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									Bathroom Wall Cabinet

Choosing the right kind of bathroom wall
cabinet can be a challenge; many people’s
homes are small in size, but tend to require a
great deal of storage for items such as towels
and toiletries. Well-made bathroom cabinets
will not only create a more organised and
clutter-free space, but will also blend in well
with the decor of the bathroom.
Before purchasing a bathroom cabinet, it is
important to make a list of all that will be
stored in it; this will ensure that the cabinet
has enough space for everything which is
needs to hold. It is generally advised to pare it
down to the essentials, as bathroom cabinets
overflowing with items will make the room
look smaller and messier than it really is.
Most people will need room for items such as
a hair-dryer, shampoo, washcloths, towels and
make-up. Secondly, measurements of the area
in which it is to be installed need to be taken,
to ensure that the chosen cabinet will fit
neatly into the corner, or onto the bathroom
Medicine cabinets are a type of bathroom wall
cabinet which come in a wide range of styles,
sizes and colours. Some will have a mirror
attached, while others may not. They often
come with adjustable interior shelves that are
perfect for storing not only medicine, but also
things like toothbrushes, razors, soap and
other toiletries.
Vanity cabinets can vary from large units with
dual sinks and long counter tops, to small
structures, which fit into a little nook in the
bathroom. These will usually come with
drawers, doors or open-shelves, or a
combination of both. Some of these cabinets
also come with attached seats.
Freestanding cabinets come in both short and
tall styles. Some will have deep shelving units,
which are perfect for storing larger toiletries
and linens, whilst others will have shallow
shelves, which are more suited to holding
small products.
Depending on the design, they may have
doors or open shelves. In bathrooms where
space is limited, these cabinets cab be
installed to fit behind, or around the toilet.
This type of freestanding cabinet will usually
have high legs, which sit on each side and are
most suited to bathrooms with high ceilings.
More often than not, homeowners choose to
install a bathroom wall cabinet, as these are
easy to access and don’t take up the limited
floor space. These come in a wide range of
materials, with some having mirrored, glass or
wooden doors.
 Wood tends to be a popular choice, and many
people love the look of walnut, cherry, maple
or oak. Wooden bathroom wall cabinets also
have the advantage of being easy to paint,
should the homeowner choose to change the
decor of their bathroom.
 Some designs may have a bar installed on the
side, which can be used for hanging hand
towels. Both vanity and medicine cabinetry
can be installed as wall units, which many
people prefer as a bathroom wall cabinet
tends to be the more practical choice for
smaller spaces.
Bathroom Wall Cabinet

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