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									GAF Roofing

GAF roofing is a roofing system manufactured
exclusively by GAF Materials Corporation. The
GAF in its name stands for General Aniline and
Film and it was originally founded on 1886 as
the Standard Paint Company.
The company started by primarily
manufacturing roofing materials for
commercial and residential use. It has since
then diversified into other products such as
fiber-cement siding, metal ductwork and
specialty fabrics. There was even a time that
GAF was manufacturing photographic film
being used by cameras and film projectors. It
was even considered as the official film of
Disneyland during the 1970s.
It introduced its first product, Ruberoid®,
which is fairly comparable to rubber and kept
in an easy-to-use rolls. This ready-to-lay
asphalt roofing system changed the way of
how roofs were installed.
The success of Ruberoid® was unparalleled
that the company name was changed to the
Ruberoid Company in 1921 but was eventually
changed to GAF Materials Corporation in 1967
upon its merger. However, Ruberoid® still
continues to be the country’s foremost trusted
name in commercial and residential roofing
We hear so much about the GAF roofing system
  but what do we really know about it?
• GAF RoofingComponents
  Shingles -
     Basic Three Tab Shingles – This is the basic of all the
      available GAF roofing systems that works for individuals
      on a limited budget. Homeowners can further
      personalized it with GAF’s two three-tab shingles
      options -
Marquis® WeatherMax® – The Marquis
 WeatherMax is classified as class A fire rating
 and has been tried and tested to withstand
 even the strongest wind. The roofing system
 also offers 30 years limited but transferable
 warranty for your peace of mind.
Royal Sovereign® – The Royal Sovereign, on
 the other hand, is made to be more durable
 because of its Micro-weave Core and the Color
 Lock system allows for the shingles to retain
 its vibrant colors for a very long time.
Timberline Architectural Shingles – This is the
 more popular choice by homeowners and
 professionals alike. Timberline Lifetime
 Shingles -
  – Timberline Ultra HD
  – Timberline HD
  – Timberline Natural Shadow
  – Timberline American Harvest
Timberline Specialty Shingles
  – Timberline Cool Series – energy efficient
  – Timberline ArmorShield II – impact-resistant
Lifetime Designer Shingles Ultra-Premium
 Designer Shingles
  – Camelot
  – Country Mansion
  – Grand Slate
  – Grand Canyon
Value Collection Designer Shingles
  – Camelot II
  – Country Mansion II
  – Grand Slate II
  – Slateline
  – Grand Sequoia
  – Woodland
  – Monaco
Roof Deck Protection – This helps prevent wind
 and rain from ruining your shingles by adding an
 extra layer or protection. You can even chose the
 level of protection you want from the following -
  –   Deck-Armor
  –   Tiger Paw
  –   Shingle Mate
  –   VersaShield Fire Resistant Roof Deck Protection
  –   Roof Pro
Leak Barrier – This helps prevent rain and ice
 from leaking through the roof and into your
 home. GAF also provides several types of
 protection -
  –   StormGuard
  –   WeatherWatch XT
  –   Weather Watch
  –   UnderRoof 2
  –   UnderRoof HT
  –   StormFlash
Starter Strip Shingles – These are pre-cut
 shingles that aid in speeding up the
 installation. It also helps prevent the shingles
 from blowing away because of its ready-to-lay
 adhesive feature.
  – Pro-Start
  – WeatherBlocker
Cobra Attic Ventilation – This help minimize heat
 and moisture from the attic which can increase
 your electric bill and cause your wallpapers and
 paint to peel prematurely.
  – Cobra Vent
     •   Cobra Ridge Vent
     •   Cobra Rigid Vent 3
     •   Cobra Ridge Runner
     •   Cobra Snow Country
     •   Cobra Snow Country Advance
     •   Cobra Fascia Vent
     •   Cobra FasciaFlow Vent
Master Flow Ventilation
  Master Flow Roof Louvers
  Master Flow Green Machine Solar-Powered Roof
  Master Flow Power Roof Ventilators
  Master Flow Power Gable Ventilators
  Master Flow Rotary Turbine Vents
Master Flow Green Machine Dual-Powered Vent
Master Flow Green Machine Solar Powered Ridge
Master Flow Soffit/Undereave Vents
Master Flow Green Machine Solar-Powered Intake
 Booster Vent
Master Flow Gable Louver
Master Flow Foundation Vents
Master Flow Whole House Fans
Master Flow Chimney / Roof Caps & Other
Master Fl Safety Caps for Chimneys
Ridge Cap Shingles – This improves the over-
 all aesthetic of your home that also guards
 your home against leaks
  – TimberTex
  – Ridglass
  – Seal-A-Ridge
  – Z-Ridge
Vented RidgeCrest
The high quality GAF roofing shingles are one
of the best in the world and it doesn’t hurt
that these materials are made from recycled
materials. The environment friendly product
provides you with the peace of mind with its
limited lifetime warranty and you can even
qualify for tax credit by going green!
The actual cost of the GAF roofing system
would depend on your where you get it from
so it is important to research first the range of
cost prior to signing on to a deal. Here is an
estimated pricing range -
• The three tab shingle cost around $2 to $3 per
  square foot and the average roof measures
  about 2,000 square foot. This brings your
  estimated cost from $2000 to $6000.
• The Timberline shingles would cost around $3
  to $5 per square foot so for an average house,
  it can cost you $6,000 to $10,000.
• Designer shingles are a little costlier at $4 to
  $6 per square foot and it will roughly cost you
  $8,000 to $12,000.
The costing does not cover installation and
this is extremely variable but the average cost
of installation is around $150 per 100 square
foot. The average size house can set you back
around $3000 for installation alone. However,
if you have existing roofing prior to installation,
there will be an additional charge to remove
and dispose of the old roofing and this can
cost around $2,000 to $8,000.
Be prepare to spend a little more if you chose
to avail of the entire components of the GAF
        GAF Roofing

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