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Bathing Suits For Big Busts by michelewestcott


									   Bathing Suits For Big Busts

Like it or not, you are blessed with something
many women can only dream of –a pair of
ample bosoms; however, shopping for bathing
suits for big busts can often be a harrowing
Unless you are very confident to wear
something which runs the risk of making your
breasts accidentally pop out in the beach, you
are probably looking for a swimwear that will
offer you enough coverage while not making
you look like a grandmother.
If your top half is bigger than your bottom,
there are many varieties of bathing suits
available which will make you look fabulous in
the beach or in the pool without having to
worry about a wardrobe malfunction.
The top three things you must look for when
purchasing bathing suits for big busts are:
banded halter tops, swimwear that are sold as
separates by cup size, and underwire tops.
Banded halters tops provide support similar to
that of an underwire without the obvious
outline and the rigidness. This is also a good
choice if you are one of those who are wary of
using bras with metal underwire because of
studies revealing that they may cause
potential health problems.
There are also bathing suits that come in
different cup sizes for women with large busts.
Instead of the usual small to large, some
swimwear companies now offers bathing suits
up to cup size G. In fact, when shopping for a
swimming outfit, you do not need to choose
matching top and bottom sizes.
Underwire tops, on the other hand, looks
exactly like a normal underwire bra. The
underwire can give extra support to your bust.
If you are not into metal underwire, there are
tops which have plastic ones.
• Black is classy and very helpful too in the
  wardrobe department. It will not only help
  you look slimmer, it can also help you tone
  down the size of your bust.
• Aside from wearing solid color, wearing bath
  suits with geometric prints can also reduce
  fullness. You can be as funky and summer-ish
  as you want.
• Soft and elastic fabrics such nylon and Lycra
  elevate breasts and make you look leaner.
• If you want something that can give you
  good support while allowing you to show
  some skin (i.e. cleavage), you can try halter-
  top bikinis. They also further emphasize the
  shoulder areas to draw away attention from
  your breasts.
• For halter tops, choose styles that are hooped
  around the midriff and can be tied around the
  neck and in the back. Like springy fabrics, they
  can give you some lift and gives you more
  leverage to make some further adjustments.
• When shopping for one piece bathing suits for
  big busts, find something with more structure,
  such as soft foam cups or a shelf bra.
• Straight cut styles such as a classic tank can
  look neat. In addition, avoid strapless and tiny
  tops which give only minimal coverage. For
  comfort, choose wide shoulder straps over
  skinny spaghetti straps.
• It is okay, and recommended to order the top
  and bottom sizes separately.
• Swimwear with underwire and thick chest
  bands can offer additional support. The latter
  will also save you from the shame of a
  wardrobe malfunction by preventing your
  busts from jingling and by making sure they
  firmly stay where they are supposed to be.
There are a lot of brands in the market who
offer selections of bathing suits for women
with large busts. Here are top two fashion
favorites you might like to consider.
Victoria’s Secret has a great collection of
underwire bras. If you are fond of a particular
Victoria’s Secret bra style, then you have just
hit gold, because many of their bra styles have
their own bikini tops version too.
For a collection of beautiful styles of tops and
prints which are especially designed for the
large cup sized population, then you can check
out Aerin Rose. Their sizes can even reach up
to size G! Made especially for large busted
girls who are looking for their bathing suits for
big busts soulmate, you can and will be able to
find something that you like from the brand’s
large offerings.
   Bathing Suits For Big Busts

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