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					     Begin Your Day
          with a
    Brush of Creativity
            JOIN Kathy Arnold’s Painting Class!
                          Work with Oils, Acrylics or Alkyds.

           Interactive. Make Friends while learning a new skill.
No Prerequisites, Materials are approximately the same cost as a textbook.

49 A, Learn Color Basics and Composition, subject matter you will
experience are the time-tested themes of Landscape, Still Life, Portrait,
Artist Style and Method, and Abstraction
49 B Continue to develop your skill and confidence working with these
themes but will add additional sophisticated elements such as Interior
Spaces, Working with Artist Influences, Working with Multicultural
Influences, Nature/Abstraction.
49 C and D Students have opportunity to refine their work while
developing a group of paintings that relate to a common thread of their
choice and build a nice looking set of paintings!

All aspects of mixing paint and colors along with various techniques are
explored. Fun and meaningful group discussions are a part of the class.

Exhibit your work in the West Valley College Gallery if desired!
                    ART*049A*59675 (59675) Beginning Painting
                   ART*049B*59678 (59678) Intermediate Painting
               ART*049C*59681 (59681) Intermediate-Advanced Painting
                    ART*049D*59684 (59684) Advanced Painting
Monday, Wednesday 07:45AM - 10:55AM (Great Time  for a Great Time! )

IMPORTANT NOTE: We break at 10:45 to allow you to get to your next

Kathy Arnold email or
Phone for questions 408 741 2510

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