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Advert Elderly Services Private Residents Alarm Monitoring Servic_1 by lanyuehua


									          Elderly Services – Private Residents Alarm Monitoring
                      Service Business Opportunity

Following a realignment of its activities, Oxford City Council’s Elderly Services
Team is seeking to dispose of the non-Supporting People elements of its
service provision. This consists of a number of alarm monitoring and
emergency response contracts for organisations in Oxford City and other
areas of Oxfordshire; a significant number of individual community alarm
contracts in the city and elsewhere, for both simple monitoring and full
emergency response services; and various out-of-hours reporting and lone-
worker monitoring services.

The Council is seeking to dispose of this business in such a way as to ensure
uninterrupted service to current clients wherever possible, and will favour
proposals that offer some guarantee of continuation of current pricing
structures. The Council believes that the TUPE regulations will apply to any

If you are interested in this opportunity please request details from: -

    The Head of Procurement
    Oxford City Council
    Town Hall
    Blue Boar Street
    Oxford OX1 4EY

    Tel: Tel: 01865 252573
    Fax: 01865 252581

Tender offers must be returned by: -

12 Noon on 12th May 2010

The Council does not bind itself to accept the lowest offer or any tender
subsequently received.

Valuing differences and making equal opportunities a reality.

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