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Refineries and chemical producers struggle to obtain reliable low cost sources of water
for their process needs. Recycled wastewater and lower quality feed waters require
special treatment from experienced treatment professionals. WPT understands these
challenges and specializes in custom solutions that prevent fouling and scaling resulting
in longer media and membrane lives and fewer cleaning cycles. Our talented engineers
design treatment solutions specifically for your requirements rather than try to fit a
“standard” system into your facility. In addition, our SuperSkid approach minimizes
space requirements while making integration into your plant simple and efficient. For
optimum efficiency, our Smart ROTM control systems revolutionize plant operation by
reducing operator interaction, providing remote data analysis and diagnosis, and auto-
mating other operational and maintenance activities.
Building Water Purification Systems
the Way YOU Want Them
            WPT is the premier high purity water treatment solution for the petro-
            chemical and chemical industries. We understand the challenges posed

            Own Operate) or with our custom-engineered equipment, we provide
            water treatment solutions specific to your industry and needs. Our
            state-of-the-art engineering tools, specifically 3-D solids modeling,
            provide us with the power to install multiple processes on a minimum

            space and interfaces to ensure efficient integration into your plant or
            facility. We invite you to take a look at how we safely and efficiently meet
            the important water treatment quality your facility demands.


Custom-Designed Skid-Mounted and                  WaterPro Water-By-The-Gallon Contracts (Outsourcing)
Mobile Water Purification Systems                 In addition to providing equipment and treatment systems, WPT also offers its
Reverse Osmosis                                   WaterPro solution. With WaterPro, we install a WPT custom-designed water
                                                  purification system on or adjacent to your plant. We operate the system and
                                                  provide you a guaranteed supply of water at the purity level you need.
Filtration                                        This means:

Ultrafiltration                                    - Frees up capital that would otherwise be used to procure equipment

Professional Services

                                                     and consumables
Spare Parts and Consumables
                                                     technicians, which assures that your plant receives the amount and the quality
                                                     of water you need every day of the year.

                                                     integrate seamlessly into your plant operations.
                                                        e          Technologies, Inc.
                                                     Water & Power Tec
                                                                           YOUR Industry
                                                     High Purity Water For YO Industry

                                                 Power                                                 Petrochemical
                                             & Cogeneration                                             & Chemical

                                                 Oil & Gas                   Municipal                Pharmaceutical

                                            Microelectronics                Healthcare                  Pulp & Paper

                                  We provide water treatment solutions specific to your industry and needs.


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