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									Establishing your brand identity online
Written by: Danielle Tessari, 01/08/2012 14:54

Brand identity is something which comes up a lot when creating websites, but what happens when one
company has more than one brand they want to promote?

Digital agency CDAA say it is a smart idea to create separate brand identities and websites for each brand,
even if they are offering the same product.

Peter Blumenthal, Solutions Manager at CDAA references a recent project as an example “we recently
launched a new website for Mann’s Kitchens and Bathrooms. This is a sister company of Mann’s Mitre 10 and
whilst they both sell kitchens and bathrooms, the two brands needed to target a slightly different audience.
It’s a great example of how one business can run two brands within the same field and not cannibalise on each

CDAA designed and developed two completely separate websites for Mann’s that differentiated the offering,
price point and value of each brand.

The Mann’s Kitchens and Bathrooms website is aimed at those who
are after a complete service. “They’re after someone to come in and custom design, manufacture and install
their new kitchen or bathroom,” said Blumenthal. “Whereas Mann’sMitre 10 ( is
aimed at the DIY and flat pack market.”

Mark Burge, Senior Creative at CDAA said, “Creating a very different look for the sites was an essential element
of this project. You’ll find people are leaving your site very quickly if they’re after a custom designed kitchen
yet they think they’re on a DIY hardware site and vice versa.”

The two sites also navigate differently and provide a different user experience. Something the team at CDAA
say is a key factor in establishing the separate brands. The Mann’s Mitre 10 site includes clever elements such
as a flat pack kitchen design tool whereas Mann’s kitchens and Bathrooms includes a lot of galleries
showcasing the high quality end product. “Often web designers will stick to a template and just change the
colours thinking that’s enough to differentiate” added Burge. “We take a much more detailed approach to
website design and brand identity, which delivers better results.”

CDAA is a digital agency based in Adelaide with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Their services include
website design, development, hosting and digital marketing.

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