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									Phlebotomy Training in Mississippi

Phlebotomy training in Mississippi offers great
opportunities for those who are aspiring to
work in a hospital but does not hold any
medical degree. Phlebotomy is the practice of
extracting blood samples from patients and
use it for laboratory tests.
This practice is done by trained individuals
who enrolled and completed phlebotomy
training from accredited institution in the
state and passed the national examination in
phlebotomy. In other words, they are certified
to perform the task.
All over the country, different types of
phlebotomy programs are being offered by
institutions. These phlebotomy programs may
come as a sub-field in a more general course.
These programs also vary on the range of the
whole course – some offer a quick course
while some offer an intensive and detailed
Mississippi’s neighbors also offer phlebotomy
courses, but how do these programs differ
from the programs in Mississippi? Phlebotomy
training in Alabama, Tennessee and Arkansas
also follows similar requirements with the
phlebotomy training in Mississippi, but the
nature and range of the whole course differs
in some ways.
A quick course in phlebotomy is only possible
if you already have a background in some
basic knowledge in the medical field. If you
want to take a quick course in Phlebotomy
training in Mississippi, Hinds Community
College offers a fast track course in
phlebotomy. It is under the short term
program of the institution and it is called
Phlebotomy Fast Track Program.
It is an 80-hour course offered during the fall and
spring semester of the year. The class meets
every Monday evening – that means once a week.
The 80-hour fast track course is divided into two
(2) – 40 hours for class room discussion and
lecture and another 40 hours for clinical
requirement. To qualify for this class, the person
must have 6 months work experience in a field
related to health and it must be within the past 2
This kind of phlebotomy training in Alabama
can be taken in Northeast Alabama
Community College. The whole program is just
a short term certificate in medical assistant –
phlebotomy. It only takes a total of 10 hours
with 4 sub-courses.
In some institutions a full course in
phlebotomy is also offered. This means longer
hours of training. This kind of phlebotomy
training in Mississippi can be taken in
Mississippi Delta Community College. The
program prepares the student for entry level
positions in phlebotomy.
It is consist of 17 week of classroom and
laboratory lecture followed by 120 hours of
clinical rotations arranged in partner medical
institutions. The program teaches ethics in the
profession, teamwork and communication.
Similar phlebotomy training in Arkansas is also
offered. In National Park Community College,
the phlebotomy program involves general
subjects such as English and Mathematics but
these general subjects are geared towards
medical ideas. The program also includes basic
medical lessons like basic human anatomy and
physiology and clinical application of
Generally, a regular Phlebotomy training in
Mississippi is held in a classroom. This is the
initial part of the training where the students
listens and participates in a lecture and classroom
discussion. In University of Southern Mississippi,
classroom discussion is being held for one
semester. This serves as discussion for theoretical
details. It is followed by two semesters of
application where the students practice
phlebotomy for clinical experience.
There is also unique phlebotomy training in
Tennessee. At East Tennessee State University,
instead of taking the theoretical discussion
inside the classroom, the class is held at a
medical area. The standard span of training is
fourteen weeks. It is followed by hands on
training that must be completed under a
specified number of hours.
Phlebotomy trainings and courses come in
various packages depending on the institution
that offers the training. Though it comes in
different style, they still follow a national
standard of training and they all aim to give
the best training and prepare the student to
become a phlebotomist.
Phlebotomy training in Mississippi is offered in
various accredited institutions but in other
states, similar kind of training is also offered.
Phlebotomy Training in Mississippi

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