Silver Alert SOP's by lanyuehua


									From:              "Eibel, Henry" <eibel@TURNPIKE.STATE.NJ.US>
Subject:           Silver Alert - SOP's

In late December of 2008 NJ Governor Cody signed a law creating a system similar to the Amber Alert
System, called a Silver Alert this alert is a public notification system to broadcast information about
missing persons over 18 - especially seniors with Alzheimer's disease, dementia or other mental
disabilities in order to aid in their return. Since January 1st in conjunction with the NJ State Police we
have broadcasted 18 Silver Alerts and 2 Amber Alerts. We currently activate all VMS (300+ Statewide),
HARs, as well as mass emailing all Authority and DOT employees, radio broadcast on all maintenance
channels, along with dissemination to the NJ511 system.

I would appreciate your guidelines for Silver Alerts i.e. percentage of VMS, 511, two silver alerts at the
same time, etc.



From:           "Kremer, Annjanette (MDOT)" <KremerA@MICHIGAN.GOV>
Subject:        Re: Silver Alert - SOP's


At this time Michigan doesn't do Silver Alerts. There is legislation proposing this though so we would be
interested also in any documentation.

Angie Kremer

From:               Tom Blair <Thomas.Blair@MODOT.MO.GOV>
Subject:            Re: Silver Alert - SOP's


Great to hear from you.

Unfortunately, I cannot be of much help this time .... as Missouri doesn't have Silver Alert legislation.

Tom Blair

From:             Raymond Hallavant <Raymond.Hallavant@TN.GOV>
Subject:          Re: Silver Alert - SOP's

Hello Chip, Tennessee does not have Silver Alerts at this time. We do have Amber and Blue....
Ray V. Hallavant

From:              Vinny Cortese <Vinny.Cortese@DOT.STATE.NJ.US>
Subject:           Re: Silver Alert - SOP's

what is blue?

From:              "Portanova, Jennifer L" <jportanova@NCDOT.GOV>
Subject:           Re: Silver Alert - SOP's

Chip, The NCDOT Policy and SOPs for Amber and Silver Alerts are attached. We have over 200
Dynamic Message Signs across the state. The statistics on the number of Amber and Silver Alerts that
have been activated can be found


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