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					Phlebotomy Certification

The medical field has always been the premier
career here and abroad because unlike other
careers, there is always a demand for it
regardless of the country’s economic status.
Medical doctors and medical techinicians are
equally popular choices among freshmen
since it offers excellent financial compensation
and stability.
Unfortunately, not everyone has a limitless
financing to fund one’s medical aspiration
hence medical technicians like phlebotomists
are a favorite. It offers excellent financial
compensation and stability without the
expensive tuition that comes with medical
school or graduate school. It also doesn’t hurt
that earning a phlebotomy certification is
quite simple.
A phlebotomy certification allows one to
perform the various tasks associated with
phlebotomy. Phlebotomy is the procedure
wherein intravenous fluid is administered into
the individual’s veins while another needle is
utilized to draw blood. This process is done
for individuals who are experiencing excessive
iron and red blood cells in their system to
stabilized the levels of hemoglobin and
An individual with a phlebotomy certification
can seek employment with various
organizations like hospitals, laboratories,
clinics and the Red Cross offices around the
country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also
included phlebotomists as one of the careers
with a rapid growth potential within the
There are a number of institutions that offer
phlebotomy certification degrees in the
country however; it is important to ensure
that you chose an accredited institution for
your education. The typical phlebotomy
certification courses would only last around
six months and sometimes, even less.
A phlebotomist is considered as a medical
technician with specialized training hence; it is
important to verify that the institution is
reputable and accredited.
These accredited institutions should meet
certain minimum standards to warrant that all
certified phlebotomists have acquired all the
necessary skills to perform the job effectively
and safely. Moreover, most employers do not
recognize any phlebotomy certification issued
by non-accredited institutions.
In choosing an institution, it is important to
look into their program and review which ones
would equip you better to excel in your
chosen field. You might want an institution
that offers courses in patient care, needle
handling, anatomy and safety.
Plus, it also wouldn’t hurt to check on the
credentials of their instructors.
It is important that prior to submitted an
application with your preferred institution that
you have checked and met all minimum
requirements for application. Most institution
would require the applicant to –
– be at least 18 years old
– have a high school diploma or its equivalent like the
– pass a criminal background check
– be in healthy
A typical phlebotomy certification courses would
include formal class discussion as well as practical
application and training. Upon completion of the
required course outline, the student will be
required to complete and pass the final
examination in order to receive his or her
phlebotomy certification to be able to work as a
phlebotomist. However, this would vary from
state to state so it would be best to check with
your local state first.
In general, students will learn how to perform
venipuncture properly. They would also be
required to take physiology and anatomy
courses including a basic first aid program.
There is a notable emphasis on safety and
proper handling of blood during the program
especially when it can potentially contain
hazardous infections and diseases.
So what happens next? It would still likewise
be dependent on the prevailing regulations in
your state where you where. There are some
states that require minimum additional
training annually to validate the phlebotomy
certification. It is to ensure that certified
phlebotomists are updated on the current
trends and techniques associated with the
You can also opt to take on advanced
phlebotomy certification that would include
administering injections, inserting intravenous
lines and performing arterial blood collection.
This would not only open a lot of career
opportunities but also bring about a potential
salary increase.
This is definitely a great opportunity for
anyone who are not looking into spending
year after year in medical school. Moreover,
there are sufficient employment opportunities
for individuals who were able to undergo
proper training and certification. It doesn’t
look like it will be saturated any time soon
with individuals with phlebotomy certification.
Phlebotomy Certification

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