Import Canon XF300 MXF files to Final Cut Pro X and convert Canon legria avchd to mac by magichhy


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									The Canon Legria HF G10 is currently Canon's flagship consumer camcorder. The main attractions
include a large 'HD CMOS Pro' image sensor, a high-quality lens and plenty of manual controls. It's
a serious slice of camcorder alright. Legria HF G10 record in avchd, try to import the .m2ts files
from Canon Legria camcorder like HF G10, M306, R306 on Mac for playback or editing job? If you
only intend to watch the Canon Legria AVCHD shootings on Mac, the VLC media player for Mac
can be your first choice. However, wanna edit the files with iMovie or Final Cut Pro, it depends on
your luck, for iMovie’11 or Final Cut Pro does less compatibility with AVCHD than claimed. Still
feel frustrated with distorted video or no audio after transferring the .mts files to the video
editing programs?

Canon Legria Video Converter for Mac can easily convert canon legria to mac, it can support All
AVCHD and AVCHD Lite Camcorders, fast convert AVCHD video files to popular SD/HD video
formats with high quality, offers practical and useful AVCHD video editing features, fully support
board applications and devices output. So it allows you to convert Canon Legria HF G, HF R or HF
M AVCHD videos to Mac-friendly formats like MP4 or MOV on Mac OS X(Mountain Lion
supported). The programs can be applicable for the following models:
Canon Legria G: Canon HF G10
Canon Legria HF R: HF R26, R36, R106, R205, R306
Canon Legria M: Legria HF M52, HF M56, HF M306, HF M406, HF M506

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The Canon XF300 Professional Camcorder features 50Mbps MPEG-2 4:2:2 recording to Compact
Flash (CF) Cards for unsurpassed image quality and efficient, robust workflow at an affordable
price. It is ideally suited to match the requirements of electronic newsgathering (ENG) crews,
independent filmmakers, documentary producers, event videographers and military agencies.
The XF300 also offers multiple recording bit rates, resolutions and variable frame rates to expand
your creative flexibility, and allow you to work in virtually any production environment. And
complete customization over the image, display and operation makes the XF300 a camcorder that
can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Are you try to edit canon xf300 mxf file with final cut pro x? In traditional way, the .mxf can't be
found, when directly import Canon XF300 1080i to FCP X, for the MXF file format isn't natively
supported by Final Cut Pro X. Worse enough, the Canon XF Plug-in sometimes refuses to work,
though it's claimed to make XF100, XF105, XF300 and XF305 footages import into the Final Cut
In the case, you may have to render to a third party of MXF video conversion program-Doremisoft
MXF Converter for Mac can easily canon xf300 to fcp x-supported file format. The MOV file
format with Apple ProRes 422 codec can be optimal file format for FCP X. Moreover, it can have
rich presets for playback on versatile portable devices and other video applications.

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