Zrii Claims And Counterclaims by MartinRussell


									Zrii Claims And Counterclaims

While searching for a valid business opportunity you come across Zrii
which appears to have a solid reputation. Naturally you don't take them at
their word alone. You get online and search to find out more. On the very
first page you come across results with "Zrii scam" right across the top.
However is this really a signal that you ought to steer clear of Zrii?

Zrii has become one of the fastest-growing wellness companies since its
record-breaking pre-launch in October 2007. It was founded by William
Farle, a successful entrepreneur who was previously the CEO of clothing
manufacturer Fruit of the Loom. Zrii's flagship product is their nutritional
drink whose main ingredient is the Amalaki fruit, also known as Indian
Gooseberry, which has traditionally been noted for its rejuvenative
qualities, and other medicinal uses. Based on the age-old principles of
Ayurvedic science, Zrii is endorsed by no less than the Chopra Center for
Well Being.

Inspired by the success of Zrii, the company launched NutriiVeda, a meal
replacement drink that uses 100% natural ingredients, and is made from a
proprietary blend of 7 Ayurvedic botanicals. Promoted for weight-loss
purposes, each can of NutriiVeda helps suppress appetite while providing
more than 22 vitamins and minerals, as well as nutrients such as soluble
fiber, essential amino acids and protein.

You begin with Zrii as an MLM business by buying a Basic Business pack
and enrolling in an autoship program to receive product, or by buying any
of three business starter packs that include product as well as business
materials. Then you can make money by selling product and by recruiting
either Preferred Customers or Independent Producers and qualifying for a
range of bonuses in the compensation plan.

Zrii Scam Reports Are Not Always What They Seem

If you spent the time to go through a number of the "Zrii is a scam" results
of your search you will that realize that many are written by their distributors
who then, not surprisingly, go on to tell you that Zrii is definitely a legitimate
option that you should not ignore. The scam headline was therefore just to
draw you in.

Then again, you might actually discover feedback from distributors who're
truly displeased with their experience with Zrii, and it's worth taking notice
of these.

Zrii Can't Do It For You

Even if you come to the conclusion that Zrii really provides a legitimate
business opportunity for you, this does not guarantee you will succeed. The
bottom line is that you will need to sell Zrii products and market the
opportunity effectively.

So the question remains - how well can YOU promote your new business?
After you have introduced Zrii, its products and opportunities to your family
and friends, how can you build further? Can you reach the massive online
market? And can you stand out from the crowd enough to succeed?

Don't let "Zrii scam" headlines distract you from the key to you success in
this business; learning how to market!

Success in an internet business begins with the skills for online marketing.
Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from people who have been there and
succeeded here.

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