf
Clark             Thirza A.              1850       South    nsf
Clarke            Ester (Mrs. Jos.)      1854    Pine Grove
Clarke            Joseph C.              1861    Pine Grove
Clifford          Charles Henry          1933   Green Hollow
Clifford          Charles S.             1940   Green Hollow
Clifford          Flora M.               1941   Green Hollow
Clifford          Lavander S.            1920   Green Hollow
Cole              Effie M. (Bartlett)    1933   Green Hollow
Cole              Elbert L.              1941   Green Hollow
Cole              Walter Ernest          1977    Pine Grove
Colton            Amanda                 1846       South
Colton            Ann Eliza (Ida?)       1908       South
Colton            Chauncy                1890       South
Conant            Abigail (Mrs. Chas.)   1877    Pine Grove
Conant            Charles                1877    Pine Grove
Conant            Ellen (Crawford)       1923    Pine Grove
Conant            Frances (Mrs. Roger)   1986    Pine Grove
Conant            Frank S.               1926    Pine Grove
Conant            George                 1888    Pine Grove
Conant            Harriet S.             1891    Pine Grove
Conant            Henry L.               1923    Pine Grove
Conant            Hubbard                1821      Church
Conant            Infant son             1847    Pine Grove
Conant            James                  1867    Pine Grove

                                Page 8

Conant        James                   1842    Pine Grove nds
Conant        John                    1867    Pine Grove
Conant        Joseph                  1821    Southwest
Conant        Lillian E. (Crawford)   1928    Pine Grove
Conant        Lois A. (Mrs. John)     1837    Pine Grove
Conant        Louisa                  1831    Southwest
Conant        Lucy (Parmenter)        1820      Church
Conant        Lydia L. (dau John)     1840    Pine Grove
Conant        Mabel E.                1968    Pine Grove
Conant        Marie T. (dau John)     1837    Pine Grove
Conant        Mary (Rumrill)          1909    Pine Grove
Conant        Mary C.                 1975    Pine Grove
Conant        Roger                   1959    Pine Grove
Conant        Susan                   1828    Southwest
Conant        Susan (Stone)           1877    Pine Grove
Conant        Susannah(wid Luther)    1840    Pine Grove
Conklin       Catherine               1856    Pine Grove
Conklin       Willie (child)          1853    Pine Grove
Cote          Nelson                  1956    Pine Grove
Cote          Viola (Hapgood)         1966    Pine Grove
Craige        James, Capt.            1775      Church
Craige        Joseph                  1781      Church
Craige        Joseph                  1771      Church
Craige        Patte (Martha)          1774      Church
Crawford      Alexander               1793      Church
Crawford      Alexander               1845      Church
Crawford      Alexander               1873   Green Hollow
Crawford      Alexander B.            1994   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      Alice (Mrs. Edw.)       1935   Green Hollow
Crawford      Alice N.                1990   Green Hollow
Crawford      Alvira (Noyes)          1882    Pine Grove
Crawford      Amanda                  1910   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      Anna E.                 1910    Pine Grove
Crawford      Anna McN. (Mrs. H.)     1862    Pine Grove
Crawford      Arthur M.               1962   Green Hollow
Crawford      Bethia (Willis)         1811      Church
Crawford      Caroline G.             1897       South
Crawford      Cecile                  1988   Green Hollow
Crawford      ch of Henry             1859       South
Crawford      Charles                 1864       South
Crawford      Charles W.              1882       South
Crawford      Clara H.                1866    Southwest
Crawford      Clarissa T.             1824    Southwest
Crawford      Cora Jenks (ch)         1863    Pine Grove
Crawford      Edgar O.                1942   Green Hollow
Crawford      Edith (Mrs. H. U. )     1934   Green Hollow
Crawford      Edith Louise            1937   Green Hollow
Crawford      Edward J.               1950   Green Hollow
Crawford      Edward S.               1962   Green Hollow
Crawford      Eliakim                 1804      Church
Crawford      Elizabeth               1774      Church
Crawford      Ellen                   1909   Green Hollow

                             Page 9

Crawford      Emily A. (Mrs. Wm.)      1863   Green Hollow
Crawford      Emily G. (Wareing)       1990   Green Hollow
Crawford      Eunice C. (Mrs. Wm.)     1928   Green Hollow
Crawford      Galen A.                 1857    Pine Grove
Crawford      George G.                1841       South
Crawford      Gilbert Allen (ch)       1829    Pine Grove
Crawford      Henry A.                 1992   Green Hollow
Crawford      Henry U.                 1963   Green Hollow
Crawford      Henry W.                 1881       South
Crawford      Hiram                    1916    Pine Grove
Crawford      Huldah                   1867    Southwest
Crawford      Isabelle                 1845      Church
Crawford      James A.                 1839       South
Crawford      John                     1824      Church
Crawford      John                     1881    Southwest
Crawford      Joseph                   1831      Church
Crawford      Laura E. (Nicoll)        1965   Green Hollow
Crawford      Laurinda W. (Mrs. S.))   1889    Pine Grove
Crawford      Lucille B.               1944   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      Lucy (Mrs. Henry)        1858       South
Crawford      Lydia M.                 1868    Southwest
Crawford      Malcolm N.               1993   Green Hollow
Crawford      Mary (Mrs. John)         1829      Church
Crawford      Mary (Mrs. Wm.)          1838      Church
Crawford      Mary Alvira              1867    Pine Grove
Crawford      Mary Ann                 1837       South
Crawford      Melissa                  1887   Green Hollow
Crawford      Mildmay O.               1971   Green Hollow
Crawford      Rachel                   1773      Church
Crawford      Raymond                  1995   Green Hollow
Crawford      Rosa W. (Mrs. Ed.)       1946   Green Hollow
Crawford      Rowena (Johnson)         1886       South
Crawford      Sally (Mrs. J.)          1856    Southwest
Crawford      Samuel                   1770      Church
Crawford      Samuel                   1873    Pine Grove
Crawford      Samuel                   1841    Southwest
Crawford      Sarah M.                 1853    Southwest
Crawford      Sophia                   1899   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      Tempra M.                1833    Southwest
Crawford      Vivian (Loring)          1996   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      William                  1833      Church
Crawford      William                  1781      Church
Crawford      William                  1898   Crawford-Pvt.
Crawford      William M.               1831    Southwest
Crawford      William S., Dea.         1916   Green Hollow
Crawford      William, Gen.            1864   Crawford-Pvt.
Crocker       Hannah                   1860    Pine Grove
Crocker       Mehitable, Mrs.          1835       South
Crocker       Mehiteble D., Miss       1836       South
Crocker       Solomon                  1835       South
Cushman       Appollos                 1863    Pine Grove
Cushman       Susanna (Mrs. A.)        1862    Pine Grove

                             Page 10

Dahl         Helen                    1985      South
Dailey       W. J.                    1976   Southwest
Daniels      Alice E...(Smith)        1949   Pine Grove
Daniels      Charles B.               1930   Pine Grove
Daniels      Ralph I.                 1976   Pine Grove
Darling      Gertrude (Edson)         1947   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Davis        Adin                     1863      South
Davis        Eulah V. (Coburn)        1928   Pine Grove
Davis        Ezra                     1800     Church
Davis        Frank                    1965   Pine Grove   nsf
Davis        John A..                 1853      South
Davis        Kata                     1794     Church
Davis        Laurana                  1856      South
Davis        Lewis                    1882   Pine Grove
Davis        Lewis W.                 1941   Pine Grove
Davis        Lucy                     1869      South
Davis        Lydia                    1847      South
Davis        Mary                     1834     Church
Davis        Mary (Mrs. Lewis)        1921   Pine Grove
Davis        Samuel                   1817     Church
Davis        Susan (Mrs. E.G.)        1883      South
Day          John P.                  1969   Pine Grove
Day          Minnie May (w of J.)     1953   Pine Grove
Dean         Abby, Mrs.               1869      South
Dean         Agnes                    1776     Church
Dean         Alice Lee                1978      South
Dean         Amanda                   1874      South
Dean         Asa                      1891      South
Dean         Asahel B.                1882      South
Dean         Augusta                  1995      South
Dean         Azubah                   1860      South
Dean         Bernard M.               1968      South
Dean         Bethiah, Mrs.            1835      South     nsf
Dean         Betsy                    1852      South
Dean         Blake                    1857      South     nsf
Dean         ch of John               1830      South     nsf
Dean         ch of John               1837      South     nsff
Dean         ch of Lewis              1861      South     nsf
Dean         ch of Lewis              1861      South     nsf
Dean         ch of Lewis              1861      South     nsf
Dean         Charles F.               1921      South     nsf
Dean         Charles R.               1989      South
Dean         Charlotte (Russell)      1904   Pine Grove
Dean         Clarence E.              1921   Pine Grove
Dean         Dana                     1960      South
Dean         David R.                 1905      South
Dean         Delotia W.               1846      South
Dean         Edmund                   1865      South
Dean         Edwin B.                 1838      South
Dean         Elijah                   1861      South
Dean         Elijah                   1885      South
Dean         Elijah C.                1886      South

                            Page 11

Dean         Eliza                     1877      South
Dean         Emeline K.                1880      South
Dean         Emily K.                  1920      South
Dean         Emmerson A.               1885   Pine Grove
Dean         Emory L.                  1940   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Dean         Emory L.                  1846      South     nsf
Dean         Ethel                     1946      South
Dean         Eunice Louise             1934      South
Dean         Gardner M.                1921   Pine Grove
Dean         George W.                 1955      South
Dean         Gertrude A.               1978      South     nsf-bp
Dean         Harriet E. (Chickering)   1932   Pine Grove
Dean         Herman                    1968      South
Dean         Huldah, Mrs.              1837      South     nsf
Dean         Isiah                     1928   Pine Grove
Dean         Isiah                     1844      South
Dean         James                     1812     Church
Dean         James                     1868      South
Dean         Jemima, Mrs.              1826      South
Dean         John                      1851      South
Dean         Julia (Lee)               1974      South
Dean         Julia A.                  1941      South
Dean         Kenneth M.                1904      South
Dean         Luther                    1895      South
Dean         M. Ruberta                1915      South
Dean         Mabel J. (infant)         1881   Pine Grove   nds
Dean         Mary A.                   1869      South
Dean         Mary L.                   1837      South
Dean         Mary M.                   1866      South
Dean         Mason S.,                 1935      South
Dean         Maud                      1898      South
Dean         Minnie                    1871      South
Dean         Nancy (Mrs. Sull.)        1888   Pine Grove
Dean         Nellie L. (Tracy)         1938      South
Dean         Prudence                  1853      South
Dean         Samuel                    1827      South     nsf
Dean         Samuel (ch. of Sull.)     1841   Pine Grove
Dean         Samuel B.                 1929   Pine Grove
Dean         Sarah                     1786     Church
Dean         Sarah E.                  1839      South     nsf
Dean         Sarah R.                  1901      South
Dean         Sullivan                  1862   Pine Grove
Dean         Susie A. (w Isiah)        1887   Pine Grove
Dean         Sylvester                 1950      South
Dean         Vera P.                   1991      South
Dean         Walter R.                 1925      South
Dean         Warren                    1953      South
Dean         Warren E. (infant)        1876   Pine Grove   nds
Dean         Zebulon                   1828      South
Dean         Zebulon                   1828      South
Demmond      Rebekah (Ripley)          1868     Church
Denny        Desire B., Mrs.           1851      South

                            Page 12

Denny          Samuel                  1832      South
Dermody        Bernadette M.           1974   Pine Grove
DeVries        Margaret (Lincoln)             Pine Grove   nds
Dickinson      Emma P.                 1969      South     nsf-bp
Dionne         Joyce A.                1990   Pine Grove
Dorsey         Blanche A.              1987   Pine Grove
Downer         Ralph                   1987   Southwest
Drolette       Frederick A.            1958   Pine Grove
Drolette       Mabelle E.              1947   Pine Grove
Drury          Henry G.                1874      South
Drury          Sarah                   1836      South     nsf
Duffy          Eveline (chld)          1873   Pine Grove   nds
Duffy          George                  1907   Pine Grove
Duffy          Sarah Ann, Mrs.         1898   Pine Grove
Dunn           Jeremiah L.             1959   Pine Grove
Dunn           Lillian H. (Kimball)    1973   Pine Grove
Dunn           Mary H.                 1915   Pine Grove
Dunn           Stella                  1905   Pine Grove
Dunn           Wallace C.              1980   Pine Grove
Dwelly         Edward H.               1928   Pine Grove
Dwelly         Emma (Robinson)         1891   Pine Grove
Dwelly         John W.                 1942   Pine Grove
Dwelly         Joseph , Sr.            1839      South
Dwelly         Joseph B.               1907      South     nsf
Dwelly         Joseph, Jr.             1883      South
Dwelly         Martha A.               1893      South
Dwelly         Mary                    1846      South
Dwelly         Phylena C.              1898      South
Dwelly         Robert C. III           1988      South
Dwelly         Robert C. Lt.           1945      South
Dwelly         Ruth (Briggs)           1941   Pine Grove
Dwelly         Tryphosa                1867      South
Dwelly         William P.              1892      South
Dwelly         Thomas                  1885      South
Dwyer          Leonard                 1951   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Eastman        Roger A.                1969      South
Edson          George L.               1940   Pine Grove
Edson          Lillian (Herbert)       1947   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Edson          Mary W. (Mrs. Geo.)     1942   Pine Grove
Edson          Robert E. (son Geo.)    1904   Pine Grove
Elliot         Frank, son of Nathan    1858   Pine Grove
Elliot         Jennie (Mrs. Nathan)    1907   Pine Grove
Elliot         Nathan                  1881   Pine Grove
Evans          Thankful, Mrs.          1837     Church
Fairbank       Hannah M.               1829      South
Fairbank       James C.                1877   Pine Grove
Fairbank       James E.                1838   Pine Grove
Fairbank       James E.                1838      South
Fairbank       Jeremiah R.             1915   Pine Grove
Fairbank       Jessie                  1889   Pine Grove
Fairbank       John                    1908   Pine Grove
Fairbank       Lurana, Mrs. James      1873   Pine Grove

                             Page 13

Fairbank         Margaret W.              1864    Pine Grove
Fairbank         Margaret, Mrs.           1864       South      nsf
Fairbank         Martha B.                1837    Pine Grove
Fairbank         Martha B.                1837       South
Fairbank         Nancy (wid Samuel)       1836    Pine Grove
Fairbank         Samuel B.                1872    Pine Grove
Fairbank         Susan                    1915    Pine Grove
Fairbanks        Caroline M.              1971    Pine Grove
Fairbanks        James P.                 1950    Pine Grove
Fairbanks        Samuel B.                1872    Pine Grove
Fairlie          Sarah E.                 1964       South
Fales            ch of Harvey             1827       South      nsf
Fales            Harvey                   1836       South
Fales            Kezia                    1850       South
Fellows          Edward                   1955    Pine Grove
Fellows          Katherine                1976    Pine Grove
Felton           Benjamin                 1875    Pine Grove
Felton           Eliza W. (Mrs. S. #2)    1829    Pine Grove
Felton           Josiah                   1817    Pine Grove
Felton           Lucretia S. (Mrs. B.)    1830    Pine Grove
Felton           Mary P. (Mrs. S. #3)     1897    Pine Grove
Felton           Relief Smith(Mrs. J.)    1867    Pine Grove
Felton           Ruth M. (Mrs. B. #2)     1884    Pine Grove
Felton           Silence (Mrs. F.)        1830    Pine Grove
Felton           Skelton                  1822    Pine Grove
Felton           Skelton                  1835    Pine Grove
Felton           Tryphosa (Mrs. S.)       1827    Pine Grove
Ferren           Jesse Lee                1967    Pine Grove
Ferrin           Alice A. (Mrs. Ch.)      1957    Pine Grove
Ferrin           Charles H.               1950    Pine Grove
Field            Spencer                  1801      Church
Fisher           Elmer                    1975       South
Fisk             Nathan A.                1936    Pine Grove    nsf-BP
Fitts            Anna                     1806      Church
Fitts            Harriet (Mrs. Jesse)     1851    Pine Grove
Fitts            Jesse                    1853    Pine Grove
Fitts            Jonathan                 1792      Church
Fitts            Jonathan                 1807      Church
Fitts            Lydia (Mrs. Peter)       1810      Church
Fitts            Mary                     1806      Church
Fitts            Peter                    1839      Church
Fitzpatrick      John H.                  1955    Pine Grove    nsf-BP
Flint            Daniel                   1837       South
Flint            Mary                     1874       South
Flint            Phebe                    1837      Church
Fobes            Albert                   1844    Pine Grove    nsf-book
Fobes            Alice (Mrs. P..#l)       1813    Pine Grove
Fobes            Alice S.                 1817    Pine Grove    nsf-book
Fobes            Alice S.                 1854       South
Fobes            Bertha                   1907   Green Hollow
Fobes            Charles                  1905    Pine Grove
Fobes            Charles B.               1849       South

                                Page 14

Fobes         Elizabeth (Gates)        1882    Pine Grove
Fobes         Emily                    1944   Green Hollow
Fobes         George B.                1856       South
Fobes         Henry C.                 1920    Pine Grove
Fobes         Infant                   1813    Pine Grove
Fobes         infant daughter          1857   Green Hollow
Fobes         John                     1846    Pine Grove     nsf-book
Fobes         Joseph                   1827    Pine Grove
Fobes         Joseph                   1877       South
Fobes         Lucena A.                1904   Green Hollow
Fobes         Lucy (Mrs. PP. #3)       1859    Pine Grove
Fobes         Maria (Clapp)            1905    Pine Grove
Fobes         Melissa (Mrs. P. #2)     1829    Pine Grove
Fobes         Nancy (Burt)             1885       South
Fobes         Peres                    1852    Pine Grove
Fobes         Perez Ames               1866    Pine Grove
Fobes         Seth                     1816    Pine Grove
Fobes         Susan A.                 1859       South
Fobes         Susan Alice              1813    Pine Grove     nsf-bool
Fobes         Susannah                 1835    Pine Grove
Fobes         Timothy                  1902    Pine Grove
Fobes         William                  1852    Pine Grove
Fobes         William A.               1955   Green Hollow
Fobes         William A., Rev.         1913   Green Hollow
Fobes         William C.               1855   Green Hollow
Fontaine      George                   1980    Pine Grove
Forbes        Robert                   1793      Church
Forsberg      Vera Belle (Cowes)       1986   Crawford-Pvt.
Foss          Jed J.                   1970       South
Foss          Samuel W.                1976       South
Foster        Addison (child)          1862    Pine Grove
Foster        Adeline (dau J. & N.)    1839    Pine Grove
Foster        Albert B. (child)        1863    Pine Grove
Foster        Ebenezer                 1811      Church
Foster        George                   1853    Pine Grove
Foster        Hannah                   1808      Church
Foster        James R.                 1875    Pine Grove
Foster        Molly                    1839       South
Foster        Nancy (Henry)            1880    Pine Grove
Foster        Paul                     1807      Church
Foster        S. James                 1901    Pine Grove
Foster        Sally                    1879       South       nsf
Foster        Spencer                  1854       South
Freeman       Elijah                   1816    Pine Grove
Freeman       Susannah (Mrs. E.)       1833    Pine Grove
Freeman       William Augustus         1903      Church
French        Abigail (Mrs. Asa)       1825    Pine Grove
French        Ann S.                   1882    Pine Grove
French        Asa                      1832    Pine Grove     nsf
French        Betsy (Mrs. John)        1855    Pine Grove
French        Caroline D.              1820    Pine Grove
French        Catherine D.             1840    Pine Grove

                             Page 15

French          Erastus Shaw             1811    Pine Grove
French          Isaac                    1826    Pine Grove
French          John                     1823    Pine Grove
French          John                     1854    Pine Grove
French          John                     1832    Pine Grove     nsf-book
French          Mary C.                  1896    Pine Grove
French          Patty (Mrs. John)        1836    Pine Grove
Frew            Charles                  1884      Church
Fuller          Albert                   1888   Green Hollow
Fuller          Chester                  1860   Green Hollow
Fuller          Emily                    1873       South
Fuller          Eva A.                   1877   Crawford-Pvt.
Fuller          Hubert A.                1866   Green Hollow
Fuller          Laura del Rozelle        1846   Crawford-Pvt.
Fuller          Leonard                  1861       South
Fuller          Maria L. (Crawford)      1902   Green Hollow
Fuller          Mary B., Mrs.            1835       South
Fuller          William                  1888   Green Hollow
Fuller          William                  1840       South
Gallant         Joseph R.                1995    Pine Grove
Garabedian      Anna (Mrs. Vincent)      1969    Pine Grove
Garabedian      Frank                    1943    Pine Grove
Garabedian      Vincent                  1974    Pine Grove
Gates           Caroline (Mrs. Jas.)     1853    Pine Grove
Gault           John                     1853       South
Gault           Rebecca                  1855       South
Gault           William                          Coldbrook
Gibbs           Jonathan                 1917    Pine Grove     nsf
Gilvar          Martin                   1989    Pine Grove
Glazier         Dexter                   1827       South       nsf
Glazier         Nancy                    1820       South       nsf
Gleason         Charles A.               1911    Pine Grove
Gleason         Charlotte (Packard)      1926    Pine Grove
Glendye         Betsy                    1989       South
Glendye         Cary M.                  1989       South
Glendye         Marie                    1989       South
Goodale         Cornelia                 1867   Green Hollow
Goodale         David W.                 1837   Green Hollow
Goodale         David., Jr.              1826   Green Hollow
Goodale         Dorothy                  1819   Green Hollow
Goodale         Eunice (Mrs. David)      1851   Green Hollow
Goodale         Jonathan                 1806      Church
Goodale         Samuel A.                1879   Green Hollow
Goodwin         Gladys                   1952    Pine Grove
Goodwin         Haven                    1975    Pine Grove
Goodwin         Marjorie                 1975    Pine Grove
Gougier         Louis                    1898       South       nsf
Gould           Charles (son of R.)      1827    Pine Grove
Gould           Charles Franklin         1857    Pine Grove
Gould           Louisa J. (dau of R.)    1843    Pine Grove
Gould           Mary Henry (Mrs. R.)     1876    Pine Grove
Gould           Rufus                    1866    Pine Grove

                               Page 16

Gould          William R.              1890   Pine Grove   nsf
Green          Adeline                 1922   Pine Grove
Green          Catherine (Mrs. C.)     1870   Pine Grove
Green          Charles B.              1879   Pine Grove
Green          Edith (child ?)                Pine Grove   nds
Green          Edwin C.                1932   Pine Grove
Green          Georgianna S. (C.)      1920   Pine Grove
Green          Horace M.               1938   Pine Grove
Green          Lewis P.                1929   Pine Grove
Green          Mary E. (Gleason)       1921   Pine Grove
Green          Newton J.                      Pine Grove   nsf
Green          Walter Brindley         1952   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Greene         Emily                   1946   Pine Grove
Greene         Evander Henry           1967   Pine Grove   nsf
Greene         Mary C.                 1975   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Greene         Melvyn                  1937   Pine Grove
Grime          Charles W.              1959      South
Grime          James F. Pvt.           1944      South
Grime          Lillian                 1953      South
Grimes         Clarence L.             1974   Pine Grove
Grimes         Cora V. (Vaughn)        1950   Pine Grove
Grimes         Evelyn                  1987   Pine Grove   nds
Grimes         Henry W.                1938   Pine Grove
Grimes         Jay E.                  1935   Pine Grove
Grimes         Jennie H. (Stevens)     1963   Pine Grove
Grimes         Marion Louise           1986   Pine Grove
Grimes         W. Wallace              1946   Pine Grove
Grise          Frederick G. J.         1989      South
Gueley         Flora A.                1906   Pine Grove
Gueley         Kate M.                 1960   Pine Grove   nsf
Guilford       Henry                   1905      South
Guillford      Julia A.                1926      South     nsf
Hagar          James                   1846     Church
Haire          Adelaide L.             1930   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Haire          Elmer B.                1887   Pine Grove   nsf
Haire          J.                             Pine Grove   nsf
Hale           Experience              1828   Pine Grove
Hale           Martha J.(Loring)       1916   Pine Grove
Hall           Ambrose                 1896   Pine Grove
Hall           Elizabeth               1845   Pine Grove   nsf
Hall           Mary (Bechan)           1966      South
Hall           Percival                1843   Pine Grove   nsf
Hall           Percival, Jr.           1875   Pine Grove   nsf
Hall           Vienna                  1884   Pine Grove   nsf
Hall           Walter                  1951      South
Hapgood        Albert                  1934   Pine Grove
Hapgood        Edson                   1839   Pine Grove
Hapgood        Fred                    1929   Pine Grove
Hardy          Edson E.                1961   Pine Grove
Hardy          Leonard A.              1974   Southwest
Hardy          Lillian A.              1953   Pine Grove
Hardy          Myrtle B.               1968   Southwest

                             Page 17

Hardy           Nancy, Mrs.             1888      South     nsf
Harrington      Austin                  1870      South
Harrington      Charles L.              1841      South
Harrington      Eliza, Mrs.             1857      South
Harrington      George                  1859      South
Harrington      Levi                    1834      South
Harrington      Mary Ann                1879      South
Harrington      Sophia                  1861      South
Harrington      Warren, Jr.             1846      South
Harrington      Warren, Sr.             1889      South
Harroun         Willena                 1984   Pine Grove
Harvey          Arthur                  1966   Pine Grove
Harvey          dau. of Arthur          1968   Pine Grove
Harvey          Edwin D.                1947   Pine Grove
Harvey          Florinda E.(Lincoln)    1967   Pine Grove
Harvey          Sarah E. (Boyden)       1876   Pine Grove
Haskell         Bessie(dau Lewis)       1883   Pine Grove
Haskell         Charles L.              1931   Pine Grove
Haskell         Charles L.              1865      South
Haskell         Elijah                  1857      South     nsf
Haskell         Elizabeth, Miss         1829      South
Haskell         George W.               1864      South
Haskell         Lewis N.                1907   Pine Grove
Haskell         Loring                  1872      South
Haskell         Maria L.                1832   Southwest
Haskell         Marion L. (Clark)       1940   Pine Grove
Haskell         Mark                    1884      South
Haskell         Marsia L., Mrs.         1837      South
Haskell         Martha (dau of Chas)    1893   Pine Grove
Haskell         Martha A. (Hooker)      1910   Pine Grove
Haskell         Mary                    1902      South
Haskell         Mary B.                 1849      South
Haskell         Mary, Mrs.              1870      South
Haskell         Nancy (Jones)           1895      South
Haskell         Nelson                  1886      South
Haskell         Philena                 1853      South
Haskell         Roger                   1813      South
Haskell         Ruth, Mrs.              1814      South     nsf
Haskell         Sally L..               1851      South
Haskell         Sarah Jane              1864      South
Haskell         Simeon                  1847      South
Haskell         Simeon A.               1845      South
Haskell         Simon                   1825   Southwest
Haskell         Sylvester H.            1933   Pine Grove
Hastings        Charles W.              1921   Pine Grove
Hastings        Jane Cue                1921   Pine Grove
Hawkins         Florence F.             1956   Pine Grove
Henderson       William                 1825     Church
Henry           Frank F.                1854   Pine Grove
Henry           Nancy D.                1853   Pine Grove
Henry           Polly (Mary)            1848     Church
Henry           Samuel                  1847     Church

                              Page 18

Henry           Sarah K.                  1861       South
Herbert         Charles W.                1911    Pine Grove    nds
Hill            ch of Mrs. H.             1870       South      nsf
Hill            Hannah                    1870       South
Hill            Lorenzo                   1915    Southwest
Hirrschoff      Infants (twins)           1941    Pine Grove    nsf-WD
Hofflein        Mary                      1996    Pine Grove
Holbrook        Abigail                   1866       South
Holbrook        George H.                 1855       South      nsf
Holbrook        Henry                     1870       South      nsf
Holbrook        Sarah                     1870       South      nsf
Holden          Amory J.                  1903       South
Holden          Asenath A.                1870       South
Holden          Daniel E.                 1900       South
Holden          Ione E. (Jane?)           1920       South
Holloway        Christopher               1979       South
Hollowell       Etta B.                   1926       South      nsf
Hollowell       George H.                 1960       South      nsf
Holman          Albert H.                 1886       South
Holman          Edward V.                 1900       South      nsf
Holman          Magdalen O.               1917       South
Holman          Olive S.                  1883       South
Holmes          Myra G.                   1928    Pine Grove
Holmes          William H.                1927    Pine Grove
Howard          Charlotte A. (Mrs. J.)    1849    Pine Grove
Howard          John F.                   1871    Pine Grove
Howard          Mr. (Martin??)            1828       South      nsf
Howard          Olive M.                  1889    Pine Grove
Howard          Sarah                     1813    Pine Grove
Howard          Susan (Spear)             1903    Pine Grove
Howard          Vashti (Mrs. Martin)      1830    Pine Grove
Howe            Artemus                   1800      Church
Howe            Robert E.                 1996       South
Hubbard         Mary E.(crawford)         1912   Green Hollow
Hudson          Adin                      1790      Church
Humphrey        Mary (Mrs. Noah)          1863      Church
HUmphrey        Noah                      1865      Church
Hunt            Bessie N.                 1918    Pine Grove
Hunt            Clarinda,(Mrs. Edwin      1924    Pine Grove
Hunt            Edwin C.                  1949    Pine Grove
Hunt            Edwin N.                  1895    Pine Grove
Hunt            Samuel                    1840    Coldbrook
Hunter          Abigail, Mrs.             1855       South
Hunter          Abraham                   1826       South
Hunter          Alfred (child)            1824    Pine Grove
Hunter          Amos                      1849       South
Hunter          Andrew                    1835    Pine Grove
Hunter          ch. of Charles                    Pine Grove    nsf
Hunter          ch-twins-of Amos          1822       South      nsf
Hunter          Dolly (Mrs. Andrew)       1815    Pine Grove
Hunter          Elizabeth (Mrs. L.)       1853    Pine Grove    nsf
Hunter          Hannah, Mrs.              1858       South      nsf

                                Page 19

Hunter       Lucy                     1858   Pine Grove   nsf
Hunter       Luther                   1847   Pine Grove   nsf
Hunter       Marshall L. (infant)     1816   Pine Grove
Hunter       Mary, Mrs.               1824      South     nsf
Hunter       Sarah (infant)           1832   Pine Grove
Hunter       Sarah, Miss              1839      South
Jacob        Simon, Dr.               1824     Church
Johnson      Abiathar                 1863      South     nsf
Johnson      ch of Laban              1810      South     nsf
Johnson      Cynthia D., Mrs.         1858      South     nsf
Johnson      Edwin P.                 1896      1896      nsf
Johnson      Edwin P.                 1896      South     nsf
Johnson      Isaac                    1815      South     nsf
Johnson      Joel                     1827      South     nsf
Johnson      Lucy Shepard, Mrs.       1849      South
Johnson      Penelope                 1820      South     nsf
Johnson      Rhoda D., Mrs.           1848      South     nsf
Jones        Abraham                  1818      South
Jones        Angie P.                 1919   Southwest
Jones        Donald                   1989   Pine Grove
Jones        Elizabeth (Ferrin)       1996   Pine Grove
Jones        Elmira                   1818      South     nsf
Jones        Isaac                    1888      South     nsf
Jones        Joel, Jr.                1838      South
Jones        Joel, Sr.                1842      South
Jones        Levina A.                1803      South
Jones        Lucinda K., Miss         1879      South
Jones        Nancy, Mrs.              1842      South
Jones        Waitstill, Mrs.          1815      South
Joslyn       Benjamin                 1863      South
Joslyn       Mary                     1879      South
Keep         Emelia                   1892      South
Keep         Franklin E.              1868      South
Keep         Grace                    1937      South
Keep         Harriet                  1855      South
Keep         John H.                  1922      South
Keep         Polly W.                 1895      South
Keep         William E.               1884      South
Keep         William O.               1911      South
Keith        Amos                     1834   Southwest
Keith        Anna                     1839   Southwest
Keith        Anna H.                  1879   Southwest
Keith        Charles                  1857   Southwest
Kelly        Artemus                  1825     Church
Kelly        Henry                    1825     Church
Kelly        Mariet                   1825     Church
Kenyon       Edith L.                 1954   Pine Grove   nsf
Keown        Alice (Dwelly)           1962   Pine Grove
Keown        Arthur D.                1946   Pine Grove
Kessler      David                    1964      South
Kessler      Gladys M.                1989      South
Keyes        Everett                  1878   Pine Grove   nsf-book

                            Page 20

Keyser        Stella                   1969   Pine Grove
Kimball       Daniel T.                1864   Pine Grove
Kimball       Emily P.                 1874   Pine Grove
Kimball       James                    1861   Pine Grove
Kimball       Leonard D.               1837     Church
Kimball       Vivian C.                1994      South     nsf
King          Elizabeth                1838     Church
Kirdulis      Ruth S.                  1989   Pine Grove
Knight        Abiah                    1850   Pine Grove
Knight        Abiah (dau. Silas)       1818   Pine Grove
Knight        Adeline (Robinson)       1893      South     nsf
Knight        Adeline W.               1891      South
Knight        Alma B. (Mrs. L.)        1911   Pine Grove
Knight        Charles (son Silas)      1840   Pine Grove
Knight        Clifford R.              1965   Pine Grove
Knight        Evelyn L.                1980   Pine Grove
Knight        J. Waldo                 1926   Pine Grove
Knight        Jolly Edwin P.           1840      South
Knight        Lavinia R.               1848   Pine Grove
Knight        Lester W.                1953   Pine Grove
Knight        Levi P.                  1866      South
Knight        Lois S. (dau. Silas)     1831   Pine Grove
Knight        Louisa                   1839     Church
Knight        Martha                   1863      South
Knight        Martha G.                1874   Pine Grove
Knight        Robert L.                1995   Pine Grove   nsf
Knight        Silas                    1861   Pine Grove
Knight        Susan G. (Mrs. C.)       1961   Pine Grove
Labonte       Bessie S.                1955      South
Labonte       David J.                 1864      South
Lackey        Ernest                   1919   Pine Grove
Lacount       Albert E.                1944      South
Lacount       Eldridge                 1952      South
Lacount       Eldridge V.              1970      South
Lacount       Helen                    1935      South
Laubaugh      Janet McCord             1964   Pine Grove
Laubsch       Anna                     1985   Pine Grove
Lawrence      Mattie (Mrs. J. E.)      1877   Pine Grove
Leonard       Catherine, Miss.         1828      South     nsf
Leonard       Elizabeth, Mrs.          1842      South     nsf
Leonard       Ezra                     1830      South     nsf
Leonard       Gardner                  1940   Pine Grove
Lewis         Lucy (Shattuck)          1907   Pine Grove
Leyden        James                    1946   Pine Grove
Leyden        James K.                 1975   Pine Grove
Leyden        John                            Pine Grove   nds
Leyden        Mary (Wilbur)            1890   Pine Grove
Leyden        Anne E.                  1974   Pine Grove
Lincoln       Abby (Mrs. Alonzo)       1884   Pine Grove
Lincoln       Abner                    1857   Pine Grove
Lincoln       Albert W.                1896      South
Lincoln       Almira                   1845   Pine Grove

                             Page 21

Lincoln         Alonzo                   1894    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Betsy (Mrs. S., Jr.)     1827    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Carrie M.                1877       South
Lincoln         Clara Alida A.           1952    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Elizabeth                1851    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Eugene Augustus          1918    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Frances A. (Field)       1917    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Horace W.                1908    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Julia                    1898       South
Lincoln         Justus                   1875    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Lydia (Mrs. Stephen)     1839    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Maria                    1855    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Maria (Watson)           1842    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Martha W. (Skerry)       1883    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Mary L. (Mrs. Wm.)       1851    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Morton Field             1948    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Rebecca                  1867    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Stephen                  1840    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Stephen A.               1983    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Stephen Hopkins          1892    Pine Grove
Lincoln         Stephen, Jr.             1886    Pine Grove
Lincoln         William                  1856    Pine Grove
Linehan         David P. (Jos. son)      1938    Pine Grove
Linehan         Joseph                   1971    Pine Grove
Livingston      Dorothy (Bullard)        1991    Pine Grove
Livingston      S. Morse                 1989    Pine Grove
Lonergan        Roger H.                 1991    Pine Grove
Longvall        Donna (Chestna)          1980    Pine Grove
Lord            Ella S.                  1937    Pine Grove
Lord            James W.                 1942    Pine Grove
Lord            John H.                  1936    Pine Grove
Lord            M. Evelyn                1955    Pine Grove nds
Lord            Nella A.                 1922    Pine Grove
Loring          Arthur L.                1896    Pine Grove
Loring          Augustine L.             1846    Pine Grove
Loring          Caroline (Dean)          1886    Pine Grove
Loring          Chester (ch of Thos)     1890    Pine Grove
Loring          Delia V.                 1952    Pine Grove
Loring          Elizabeth R.             1884    Pine Grove
Loring          Frank E.                 1922    Pine Grove
Loring          Harry Raymond            1969    Pine Grove
Loring          Herbert B. (ch of T.)    1869    Pine Grove
Loring          Ida C.                   1947   Crawford-Pvt.
Loring          Lizzie M.                1928    Pine Grove
Loring          Mary A.(ch of Thos,)     1863    Pine Grove
Loring          Minnie (ch of Thos.)     1863    Pine Grove
Loring          Oscar (ch of Thos)       1943    Pine Grove
Loring          Theodore C.              1843    Pine Grove
Loring          Thomas A.                1907    Pine Grove
Loring          Vivvie (ch of Thos.)     1878    Pine Grove
Loring          Walter (ch of Thos)      1934    Pine Grove
Lovatt          Robert                   1960    Pine Grove nsf-BP

                               Page 22

Lovell        Alice L.                 1866   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Lovell        Amanda                   1858      South
Lovell        David                    1885     Church
Lovell        Hannah                   1844     Church
Lovell        J. H. Orzina             1921   Southwest
Lovell        Julia O.                 1888   Southwest
Lovell        Leonard P.               1904   Pine Grove
Lovell        Lucina C.                1893   Pine Grove
Lovering      ch of John               1821      South     nsf
Lovering      ch of William            1841      South     nsf
Lund          Adrian W. (infant)       1969   Pine Grove
Macomber      Abigail (Mrs. J.)        1884   Southwest
Macomber      Edwin                    1863   Southwest
Macomber      George                   1869   Southwest
Macomber      Henry                    1870   Southwest
Macomber      James                    1863   Southwest
Macomber      Jessie                   1858   Southwest
Macomber      John                     1878   Southwest
Macumber      Calvin                   1829      South     nsf
Macumber      Lydia, Miss.             1815      South     nsf
Macumber      Philip                   1813      South     nsf
Macumber      Pliny                    1815      South     nsf
Magnuson      Mary Eliza               1969   Pine Grove
Malcolm       Alice Allen              1963   Pine Grove
Malcolm       Allen S.                          at sea
Malcolm       Martha (Crawford)        1924   Pine Grove
Malcolm       Philip S.                1935   Pine Grove
Mandell       Henry E.                 1887   Pine Grove
Mann          Archie J.                1982   Pine Grove
Mann          Emma R.                  1972      South
Mann          Everett                  1968      South
Mann          Marvell                  1987   Pine Grove
Mann          William G.               1952      South
Marsh         Richard K.               1858      South
Masiello      Michelle                 1997      South     nsf
Maynard       Abigail W.               1896      South
Maynard       Amasa                    1831   Pine Grove
Maynard       Anny, Mrs.               1831   Pine Grove
Maynard       Artemus                  1878   Pine Grove
Maynard       Aurelia (Mrs. Ezra)      1873   Pine Grove
Maynard       Caroline M. (Mrs. A)     1903   Pine Grove
Maynard       Edward P.                1916   Southwest
Maynard       Ezra                     1886   Pine Grove
Maynard       Francis                  1790     Church
Maynard       Francis                  1799     Church
Maynard       Francis W.               1855   Pine Grove
Maynard       Hervey                   1881      South
Maynard       John                     1879      South
Maynard       John H.                  1841   Pine Grove
Maynard       Laura H.                 1930   Pine Grove
Maynard       Lucy, Mrs                1869   Pine Grove
Maynard       Martin H.                1902      South     nsf

                             Page 23

Maynard       Mary (Mrs. Amasa)       1838   Pine Grove
Maynard       Mary Elizabeth          1905   Southwest
Maynard       Patty                   1802     Church
Maynard       Polly (Parkman)         1850   Southwest
Maynard       Ruth                    1782     Church
Maynard       Ruth                    1873   Pine Grove
Maynard       Samuel                  1863   Southwest
Maynard       William Henry           1891   Pine Grove
McAree        Richard                 1989   Pine Grove
McAulay       John J.                 1950   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
McCann        James                   1894      South     nsf
McCord        James B.                1950   Pine Grove
McCord        Margaret (Mellen)       1961   Pine Grove
McIntosh      Jessie                  1942   Pine Grove   nds
Miller        Mary M.                 1960   Pine Grove
Mooney        Ethel                   1994   Pine Grove
Mooney        James                   1956   Pine Grove
Morris        Peter P.                1962   Pine Grove
Morris        Wanda C.                1992   Pine Grove
Morse         Alfred B..              1988      South
Morse         Alfred C.               1918      South
Morse         Alice M.                1880      South
Morse         Dorothy                 1971      South
Morse         Eliakim                 1872      South
Morse         Elizabeth               1909      South
Morse         Ella M.                 1863      South
Morse         Elvira                  1827      South
Morse         George                  1936      South
Morse         Grace, Mrs.             1902      South
Morse         Henry E.                1915      South
Morse         Jasper P.               1899      South
Morse         Jennie M.               1951   Pine Grove
Morse         John N.                 1899      South
Morse         John, Jr.               1902      South
Morse         Lillian M.              1937      South
Morse         Lizzie B.               1893      South
Morse         Lizzie J. (Bullard)     1893   Pine Grove
Morse         Lucinda B., Mrs.        1863      South
Morse         Lucy A. w of Wm.        1981      South
Morse         Merle George            1993      South
Morse         Sabin A.                1886      South
Morse         Sarah A.                1910      South
Morse         William E.              1926   Pine Grove
Morse         William M..., Sr.       1985      South
Morse         Elvira                  1863      South
Morton        Sarah (Fairbank)        1832      South
Morton        Sarah F. (Mrs. P.)      1832      South
Moulton       Bathsheba (Mrs. D.)     1869   Pine Grove
Mucha         Francis                 1988      South
Mucha         Mary                    1983      South
Mullett       Beatrice                1986      South
Mullett       Bertha A.               1961      South

                            Page 24

Mullett        Charlotte               1890       South
Mullett        Elbridge                1898       South
Mullett        Emeline P.              1905       South
Mullett        Frankie                 1878       South
Mullett        Irving                  1936       South
Mullett        Mary A.                 1903       South
Mullett        Orton E.                1903       South
Murphy         Hazel                   1994    Pine Grove
Murphy         Nellie E. (Gueley)      1910    Pine Grove
Murphy         Theodore                1978    Pine Grove
Neelley        John H.                 1964    Pine Grove
Newcomb        Edwin                   1930    Pine Grove     nsf
Newcomb        George E.               1926    Pine Grove
Newcomb        Ivah (Mrs. Ralph)       1976    Pine Grove
Newcomb        Leonard W.              1922    Pine Grove
Newcomb        Martha M.               1923    Pine Grove
Newcomb        Ralph E.                1956    Pine Grove
Newton         Bessie A.               1964    Pine Grove     nds
Newton         David                          Crawford-Pvt.
Newton         Elmer Victor            1956    Pine Grove
Nichols        Edward P.               1937    Pine Grove
Nichols        Elizabeth M. (Bates)    1972    Pine Grove
Nichols        Mary N. (Mrs. P.)       1920    Pine Grove
Nichols        Perz P.                 1917    Pine Grove
Nichols        Warren K.               1900    Pine Grove
Nichols        Winthrop T.             1910    Pine Grove
Nickerson      Frank L.                1917    Southwest
Nicoll         Alice                   1908   Green Hollow
Nill           Robert D.               1989       South       nsf-bp
Nourse         Benjamin                1907    Pine Grove
Nourse         Frank B. (ch)           1864    Pine Grove
Nourse         Henry P. (ch)           1864    Pine Grove
Nourse         Lizzie Ann (ch)         1857    Pine Grove
Nourse         Lucinda (Mrs. Ben.)     1867    Pine Grove
Nourse         Unice                   1863    Pine Grove
Noyes          Abigail P.              1834    Pine Grove
Noyes          Abigail P., Mrs.        1841       South
Noyes          Azubah (w. Luther)      1864    Pine Grove
Noyes          Betsy (Mrs. Denny)      1836    Pine Grove
Noyes          Caroline (w.Daniel)     1841    Pine Grove
Noyes          Catherine (Mrs. Dan)    1844    Pine Grove
Noyes          Denny S.                1839    Pine Grove
Noyes          Gilbert                 1823    Pine Grove
Noyes          Luther                  1853    Pine Grove
Noyes          Luther, Jr.             1840    Pine Grove     nsf
Noyes          Nahum W.                1827    Pine Grove
Nurss          Charles H.              1889    Pine Grove
Nye            Allice (dau Tim.)       1829    Pine Grove
Nye            Charles D.              1863    Pine Grove
Nye            Crocker                 1837    Pine Grove
Nye            David H.                1904    Pine Grove
Nye            David H.                1863    Pine Grove

                             Page 25

Nye           Dulcena                  1854   Pine Grove
Nye           Emeline J.               1925   Pine Grove
Nye           Frank C.                 1863   Pine Grove
Nye           Jesse (son of Tim)       1825   Pine Grove
Nye           John S.                  1863   Pine Grove
Nye           Maria                    1905   Pine Grove
Nye           Mary J.                  1963   Pine Grove
Nye           Moses                    1848   Pine Grove
Nye           Moses R.                 1863   Pine Grove
Nye           Otis                     1851   Pine Grove
Nye           Parnel (Mrs. Tim.)       1861   Pine Grove
Nye           Susan W.                 1845   Pine Grove
Nye           Timothy                  1841   Pine Grove
Nye           William (son of Tim)     1826   Pine Grove
Nye           William A.               1931   Pine Grove
Nye           William A.               1864      South
Olmstead      Alice (Maynard)          1904   Southwest
Olmstead      Hannah R.                1897      South
Olmstead      Josephine                1953      South     nsf
Olmstead      Sylvanus E.              1859      South
Osborn        Jenny                    1789     Church
Osborn        Joseph                   1800     Church
Packard       Anna, Mrs.               1879      South
Packard       Caleb                    1849   Southwest
Packard       Charles M.               1926   Pine Grove
Packard       Frank (son of J & S)     1887   Pine Grove
Packard       Hepzibah                 1851   Southwest
Packard       Ichabod                  1813     Church
Packard       James                    1899   Pine Grove
Packard       James                    1846   Pine Grove
Packard       Jonathan                 1855   Southwest
Packard       Lucy, Mrs.               1846      South
Packard       Mary                     1834   Southwest
Packard       Nathan                   1815      South
Packard       Nehemiah                 1830      South
Packard       Norman W.                1920   Pine Grove
Packard       Parley                   1849      South
Packard       Rosella J. (Mrs. N.)     1934   Pine Grove
Packard       Ruth                     1824     Church
Packard       Ruth , Miss.             1824      South
Packard       Salmon                   1830   Southwest
Packard       Sarah E.                 1897   Pine Grove
Packard       Stoughton                1832   Southwest
Packard       Susan (Mrs. J.)          1871   Southwest
Parker        Aaron H.                 1863   Pine Grove
Parker        Betsy                    1869   Pine Grove
Parker        Charles H.               1881      South
Parker        Chester                  1897      South
Parker        Edwin S.                 1899      South
Parker        Florence E.              1893      South
Parker        Hazel M.                 1948      South
Parker        Helen                    1964      South     nsf-bp

                             Page 26

Parker         Lucy A.                 1922       South
Parker         Sarah E. (dau Aaron)    1863    Pine Grove
Parker         Sarah T.                1930       South        nsf
Parker         Sophronia A.            1922       South
Parker         Walter                  1908       South
Parkman        Ebenezer                1838       South
Parkman        Ethel A.                1981    Pine Grove
Parkman        Fred                    1937    Southwest
Parkman        George H.               1963    Pine Grove
Parkman        Minnie                  1938    Southwest
Parkman        Phebe                   1845       South
Parkman        Susie M.                1926    Southwest
Parkman        William H.              1948    Southwest
Parmenter      Betsy                   1761   Coldbrook Hill
Parmenter      Elijah                  1810      Church
Parmenter      Elizabeth               1794      Church
Parmenter      Elizabeth               1822      Church
Parmenter      Hannah                  1820      Church
Parmenter      Jenna                   1783      Church
Parmenter      John                              Church
Parmenter      Nancy, Mrs.             1842       South        nsf
Parmenter      Patty                             Church
Parmenter      Rufus                   1814      Church
Parmenter      Solomon                 1789      Church
Parmenter      Solomon                 1862       South        nsf
Parmenter      William                 1827       South        nsf
Parsons        Mary H.                 1991    Pine Grove
Parsons        Worth                   1973    Pine Grove
Partridge      Dexter                  1834       South
Partridge      Edward                  1815      Church
Partridge      Elias                   1846       South
Partridge      Hannah (Mrs. E)         1832    Southwest
Partridge      Sarah, Mrs.             1822       South
Partridge      Silas                   1819       South
Patch          Samuel B.               1986    Pine Grove
Peabody        Herbert                 1921    Pine Grove
Peabody        Jasper M.               1948    Pine Grove
Pellet         Ellen Davis             1880       South
Pellet         Ruth                    1859       South
Pelourde       Jon                     1972    Pine Grove
Percy          A. Mabel                1983    Pine Grove
Percy          Joseph                  1964    Pine Grove
Petranek       Andrew                  1984       South
Petranek       Helen                   1970       South
Poole          Bryn                    1984    Southwest
Poole          Henry B.                1962    Southwest
Poole          Mildred                 1975    Southwest
Powers         Mary                    1879    Pine Grove
Pratt          Betsy                   1891       South        nsf
Pratt          Isaac                   1840       South
Pratt          Isaac J.                1858       South
Pratt          Isaac Warren            1903       South

                             Page 27

Pratt        Jeffrey Howe             1996   Crawford-Pvt.
Pratt        Susanna                  1849       South
Presho       Frederick                1872    Pine Grove
Presho       Isaac                    1808      Church
Presho       Isaac P.                 1826    Southwest
Presho       James, Lt.               1810      Church
Presho       Mary (Mrs. Fred.)        1872    Pine Grove
Presho       Melissa C.               1876    Southwest
Presho       William                  1870    Southwest
Presho       William Merick           1890    Southwest
Prince       Bertha E.                1927       South
Prince       Charles                  1896       South
Prince       Wilbur A.                1945       South       nsf
Przypek      Jean                     1993       South
Ramsey       Debra                    1997    Pine Grove
Rawson       Clarrissa                1865    Pine Grove
Rawson       Clarrissa (Mrs. D.)      1840    Pine Grove
Rawson       Cortez                   1869    Pine Grove
Rawson       Daniel                   1865    Pine Grove
Rawson       Emily A. (child)         1866    Pine Grove
Rawson       Thankful (dau. Dan.)     1840    Pine Grove
Reed         Alice Mae                1957    Pine Grove
Reed         Arthur K.                1931       South
Reed         Bert S.                  1955    Pine Grove
Reed         Bridget ( Mrs. Daniel)   1833    Pine Grove
Reed         ch of L. H.              1825       South       nsf
Reed         ch of L.H.               1826       South       nsf
Reed         Cheney                   1866       South
Reed         Edmund                   1835       South
Reed         Eleanor                  1827       South
Reed         Frank                    1944       South
Reed         Fred E.                  1937       South
Reed         George E.                1895       South
Reed         Hannah                   1865       South
Reed         Herbert                  1883       South
Reed         Lewis H.                 1867       South
Reed         Loring                   1837       South
Reed         Lucy, Mrs.               1818       South
Reed         Martha E., Miss          1837       South
Reed         Mary A. (dau. Lewis)     1832       South
Reed         Mary L. (dau. Lewis)     1842       South
Reed         Mary, Mrs.               1892       South
Reed         Polly, Mrs.              1866       South       nsf
Reed         Relutia P.               1894       South
Reed         Sarah A.                 1925       South
Reed         Sarah A. (w George)      1925       South
Reed         Silas, Jr.               1867       South
Reed         Silas, Sr.               1855       South
Reed         Sumner                   1908       South
Reed         Zillah, Mrs.             1871       South
Rice         David                    1842       South
Rice         Hannah (Mrs. Nathan)     1872       South

                           Page 28

Rice            Henry                    1844      South
Rice            Horace W.                1838      South
Rice            Isaac                    1880      South
Rice            Josiah                   1839      South
Rice            Mary                     1844      South
Rice            Nathan, Jr.              1858      South
Rice            Nathan, Sr.              1859      South
Riffenburg      Andrew                   1954      South
Riffenburg      Jennie                   1978      South     nsf-bp
Ripley          2 infants of R. & S.     1842   Pine Grove
Ripley          Betsy (Mrs. Thos.)       1827   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Ripley          Hannah (Mrs. Z.)         1847   Pine Grove
Ripley          Jeptha                   1843   Pine Grove
Ripley          Lois (Mrs. Jeptha)       1803     Church
Ripley          Lois (Mrs. Jeptha)       1803   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Ripley          Mary                     1851     Church
Ripley          Mary (Mrs. Jeptha)       1877   Pine Grove
Ripley          Mary E.                  1930   Pine Grove
Ripley          Nancy (Mrs. R. #2)       1850   Pine Grove
Ripley          Nancy F. dau. of R.      1863   Pine Grove
Ripley          Olive (Mrs. R. #3)       1855   Pine Grove
Ripley          Russell                  1866   Pine Grove
Ripley          Sophronia (Mrs. R.)      1842   Pine Grove
Ripley          Thomas                   1823   Pine Grove   nds
Ripley          Warren (child)           1860   Pine Grove
Ripley          Zenas                    1851   Pine Grove
Roberts         (infant)                 1959   Pine Grove
Robinson        Abram F.                 1843   Pine Grove
Robinson        Addie M. (Mrs. Jas.)     1905      South
Robinson        Annie C. (Mrs. John)     1991   Pine Grove
Robinson        David H.                 1963      South
Robinson        Elizabeth                1873      South
Robinson        Eva (Mrs. David)         1967      South
Robinson        Frances E. (Annie E.)    1961      South
Robinson        Frank H. (infant)        1854   Pine Grove
Robinson        James F.                 1894      South
Robinson        Jane (Mrs. Wm.)          1870   Pine Grove
Robinson        Jeremiah                 1864   Southwest
Robinson        John                     1885   Pine Grove
Robinson        John                     1969   Pine Grove
Robinson        John                     1864      South
Robinson        John                     1818   Southwest
Robinson        John Fay                 1862   Pine Grove
Robinson        John Henry               1852   Pine Grove
Robinson        John, Col.               1835   Southwest
Robinson        Julia (Mrs. J.)          1864   Southwest
Robinson        Laura (Mellen)           1953   Pine Grove
Robinson        Lilla B. (Mrs. Walter)   1947   Pine Grove
Robinson        Louisa L. (Mrs. A.)      1881   Pine Grove
Robinson        Lucy                     1893      South     nsf
Robinson        Maria L.                 1852   Pine Grove
Robinson        Marie L.                 1833   Pine Grove   nsf-book

                               Page 29

Robinson      Marshall A. (ch)        1832   Pine Grove
Robinson      Mary Ann                1841   Southwest
Robinson      Mary B.                 1857   Southwest
Robinson      Mary L.                 1854   Pine Grove
Robinson      Peter                   1854   Southwest
Robinson      Susannah                1853   Southwest
Robinson      Walter M.               1916   Pine Grove
Robinson      William                 1837   Pine Grove
Robinson      William L.              1886   Pine Grove
Rockwood      Hannah                  1840      South
Rockwood      Samuel                  1852      South
Rogers        Infant girl             1993   Pine Grove
Rogers        Kenneth                 1987   Pine Grove
Rogers        Victor J.               1954   Pine Grove
Rood          Chester                 1995   Pine Grove
Rood          David                   1901   Pine Grove
Rood          David A.                1985   Pine Grove
Rood          Esther                  1995   Pine Grove
Rood          Grace M.                1988   Pine Grove
Rood          Grace Mellen            1966   Pine Grove
Rood          Henry M.                1914   Pine Grove
Rood          Lurana                  1901   Pine Grove   nds
Rood          Sarah A.                1937   Pine Grove
Rood          Emily                   1979   Pine Grove
Ross          Ann (Packard)           1894   Pine Grove
Ross          David S., Jr.           1887   Pine Grove
Ross          David S., Sr.           1859   Pine Grove
Ross          Eliza J. (Mrs. Geo.)    1924   Pine Grove
Ross          Frank E.                1944   Pine Grove
Ross          Frederick (son Geo.)    1897   Pine Grove
Ross          George M.               1922   Pine Grove
Ross          Jennie E.               1957   Pine Grove
Ross          Mary F. (dau David)     1871   Pine Grove
Rugg          Maria                   1928   Pine Grove
Ruggles       Charlotte               1824   Pine Grove
Ruggles       Hannah                  1932   Pine Grove
Ruggles       Rhoda                   1809     Church
Ruggles       Susanna (Mrs. W.)       1810     Church
Ruggles       Thomas                  1808     Church
Rumrill       A. E.                   1886   Pine Grove   nds
Rumrill       Albert E.                      Pine Grove   nds
Russ          Catherine M.            1968      South
Russ          Valentine F.            1982      South
Russell       Fanny W. (Mrs. O.)      1894   Pine Grove   nsf
Russell       Fay D.                  1951   Pine Grove
Russell       Helen F. (Mrs. Wm.)     1920   Pine Grove
Russell       Jessie                  1934   Pine Grove
Russell       Orlendo                 1880   Pine Grove
Russell       William W.              1919   Pine Grove
Russell       Willie L.               1877   Pine Grove
Safstrom      Carl G.                 1991   Pine Grove
Safstrom      Lillian                 1982   Pine Grove

                            Page 30

Salava          Elizabeth               1990       South
Salava          Josephine               1980       South
Salava          Vladimar                1970       South
Sanders         Eugene                  1945       South
Sargeant        Charles A.              1892    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Edmond, Mrs.            1822       South       nsf
Sargeant        Eldora                  1944    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Florence I.             1924    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Inez E. (Tuttle)        1924    Pine Grove
Sargeant        James C.                1886    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Lillian                 1988    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Martha E. (Reed)        1916    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Stephen M.              1926    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Stephen M.              1938    Pine Grove
Sargeant        Susan L.                1886    Pine Grove
Sarty           Grace M. (Hastings)     1969    Pine Grove
Sarty           William E., Sr.         1992    Pine Grove     BP
Sawdy           Lizzie                  1854       South       nsf
Schrieken       H.                      1967   Crawford-Pvt.
Seeley          Robert E.               1996    Pine Grove
Sellman         Albert Norman           1931    Pine Grove     nsf-BP
Shedd           Barbara                 1961    Pine Grove
Shedd           Israel                  1879    Southwest
Shedd           Mary (Hoar)             1876    Southwest
Shepard         Ruth (Morse)            1979       South
Sherman         Eliza A.                1921       South
Sherman         Maria                   1843       South       nsf
Sherman         Mary (Rice)             1849       South       nsf
Sherman         Samuel C.               1927       South
Sherman         Xina F.                 1849       South
Sherwood        Robert                  1979    Pine Grove
Simmons         Cook                    1863    Pine Grove
Simmons         Emma C.                 1863    Pine Grove
Simmons         Mary                    1826    Pine Grove
Simmons         Mary (Mrs. Cook)        1826    Pine Grove
Simmons         Nathan                  1823    Pine Grove
Simmons         Panetta C. (dau Job)    1862    Pine Grove
Simmons         Peace C.                1826    Pine Grove
Simmons         Rebecca (Mrs. N.)       1851    Pine Grove
Sirois          Shirley                 1995       South
Sloan           Elizabeth               1908    Pine Grove
Smichinski      ch of Victor            1920       South       nsfff
Smichinski      ch of Victor            1924       South       nsf
Smith           ch of David             1841       South       nsf
Smith           Eliza , Mrs. Wm.        1899    Pine Grove
Smith           F. Shirley              1997       South
Smith           Jonathan                1853       South       nsf
Smith           Mary E. (Rawson)        1888    Pine Grove
Smith           Maude                   1976    Pine Grove
Smith           Sally, Mrs.             1820       South
Smith           Samuel Benjamin         1820       South
Smith           William                 1817       South

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Smith         William H.              1901   Pine Grove
Snay          Isadore                 1923      South
Snay          Laural                  1995      South
Snay          Rose E.                 1986      South
Snay          William                 1948      South
Snow          Ada B.                  1931   Southwest
Spear         Adeline W.              1921   Pine Grove
Spear         Hannah C. (Mrs. L.)     1870   Pine Grove
Spear         Luther                  1868   Pine Grove
Spear         Lyman B.                1840   Pine Grove
Spear         William D.              1939   Pine Grove
Spear         William S.              1908   Pine Grove
Spoerer       John                    1983   Pine Grove
Spooner       Almira (Mrs. Ed)        1900   Southwest
Spooner       Andrew                  1879   Southwest
Spooner       Andrew, Dea.            1863   Southwest
Spooner       Arthur B.               1926   Southwest
Spooner       Daniel                  1840   Southwest
Spooner       Edwin C.                1904   Southwest
Spooner       Eliza (Mrs.A.Jr)        1899   Southwest
Spooner       Frank Edwin             1869   Southwest
Spooner       Joseph                  1865     Church
Spooner       Mary (Mrs.A.Jr)         1857   Southwest
Spooner       O. Francena             1940   Southwest
Spooner       Sally (Mrs. A.)         1859   Southwest
Spooner       Sally, Miss.            1838   Southwest
Spooner       Sarah (Mrs. E.)         1854     Church
Spooner       Sarah B.                1890   Southwest
Stearns       Betsy B. (Stone)        1860   Pine Grove
Stearns       Charles H.              1863   Pine Grove
Stearns       Issac                   1837   Pine Grove
Stoddard      Fannie M.               1944   Pine Grove
Stoddard      Frank W.                1928      South
Stoddard      Frederick E.            1903   Pine Grove
Stoddard      Harry                   1878      South
Stoddard      Irene F.                1873      South
Stoddard      Jane (Barr)             1910   Pine Grove
Stoddard      John                    1887      South
Stone         Alpheus                 1829   Pine Grove   nsf
Stone         Bradley                 1988   Southwest
Stone         Eleanor                 1917   Southwest
Stone         Ellen G.                1932   Southwest
Stone         George W.               1986   Southwest
Stone         George W.               1914   Southwest
Stone         Grace M.                1880      South
Stone         Hannah Haynes           1820   Pine Grove
Stone         Hannah (Mrs. Otis)      1876   Pine Grove
Stone         Henry M.                1862   Southwest
Stone         Henry W.                1952   Southwest
Stone         Isaac                   1828   Southwest
Stone         Isaac, Jr.              1822   Southwest
Stone         John E.                 1916      South

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Stone           Josiah                  1823   Pine Grove
Stone           Martha H.               1878   Southwest
Stone           Mary L.                 1932      South
Stone           Otis H. (ch)            1825   Pine Grove
Stone           Otis, son of Alpheus    1850   Pine Grove
Stone           Ralph E.                1885      South
Stone           Sally (Mrs. I.)         1818   Southwest
Stone           Washington              1863   Southwest
Stone           William (son of Otis)   1842   Pine Grove
Swindell        Effie (Tomlinson)       1960   Pine Grove
Swindell        Elias                   1930   Pine Grove
Swindell        Lois A. (Mrs. Elias)    1897   Pine Grove
Swindell        W. Edgar                1953   Pine Grove
Szczuka         Ludwick                 1971   Pine Grove
Szczuka         Stella                  1970   Pine Grove
Taft            Ellen D.                1918   Pine Grove
Taylor          Isabella, Mrs.          1831   Pine Grove
Taylor          Roswell                 1868   Pine Grove
Tenney          ch of Fred              1880      South     nsf
Tenney          David T.                1868      South     nsf
Tenney          David T., Mrs.          1874      South     nsf
Tenney          Sarah                   1839      South     nsf
Terrien         Neil F.                 1981   Pine Grove
Terrien         Victoria                1989   Pine Grove
Thompson        Asel W.                 1828   Southwest
Thompson        ch of Samuel            1852      South     nsf
Thompson        Fannie M. (Mrs. I.)     1884   Pine Grove
Thompson        Ithamer C.              1878   Pine Grove
Thompson        Maria A. (Marsh)        1886   Pine Grove
Thompson        Melina(Crawford)        1882   Southwest
Thompson        Melinda S.              1864   Pine Grove
Thompson        Mollie A.               1871      South     nsf
Thompson        S. B.                   1824   Pine Grove
Thompson        William M.              1891   Pine Grove
Tidd            Abigail A.              1847      South     nsf
Tidd            Adaline, Mrs.           1865      South
Tidd            Joel                    1864      South
Tomlinson       Angelina                1814     Church
Tomlinson       Daniel                  1810     Church
Tomlinson       Daniel                  1842     Church
Tomlinson       Fabian                  1905   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       Frank C. (Cliffie)      1875   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       Ida (dau of James)      1863   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       James                   1793     Church
Tomlinson       James                   1905   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       Julia                   1815     Church
Tomlinson       Lucy                    1796     Church
Tomlinson       Lucy                    1831     Church
Tomlinson       Lucy M. (Mrs. James)    1878   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       Maria                   1909   Pine Grove
Tomlinson       Spencer                 1802     Church
Tottingham      Ellen M.                1919      South

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Tottingham      Omer D.                   1914          South
Town            ch of William                    ?      South     nsf
Town            Daniel                    1887          South
Town            Hiram                     1881          South
Town            Sarah S.                  1892          South
Towne           Sophronia                 1842          South
Trowbridge      Charles H.                1940       Pine Grove   BP
Trowbridge      Ethel (infant)                       Pine Grove   nds
Trowbridge      Jennie E. (Mrs. C.)       1938       Pine Grove
Trowbridge      Martha S. (Mrs. C.)       1881       Pine Grove
Troy            Margaret M.               1981       Pine Grove
Tucker          Fanny                     1983          South
Tucker          John P.                   1833       Southwest
Tucker          Nellie                               Pine Grove   nsf
Tucker          S. Walter                 1964       Pine Grove
Tucker          Samuel                    1852       Southwest
Tucker          Vashti(Crawford)                     Southwest
Tucker          Verno                     1979          South
Tyck            Robert A.                 1994       Pine Grove
Upton           Benjamin                  1895       Pine Grove
Upton           Elizabeth H.(Ayres)       1904       Pine Grove
Vance           Cora (Mrs. John)          1944       Pine Grove
Vance           John G.                   1944       Pine Grove
Vandermace      Annie W.                  1948       Pine Grove
Varney          Sardius                   1873          South     nsf
Varney          Theodosia                 1867          South
Walker          Joseph B.                 1871       Pine Grove
Walker          Lutheria B. (infant)      1838       Pine Grove
Walker          Lydia C. (lst Mrs. N.)    1857       Pine Grove
Walker          Lydia L.                  1850       Pine Grove
Walker          Mary A. (2nd Mrs. N)      1889       Pine Grove
Walker          Nathan S.                 1888       Pine Grove
Ware            Almira B.                 1840          South
Ware            Anna                      1821          South
Ware            Archibald                 1824          South
Ware            Archibald H.              1852          South
Ware            Betsy                     1854          South
Ware            Caroline C.               1878          South
Ware            Edward H. (Eddie)         1878          South
Ware            George H.                 1863          South
Ware            Henry H.                  1864          South
Ware            James B.                  1853          South
Ware            James H.                  1857          1851
Ware            Lavinia                   1822          South
Ware            Lavinia                   1865          South
Ware            Lavinia(Colton)           1881          South
Ware            Lydia                     1872          South
Ware            Mary Ann                  1859          South
Ware            Nathaniel                 1818          South
Ware            Sarah, Mrs.               1836          South     nsf
Ware            Susan, Miss               1851          South
Ware            William                   1867          South

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Wareing         Eleanor                  1975   Pine Grove   nsf
Wareing         Philip                   1958   Pine Grove   nsf
Wareing         William N.               1983   Pine Grove
Warner          Alfred                   1983   Southwest
Warner          Bruce                    1970   Southwest
Warner          Doris M.                 1984   Southwest
Warner          Levi P.                  1910   Pine Grove   nds
Warner          Susan H.                 1887   Pine Grove
Warren          Charles (son of Eber)    1864   Pine Grove
Warren          Eber H.                  1856   Pine Grove
Warren          Miriam (Mrs. Eber)       1855   Pine Grove
Waterhouse      Arthur F.                1882      South     nsf
Waterhouse      Charles A.               1891      South     nsf
Waterman        Percy                    1821      South     nsf
Webber          Effie M.                 1863      South     nsf
Weeks           Clara (Mrs. Joseph)      1882   Pine Grove
Weeks           David (son of T.)        1814   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Weeks           Hannah                   1862   Pine Grove
Weeks           Hannah                   1812   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Weeks           Jason E.                 1875   Pine Grove
Weeks           Joseph                   1880   Pine Grove
Weeks           Martha (Mrs. Walter)     1900   Pine Grove
Weeks           Martin                   1841   Pine Grove
Weeks           Mercy                    1850   Pine Grove
Weeks           Ruth (Mrs. Thomas)       1843   Pine Grove
Weeks           Thomas                   1851   Pine Grove
Weeks           Walter                   1892   Pine Grove
Weld            Daniel                   1899      South
Weld            Eliza J. (Mrs. Daniel)   1921      South
Wells           Gloria Ruth              1971      South
Wells           Patricia E.              1996      South
Wells           Ralph                    1985      South
Wells           Sandra                   1961      South     nsf
Wendell         Robert E.                1927      South     nsf
Weston          Eliza, Mrs.              1820      South     nsf
Weston          James                    1822      South     nsf
Wheeler         Carl M.                  1952   Pine Grove
Wheeler         Charles A.               1938   Pine Grove
Wheeler         Lillian E. (dau Carl)    1913   Pine Grove
Wheeler         Winnie L. (Mrs. Carl)    1948   Pine Grove
White           Alma Corinne             1991   Pine Grove   nsf-book
White           Minnie                   1970   Pine Grove
White           Peter                    1951   Pine Grove
Whittemore      Peter H. (son of O)      1861   Pine Grove
Wight           Abigail A..              1827      South
Wight           Carissa, Mrs.            1823      South
Wight           Sarah C.                 1824      South
Wilbur          Brian K. (inf)                  Southwest
Wilbur          Earl L. (inf)                   Southwest
Wilbur          Eliza (Hagar)            1889   Pine Grove
Wilbur          Horace                   1889   Pine Grove
Wilbur          J. Harvey                1877   Pine Grove

                               Page 35

Wilbur             Lila Catherine          1988   Southwest
Wilbur             Miranda (Nichols)       1875   Pine Grove
Wilbur             Percy Ford              1991   Southwest
Wilder             Arthur S.               1886      South     nsf
Wilder             Charles H.              1957   Pine Grove
Wilder             Flora E. (Lackey)       1945   Pine Grove
Wilder             George                  1880      South
Wilder             John                    1961   Pine Grove
Wilder             Sarah E.                1886      South     nsf
Wile               Robert P.               1989      South
Wilkins            Etta May                1967   Pine Grove
Wilkins            Oliver W. L.            1955   Pine Grove
Willard            Ella (Haire)            1942   Pine Grove
Willard            Elmer                   1971   Pine Grove
Williams           Benjamin L.             1906      South     nsf
Williams           Charlie                 1863      South
Williams           Eleanor R.              1885      South
Williams           Ella A.                 1858      South
Williams           Jerry                   1868      South
Williams           Louisa T.               1895      South
Williams           William A.              1947      South
Willington         Lucy                    1839      South
Winter             Mary Etta               1892   Pine Grove
Winter             Thomas                  1923   Pine Grove   nsf-BP
Witt               Sally                   1838      South     nsf
Wood               Charles A.              1883      South     nsf
Wood               Charles M.              1898      South
Wood               Elmer                   1891      South     nsf
Wood               George P.               1862      South
Wood               Ida (Newcomb)           1924   Pine Grove
Wood               Lawson Dwight           1862      South
Wood               Lucius                  1883      South     nsf
Wood               Mary E. (Harroun)       1970   Pine Grove
Wood               Melbourne               1967   Pine Grove
Wood               Phebe W.                1889      South
Wood               Sarah A.                1893      South     nsf
Wood               Sidney E.               1940   Pine Grove
Wood               Walter S.               1970   Pine Grove
Wood (Padeni)      Barbara                 1989      South
Woodard            Patty H.                1828   Pine Grove
Woodis             Alfred (infant)         1905   Pine Grove
Woodis             Alfred M.               1904   Pine Grove
Woodis             Benjamin P.             1926   Pine Grove
Woodis             Erastus                 1880   Pine Grove
Woodis             Field                   1890   Pine Grove
Woodis             Genieve                 1877      South
Woodis             Gertrude M.             1969   Pine Grove
Woodis             Horace                  1873      South
Woodis             James C.                1943   Pine Grove
Woodis             John                    1875      South
Woodis             Maria (Conant)          1926   Pine Grove
Woodis             Mariot                  1871   Southwest

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Woodis       Mary (Mrs. Erastus)    1866   Pine Grove
Woodis       Mary Ann               1857   Southwest
Woodis       Melinda                1885   Southwest
Woodis       Minnie G. (Dean)       1922   Pine Grove
Woodis       Minnie L.              1915   Pine Grove
Woodis       Nancy, Mrs.            1895      South
Woodis       Nathan                 1834   Pine Grove
Woodis       Nathan                 1879      South
Woodis       Sabra                  1915   Pine Grove
Woodis       Sarah (wid. Nathan)    1834   Pine Grove   nsf-book
Woodis       Sarah C. (Mrs. E.)     1841   Pine Grove
Woodis       Sarah F. (Holman)      1931   Pine Grove
Woodis       Sarah R.               1911      South     nsf
Woodis       Sibley F.              1918   Pine Grove
Woodis       Walter A.              1967   Pine Grove
Woodis       William                1991   Pine Grove   nsf
Woolley      Hannah                 1867      South
Wright       Alfred P.              1901      South
Wright       Alice L.               1926      South
Wright       Ellsworth              1944      South
Wright       Henry B.               1924      South
Wright       Henry P.               1918      South
Wright       Josephine (Haywood)    1949      South
Wright       Martha B.              1936      South
Wrin         John Raymond           1958   Pine Grove
Wrin         Myrtle E. (Wilder)     1991   Pine Grove

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