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									Heberle family 1500-2005
War service/ Krieg Dienst/ Service de guerre/ Serviço de
Records of war service are not easily available. The following data is incomplete.
Aufzeichnungen über Kriegsdienste waren nicht ohne weiteres erhältlich. Die folgenden Daten sind
Il est difficile d’avoir accès aux papiers militaires. Les infomations
suivantes sont incomplètes.
Os registos de serviço na guerra não se encontram com facilidade. Os seguintes dados
estão imcompletos.

American Civil War
USA 14 served (Philip and William Heberle of IN; Charles G Heberle of LA; Adam, Jacob, John
Heberle of MO; Thomas Heberle of NJ; John, Joseph, Philip, Thomas Heberle of NY; John Heberle
of OH; Charles Heberle of PA; Jacob Heberle of TN).

Napoleonic Wars 1792-1815
France 2 served (Jacques Heberle of Rosheim, Jean Michel Heberle of Obernai).
Germany 3 served (Anton Heberle of Laudenbach, Franz Joseph Heberle of Odenheim, Johann
Heberle of Rottenburg).

Mercenaries (some may have served in Napoleonic Wars)
5 Mercenaries/soldiers 1700-1800 Germany
Andreas Heberle of Hollenbach, Martin of Oberwaldbach, Michael of Lirbach, Johann Georg of
Bergheim, Johann Georg of Altusried.
10 Mercenaries/soldiers 1800-1850 Germany
Franz Anton Heberle of Diepolz, Franc J of Hollenbach, Jakob of Hollenbach, Joannes of Zell,
Johann of Zell, Johann of Winkels, Johann Martin, Josef of Wiesleuten, Joseph of Hollenbach,
Joseph of Hollenbach, Leonhard of Dillingen.
3 Mercenaries/soldiers 1850-1900 Germany
Georg Heberle of Oberwaldbach, Gottfried of Niedersonthofen, Theodor of Dillengen.

Brazil-Paraguay War
Brazil 2 served (Carlos Heberle of Lajeado, Joao Nicolau Heberle of Estrela).

World War I (1914-18)
Australia 3 served (Cecil Edwin Heberle of Sydney, Ferdinand Charles of Victoria, Stanley Moore
of Adelaide).
Canada 1 served (John Henry Heberle of Toronto).
France 1 served (Alphonse of Dambach La Ville) , 1 died (Jean Michel Heberle of Luneville).
Germany 24 served (August Julius Heberle of Mudau; Emil, Eugen and Franz of Karlsruhe); Franz,
Franz, Felix, Gustav, Hermann, Johann, Johann Albert of Clausthal, Josef of Grombach; Karl
Alexander,Josef and Maximilian of Rottenburg; Karl, Ludwig, Luitpold of Gorisried, Max, Max, Otto
Rudolf of Lubeck; Richard, Rupert of Heggelbach, Theodor, Wilhelm)
Hungary 1 died (Mihaly Heberle).
Roumania 1 died (Johann Heberle of Liebling).
USA 2 served (Carl Herman of Amelia OH, Carl Henry Heberle of Cumminsville OH). It is not
known how many served of 28 Heberle registered for the draft.

World War II (1939-45)
Algeria 1 served (Fernand Heberle).
Australia 5 served (Eric William Heberle, Norman Alfred and Ronald Leslie of Katanning WA,
Harold Leonard of Perth WA, Geoffrey Harry Heberle of Myrtleford Vic).
Czech 1 served (Josef Heberle).

War service
France 6 served 6 died (Louis of DLV, Lucien Heberle of DLV, Marcel of DLV, Marcel Emile of
DLV, Oscar of Guebwiller, Georges A of Reichshoffen).
Germany 40 served 38 died (Adolph of Tiefenbach, Adolf, Anton of Altusried, Anton of Rottenburg,
Arthur, Carl, Edwin, Emilie of Kaiserlautern, Ernst August of CZ, Ernst Theodor of Frankfurt, Erwin
of Berlin, Eugen of Rottenburg, Franz of Albersweiler, Fritz of Magdeburg, Georg, Georg, Gustav,
Gustav of Rottenburg, Heinrich of Albersweiler, Josef of Immenstadt, Josef of Rottenburg, Julius of
Hoerdt, Karl, Karl of Augsburg, Karl of Neu Ulm, Karl of Kehl, Konrad of Altusried, Ludwig of
Tubingen, Maria of Mechtersheim, Otto, Paul, Paul of Rottenburg, Walter, Wilhelm, Wilhelm of
Rottenburg, Willi of Rulzheim, Wolfgang).
Poland 3 died (Ernst Heberle of Myslowitz, Georg of Glogau, Leo of Myslowitz).
Roumania 2 died (Ernst Heberle of Liebling, Johann Heberle of Liebling).
USA 31 served (Alois George of Los Angeles, Andrew Heberle of Harrisburg PA, Carl Henry
Heberle of Cumminsville OH, Carl Herman of Amelia OH, Charles C of Rochester NY, Charles
Tracy of Gloucester MA, Clifford C of Rochester NY, Delmore J of Erie PA, Edward of Bismarck
ND, Edwin of Linton ND, Ernest Otto of Cumberland MD, Erwin Leo of Billings MT, , Ewald M of
Hermann MO, Gerald P of Rochester NY, Harry Joseph of Hermann MO, Henry Michael of
Harrisburg PA, Dr James Paul of Burleson TX, John Daniel of Gonzales TX, John J of Erie PA,
John L of Baltimore MD, Joseph C of Erie PA, Joseph P of Rochester NY, Lawrence J of Erie PA,
Lenhard John of Harrisburg PA, Paul J of Erie PA, Raymond of Billings MT, Philip E of Rock Is IL,
Raymond Edward of Hermann MO, Robert John of Los Angeles CA, Sylvester Joseph of
Pittsburgh PA, Thomas W of Rochester NY), Wilhelm Juergen of Buffalo NY.

Colonist revolution Ukraine 1930s
Ukraine 3 executed (Christoph, Georgi, Johann Heberle of Odessa province).

Korean War 1950s
USA 2 served (Richard Winchester Heberle of Daytona Beach FL, Robert Anthony Heberle of
Minneapolis MN).

Vietnam War 1964-75
Australia 1 served (Ian John Heberle of WA).
USA 4 served (Charles Joseph of Fairfax VA, Charles Tracy Heberle of Lakewood WA, Mark Allen
Heberle of Hawaii, Michael D Heberle of Erie PA).

Sport/ Sport/ Sport/ Atletismo
At least 15 Heberle have represented nations or States/provinces in sport, including members of
club teams in national and State/province competitions. Records are not easily available, so there
could be more.

Mindestens 15 Heberle sind im Namen ihrer Nationen oder Bundesländer bzw. Landkreise bei
Sportveranstaltungen angetreten, einige von ihnen nahmen in Clubmannschaften an Wettbewerben auf
nationaler, bundesstaatlicher bzw. Kreisebene teil. Rekordleistungen sind nicht leicht ausfindig zu machen, es
kann also durchaus weitere geben.

Au moins 15 Heberle ont représenté leur pays, état ou province dans le
domaine sportif, y compris en tant que membres des équipes de
compétitions nationales ou régionales.     La documentation n’est guère
accessible, il est possible qu’il y en ait davantage.

Pelo menos 15 Heberle representaram nações ou estados/províncias no desporto,
incluindo   elementos de equipas de clube em competições nacionais e de
estado/província. Os registos não se encontram com facilidade, é possível que hajam

Heberle family 1500-2005
Christopher John Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) skiing 1990s including winter Olympics.
Geoffrey Harry Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) lawn bowls Victoria 1950s.
Kirk Jahn Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) Australian football 2000s.
Milanna Marie Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) hockey 1990s.
Patricia Robin Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) hockey 1980s including Olympic games 1984.
Pauline Graham Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) hockey 1940s.
Isabelle Lucie Heberle (Falkwiller branch) shooting 1980s.
Karl Heberle football 1960s.
Philippe Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) shooting 1980s, including a gold medal at Olympic games
Xavier Alfred Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) 1500m running 1970s.
Gunter Heberle soccer 1990s-2000s.
Jurgen Heberle soccer 1970s.
Nicole Heberle 10 pin bowling 2000s.
Petra Heberle (Uberlingen branch) hockey 1980s.
Katja Heberle dancing 2000s.

Art, music, games, videos/
Kunst, Gedichte, Musik, Spiele, Videos/
Art, musique, jeux, vidéo/
Aarte, música, jogos, video
Johannes Heberle of Freiburg Germany, painter 1600s.
Johann Georg Heberle of Schwabisch Gmund Germany, painter 1700s.
Jussara Heberle (Berus branch) of Ibiza Spain, painter 1960-2000s.
Reiner Heberle (Bruchsal branch) of Munchen Germany, painter 1970-2000s.

Anton Heberle of Austria composed recorder music in the early 1800s. Some of his music has
been published on Compact Disk (CD) by Michele Petri (1988) and Georg Philip Telemann (1986).

Dietmar Heberle was conductor, dirigent of an orchestra in Leipzig Germany 2000s.

Heberles have been singers or instrument players, solo or in bands, including:
Blake T Heberle (Dambach La Ville branch) of Notre Dame IN, USA 2000s.
Burkhart Heberle of Hamburg area Germany, band “Atmosfear” 1980-2000s.
Dan Heberle (Albersweiler branch) of Erie PA, USA, band “Meatplow” 2000s.
Horst Heberle of Goslar Germany 1990-2000s.
Jean Heberle of Taquara RS, Brazil, band “Metal aggressor” 2000s.
Jeffrey L Heberle (Liebling branch) of Hillsboro OR, USA, band “Buckshot Mountain” 1970-2000s.
Thomas George Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) of Broken Hill NSW, Australia 1900-1930s.

Videos, Games
Karen Heberle (Rottenburg branch) of Adelaide South Australia wrote a video “CRABS for life,
becoming information literate” (c2000).
Kim M Heberle of Erie PA, USA, made some games for children, including “Pathogen attack”

Publications/ Veröffentlichungen/ Publications/ Publicações
Heberles have published 109+ books individually or jointly with others, plus 58+ auction
catalogues. Records are not easily available. The following data is incomplete.
Heberles hat 109+ Bücher einzeln oder gemeinschaftlich mit anderen, und 58+ Auktion Kataloge
herausgegeben. Aufzeichnungen sind nicht leicht verfügbar. Die folgenden Daten ist unvollständig.
Heberles a publié 109+ les livres individuellement ou conjointement avec
les autres, plus 58+ les catalogues d'enchères. Les disques ne sont pas
facilement disponibles. Les infomations suivantes sont incomplètes.
O Heberles publicou 109+ livros individualmente ou em conjunto com outros, com mais 58
+ catálogos de leilão. Os registros não estão facilmente disponível. O seguintes dados é
Erwin Heberle-Bors 2 books genetics 2001-, also 1 book in Germany.
Viviane Maria Heberle (Berus branch) 1 book English literacy 2005 (in press).
J Gilles (Laurent) Heberle (Obernai branch) 1 book Catholic church Cameroon 1960.
Peter Heberle 1 book “Constitucion com cultura’ c2000.
Charles Heberle 1 medical book 1863.
Emile Heberle 1 medical book 1864.
Jean Claude Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) 1 book “La deuxieme vie de Ray Sullivan” 1980.
Philippe Marie Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) 1 book 1977.
Valerie Heberle 1 book 1995.
Andreas Heberle (Oberwaldbach branch) 2 books about Oberwaldbach 1988.
Archangela Heberle 1 book 1976.
Brigitte Heberle 1 book genetics 2003.
Britta Heberle 1 book “Alkohol, alkoholismus, lexicon” 1980.
Christina Heberle 1 book 1997.
Doris Heberle 1 book mineral water 1992.
E Heberle 1 book arithmetic 1966.
Ernst Heberle 1 book 1930.
Ernst Karl A Heberle (Rottenburg branch) 1 book sex disease 1903.
Erwin Heberle-Bors 1 book tobacco 1981, other books in Austria.
Eugen Heberle (Laudenbach branch) 3 books German myths 1951-81.
Florian Heberle 5 books 1874-86.
Hans Heberle 1 book “Zeytregister” c1650, republished 1975.
Hans Heberle 1 book 1935.
Heinz Heberle 1 book employment 1960.
Helmut Heberle 2 books accounting 1921.
Ingo Heberle 1 book chemistry 2004.
Irene Heberle 1 book hymns 1921.
JA Heberle 1 book 1937.
JB Heberle 1 book 1836.
JM Heberle 58+ auction catalogues 1848-1901.
Jochen Heberle 1 book chemicals 1995.
Josef Heberle (Altusried branch) 4 books 1925-36 some about Altusried.
Julius Heberle 1 book 1896.
Julius Heberle 1 book about Geislingen church 1956.
Julius B Heberle 1 book 1913.
Klaus Heberle 1 book digital signal processor 1985.

Heberle family 1500-2005
Max Alois Heberle 1 book 1893.
Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 13+ books sociology 1923-78, see also USA.
? Heberle & Dorn 2 books Biberach 1840-64.
Johannes Arnoldus Heberle (Breda branch) 3 books 1937-.
Gastao Heberle (Berus branch) 3 books c1979-98.
Ernst Wilhelm Heberle (Berus branch) 1 book about mining in Falun 1872.
Charles Tracy Heberle III (Oshkosh branch) 1 book citizenship training 2003.
David T Heberle (Albersweiler branch) 8+ books 1978- including “How to plan, contract and build
your own home”, “Construction safety manual”, “Quick and easy art of smoking food”.
John Joseph Heberle (Altusried branch) 1 book unions 1979.
Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 1 book hydrogen atom c1980.
Mark Allen Heberle (Albersweiler branch) 2 books literature 1994-.
Marianna Olszewska Heberle (Albersweiler branch) 2 books “Polish cooking’, “German cooking”
Norma Heberle 1 book 1993.
Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 12+ books sociology, also Germany.
Renee Jeanette Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 1 book 2006, in press.

Heberles have published 470+ papers individually or jointly with others. Records are not easily
available. The following data is incomplete.
Heberles hat 470+ Papiere einzeln oder gemeinschaftlich mit anderen herausgegeben. Aufzeichnungen sind
nicht leicht verfügbar. Die folgenden Daten ist unvollständig.
Heberles a publié 470+ les papiers individuellement ou conjointement avec
les autres. Les disques ne sont pas facilement disponibles. Les
infomations suivantes sont incomplètes.
O Heberles publicou 470+ papéis individualmente ou em conjunto com outros. Os registros
não estão facilmente disponível. O seguintes dados é incompletos.
Cyril Ernest Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 1+ papers photography 1988-.
Gregory William Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 2 papers timber harvesting history,
thylacines 1997-.
Patricia Robin Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 1+ papers sport 2005-.
Ronald Leslie Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 16+ papers native orchids 1981-2004.
Erwin Heberle-Bors 144+ papers genetics, microbiology 1975-.
Carmem Heberle 1+ papers 1985-.
Graziela Heberle 1+ papers 1998-.
Janaina Heberle 1+ papers physics 2001-.
Pedro Canisio Heberle 1+ papers maize 2001.
Peter Heberle 1+ papers 1997-.
Viviane Maria Heberle (Berus branch) 29+ papers English 1986-.
D Heberle 2+ papers chemistry 1995-.
Benedict Heberle-Doulouard (Reichshoffen branch) 1+ papers 2004-.
C Heberle 2+ papers 2003-.
Claire Heberle 1+ papers physiology 1992-.
Isabelle Heberle 1+ papers 2003-.
Jean Philippe Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) 1+ papers music 2000-.

Andreas Heberle 18+ papers computer programming 1996-.
Arthur Heberle 1+ papers chemistry 2001-.
Brigitte Heberle (Laudenbach branch) 2+ papers ethnology 1970-.
Britta Heberle 2+ papers psychology 1970-.
Christina Heberle 1+ papers vacations 1997-.
Eugen Heberle (Laudenbach branch) 2+ papers folk tales 1965-.
F Heberle 1+ papers geology 1984-.
G Heberle 1+ papers geology 1990-.
Hans Heberle 1+ papers war training 1970-.
Horst Heberle 1+ papers architecture 1991-.
I Batinic-Heberle 1+ papers chemistry 1994-.
I Heberle 1+ papers biochemistry 1999-.
Ingo Heberle 2+ papers chemistry 2000-.
Ingrid Brigitta Heberle 1+ papers traffic accidents 1978.
Joachim Heberle 62+ papers biophysical chemistry 1990-.
Josef Heberle 1+ papers Altusried history 1927-.
Julius Heberle 1+ papers 1896-.
Julius Heberle 1+ papers church history 1956-.
Klaus Heberle 7+ papers electronics 1980-.
Liliane Heberle 1+ papers 1995-.
M Heberle 1+ papers religion 1840-.
Markus Heberle 1+ papers restauration 2000-.
N Heberle 1+ papers chemistry 1994-.
Ph Heberle 1+ papers writing time 1994.
Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 11+ papers sociology 1955-. Also USA.
S Heberle 1+ papers forestry 1968-.
Sandra Pisch-Heberle 1+ papers chemistry 2000-.
U Heberle 2+ papers air pollution 1986-.
Urban Heberle 1+ papers religion 1858-.
W Heberle 1+ papers 1857-.
Wolfgang Heberle 3+ papers telecommunications 1960-.
Lada Cintro Heberle 6+ papers medical 2001-.
RGL Heberle (Breda branch) 1+ papers pharmaceutical 1983-.
Marija Heberle Perat 1+ papers mathematics 1995-.
Siegrun Heberle 6+ papers water 1994-.
David D Heberle (Laudenbach branch) 1+ papers wallboard 1991-.
Deborah Heberle 1+ papers 1992-.
FA Heberle 1+ papers chemistry 2005-.
Frederick R Heberle 1+ papers geology 1992-.
H Heberle 1+ papers physics 1960-.
Jeanette Day Heberle (Alpirsbach branch) 1+ papers psychology 1988-.
JF Heberle 1+ papers family 1968-
John Joseph Heberle (Altusried branch) 2+ papers trade unions 1980-.
Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 6+ papers physics 1956-.
Julia Franziska Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 9+ papers psychology 1995-.
Klaus Hinrich Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 4+ papers law 1963-.
Lauren Carola Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 1+ papers Brownfields phenomenon 2004-.
Lawrence S Heberle (Rottenburg branch) 3+ papers military 1974-.
M Heberle 1+ papers 1982-.

Heberle family 1500-2005
Mark Alexander Heberle (Altusried branch) 40+ papers finance 1999-.
Mark Allen Heberle (Albersweiler branch) 5+ papers English literature 1989-.
Norbert H Heberle 5+ papers physics 1995-.
Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 8+ papers sociology 1941- plus Germany papers.
R Heberle 1+ papers astronomy 1999-.
Rachel Heberle 2+ papers telephone 1994-.
Renee Jeanette Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) 4+ papers 1994-.
United Kingdom
Albert Peter Heberle 40+ papers semi conductors 1998-.

Films, Television/ Filme, Fernsehen/ Films, la Télévision/
As películas, Televisão
Antoine Heberle (Wintzenheim branch) of France has been involved in the production of 22+ films
1989-, as cameraman or Director of photography.
Francoise Heberle of France was involved in production of a film in 1981.
Julia Heberle of Germany was an actress in a film produced in 1967.
Kathrin Heberle of Switzerland? was an actress in 3+ adult films produced 1971-78.
Linda Kay (Kay) Heberle (Ettenheim branch) of Texas USA was an actress in “Psycho III” (1986).

Television series, films
Linda Kay Heberle of Texas USA was an actress in the TV series “Young and restless” (1975-80)
and TV film “With this ring” (1978).

Places named after Heberle/
Orte genannt für Heberle/
Les endroits ont nommé après Heberle/
Lugares nomearam depois Heberle
Galerie Britta Heberle, Frankfurt, Germany (c1984-closed c1990 ?).
Heberle Elementary School, Freeman Avenue, Cincinatti OH, USA (named after Joseph Heberle,
early school advocate). School moved 2005.
Heberle Estates and Heberle Park in Burleson TX, USA.
Heberle Road near Myrtleford Victoria, Australia.
Heberle Road, Irondequoit NY, USA.
Heberle Road near Hermann MO, USA.
Rua Joao Heberle Sobrinho near Estrela RS, Brazil.
Rua Armindo Raimundo Heberle in Joacaba SC, Brazil.
Linha Heberle in Agua Doce SC, Brazil (locality, commune, line of farms).
Jack Heberle Rotary Park, West Kiewa River, Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia.
Jack Heberle Race Hut in Nordic Bowl, near Mt Beauty, Victoria, Australia.
M Philippe Heberle Centre Spirituel du Hautmont, 31 Rue Mirabeau, Mouvaux, France.
Rue Docteur Heberle in Soultzmatt, France.

Awards/ Auszeichnungen/ Récompenses/ Awards
Awarded by Heberle
Ann Heberle Humanitarian Award in Burleson TX, USA 1990s.
Klaus H Heberle Scholarship at Eastern Kentucky University USA 1990s. Named after Klaus
Hinrich Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), political science professor.
Julie Heberle (Dambach La Ville branch) Scholarship in Hermann MO, USA 2000s.

Lora Hutchens Heberle (Laudenbach branch) Award for best essay written in a graduate course at
Dept of English Language and Literature in University of Michigan in Ann Arbor MI, USA 1950s.
This University also has an annual Heberle lecture and reception in the English faculty.
The Heberle Shield for bowls in Myrtleford Victoria, Australia 2000s.

Awarded to Heberle
Ann Heberle (Ettenheim branch), wife of Dr James Paul Heberle of Burleson TX, USA won first
place in the female volunteer category in the O.P. Schnabel Senior Citizen Awards for 1999 from
Keep Texas Beautiful. She has also won Volunteer of the Year in Texas, sponsored by the Forestry
Council and Texas Forest Services; Citizen of the Year (1989); life membership in the Texas
Garden Club Inc.; life membership in the Newcomers Club; and the Outstanding Spouse Award
from the medical auxiliary of Burleson.
Antoine Heberle of Siegolsheim, France, Medail de St Helene 1858.
Bernard Auguste E Heberle of Belfort, France, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur 1870s.
Francois Joseph Heberle of Dambach La Ville, France, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur 1830s.
Dr Gerald Clarence Heberle (Hoerdt branch) of Dayton OH, USA, Rhodes scholar 1950s.
Jean Heberle b 1822 Konstanz, Germany, French Legion of Honour 1860s.
Jean Michel Heberle of Obernai, France, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur 1800s.
Jean Claude Heberle (Reichshoffen branch) of Paris, France, Knight of the French Legion of
Honour, Chevalier de la Legion d’Honneur 1980s.
Marcia Lansford Heberle (Dambach la Ville branch) of Jefferson City MO, USA, Outstanding
American Award c1995.
Philippe Louis Heberle (Falkwiller branch) of Cravanche, France, Chevalier de l’ordre national du
Merite 1990s.
Sara Bashara Heberle (Alpirsbach branch), of Lodi CA, USA, volunteer of the year at Lodi Grape
Festival 1999.

Flora named after Heberle/ Flora genannt für Heberle/Flora a
nommé après Heberle/ Flora nomeou depois Heberle
Orchids Caladenia heberleana and Diuris heberlei are named after Ronald Leslie Heberle
(Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) of Albany, West Australia. Another orchid, Prasophyllum paulineii, is
named after his wife, Mrs Pauline Graham Heberle.

Businesses named after Heberle/
Geschäfte genannt für Heberle/
Les affaires ont nommé après Heberle/
Negócios nomearam depois Heberle
CE (Cyril Ernest) Heberle & Co, Katanning WA, c1958-80.
Heberle Computer Services in Tawonga Vic, (Christopher John Heberle) c1990-98.
Heberle family butchers Geraldton WA, (Ian John Heberle), c1980-2002.
Heberles Furniture & Floor Coverings, Myrtleford Vic, (Geoffrey Harry Heberle), c1970-80.
Les Heberle Motorworks & Repairs, Perth WA, c1915-30.
Malcolm Heberle Quality Photography, Albany WA, c1984-.

Heberle Soja S/C Ltda, Buenos Aires, (Aldayr Heberle), c1979-82.

A Heberle Exportacao e Importacao Ltd, Porto Alegre RS, (Aldayr Heberle), 1970-89.
Antonio Rubens Heberle Aresco, Sao Gabriel RS, c2000-.
Borracharia Heberle Ltda, Lajeado RS, c1990-.
Heberle family 1500-2005

Les Heberle Motorworks Motor repairs Perth West Australia c1920. Photo from Ron Heberle.

Capelari E Heberle Ltda, Caibi SC, c2000-.
Cechetti & Heberle Sistemas Ltda, Herval d'Oeste SC, c2000-.
Drogaria A Heberle Ltda, Porto Alegre RS, c2000-.
Heberle Comercio de Embalagens (Packing), Canoas RS, c1990-.
Eletrica Heberle, Itapiranga SC, c1990-.
Heberle Consultoria F Planejamento Ltda, (Aldayr Heberle), c1990-.
Heberle E Rosata Ltda (Representaco Confeccoes), Sao Leopoldo RS, c1990-.
Heberle E Rossato Ltd, Canoas RS, c2000-.
Heberle Rosata Ltda (Confeccoes Paracama), Novo Hamburgo RS, c1990-.
Heberle & Roman Arquitetura Ltda, Porto Alegre, (Michel Heberle), 1991-.
Heberle Consultoria F Planejamento Ltda, (Aldayr Heberle), c1990-.
Heberle Maquinas e Bordados, (embroidery) Curitiba PR, c1990-.
Heberle & Rocha Ltda, Restaurantes, Porto Alegre RS, c1990-.
Heberle Soja S/C Ltda, (Aldayr Heberle), c1974-89.
Laboratorio Heberle Ltda, Caibi SC, c2000-.
Mercearia (Grocery store) Heberle, Sao Gabriel RS, c2000-.
Mecanica (=Mechanics) Heberle Ltda, Caixias do Sul RS, c1990-.
Mecanica Heberle Ltda, Santa Barbara do Sul RS, c1990-.
Mercearia (Grocery store) Heberle, Sao Gabriel RS, c2000-.
Supermercado (=Supermarket) Heberle Ltda, Catanduvas SC, c1990-.
Vogel E Heberle Ltda, (Automoveis Accessorios), Estrela RS, c1990-.

Continental Heberle, manufacturers and distributers of stud-welding equipment, Brampton Ontario,
founded by Manfred Heberle, sold c1996.

Karl Heinz Heberle Sampayo Gerente, Santa Fe de Bogota, Columbia (food and beverages),

Antiquites Brocante Heberle, Guebwiller, c1999-.

Businesses named after Heberle
Armurerie (Gunsmith) Heberle, Belfort, c2000-.
Cabinet Heberle, Strasbourg, c2000-.
Demanagements Heberle, Guebwiller, c2000-.
Entreprise de platrerie Heberle (Jean Jacques Héberlé), c1980-.
Entreprise Heberle - Platrerie, Cloisons, Isolation, Montlouis/Loire, c1980-.
Heberle ophtalmologue, Charmes, c2000-.
Taxi-ambulance Heberle (Pierre Yves Héberlé), c1980-.
Transports Heberle, Guebwiller (Jean Jacques Héberlé), c1980-.

Alfred Heberle Bau und Mobelschreineri (carpenter), Veringenstadt SE BadenW, c2000-.
Andrea Heberle und Reinhard Heberle Diensteistungen, Klein Siemz Schleswig-Holstein, c2000-.
Autovermietung Heberle Europaservice, Kempten Bavaria, c2000-.
Barthel-Heberle, Textile handling, Heilbronn NE BadenW, c1945-62.
Bernd Heberle Schreinermeister (carpenter) Einrichtungen, Stuttgart NE BadenW, c2002-.
BTH Bolzenschweiss-Technik Heberle GmbH, Dachau Bavaria, metal forming/machine tools,
(Manfred Heberle) c1969-.
CASA Computergrafik & animation Horst Heberle, Trier RhineP, c1990-.
Elektro Heberle, Lahnsted Lower Saxony, (Reinhard Heberle), c1980-.
Fachschule Heberle/Heberle Teleschule, Gummersbach NRhineW, c1997-2000.
Fernsehen Hausgerate Heberle (television), Obergunzburg Bavaria c2004-.
Franz Heberle SchreinerMstr (carpenter), Altusried Bavaria, c2000-.
Galerie Britta Heberle, Frankfurt Hesse, c1979-86.
Gastehaus Heberle, Immenstaad SE BadenW, (Christine and Walter Heberle), 1938-.
Georg Heberle, Wohnungsvermeit, Liegenschafts und Hypotheken Buro, (mortgages), Karlsruhe
NW BadenW, c1900-30.
Glaserie und Schreinerei (Glass and cabinetshop) A. Heberle, Billigheim-Sulzbach NW BadenW,
Glaswerkstatt (Glass workshop) Heberle & Co in Hagen-Haspe NRhineW (Rainer Heberle), c1900-
Golf-Technic Heberle, Hebertshausen Bavaria, c2003-.
HansPeter Heberle Holztechnik Fenster (Wood technology, windows), Gaggenau NW BadenW,
Haus Heberle, Immenstaad SE BadenW, (Rainer & Resi Heberle), c2004-.
Heberle Bernd Raumausstattermstr (interior decorators), Ludwigshafen am Rhein RhineP, c2004-.
Heberle Bernhard Bz. Schornsteinfeger Mstr (chimney sweep), Starzach SW BadenW, c2000-.
Heberle-Getranke (drinks), Inhaber Heberle Klaus, Kaufbeurin Bavaria, c2000-.
Heberle holidays, Heberle Busreisen & Reiseburo, Gernsbach NW BadenW, (Karola Heberle),
Heberle – Ihr Lexika Spezialist, sells encyclopaedias, Munchen Bavaria (W Heberle), c1982-.
Heberle Inspektiongerate (electronics), Krugzell Bavaria, (Thomas Heberle), c1990-.
Heberle Juwelier, Tubingen NE BadenWurttemburg , c1990-.
Heberle Karl Glaserei-Fensterbau (windows), Immenstaad SE BadenW c2004-.
Heberle Kurt Kurzwaren (Haberdashery) Bodelshausen SW BadenW, c1998-.
Heberle.net IT solutions, Schriesheim NW BadenW (Daniel Heberle), c2002-.
Heberle Otto KG, Freiburg SW BadenW deals in paper products, (Otto Heberle), c1970-.
Heberle Renate Netz Fabr (net maker) Altusried Bavaria, c1980-.
Heberle & Kollegen, Wirtschaftsburo, Rostock Mecklenberg-Pomerania, c2000-.
Heberle & Lopp GMBH Vermogensberatung Immob. (Real estate?), Bruchsal NW BadenW, c2000-
Heberle & Rothe Verwaltungs (Administrations) GMBH (Karin Heberle), Oelsnitz Saxony, c1997-.
Heberle & Singer, Augsburg Bavaria (Werbeunternehmen, Advertised firm), c2000-.
Heberle Strassenbau (road construction, civil engineering) GmbH, Rottenburg SW BadenW,
Heberle T Immobilien (Real Estate), Friedberg Bavaria, c2000-.
Hermann Heberle Goldschmeide (und Silberschm), Augsburg Bavaria, c1930-70.

Heberle family 1500-2005
Hertkorn & Heberle Steuerberatunggesellschaft mbH (tax consultants), Horb SW BadenW, c1998-.
HSM Heberle Sales-Management GmbH, Munchen Bavaria, Anlageberatung (investment adviser),
J M Heberle book and art dealers and publishers, Koln (Cologne) NRhineW, 1790s-1910s.
Jurgen Heberle Computer, Augsburg Bavaria, c1990-.
Lorenzer & Heberle Restauratoren (restorers), Uberlingen SE BadenW, c2002-.
M (Max) Gustav Heberle & Co, papiergrosshandel (paper wholesale trade), Frankfurt Hesse,
Metalldesign Peter Heberle, Heroldstatt SE BadenW, c1990-.
Michael Heberle Software, Bad Soden Salmunster Hesse, c1990-.
Motorrad Heberle, Bermaringen SE BadenW, sells BSM exhaust systems, (Joachim Heberle),
Malergeschaft Heberle, paint shop, Stuttgart NE BadenW, (Hans Heberle), c1970-97.
NSR B.Heberle Nutzfahrzeuge Service Reparaturen (Utility vehicles service repairs), Rottenburg
SW BadenW, c2000-.
Raumausstattung (interior decorators) Heberle GmbH, Ludwigshafen am Rhein RhineP, c2000-.
Reiseburo Heberle (tourist bureau), Bad Grund LowSax, c2000-.
Reitstall (Ride stable) Muller-Heberle, Schriesheim NW BadenW, c2000-.
Rolf Heberle Schuhwaren (Shoe ware), Gaggenau NW BadenW, c2000-.
Schreineri (carpenter) Martin Heberle, Rehling Bavaria, c2000-.
Textour Heberle& Leser, Buro fur Literature und Bewegung (Office for literature and movement),
Konstanz SE BadenW, c2002-.
THS Sicherheitsdienst (Safety Service) T Heberle, Birkenau NW BadenW, c2000-.
Tischlerei (carpenter-joiner) Klaus Heberle, Bad Grund LowSax, c1995-.
Webdesign Daniel Heberle, Schriesheim NW BadenW, c1995-2002.
Weinstube (wine tavern) zum Rebwaldblick Inhaber Heberle Gaststatten (Restaurant), Weyher
RhineP, c2000-.

Parfumerie Heberle Breda, c1995-.

Janez Heberle, Mizarski Servis (carpenter joiner service), Ljubljana, c1990-.

Ph. J. Heberle & Sohn, St Gallen, Schreinerfournituren (Cabinet makers), c1950-80.
Heberle Philipp, St Gallen (Verband der Schreinermeister und Fensterfabrikanten), c2000-.
Heberle, (Drogerie) Herisau, c2000-.

Heberle & Finnegan, attorneys, Ann Arbor MI, c2000-.
Heberle Chiropractic Clinic, Canandaigua NY, (Jennifer Heberle Barnes), 1994-.
Heberle Construction, Rochester NY, c1985-90.
Heberle-Hill Construction, Webster NY, c2000-.
Heberle Construction LLC, Tyler TX, (Stewart Haberle), c1995-.
Heberle Disposal Services, Rochester NY, (Thomas Heberle III, previously Thomas Heberle II),
Heberle Electric, Hillsboro OR, (Jeffrey L Heberle), 1983-.
Heberle Elementary School, Cincinatti OH, c1929-.
Heberle Family Restaurant, Hermann MO, (David Charles Heberle), c1990-97.
Heberle Farms and Heberle Farm Market, in Penfield and Heberle Nurseries in Hamlin, near
Rochester NY, (James Edward Heberle and family), c1980-87.
Heberle Associates nursery, Hamlin NY, operated by Joseph Francis Heberle, James Edward
Heberle & I Rober, c2003-.
Heberle Ford & Mercury, car dealers, Forsyth MT, owners Raymond Todd and Brent Eldon Heberle

Businesses named after Heberle
in 1999-, previously Erwin Leo, Raymond, Clarence Howard, Karl Reinhardt, Elmer Eldon and
Fredrick Henry Heberle, 1959-.
Heberle Homes, Harvard IL, (Dennis and Nancy Heberle), c2000-02.
Heberle Motel and Apartments, San Bernardino CA, c2000-.
Heberle Motor Co, St Paul MN, (Joseph Anton Heberle), c1919-.
Heberles Packing Company, meat packers, Hermann MO, owned by Orville Henry Heberle 1959-
75, still operating 2005 but no Heberles involved.
Heberle Racing Stable, Farmington NY, (Arthur Henry Heberle), c1980-.

Heberle Farm Market, Hamlin near Rochester NY, USA c1985. Photo from Kelly Heberle Burns.

Heberle Stables, Rochester NY, (William R Heberle, previously by his father Oscar Joseph and
grandfather Henry Alfred Heberle), c1926-.
J & R Heberle Farms, Alden NY, c1980-.
Joseph C Heberle Investments, Pittsburgh PA, c2000-04.
Heberle/Helm/Ferguson Group of Smith Barney City Group (Joseph C & Brian S Heberle),
Monroeville PA, c2004-.

Doctors, Professors/ Doktoren, Professoren/                                 Médecins,
Professeurs/ Médicos, Professores
Not all are Doctors of Medicine.
Dr Christopher John Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch),Victoria 2000s.

Dr Carmen Heberle (Berus branch), Porto Alegre 2000s.
Dr Joao Carlos Heberle (Berus branch), Cruz Alta 2000s.
Dr Ana Helena Schmidt Heberle (Berus branch), Cruz Alta 2000s.
Dr Renato Dillenburg Heberle (Berus branch), Porto Alegre 2000s.

Heberle family 1500-2005
Dr Ricardo Dillenburg Heberle (Berus branch), Porto Alegre 2000s.

Dr Charles Adolphe Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Soultzmatt 1900s.
Dr Francois Joseph Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Hochfelden 1830s.
Dr Jacques Heberle (Wintzenheim branch), Vincennes 1950s.

Dr Andreas Heberle, Karlsruhe 2000s.
Dr Britta Heberle, Frankfurt 2000s.
Dr Ernst Karl Heberle (Rottenburg branch), Ulm 1900s.
Dr Hilmar Heberle (Rottenburg branch), Scheidegg 2000s.
Dr Jochen Andreas Heberle (Rottenburg branch), Ostrach 2000s.
Dr Josef Heberle, Kempten 1900s.
Dr Julius B Heberle, Munchen 1920s.
Dr Max Alois Heberle, Passau 1900s.

Dr Hilmar Heberle, X of Scheidegg
c2001. Photo from Hilmar Heberle.

Dr Robert Godfried L Heberle (Breda branch), Hertogenbosch 2000s.

Dr Clement King Heberle (Ettenheim branch), Daytona Beach, FL 1960s.
Dr James Paul Heberle (Ettenheim branch), Burleson TX 1960s.
Dr Jennifer Lyn Heberle Barnes (Laudenbach branch), Canandiagua NY 2000s.
Dr John Daniel Heberle (Ettenheim branch), Gonzales TX 1960s.
Dr Paul Heberle (Albersweiler branch), Erie PA 2000s.

Prof Erwin Heberle-Bors, Wien 2000s.

Prof Antonio Luiz Heberle (Sao Gabriel branch), Pelotas 2000s.
Prof Clemente Otto Heberle, Rui Barbosa 1960s.
Prof Jeronimo Heberle, Sao Gabriel 1950s.

Doctors, Professors
Prof Viviane Maria Heberle (Berus branch), Florianopolis 2000s.

Prof Jean Philippe C Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Luneville 2000s.

Prof Carl Wilhelm O Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Lubeck 1900s.
Prof Heinz Heberle, Friedberg 2000s.
Prof Innocenz Heberle (Altusried branch), Bamberg 1930s.
Prof Joachim Heberle, Bielefeld 2005.

Prof Esteban Krotz Heberle 2000s.

Assoc Prof Albert Peter Heberle, Pittsburgh PA 2000s.
Prof Gerald Clarence Heberle (Hoerdt branch), Michigan 1980s.
Prof Julia Franziska Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Pennsylvania 2000s.
Associate Prof Klaus Hinrich Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Louisville KY 1970s.
Prof Lauren Carola Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Louisville KY 2000s.
Associate Prof Mark Allen Heberle (Albersweiler branch), Hawaii 2000s.
Prof Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Baton Rouge LA 1930s.
Prof Wilhelm Juergen Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Buffalo NY 1980s.

Politicians/ Politiker/ Politiciens/ Políticos
Heberle involved as candidates in local, State and national elections.
Local government
Alan S Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Myrtleford Vic 1990s.

Arlinda F Heberle, Anchieta, SC 2000s.
Bruno Jose Heberle (Berus branch) 2000s.
Evandro Agiz Heberle, Sao Jeronimo RS 1990s.
Flora Luzia Heberle, Charqueadas RS 2000s.
Jacinta Heberle (Berus branch), Tunapolis SC 2000s.
Olavo Heberle (Berus branch), Anchieta SC 2000s.
Oldemar Heberle, Coronel Barros RS 2000s.

Benoit Dominique Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Kindwiller 1980s-.
Charles Adolphe Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Soultzmatt 1910s.
Eric Dominique Heberle (Obernai branch), Albe 1990s.
Felix Heberle (Obernai branch), Albe 1890s.
Fernand Heberle, Reichshoffen 1900s.
Francois Heberle (Obernai branch), Albe 1900s.
Francois Antoine Heberle, Reichshoffen 1800s.
Francois Joseph Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Schwindratzheim 1820s.
Francois Joseph Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Niedersteinbach 1860s.
Francois Joseph Heberle junior (Reichshoffen branch), Niedersteinbach 1860s.
Francois Joseph Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Hochfelden 1850s.
Francois Joseph Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Hochfelden 1870s.
Francois Leon Heberle (Obernai branch), Albe 1970s.
Francois Thierry Heberle, Reichshoffen 1840s.

Heberle family 1500-2005
Jean Michel Heberle, Obernai 1800s.
Jean Pierre Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Lembach 1750s.
Jean Sebastien Heberle, Reichshoffen 1760s.
Marc Gilbert Heberle (Obernai branch), Breitenau 1990s.
Marie Louise Heberle (Scheibenhard branch), Furdenheim 2000s.
Remy Maxime Heberle (Obernai branch), Thanville 1990s.
Veronique Heberle (Wintzenheim branch), Vincennes 1990s.

Andreas Heberle, Oberwaldbach 1920s.
Anton Heberle, Altusried 1750s.
Helmut Heberle, Kisdorf 1990s.
Johann Heberle, Rottenburg 1820s.
Johannes Heberle, Altusried 1690s.
Johann Georg Heberle, Altusried 1900s.
Josef Adalbert Heberle, Altusried 1920s.
Konrad Heberle, Altusried 1990s.

Bernard John Heberle (Laudenbach branch), Rochester NY 1920s.
David C Heberle (Dambach la Ville branch), Hermann MO 1990s.
John Alphonsus Heberle (Laudenbach branch), Olean NY 1890s.
Robert John Heberle (Laudenbach branch), Richmond VA 1950s.

State government
Aldayr Heberle (Berus branch), Mato Grosso 1980s.

Elmar Heberle, Immenstaad 1990s.
Richard Heberle, Stuttgart 1990s.
Sybylle Heberle, Berlin 1990s.
Traude Heberle, Stuttgart 1990s.

Religious professionals/ Religiöse Fachleute/ Gens de métier
religieux/ Profissionais religiosos
Barbara Heberle (Berus branch), Itapiranga SC, nun 1960s-.

Anna Heberle (Obernai branch), nun 1900s-.
Cleopha Heberle (Obernai branch), nun 1920s-.
Lucie Heberle (Obernai branch), nun 1920s-.
Marie Cleopha Heberle (Obernai branch), nun 1890s-.
Stephanie Heberle (Obernai branch), nun 1900s-.

Barbara Heberle, of Altusried, nun in Austria 1880s-.
Theresia Heberle, of Altusried, nun in Austria 1900s-.
Kundegunde Heberle, of Altusried, nun in Austria 1880s-.
Maria Heberle, of Altusried, nun in Austria 1880s-.
Viktoria Heberle (Eschach branch), of Holdenried, nun in Munchen 1890s-.
Zazilia Heberle, of Altusried, nun in Austria 1880s-.
Religious professionals
Joanne Heberle (Laudenbach branch), of Brighton NY, nun 1950s-.
Maria Josepha Heberle (Laudenbach branch), Rochester NY, nun in Ohio and Indiana 1860s-.
Rita Anne Heberle (Laudenbach branch), of Brighton NY, nun 1950s-.

Priests, chaplains
Bruno Vicente (Berus branch), Argentina, priest in Austria 1990s-.

Felicia Heberle (Rottenburg branch), chaplain at Flinders University, Adelaide SA 1990s-.

Father F Heberle 1900s.

Laurent (J Gilles) Heberle (Obernai branch) of Albe France, priest in Cameroon 1930s-.

Jean Pierre Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), of Lembach, priest 1750s-.
Laurent Heberle (Obernai branch), of Albe, priest in 1860s.
Maxime Heberle (Obernai branch), of Albe, priest 1900s-.
Philippe Marie Heberle (Reichshoffen branch), Director of Spiritual Centre Hautmont 1990s.

Andreas Heberle, of Oberwaldbach, rector in Gunzburg 1980s-.
Father Heberle, Bonstetten 2000s-.
Johannes Heberle, pastor, Altusried 1660s-.
Urban Heberle (Ravensburg branch), priest of Cannstatt, Neuenburg, 1830s-.

Frank L Heberle (Albersweiler branch), Reverend of Albion NY, Providence RI 1950s-.
John Heberle, Reverend Myersville, Dover NJ, Goshen IN, 1870s-.
John B Heberle, Reverend Reno NV 1930s.
Magnus Joseph Heberle (Laudenbach branch), Franciscan brother, Rochester NY 1950s.
William T Heberle, pastor York PA 1960s-.
James Michael Heberle of Rochester NY, missionary Australia 1990s-.

Places where Heberle have lived/
Orte, wo Heberle gelebt hat/
Les endroits où Heberle a habité/
Lugares onde Heberle viveram
Family trees show that Heberle have lived in >2000 places, including >820 places in Germany,
>240 places in France, >170 places in the rest of Europe, >130 places in Central and South
America, >520 places in North America and >90 places in Africa, Asia and Oceania. As the family
trees are incomplete, Heberle probably have lived in many other places.

Main places where >30 Heberle have lived, include the following 117 places.
Adelaide, Broken Hill, Burra, Perth.

Heberle family 1500-2005

Curitiba, Estrela, Itapiranga, Joacaba, Lajeado, Porto Alegre, Sao Gabriel.

Albe, Belfort, Biltzheim, Bischwiller, Cleebourg, Colmar, Dambach, Dambach La Ville, Dorlisheim,
Epfig, Guebwiller, Haguenau, Kayersberg, Lembach, Munster, Nancy, Obernai, Paris,
Reichshoffen, Rosheim, Selestat, Strasbourg.

Albersweiler, Altusried, Apfeldorf, Augsburg, Babenhausen, Bergheim, Bergs, Briels, Bruchsal,
Buchenberg, Burgstall, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Dewangen, Dietmannsried, Donauwoerth, Ellwangen,
Eschhach, Eschental, Freiburg, Fulgenstadt, Gaggenau, Germersheim, Gorisried, Grombach,
Hahnemoos, Hamburg, Heggelbach, Heidelberg, Hilzingen, Hochstberg, Hoerdt, Hollenbach, Horb,
Huettlingen, Immenstaad, Kempten, Kettershausen, Laudenbach, Leutkirch, Ludwigshafen,
Luiblings, Marktoberdorf, Mengen, Menzingen, Michelbach, Muenchen, Neckarsulm, Neenstetten,
Neuburg, Oberwaldbach, Odenheim, Oehningen, Oettingen, Radspierre, Ravensburg, Rottenburg,
Schwabisch Gmuend, Seeg, Stuttgart, Ueberlingen, Ulm, Untereichen, Uttenweiler, Veringenstadt,


Alt Cosel, Birawa.



Baltimore, Billings, Chicago, Dayton, Erie, Forsyth, Harrisburg, Hermann, Los Angeles, New York,
Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Rochester, St Genevieve.

Estimated number of Heberle/ Geschätzte Anzahl Heberle/ Le
numéro estimé de Heberle / Número calculado de
Below is a graph of the estimated number of living Heberle 1500-2005 based on the family trees.

Die nachfolgende grafische Darstellung zeigt die geschätzte Anzahl der lebenden Heberle auf der Grundlage
der Stammbäume.

Ci dessous est une estimation du nombre d’Heberle vivants, sur la base
des arbres généalogiques.

Seque-se um gráfico duma estimativa do número de Heberle vivos, baseado nas árvores.

Estimated number of Heberle
The number of Heberle @ 1.1.2005 estimated as c3940. Estimated numbers by nation are shown
in the following table. The table lists all nations where Heberle are known to have lived. Nations as
at 1.1.2005. The data is approximate.

Schätzungsweise beläuft sich die Zahl der Heberle auf rund 3940 Personen @ 1.1.2005. Geschätzte
Zahlungen nach Land gehen aus nachstehender Tabelle hervor. Die Tabelle führt alle Länder auf, in denen
Heberle bekannterweise gelebt haben. Länderangaben auf Stand des Jahres 2005. Es handelt sich hierbei um
grobe Daten.

Le nombre d’individus portant le nom d’Heberle est estimé à environ 3940
@ 1.1.2005. Les nombres estimés par pays sont présentés dans le tableau
suivant. Le tableau montre tous les pays où l’on sait que des Heberle ont
vécu à la date de 2005. Les informations sont approximatives.

Cálcula-se que o número de Heberle seja c3940 @ 1.1.2005. Os números que se calculam
existam em cada nação veêm-se na seguinte tabela. A tabela alista todas as nações
aonde se sabe que os Heberle viveram. Nações em 2005. Os dados são aproximados.




  Continent           Nation                       Earliest Heberle Estimated number of                                    Total Heberle
                                                                    Heberle 2005
  Kontinent           Nation                       Der frühest                   Geschätzte Anzahl                         Gesamt Heberle
                                                   Heberle                       Heberle 2005
  Continent Nation                                 Heberle le                    Numéro estimé de                          Heberle
                                                   plus premier                  Heberle 2005                              total
  Continente          Nação                        O mais cedo                   Número calculado de                       Heberle total
                                                   Heberle                       Heberle 2005
  Europe              Austria                            1776                                9                                        115
                      Belarus                            1990                                0                                         1
                      Belgium                            1804                                3                                        20
                      Croatia                            1883                                1                                        10

Heberle family 1500-2005
                  Czech            1815          0     20
                  France           1574         691   4020
                  Germany          1561        1822   12680
                  Hungary          1731          2     90
                  Italy            1590          0     13
                  Lithuania        1921          0      1
                  Luxembourg       1860          0      3
                  Moldavia         1843          0      3
                  Monaco           1981          0      2
                  Netherlands      1770         37     250
                  Poland           1661         10     210
                  Roumania         1764          3     140
                  Russia           1900          2     11
                  Slovakia         1820          0     10
                  Slovenia         1788         71     220
                  Spain            1976          3      3
                  Sweden           1867          3     16
                  Switzerland      1536         37     260
                  Ukraine          1803          3     130
                  United Kingdom   1707          3     20

  America       Argentina          1922        12      30
                Brazil             1828        412    1310
                Canada             1813        17      80
                Chile              1997         1       1
                Colombia           2000         4       4
                Cuba               1910         0       1
                Guyana             1965         0       5
                Honduras           1973         0       5
                Mexico             1985         5       5
                Panama             1971         0       5
                Uruguay            2000         5       5
                USA                1766        719    2570

  Africa        Algeria            1835         0      30
                Cameroon           1934         0       5
                Guinea             1949         0       3
                Kenya              1895         0       1
                Morocco            1999         0       2
                Saint Helena       2000         1       1
                South Africa       1895         0       7

  Oceania       Australia          1851        55     270
                New Zealand        1990         0      2

  Asia          Israel             1997         0       2
                Japan              1996         2       2
                Kasachstan         1948         0      20
                Kuwait             2000         2       2
                Malaysia           1971         0       1
                New Guinea         1945         0       1
                Philippines        1945         0       1

Estimated number of Heberle
                 Saudi Arabia          2004                      4                      4
                 Siberia               1958                      0                      5
                 South Korea           1950                      0                      2
                 Tadgikistan           1950                      0                     10
                 Viet Nam              1950                      0                      8
Total number of Heberles 1500-2005 estimated as c22800.

Highlights/ Höhepunkte / Essentiels / Destaca
Few Heberle are very well known. Few Heberle are mentioned in history books and encyclopaedia.
There are no towns named after Heberle but there are Heberle businesses, buildings, roads and
plants. Many have done well in sport, arts, writing, academia and business. Below are my Heberle
highlights, better known Heberle.

Associate Professor Albert Peter Heberle of Germany (Max Planck Institute in Stuttgart <1998),
United Kingdom (Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory 1998-2003) and USA (University of Pittsburgh
2003-) published 40+ papers on semiconductors and related topics 1991-.

Aldayr Heberle (Berus branch) of Brazil. Manager/Director of a number of companies involved in
export/imports in Brazil and Argentina 1970-89.

Antoine Heberle (Wintzenheim branch) of France cameraman for 22+ films 1989-, including “Paix
et amour (Peace and love)” in 1994, “L’Incruste (infiltrate)” in 1994, "Love me" in 2000.

Anton Heberle of Wien, Austria was a music composer in the early 1800s. He wrote music for flute
= recorder 1807-.

David T Heberle (Albersweiler branch) of Erie PA USA has been author/co-author of 8+ books
1978-. Includes books on smoking food, management, building your own home, construction

Erwin Heberle-Bors, Professor Plant genetics at Institute for Microbiology and Genetics at
University of Vienna, Austria 1989-. Published 144+ papers and 3+ books on genetics/microbiology

Gastehaus Heberle in Immenstaad Germany c1938-. Now managed by Christine and Walter

Gunter Heberle, soccer player, b 1973 Kiel, Germany. Played for FC Augsburg, Burghausen, 1860
Munich Amateure, Stuttgart Kickers (2000).

Hans Heberle (Neenstetten branch, b 1597 d 1677) schumaker, shoemaker of Neenstetten, wrote
a book in c1648 describing the life of his family. His parents, 4 brothers, 2 sisters and 2 children
died in the plague epidemic in 1634-35. His book described the comet of 1618 and arrival of
Gustav Adolf’s Swedish army in 1630.

Heberle Elementary School, Freeman Avenue, Cincinatti OH, USA (named after Joseph Heberle
(Hoerdt branch), early school advocate).

Heberle Ford & Mercury, car dealers in Forsyth MT USA, 1959-. Owners Raymond Todd and Brent
Eldon Heberle in 1999-, previously Erwin Leo, Raymond, Clarence Howard, Karl Reinhardt, Elmer
Eldon and Fredrick Henry Heberle (Alpirsbach branch).

Heberle Stables Rochester NY, USA c1926-. Owned by William R Heberle (Laudenbach branch).
Previously owned by his father Oscar Joseph Heberle.

Heberle family 1500-2005

Isabelle Lucie Heberle (Falkwiller branch), sister of Phillipe Louis, represented France in rifle
shooting in 2 Olympics (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992).

Jean Claude (Reichshoffen branch) Héberlé is in “Who’s who in France” (1994). Journalist in
Algeria 1957-61, Radio and TV presenter France 1961-67, News correspondent/chief in
Washington USA 1967-70, Chief editor TV channel France 1972-74, Director General Monte Carlo
Monaco radio 1981-84. Other distiguished positions in national/international news media
organisations 1986-89. Knight of the French Legion of Honour.

J M (Johann Mathias) Heberle book and art dealers and publishers in Koln (Cologne) North Rhine
Westphalia, founded by Johann Mathias Heberle c1790. J M Heberle (H Lempertz' Sohne) c1900-
11, Math. Lempertz c1912-34.

Joachim Heberle, brother of Erwin Heberle-Bors. Since 1990 author/joint author of 62+ published
scientific papers. Many of the papers dealt with proton transfer and Bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.
Professor in Bielefeld, Germany October 2005-.

Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), Emeritus Professor State University of New
York in Buffalo USA 1989-. Son of Otto Rudolf Heberle, b Konigsberg (now Kalingrad USSR).
Researched molecular structure, superconductors, electrodynamics.

Klaus Hinrich Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch), son of Otto Rudolf Heberle, b Kiel, Germany.
Professor of political science University of Chicago, USA and Associate Professor of political
science at Eastern Kentucky University 1972-.

Linda Kay (Kay) Heberle (Ettenheim branch) from Texas USA, was in the TV series "Young and
restless" in 1975-78, had acting and comedy career in Los Angeles. Was in film "Psycho III" in

Manfred Heberle founded Continental Heberle, manufacturer and distributor of studwelding
equipment in Canada, which he sold in c1996. Also proprieter of BTH BolzenschweiB-Technik
Heberle GmbH, in Dachau, Germany, metal forming/machine tools, c1996-.

Orville Henry Heberle (Dambach La Ville branch) started Heberle Meat Packing Company near
Hermann in 1959 and sold it in 1975. Business still operating in 2005 but no Heberles involved.
Orville was cellarmaster and sausage maker at Hermannhof Winery in Hermann 1976-86.

Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) was lecturer at Kiel University, Germany 1929-
38. Emigrated to USA 1938. Professor of sociology Baton Rouge LA c1938-70. Published 19+
papers and 25+ books on social and political topics.

Patricia Robin (Trish) Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) of Perth West Australia represented
Australia in hockey at 1984 Olympics at Los Angeles USA. Coach of the England womens hockey
team 2000-04.

Philippe Louis M Héberlé (Falkwiller branch), listed in “Who’s who in France” (1994) as champion
rifle shooter and coach. Olympic champion in air rifle shooting (10 metres range) at Los Angeles
1984, World champion Innsbruck 1983 and Mexico 1984. Knight of the National Order of Merit.

Ronald Leslie Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld branch) of Perth West Australia has 850+ native orchid
photos on the Internet, has published 16+ papers on native orchids 1981-2004 and has 2 orchids
named after him, Caladenia heberleana and Diuris heberlei. Another orchid, Prasophyllum
paulineii, is named after his wife, Mrs Pauline Graham Heberle.

Wenige Heberle sind sehr gut bekannt. Wenige Heberle werden in Geschichtsbüchern und Enzyklopädien
erwähnt. Es gibt keine nach den Heberle benannten Städte, allerdings gibt es Unternehmen, Gebäude, Straßen
und Pflanzen, die den Namen Heberle tragen. Viele Familienmitglieder haben sich in den Bereichen Sport,
Künste, Schriftstellerei, Hochschulwesen und Wirtschaft profiliert. Es folgen meine Heberle-Glanzpunkte,
besser bekannt als Heberle.

Mitprofessor Albert Peter Heberle des Deutschlands (Max. Planck Institut in Stuttgart <1998), Vereinten
Königreich (Hitachi Cambridge Labor 1998-2003) und Vereinigten Staaten (Universität von Pittsburgh 2003-
) hat 40+ Papiere auf Halbleitern und verwandten Themen 1991-herausgegeben.

Aldayr Heberle (Berus Zweig) von Brazil. Verwalter/Direktor Firmen einer Anzahl, die in Export/importiert
in Brazil und Argentina 1970-89 verwickelt wird.

Antoine Heberle (Wintzenheim Zweig) von Frankreich cameraman für 22+ filmt 1989-, einschließlich "Paix
et amour (Frieden und Liebe)" in 1994, "L" Incruste (einsickern)" in 1994, "Liebt mich" in 2000.

Anton Heberle von Wien, war Österreich ein Musik Komponist im frühen 1800s. Er hat Musik für flute =
Registriergerät 1807- geschrieben.

David T Heberle (Albersweiler Zweig) von Erie Vereinigten Staaten ist Autor/Mitautor von 8+ 1978-
gewesen bucht. Schließt Bücher auf Rauchen von Speise, Verwaltung, Bauen Ihr eigenes Heim, Konstruktion
Sicherheit mitein.

Erwin Heberle-Bors, Professor genetisch an Institut für Mikrobiologie und Genetisch an Universität von
Vienna, Österreich 1989-. Hat herausgegeben 144+ Papiere und 3+ Bücher auf genetisch/Mikrobiologie

Gastehaus Heberle in Immenstaad Deutschland c1938-. Jetzt verwaltet durch Christine und Walter Heberle.

Gunter Heberle, Fußball Spieler, geb 1973 Kiel, Deutschland. Gespielt für FC Augsburg, Burghausen, 1860
München Amateure, Stuttgart Kickers (2000s).

Hans Heberle (Neenstetten Zweig, geb 1597 gest 1677) hat schumaker von Neenstetten, ein Buch in c1648
Beschreiben das Leben seiner Familie geschrieben. Seine Eltern, 4 Brüder, 2 Schwestern und 2 Kinder sind
in der Plage Epidemie in 1634-35 gestorben. Sein Buch hat den Kometen von 1618 und Ankunft von
schwedischer Armee Gustav Adolf in 1630 beschrieben.

Heberle Elementare Schule, Freeman Allee, Cincinatti OH, Vereinigten Staaten (genannt für Joseph Heberle
(Hoerdt Zweig), früher Schule Fürsprecher).

Heberle Ford & Mercury, Auto Händler in Forsyth MT Vereinigten Staaten, 1959-. Eigentümer Raymond
Todd und Brent Eldon Heberle in 1999-, vorhergehend Erwin Leo, Raymond, Clarence Howard, Karl
Reinhardt, Elmer Eldon und Fredrick Henry Heberle (Alpirsbach Zweig).

Heberle Ställe Rochester NY, Vereinigten Staaten c1926-. Besessen durch William R Heberle (Laudenbach
Zweig). Vorhergehend besessen durch seinen Vater Oscar Joseph Heberle.

Isabelle Lucie Heberle (Falkwiller Zweig), hat Schwester von Phillipe Louis, Frankreich in Gewehr Schießen
in 2 Olympisch (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992) vertreten.

Jean Claude (Reichshoffen Zweig) ist Héberlé in (1994) "Der wer in Frankreich Ist". Journalist in Algeria
1957-61, Radio und Fernsehapparat anwesenderes Frankreich 1961-67, Nachrichten Berichterstatter
Oberhaupt in Washington Vereinigten Staaten 1967-70, Oberstem Redakteur Fernsehapparat Kanal
Frankreich 1972-74, Direktor Allgemeinem Monte Carlo Monaco Radio 1981-84. Ander distiguished stellt in
national/internationalen Nachrichten Medien Organisationen 1986-89 ein. Ritter der französischen Legion

Heberle family 1500-2005
von Ehre.

J M (Johann Mathias) Heberle Buch und Kunst Händler und Herausgeber in Köln Nördlich Rhine
Westphalia, durch Johann Mathias Heberle c1790. J M Heberle (H Lempertz' Sohne) c1900-11, Mathe.
Lempertz c1912-34.

Joachim Heberle, Bruder von Erwin Heberle-Bors. Seit 1990 Autor/gemeinschaftlichem Autor von 62+ hat
wissenschaftliche Papiere herausgegeben. Viele von den Papieren haben proton Übertragung und
Bacteriorhodopsin photocycle behandelt. Professor in Bielefeld, Deutschland Oktober 2005-.

Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld Zweig), Emeritus Professor Staatliche Universität der New
York in Buffalo Vereinigten Staaten 1989-. Sohn von Otto Rudolf Heberle, b Konigsberg (jetzt Kalingrad
USSR). Geforschte molekulare Struktur, superconductors, electrodynamics.

Klaus Hinrich Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld Zweig), Sohn von Otto Rudolf Heberle, geb Kiel, Deutschland.
Professor Universität politischer Wissenschaft von Chicago, Vereinigten Staaten und Mitprofessor politischer
Wissenschaft an Östlichem Kentucky Universität 1972-.

Linda Kay (Kay) war Heberle (Ettenheim Zweig) von Texas Vereinigten Staaten, in die Fernsehen Serie
"Jung und ruhelos" in 1975-78, hat Spielen und Komödie Beruf in Los Engeln gehabt. In Film war "Psycho
III" in 1986.

Manfred Heberle gründet Kontinental Heberle, Hersteller und Verteiler von studwelding Geräte in Kanada,
das er in c1996 verkauft hat. Auch proprieter von BTH Bolzenschweib Technik Heberle GmbH, in Dachau,
Deutschland, Metall Bildung Werkzeugmaschinen, c1996-.

Orville Henry Heberle (Dambach La Ville Zweig) angefangene Heberle Fleisch Packen Firma nahe Hermann
in 1959 und es in 1975 hat verkauft. Geschäft stille Bedienung in 2005 aber kein Heberles haben verwickelt.
Orville war cellarmaster und sausage Schöpfer an Hermannhof Winery in Hermann 1976-86.

Otto Rudolf Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld Zweig) war Vortragender an Kiel Universität, Deutschland 1929-
38. Ist ausgewandert nach Vereinigten Staaten 1938. Professor von Soziologie Stab Rotem LA c1938-70. Hat
herausgegeben 19 + Papiere und 25 + Bücher auf sozialen und politischen Themen.

Patricia Robin (Trish) Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld Zweig) von Perth Westlichem Australien Australien in
hockey an 1984 Olympisch an Los Engeln Vereinigten Staaten vertreten. Trainer womens hockey
Mannschaft 2000-04 des Englands.

Philippe Louis M Héberlé (Falkwiller Zweig), hat in (1994) als Meister Gewehr shooter und Trainer
aufgeführt "Der wer in Frankreich Ist". Olympischer Meister verläuft in Luft Gewehr, das (10 Meter schießt,)
an Los Engeln 1984, Welt Meister Innsbruck 1983 und Mexiko 1984. Ritter der Nationalen Reihenfolge von

Ronald Leslie Heberle (Clausthal-Zellerfeld Zweig) von Perth Westlichem Australien 850+ eingeborene
orchid Aufnahmen auf dem Internet, 16+ Papiere auf eingeborenem orchids 1981-2004 haben herausgegeben
und hat 2 orchids genannt für ihn, Caladenia heberleana und Diuris heberli. Ein ander orchid, Prasophyllum
paulineii, genannt für seine Frau, Pauline Graham Heberle.

Peu d’Heberle sont célèbres. Peu sont mentionnés dans les livres
d’histoires ou encyclopédies. Il n’existe aucune ville nommée Heberle,
mais il y a des entreprises, bâtiments, routes et usines appelés Heberle.
Beaucoup d’Heberle se sont distingués dans les domaines du sport, des
arts, de la littérature, de la recherche et des affaires. Ci dessous est
ma liste des Heberle les plus prééminents.

Associer Professeur Albert Pierre Heberle d'Allemagne (l'Institut de
Planck de Max dans Stuttgart <1998), le Royaume Uni (le Laboratoire de
Cambridge de Hitachi 1998-2003) et USA (l'Université de Pittsburgh 2003-)
a publié 40+ les papiers sur les semi-conducteurs et les sujets relatés

Aldayr Heberle (la branche de Berus) de Brésil. Le Directeur d'un nombre
de sociétés impliqué dans exportation/importe AU Brésil et Argentina

Antoine Heberle (la branche de Wintzenheim) de cameraman de France pour
22+ filme 1989-, inclut "Paix et amour (la Paix et l'amour)" dans 1994,
"L" Incruste (infiltrate)" dans 1994, "m'Aimer" dans 2000.

Anton Heberle de Wien, Austria était un compositeur de musique dans le
premier 1800s. Il a écrit la musique pour la flûte = l'enregistreur 1807-

David T Heberle (la branche de Albersweiler) de Erie PA USA a été
l'auteur/co-l'auteur de 8+ enregistre 1978-. Inclut des livres sur fumer
de nourriture, la direction, construire votre propre accueil, votre
sûreté de construction.

Erwin Heberle-Bors, la génétique de Plante de Professeur à l'Institut
pour Microbiology et la Génétique à l'Université de Vienna, Austria 1989-
.   A   publié   144+   les   papiers   et   3+   les   livres   sur   le
génétique/microbiology 1970-.

Gastehaus Heberle dans l'Allemagne de Immenstaad c1938-. Maintenant géré
par Christine et Walter Heberle.

Gunter Heberle, le lecteur de soccer, né 1973 Kiel, l'Allemagne. Joué
pour FC Augsburg, Burghausen, 1860 Munich Amateure, Stuttgart Kickers

Hans Heberle (la branche de Neenstetten, né 1597 mort 1677) chaussure
fabricant de Neenstetten, écrit décrire à un livre dans c1648 la vie de
sa famille. Ses parents, 4 frères, 2 soeurs et 2 enfants sont mortes dans
l'épidémie de fléau dans 1634-35. Son livre a décrit le comet de 1618 et
arrivée de Gustav Adolf l'armée suédoise dans 1630.

Heberle l'Ecole Elémentaire, l'Avenue de Freeman, Cincinatti OH, USA (a
nommé après Joseph Heberle (la branche de Hoerdt), le défenseur d'école

Heberle Ford & Mercury, les négociants de voiture dans Forsyth MT USA,
1959-. Les propriétaires Raymond Todd et Brent Eldon Heberle dans 1999-,
précédemment Erwin Leo, Raymond, Clarence Howard, Karl Reinhardt, Elmer
Eldon et Fredrick Henry Heberle (la branche de Alpirsbach).

Heberle Stables Rochester NY, USA c1926-. Possédé par William R Heberle
(la branche de Laudenbach). Précédemment possédé par son père Oscar
Joseph Heberle.

Isabelle Lucie Heberle (la branche de Falkwiller), la soeur de Phillipe
Louis, a représenté la France dans la fusillade de fusil dans 2 Olympique
Heberle family 1500-2005
(Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992).

Jean Claude Héberlé (la branche de Reichshoffen) est dans "Qui Est qui en
france" (1994). Le journaliste dans Algeria 1957-61, la Radio et la Tele
France plus actuelle 1961-67, le correspondant chef de Nouvelles dans
Washington USA 1967-70, France de chaîne de Tele d'éditeur Principale
1972-74, le Directeur radio de Monaco de Carlo de Monte Générale 1981-84.
Les autres positions de distiguished dans les organisations de presse de
nouvelles national/internationaux 1986-89. Le chevalier de la Légion
Française d'Honneur.

J M (Johann Mathias) les négociants de livre de Heberle et art et les
éditeurs dans Cologne, Rhine Westphalia du Nord, founded par Johann
Mathias Heberle c1790. J M Heberle (H Lempertz' Sohne) c1900-11, les
Maths. Lempertz c1912-34.

Joachim Heberle, le frère d'Heberle-Bors de Erwin. Depuis 1990 auteur
d'auteur/jointure de 62+ a publié des papiers scientifiques. Beaucoup des
papiers ont traité le proton transfert et Bacteriorhodopsin photocycle.
Le professeur dans Bielefeld, l'Allemagne le 2005 Octobre-.

Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (la branche de Clausthal-Zellerfeld), le
Professeur de Emeritus l'Université qui déclare de New York dans USA de
Buffle 1989-. Le fils de Otto Rudolf Heberle, b Konigsberg (maintenant
l'URSS de Kalingrad). La structure moléculaire faite des recherches sur,
les supraconducteurs, electrodynamics.

Klaus Hinrich Heberle (la branche de Clausthal-Zellerfeld), le fils de
Otto Rudolf Heberle, né Kiel, l'Allemagne. Le professeur d'Université de
science politique de Chicago, le Professeur de USA et Associé de science
politique à l'Université de Kentucky de l'est 1972-.

Linda Kay (Kay) Heberle (la branche de Ettenheim) de USA de Texas, était
dans le series de Tele "Jeune et inquiet" dans 1975-78, a eu la carrière
d'agir et comédie dans les Anges de Los. Etait dans le film "Psycho III"
dans 1986.

Manfred Heberle founded Heberle Continental, le fabricant et le
distributeur d'équipement de studwelding dans le Canada, qu'il a vendu
dans c1996. Aussi proprieter de BTH le Bolzenschweib Technik Heberle
GmbH, dans Dachau, l'Allemagne, les outils de bombardant/machine de
métal, c1996-.

Orville Henry Heberle (la branche de Dambach La Ville) Heberle Meat
Packing commencée près de Hermann dans 1959 et l'a vendu dans 1975. Les
affaires opération calme dans 2005 mais aucun Heberles a impliqué.
Orville était le fabricant de cellarmaster et saucisson à Hermannhof
Winery dans Hermann 1976-86.

Otto Rudolf Heberle (la branche de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) était le
conférencier à l'Université de Kiel, l'Allemagne 1929-38. Emigré à USA
1938. Le professeur de sociologie Bâton Rouge LA c1938-70. A publié 19+
les papiers et 25+ les livres sur les sujets sociaux et politiques.

Patricia Robin (Trish) Heberle (la branche de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) de
Perth l'Australie de l'ouest a représenté l'Australie dans hockey à 1984
Olympique à USA d'Anges de Los. L'entraîneur de l'équipe de hockey de
womens d'Angleterre 2000-04.

Philippe Louis M Héberlé (la branche de Falkwiller), a énuméré dans "Qui
Est qui en france" (1994) comme shooter de fusil de champion et
l'entraîneur. Le champion olympique dans la fusillade de fusil d'air (10
mètres étendent) aux Anges de Los 1984, Innsbruck de champion de Monde
1983 et Mexique 1984. Le chevalier de l'Ordre National de Mérite.

Ronald Leslie Heberle (la branche de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) de Perth
l'Australie de l'ouest a 850+ les photos de orchid natales sur
l'Internet, a publié 16+ les papiers sur orchids natal 1981-2004 et a 2
orchids nommé après lui, Caladenia heberleana et Diuris heberli. Un autre
orchid, Prasophyllum paulineii, est après nommé sa femme, Mrs Pauline
Graham Heberle.

Poucos Heberle são muito bem conhecidos. Poucos Heberle são mencionados nos livros
de história ou em enciclopédias. Não há cidades com o nome derivado dos Heberle mas
há negócios, edifícios, estradas e plantas Heberle. Muitos foram muito bem sucedidos no
desporto, artes, profissão literária, ensino e negócios. Seguem-se os meus factos mais
importantes dos Heberle, mais conhecidos como Heberle.

Associe-se Professor Albert Peter Heberle de Alemanha (Instituto de Planck de Max em
Stuttgart <1998), Reino Unido (Laboratório de Cambridge de Hitachi 1998-2003) e USA (a
Universidade de Pittsburgh 2003-) publicaram 40+ papéis em semiconductors e temas
relacionados 1991-.

Aldayr Heberle (ramo de Berus) de Brasil. O Gerente/Diretor de um número de
companhias envolvido em exportação/importa em Brasil e Argentina 1970-89.

Antoine Heberle (ramo de Wintzenheim) de cinematógrafo de France para 22 + filma
1989-, incluir "amour de et de Paix (Paz e amor)" em 1994, Incruste de "L" (infiltra)" em 1994,
"Ama-me" em 2000.

Anton Heberle de Wien, Austria era compositor de música no 1800s Previo. Escreveu
música para canelura = gravador 1807-.

David T Heberle (ramo de Albersweiler) de Erie PA USA foi autor/cia-autor de 8+ livros 1978-
. Inclui livros em fumar alimento, manejo, construção o próprio lar, segurança de

Erwin Heberle-Bors, genética de Planta de Professor em Instituto para Microbiology e
Genética na Universidade de Vienna, Austria 1989-. Publicou 144+ papéis e 3+ livros em
genética microbiology 1970-.

Gastehaus Heberle em c1938- de Alemanha de Immenstaad. Agora administrado por
Christine e Walter Heberle.

Gunter Heberle, jogador de futebol, nascido 1973 Kiel, Alemanha. Jogado para Augsburg
de FC, Burghausen, 1860 Amateure de Munich, Kickers de Stuttgart (2000s).

Hans Heberle (ramo de Neenstetten, nascido 1597 morrido 1677) sapateiro de
Neenstetten, escreveram um livro em c1648 descrever a vida da sua família. Seus pais, 4

Heberle family 1500-2005
irmãos, 2 irmãs e 2 crianças morreram na epidemia de praga em 1634-35. Seu livro
descreveu o comet de 1618 e chegada de exército sueco do Adolf de Gustav em 1630.

Heberle Escola Elementar, Avenida de Freeman, Cincinatti OH, USA (nomeou depois
Joseph Heberle (ramo de Hoerdt), advogado de escola prévia).

Heberle Ford & Mercúry, negociantes de carro em Forsyth MT USA, 1959-. Todd de
Raymond de proprietários e Heberle de Eldon de Brent em 1999-, previamente Leo de
Erwin, Raymond, Howard de Clarence, Reinhardt de Karl, Eldon de Elmer e Heberle de
Henry de Fredrick (ramo de Alpirsbach).

Heberle Stables (Estábulos) Rochester NY USA, c1926-. Possuido por William R Heberle
(ramo de Laudenbach). Previamente possuido pelseu de Oscar Joseph Heberle de pai.

Isabelle Lucie Heberle (ramo de Falkwiller), irmã de Phillipe Louis, representou France em
tiroteio de rifle em 2 Olimpíada (Seoul 1988, Barcelona 1992).

Jean Claude Héberlé (ramo de Reichshoffen) está em "É quem em France" (1994). O
jornalista em Algeria 1957-61, Rádio e TV France mais presente 1961-67, correspondente
chefe de Notícia em USA de Washington 1967-70, France de canal de TV de redator de
Chefe 1972-74, Diretor rádio Geral de Monaco de Carlo de Monte 1981-84. Outro
distiguished posiciona em organizações de imprensa de notícia de nacional/international
1986-89. Cavaleiro da Legião francesa de Honra.

JM (Johann Mathias) Heberle livro e negociantes de arte e editores em Koln Westphalia
Norte de Rhine, fundado por c1790 de Johann Mathias Heberle. JM Heberle (Lempertz de
H' Sohne) c1900-11, Matemática. Lempertz c1912-34.

Joachim Heberle, irmão de Erwin Heberle-Bors. Desde que 1990 autor autor/em conjunto
de 62+ publicou papéis científicos. Muitos dos papéis lidou com transferência de proton e
photocycle de Bacteriorhodopsin. O professor em Bielefeld, outubro de Alemanha 2005-.

Juergen Wilhelm Heberle (ramo de Clausthal-Zellerfeld), Professor de Emeritus
Universidade Estadual de Nova Iorque em USA de Búfalo 1989-. Filho de Otto Rudolf
Heberle, nascido Konigsberg (agora Kalingrad USSR). Estrutura molecular pesquisada,
superconductors, electrodynamics.

Klaus Hinrich Heberle (ramo de Clausthal-Zellerfeld), filho de Otto Rudolf Heberle, nascido
Kiel, Alemanha. Professor de Universidade política de ciência de Chicago, USA e Professor
de Sócio de ciência política em Universidade Oriental de Kentucky 1972-.

Linda Kay (Kay) Heberle (ramo de Ettenheim) de USA de Texas, estava na série de TV
"Jovem e inquieto" em 1975-78, teve encenação e carreira de comédia em Anjos de Los.
Estava em película "III de Psycho" em 1986.

Manfred Heberle fundado Heberle Continental, fabricante e distribuidor de equipamento
de studwelding em Canadá, que ele vendeu em c1996. Também proprieter de GmbH de
Heberle de Bolzenschweib Technik de BTH, em Dachau, Alemanha, ferramentas de
formando/máquina de metal, c1996-.

Orville Henry Heberle (ramo de Dambach La Ville) Heberle Carne Empacotar Companhia
começada próximo Hermann em 1959 e vendeu em 1975. Negócio ainda operação em
2005 mas nenhum Heberles envolveram. Orville era cellarmaster e criador de linguiça em
Winery de Hermannhof em Hermann 1976-86.

Otto Rudolf Heberle (ramo de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) era conferencista na Universidade de
Kiel, Alemanha 1929-38. Emigrado a USA 1938. Professor de sociologia c1938-70 de Baton
Rouge LA. Publicou 19+ papéis e 25+ livros em temas políticos sociais.

Patricia Robin (Trish) Heberle (ramo de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) de Austrália de Oeste de Perth
representou Austrália em hockey em 1984 Olimpíada em USA de Anjos de Los. Treinador
da equipe de hockey de womens de Inglaterra 2000-04.

Philippe Louis Héberlé (ramo de Falkwiller), alistou em "É quem em France" (1994) como
atirador de rifle de campeão e treinador. Campeão olímpico em tiroteio de rifle de ar (10
alcance de metros) em Anjos de Los 1984, Innsbruck Mundial de campeão 1983 e México
1984. Cavaleiro da Ordem Nacional de Mérito.

Ronald Leslie Heberle (ramo de Clausthal-Zellerfeld) de Austrália de Oeste de Perth tem
850+ fotos nativas de orquídia na Internet, publicou 16+ papéis em orquídias nativas 1981-
2004 e tem 2 orquídias nomearam depois o, Caladenia heberleana e Diuris heberli. Outra
orquídia, Prasophyllum paulineii, é nomeada depois sua esposa, Sra Pauline Graham

Professions/ Berufe/ Professions/ Profissões
English                Deutsch                   Français              Português
accountant             buchhalter                comptable             contabilista
airman                 flieger                   aero homme            airman
architect              architekt                 architecte            arquitect
author                 autor                     auteur                autor
baker                  backer                    boulanger             padeiro
banker                 bankier                   banquier              banqueiro
bartender              barkeeper                 barman                bartender
beer coachman          bierkut                   biere                 coachman de
blacksmith             schmied                   forgeron              ferreiro
book keeper            buchhalter                comptabilite          escrituracao
bootmaker              schumacher                botte fabriquer       bota fabricante
brick layer, mason     maurer                    macon                 pedreiro
broker                 makler                    courtier              corretor
butcher                fleischer                 boucher               homem
cabinet maker          schreiner                 ebeniste              gabinete fabricante
cameraman              kameramann                cameraman             maquina homen
carpenter              zimmermann                charpentier           carpinteiro
cheesemaker            kaeser                    fromage               queijo fabricante
chef                   kuchenchef                chef, cuisinier       chefe
chemist                apotheker                 pharmacien            farmaceutico
clerk                  angestellte               employe        de     empregado
cooper                 kufer                     cooper                tanoeiro
counsellor             berater                   conseiller            conselho
day labourer           tagloehner                manoeuvre             jornaleiro

Heberle family 1500-2005
dentist                    zahnarzt                    dentiste           dentista
doctor                     arzt                        docteur, medecin   medico
draftsman                  zeichner                    dessinateur        projetista
electronics engineer       elecktroniker               electronique       engenheiro       de
                                                       ingenieur          eletrônica
engineer                   ingenieur                   ingenieur          engenheiro
factory worker             fabrikarbeiter              fabrique           operario
farmer                     bauer,         landwirt,    fermier,           agricultor
                           ackersmann                  cultivateur
fireman                    feuerwehrmann               pompier            bombeiro
fisherman                  fischer                     pecheur            pescador
forest guard               forster                     foret garde        floresta guarda
furniture dealer           mobel handler               meuble marchand    mobilia comerciante
insurance agent            versicherungsvertreter      agent              seguro agente
joiner, woodworker         schreiner                   menuisier          carpinteiro
journalist                 journalist                  journaliste        jornalista
lawyer                     jurist                      juriste            advogado
lecturer                   dozent                      conferencier       assistente
machine fitter             schlosser                   monteur            adjustador
mechanic                   mechaniker                  mechanicien        mecanico
merchant                   kaufmann                    marchand           comerciante
metal worker               metallarbeiter              metal              trabalhador      de
                                                       travailleur        metal
miller                     muller                      meunier            moleiro
miner                      bergmann                    mineur             mineiro
notary                     notar                       infirmiere         tabelião
nun                        nonne                       religieuse         religiosa
nurse                      schwester                   infermiere         enfermeira
painter                    maler                       peintre            pintor
pastor, rector, priest     rektor                      pretre, pasteur    padre
pharmacist                 apotheker                   pharmacien         pharmaceutico
policeman                  polizist                    agent de police    policia
postal worker              postbeamter                 postale            trabalhador postal
professor                  professor                   professeur         professor
psychologist               psychologin                 psychologue        psicologo
public servant             beamter                     public servante    servente público
restaurant owner           gastwirt                    restaurant         proprietário     de
                                                       proprietaire       restaurante
salesman                   verkauferin                 vendeur            caixeiro
sawmiller                  sagewerk                    scierie            serraria
seaman                     seemann                     marin              marinheiro
secretary                  sekretar                    secretaire         secretaria
shoemaker                  schumaker                   chaussure          sapateiro
shopkeeper                 ladenbesitzer               marchand           logista
smith                      schmied                     marechal-ferrant   ferreiro
sports trainer             sport trainerin             entraineur         desporto treinador

tailor               schneider                  tailleur        alfaite
teacher              lehrer                     instituteur,    professor
undertaker           bestatter                  croque-mort     agente de funerais
veterinary surgeon   tierarzt, veterinar        veterinaire     veterinario
vine dresser         weingartner                vigne elaguer   dresser de vinho
wagon builder        wagner                     chariot         construtor de vagão
weaver               weber                      tisserand       tecelao
wine grower          weinbauer                  viticulteur,    vinho cultivador


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