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Sequoia Trees


									  Sequoia Trees

• I was a very young man the first time I saw
  Sequoia Trees. In fact, it wasn't until I was in
  my mid 30s when I took another trip to
  Sequoia National Park that I started to
  remember how impressive the trees are. I
  recalled that the trees were so tall that they
  seemed to touch the sky. A child could never
  climb one of those monsters.
• As a Los Angeles city kid, we saw plenty of tall,
  skinny palm trees. Even with all the concrete
  there were plenty of other trees around
  especially in places like Griffith Park. But there
  were no real forest. In order to see forest we
  had to drive up into the mountains. Most trips
  did not compare to a Sunday drive up to the
  local mountains.
• But, at least once a year, during the summer,
  we would take a day trip up to the Sequoia
  Valley. Yes, it was a three hour drive each way,
  but remember, the 60's were a different time
  and driving wasn't as tedious.
• The whole trip was about the Giant Sequoia
  Trees. Jaw dropping, breath taking - pick your
  own description. These trees grow to over 250
  feet high and over 20 feet in diameter. We
  could drive through one that was shaped into
  a tunnel. You could walk along the trails and
  imagine trying to climb one so you could reach
  the sky. Even the thought of playing hide and
  seek in a forest like those would bring smiles
  to our faces.
• The biggest tree, the General Sherman, stands
  300 feet and 100 feet around. The thousands
  of years they have been around makes it
  worth the trip.
• Getting to the Sequoia Valley takes about 3 hours
  from Los Angeles, about 4 hours from San
  Francisco, and about 2½ hours from Yosemite.
  These days, you probably won't want to make a
  day trip of it. Plans can be made to stay in the
  Sequoia or Kings Canyon National Park or you can
  stay in one of the several nearby towns. What a
  way to get away from the stress and hustle of the
  big city. Once you see Sequoia trees, you'll want
  to come back again and again.
• My experience in California spans over 50 years. Since
  growing up in Los Angeles in the 1950's, we have
  explored most parts of California and still do so today.
  Having lived in most parts of the United States, we
  have experienced our share of figuring out what to do
  with an idle Saturday or Sunday. Amusement park? The
  latest nightclub? Hike, bike or camp? The choices are
  endless. When you consider the vastness of a State like
  California, you will understand my passion. Whether
  it's the wine country, the beach, or just a local festival
  let me your guide to a great weekend getaway in
     Sequia Trees

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