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									forehead thermometers

• A fever is one of the symptoms of an underlying
  illness. Fever alone is not a disease, but a natural
  reaction of the body to ward off the sickness. But
  of course, we can not discount that a fever is a
  signal that the body is not well. It is crucial that
  the temperature is taken accurately. A forehead
  thermometer is non invasive making it less
  troublesome to use. If the kids are upset because
  they are hot, this instrument can well just glide
  over their foreheads and be done in a matter of
• The temporal artery in the forehead emits the
  heat from the skin and the tool can pick it up and
  give a reading. A small beeping sound is let out
  indicating that the scan is correct. It can be used
  on a baby who is fast asleep. Kids and adults with
  ear infections can also use one. Do not forget that
  if you are bringing in the thermometer from
  another room that is cold, you will need a few
  minutes to wait. This tool greatly picks up heat
  and variance in temperature may affect its
  accuracy. It conveniently operates on a standard
  9v battery.
• An infrared forehead thermometer on the
  other hand, uses an infrared light to give a
  reading of one's temperature. It is a little
  pricey depending on the number of strips in
  the package, the brand, and of course quality.
  The entire family can use both instruments.
  Hygiene and safety is well thought of. It is wise
  to read the instruction manual first to make
  sure that you get things done right if using
  these items for the first time.
• I find the Vicks forehead thermometer that I
  use to be a good choice. It gives a reading in
  three seconds. It is easy to hold. It is easier to
  read with its bold digital display design. It is
  handy and compact. Storage is not a problem.
  It is reasonably priced. It is available online, in
  pharmacies, or supermarkets. It is the brand
  used by my pediatrician and other health
  practitioners I have met.
• After many years of using thermometers, I have finally
  concluded that I won't go back to those mercury ones.
  Studies show that mercury is found to be toxic and can
  have unhealthy effects on the body. Manufacturers
  continuously come up with better ways to help the
  consuming public to reach optimum health. I enjoy the
  convenience of going digital. It leaves me no room to
  worry. The whole household gets the benefit that their
  health is never compromised. Using new
  breakthroughs in research, people nowadays have a
  better chance of getting rid of diseases and stay in the
  pink of health.
• In conclusion we can say that the forehead
  thermometer is a very good addition to your
  tools to check up on your children. They will
  not be disturbed in any way and you can easily
  see if the child has temperature or not. We
  can avoid the discomfort caused by regular
  thermometers that no kids love.
forehead thermometers

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