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					SG 1 Service agreements are established and maintained
SP1.1 Analyze existing service agreements and service data to prepare for expected new
Customer feedback is in CL IS Project Review & Closure Template v1.0.doc. But nowhere in the
documents is stated what is actually done with the feedback; e.g. if it is used to improve the agreements
or not.

SP1.2 Establish and maintain the service agreement
CL_ProMIS_v1.0.ppt sheet 9: “IS Project Manager responsible for sign off Service Level Agreement
(SLA)” (at the end of Realization and Testing)

CL IS Checklist Realization v1.0.doc chapter Service Level Agreement signed off

The above two quotations imply that SLA’s are used, but what exactly they are comprised of is not clear.

SG 2 Preparation for service delivery is conducted
SP2.1 Establish and maintain the approach to be used for service delivery and service
system operations
The service delivery approach is described in the CL IS Checklist Go-Live and Support v1.0.doc document.

SP2.2 Confirm the readiness of the service system to enable the delivery of services
No information regarding this practice can be found in the documents.

SP2.3 Establish and maintain a request management system for processing and tracking
request information
In UM002.doc on page 4: “The tool used for incident and change request management is Service Desk”

SG 3 Services are delivered in accordance with service agreements
SP3.1 Receive and process service requests in accordance with service agreements
UM002.doc page 12: “The call has resulted in the creation of a change request.” This line implies that
change requests can be received by phone.

SP3.2 Operate the service system to deliver services in accordance with service agreements
No information found.

SP3.3 Maintain the service system to ensure the continuation of service delivery
No mention of maintenance is made in any of the documents.

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