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									                         CARE INTERNATIONAL SOUTH SUDAN

                        HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGER SUD/EX/002036

CARE South Sudan is an International NGO working in South Sudan. CARE and its partners
work with vulnerable communities to address the underlying causes of poverty and promote
peace and development, through its strategic goal to reduce poverty by empowering
women, enhancing access to resources and services, and improving governance.

CARE South Sudan is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position Human Resource
Manager based in Juba.

Job Summary
The Human Resource Manager is responsible for implementing and reviewing existing
policies and procedures, developing new or revised ways of handling HR management and
development functions, and ensuring their proper implementation. S/he works closely with
sector, program, and department heads, and establishes appropriate linkages with the sub
offices in order to ensure that the HR policies and procedures are adhered to. The
incumbent works in collaboration with the Labor Office to ensure recruitment processes and
HR policies are in compliance with the Country Law. The HR Manager coordinates all
national and international recruitment and ensures proper documentation of the process.


   Develop and implement manpower planning, recruitment and selection policies and
    procedures that support the attraction and retention of high calibre staff.
   Maintain an open, impartial and effective system for recruitment process.
   Ensure GED considerations are positively promoted during recruitment procedures.
   Organize, orient and guide recruitment panels in the process to ensure selection of the
    'most deserving candidate'.
   Coordinate the recruitment process for international staff.
   Ensure the grading structure for all positions is properly followed
   Design, plan and implement staff recruitment in accordance with the CARE policies and
    procedures. This includes liaising with department heads, evaluating and processing
    employment contracts and extensions, processing staff offer letters, sending out regrets
    and coordinating orientation to new staff.
   Ensure HR related issues such as staff placement, orientation, confirmation, leave,
    retrenchment, transfer, promotion, dismissals, separations, etc. are handled in
    accordance with established policies and procedures and national Labor Laws.
   Formulate, update and ensure effective implementation of new staff orientation and
    training programmes.
   Carry out staff exit interviews.
   Be responsible for the preparation of relevant documentation for the timely and correct
    application for Work Permits for non-national staff through the CO Administrator and file
   Prepare CARE presentations on HR Policies and advise the CO Administrator on all legal
    cases involving CARE personnel. Oversee accurate, timely and effective administration of
    staff remuneration.
   Ensure timely and accurate staff payroll reporting to the finance department and
    mandatory practice of PAR for all staff
   Prepare and monitor the budget of the HR department.
   Coordinate clearance and final dues for separating staff.
   Administer and control the pay structure and system.
    Ensure that compensation levels are competitive with market rates and recommend
    adjustments as appropriate through appropriate salary surveys.

   Evaluate staff turnover and recommend ways to keep it to a minimum.
   Handle grievances and investigation with confidentiality and appropriate action.
   Cultivate sound Employee Relations by undertaking all necessary consultations and
    negotiations with employee representatives and ensuring effective communication of
    CARE SS policies.
   Oversee HR information management by continuous updating of employee database.
   Provide leadership and guidance to the performance and talent management process, by
    ensuring the application of best practice standards in respect to performance
    management, skills development and succession planning.
   Coordinate the functioning of the Performance Management system.
   Ensure timely submission of annual appraisals, individual operating plans and mid-year
    reviews of staff.
   Provide information to Finance on annual increment of staff both merit and Cola based.
   Plan, develop, schedule and advise on staff performance management and appraisal
    calendar to all staff.
   Maintain staff personal files by ensuring accuracy and completeness of staff employment
    information regarding personal data, remuneration, benefits and welfare issues and
    relevant visa and work permits as required.
   Establish, schedule, monitor and record timelines for Human Resources processes and
    provide quarterly progress reports. Ubora survey.
   Supervise, train and offer guidance to staff on HR issues.
   Periodically review the Performance Management system and pilot new innovative
    methods in performance development and appraisals.
   Work jointly with CD/PC and Finance Controller in developing, implementing and
    enhancing Country Office staff development programmes.
   In Collaboration with CD/PC and Finance Controller address the day to day staff
    employment grievances.
   Supervise, train and offer guidance to staff under his/her responsibilities, including field
    staff, when applicable.
   Lead the development, review and implementation of Human Resource policies and
   Lead the development, review and implementation of the Human Resource manual and
    code of conduct.
   Ensure the HR processes are in compliance with the Government Labor Laws and CARE
   Ensure staff welfare is fostered to the best of CARE’s ability and within the policy and
   Manage staff benefits schemes including medical claims.
   Coordinate staff insurance covers (GPA & GL) by ensuring that all staff are insured and
    timely deletion of non existing members occurs.
   Be the focal person for HR related issues (hospital, medical insurance, links to
    Nairobi/Kampala) during medical evacuation.
    Educate and guide CARE SS staff on the relevant operational policies and procedure
   Ensure confidentiality of records.
   Generate periodic records and reports such as leave report, staff lists, HR statistics.
   Handling staff evacuation from South Sudan
   Participate or commission salary surveys and job evaluation and implement related
    recommendation / results
   Work with FC, in processing remuneration changes resulting from performance
   Manage the staff training and development function including the execution of the
    training needs assessment process, the development of appropriate training
    interventions and career development plan in coordination with CD and budget holders.
   Supervise coordination of staff development training plan and implementation of
    projects and departments.
   Coach and allocate resources for appropriate training of HR staff to develop their skill
    and competencies.
    Ensure timely implementation of new staff orientation/induction.
   Maintain oversight on organizational initiatives for capacity strengthening of national
   Maintain contact with CARE academy and assist staff to avail possible learning
   Periodically assess and review CARE’s staff development policy and systems on the basis
    of feedback from staff and information on how other organizations handle staff
    development activities.

Qualifications and Competencies
       Bachelor’s degree Human Resources Management.
       Higher National Diploma in Human Resources Management and/or Business
        Administration. A Masters Degree in Business Administration or Human Resources
        Management will be an added advantage.
       6 years relevant experience in a Senior Management position in an NGO setting.
       Wide knowledge of NGO operations and the dynamics of development sector.
       Understanding of the Labor Laws and CARE policies.
       Fluent in written and spoken English. Arabic language a requirement.
       Should be proficient in computer use and its applications.


The position will be based in Juba with frequent visit to field locations This position is ONLY
open to South Sudan Nationals.

Closing date for receiving application will be 28 July 2012.

Applications and CVs should be sent by Email to:
CARE South Sudan
Tongping Area, Off US Residential Road
Juba, South Sudan

Applicants sending their applications through email should clearly mark on the subject “Project
Manager. Please at this stage applicants should only send application and CV. Do not
attach or send copies of certificates/testimonials.

  CARE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, promoting gender, equity and diversity and women
                       candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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