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									     Eco Countertops

• There are many advantages offered by using
  eco-friendly countertops and surfaces in your
  home. Environmental responsibility is
  becoming increasingly important in our
  society, and eco-friendly countertops or
  surfaces can conserve natural resources, lower
  landfill waste, and make your home more
• Surfacing a home with eco-friendly materials
  involves re-utilizing materials that have
  reached the end of their life cycle. Green
  surfaces are made from recycled or
  sustainable content that is low in toxicity,
  utilizing eco-friendly manufacturing processes.
  The process saves on creation cost and curbs
  consumption of natural resources.
• Beautiful countertops can be made from a
  variety of recycled materials, such as bamboo,
  recycled paper, reclaimed wood, or recycled
  glass. Creating countertop surfaces from
  recycled glass removes waste from local
  landfills and reduces carbon dioxide
  emissions. Glass bottles and materials can be
  collected from restaurants' recycled products
  and transformed into beautiful, long lasting
• Many producers who use recycled glass
  manufacture it using wind and natural light
  processes. One new product, made from
  recycled glass and porcelain, is a great green
  alternative similar to granite. It can be
  integrated to produce an array of colors that
  will fit well with any design scheme.
• Bamboo is also a great eco-friendly product to
  use on surfaces, and has plenty of aesthetic
  appeal and durability. Because bamboo trees
  can grow up to a foot a day, it is a rapidly
  renewable and sustainable resource, which
  makes it much more eco-friendly than
  traditional wood products.
• Recycled paper countertops are another great
  green option that uses natural building
  materials and is water-resistant. They will give
  any space in your home a sleek, smooth finish.
  It is versatile, allowing for a variety of
  applications to suite your particular taste.
  Papertops are easy to clean, and stain and
  scratch resistant.
     Eco Countertops

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