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									       Sliding Doors

Have you considered installing sliding doors
for your home, closet or outside patio area?
Sliding doors are getting more popularity than
ever. People are installing them for their
beautiful appearance and multiple advantages.
Here are few reasons why you need to install
them in your home as well.
Sliding doors are mounted on a track and
open horizontally; in other words, they slide
when they are opened and closed. They
usually are made of glass, wood and metal.
Their main purpose is to make a room look
brighter and give it the feeling and the breath
of the outside.
They will give you the sound and feeling of the
nature while you just are inside your home. In
addition, sliding doors are preferable for their
minimal space usage and their stylish
There are mainly five types of Sliding doors.
  They are;
1. Anderson Sliding Doors
   Andersons are one type of exterior sliding
   doors which can be made from wood, glass
   or metal. Their unique feature is their grill
   like pattern which gives them a different and
   stylish look.
Anderson sliding doors which are made of
wood are more preferable than those which
are made of metal, because of the elegant
look that the wood gives them. In addition,
you can paint the interior or the exterior of
the wood any color of your preference.
2. Sliding Patio Doors
  If you want to enjoy your outside patio area
  from the inside of your home, then sliding
  patio doors are for you. Sliding patio doors are
  mainly made from vinyl, aluminum, wood and
  glass depending on your room structure and
  your budget. However, it is advisable if you
  prefer light weight but strong materials.
3. Closet Sliding Doors
  Closet sliding doors are designed for your
  closet. They are also called by-passing doors
  because they move by-passing each other
  when they open and close. Depending on your
  preference and room style, they can be made
  from wood, glass or metal.
Sliding closet doors specially fit for smaller size
rooms. However, they can be used for bigger
rooms as well, for their style and elegant look.
Style, durability and minimal space conception
are sliding closet doors’ unique feature. That is
why they become common in many rooms
4. Sliding Screen Doors
  Sliding screen doors are another type of
  exterior sliding doors, which can give your
  home a classy and modern touch. They are
  made of frames, panels and woven screen
  mesh. They are easy to install and can be used
  for any kind of room style.
5. Sliding Cabinet Doors
  If you want a beautiful and stylish door for
  your cabinet, then sliding cabinet doors are
  designed for you. Sliding cabinet doors are
  special designs for smaller rooms and offices.
  They don’t create any interference with
  movement while opening or closing.
In addition to their zero space usage, they are
preferred for their style and modern look.
Therefore, it is becoming very common
observing them in use in most office and
home cabinets.
Having said this much about the unique
features of sliding doors and the different
types available, we now move to the multiple
advantages that they offer you. Beauty, style
and modernity are their nice features.
However, without offering great advantages,
they just don’t give any sense. I know you are
desperate to know why you should install
them in your home. That is a good concern an
important question to ask. Here is the answer.
• Space is the main advantage you get from
  sliding doors. Whether you install them for
  your exterior, cabinet or closet, you just need
  a very small space for their installation tracks.
  You can open them and simultaneously move
  freely in your room.
• You will enjoy bright and relaxing room
  through installing sliding doors. One of the
  main purposes of sliding doors is bringing the
  outside in. You can feel the nature and the
  breath of the outside world or your refreshing
  patio area from the comfort of your home.
Besides, they have a protection cover from the
outside to lock out tiny animals and bugs. This
lets you to enjoy the sounds and breezes of
the nature without the interference of the tiny
animals and bugs.
• Weather resistance is another advantage that
  you get from sliding doors. Wind or high
  rainfalls are not problems for them. They just
  keep the warmth of your room as it is.
• Most sliding doors have secured door locks.
  Therefore, you will have enhanced security for
  your home.
• Sliding doors can fit to any kind of room
  whether it is small or big. Since they don’t
  consume much space to install and to open,
  they can fit for small rooms. Their style and
  modern look will make them preferable for
  larger rooms as well.

• Style is one of the big advantages that you get
  from sliding doors. Your room will enjoy
  modern, classy and elegant style as a result of
  installing them. For instance, the grill
  patterned Andersons are one examples of
  unique and modern styled sliding door.
• You don’t have to calculate tiresome
  calculations to move big furniture from the
  inside or outside of your home. Your sliding
  doors will give you enough space in order to
  move them anywhere
In conclusion
• You now have plenty of reasons to install
  sliding doors. Depending on your budget and
  room style, you will find wood, glass or metal
  made sliding doors designed perfectly to fit
  your room, office or furniture. Sliding doors
  are becoming preferable over the normal
  hinged doors.
That is why you are observing them installed
in many offices and homes. One of the
reasons that make them more preferable is
their ability to be used in different furniture as
well. The other reason is their beautiful look
and modern style.
However, there is one consideration that you
have to take. Unless you don’t have
intermediate carpentry skills, do not try to
install your sliding doors.
       Sliding Doors

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