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CS504 _Post Assignment Feedback_ 2 spring 2012


CS504 _Post Assignment Feedback_ 2 spring 2012

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									         Post Assignment Feedback: Spring 2012_CS504_2

       Post assignment feedback consists of the detail explanation of the common
problems faced by students while preparing the assignment solution. This will help
students in better understanding the solution of the assignment.

Assignment No.{2}           Software Engineering (CS504) Marks: 20             Due Date: 26/04/2012

Assignment Solution: Uploaded in lms.
                         Mistake 1: Incorrect UML notations used in both the diagrams.
Common Mistakes & Explanation: Always use proper UML notations to represent different
Explanation:             components of a diagram. For example, if you are developing a Use Case
                         Model then always use ovals to represent use cases.
                         Mistake 2: Incorrect Use Cases included in the Use Case Model.
                         Explanation: It was found that most of the students did not have the idea of
                         how to identify use cases and then add in the diagram. Most of the students
                         used ambiguous names for the use cases. Each use case name must be self-
                         explanatory and it should explain the purpose which the use case serves in the
                         Mistake 3: Illegal data flows were included in DFD.
                         Explanation: While drawing Data Flow Diagram, most students added a
                         direct data flow connection between External Agent and Data Store which is
                         illegal as explained in the handouts and lectures. Similarly, direct data flow
                         between two external agents is also illegal and same practice was repeated by
                         numerous students which should be avoided.

                         Always take special care of rules for drawing the Data Flow Diagram.
Purpose of Assignment 1: Purpose of assignment 2 was to enable the students to learn how to draw
Use Case and Data Flow models using system description and UML notations.

Instructor Comments: Throughout world, software development is carried out in almost way. CS504
assignment no. 2 will not only aid you to do final year project but a practice of job responsibilities of a
software developer.

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