International trade fair for infrastructure,
                  traffic management, safety and parking

                                 Beijing Exhibition Center

                                          26.27.28 MAY
Organised by:

                                          Intertraffic com
After three successful editions Intertraffic China has established itself as the leading international traffic
event in Asia. The 2010 event will return to Beijing, coinciding with the tenth edition of China Transpo, an
international exhibition on road and water transport technology and equipment.

A global brand with global reach                in the world’s fastest-growing economy,            programme. By 2010, 40% of the current
Intertraffic is recognised worldwide as the     Intertraffic China is a must for your              daily traffic load should have been taken
number one trade fair formula in the infra-     marketing plans.                                   over by public transport. For that purpose
structure, traffic management, safety and                                                          new subway lines are being built and
parking sectors. Since its launch in 1972,      More than an exhibition                            existing ones extended. Moreover, a
Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the           Innovation, education and networking               modern comprehensive traffic system and
meeting place of choice for professionals       will be in the spotlight. A comprehensive          an improved road network structure should
from around the world and celebrates its        educational programme on ITS techno-               improve urban traffic. A city cycling system
20th edition in 2010. Its success has led       logies and the well-known Intertraffic             is also being implemented. Many public
to spin-off regional exhibitions in Turkey      seminars will be part of the programme.            passenger transport terminals will feature
and China. Each event in the Intertraffic                                                          well-equipped parking facilities to encourage
portfolio offers a comprehensive overview       The city                                           car drivers to transfer at terminals and use
of international and local products, services   Beijing is the capital of the People's             public transport. A parking system will be
and solutions, and a powerful impulse for       Republic of China and a hub of China's             implemented to deal with the increasing
knowledge transfer. The Intertraffic name       political, cultural and international exchanges.   car ownership. The public parking lots will
is synonymous with top quality events.          Chinese central government departments,            have a capacity representing 10% of the
                                                national federations and associations,             total car ownership in the city.
Intertraffic China – where the                  foreign embassies and multinational
industry meets                                  corporations are all located in Beijing.           Promising Chinese traffic market
Intertraffic China will be a highly focused                                                        Based on the infrastructural (low tech)
gathering of the global traffic industry.       Traffic developments in and                        investments in previous years, China
Exhibitors from around the world will profile   around Beijing                                     now aims to establish high tech systems
themselves during three days of intensive       Traffic-related issues are a high priority in      to maintain this fundament and use it
networking. If your company is involved in      Beijing and the city is focused on solving         efficiently. The goal is to make Electric Toll
infrastructure, traffic management, safety      congestion problems. Improving public              Collection (congestion charge) coverage
or parking, and you wish to gain a foothold     transportation facilities is a key issue in its    reach 45% and 60% by 2015 and 2020
                                                                                                   respectively, and the travel information
                                                                                                   service system to attain 70% and 90%
             Philippe Giacometti – Export Manager – Tertu (France)                                 coverage. Main projects are focused on
         “Participating in Intertraffic China since the first edition has really                   the development and applications of this
       helped us promote our products in China. This year we have noticed                          system. Despite the unstable economic
              that more and more international visitors are circulating.”                          situation in the world, the economic
            Belinda Walker – Director of Adm. Services – ACS (USA)
     “Intertraffic China was a wonderful experience, allowing ACS to broaden                   Intertraffic China
         its appreciation of the international market place while sharing our                  Facts and Figures
           transportation expertise with potential clients and the public.”                    Beijing 2008


stimulus package which the Chinese            Organising partners                              Total number of visitors:
government announced during Intertraffic      Intertraffic China is jointly organised by       6,140 professionals from 57
China 2009 has been working effectively.      Amsterdam RAI and Transport Technology           countries worldwide.
For a relatively long period of time, China   Exchange Center (TTEC), an independent
will continue to be the world's largest       entity of the China Academy of                   Decision making capacity:
market for traffic engineering facilities     Transportation Sciences of the Ministry          Final decision-makers         24%
and advanced technology. This offers          of Communications.                               Joint decision-makers         38%
unprecedented opportunities for the traffic                                                    Advisor or consultant         29%
industry and related business for 2010        Exhibition programme
and beyond.                                   Intertraffic China covers four main              Average visitor mark          8.1*
                                              segments:                                        (*on a scale from 1 to 10)
New to Market Pavilion
A ready-to-exhibit package is available for                                                    EXHIBITORS
first-time exhibitors who are considering
making an entry into the Chinese market.                                                       Total number of exhibitors:
The New to Market Pavilion offers inter-                                                       149 exhibitors from 13 countries.
national companies a convenient way to
display their company and meet potential      Exhibitor profile                                Average exhibitor mark        7.3*
customers and partners from around the        Manufacturers, importers and agents of           (*on a scale from 1 to 10)
world.                                        products and services in the traffic and
                                              transport industry.
Get the most out of exhibiting
The Amsterdam RAI marketing commu-            Visitor profile
nication team knows how to attract the        Final decision makers, co-decision makers
right type of visitors to exhibitions such    and advisors from private ventures,
as Intertraffic China. Working closely with   contractors, local, national and international
our partner TTEC, we will create a fully      authorities.
integrated multimedia promotion
campaign. As well as targeting the
Chinese and Southeast Asian markets,          Christian Shou Jensen – Marketing & Area Sales Manager – LKF (Denmark)
the world-wide Intertraffic network will       “We succeeded in promoting our products further at the Chinese market while
ensure the event a global profile.             meeting many interesting clients. Also, we made a surprisingly large number of
                                                   international contacts from all over the world at this well organized fair.”
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                   OFFICES & AGENTS
                                                                      For sales enquiries contact your regional organising office or,
Location                                                              where applicable, the local representative in your country.
Beijing Exhibition Center
No.135 Xizhimenwai Avenue                                             China, including Hong Kong, Taiwan & Macau –
Xicheng District                                                      China Transport Technology Exchange Center (TTEC)
Beijing 100044                                                        Ms Zhao Juan
P. R. China                                                           T +86 10 649 255 62
                                                                      E juanita_zhao@jtzx.net.cn
Visitor opening hours
Wednesday 26 May 2010            10.00 am – 5.00 pm                   Eurasia & Middle East – NTSR        South Korea – Kong Myong E & T
Thursday 27 May 2010              9.00 am – 5.00 pm                   Ms Nazli Gurer                      Tae-Jik Chae
Friday 28 May 2010                9.00 am – 2.00 pm                   T +90 216 425 6300                  T +82 277 867 92
                                                                      E nazli.gurer@ntsr.com.tr           E tradefairs@hanmail.net
Amsterdam RAI                                                         France – Paris RAI                  Spain – Amec Urbis
Intertraffic Project Team                                             Ms Catherine Métais                 Victor Dorado
P.O. Box 77777                                                        T +33 146 104 750                   T +34 934 150 422
1070 MS Amsterdam                                                     E info@parisrai.com                 E amecurbis@amec.es
The Netherlands
T +31 (0)20 549 1212                                                  Germany                             Switzerland – DeltaBlue
F +31 (0)20 549 1889                                                  Ms Karin Klingelhöfer               Hanspeter Hunziker
E intertraffic@rai.nl                                                 T +49 2115 792 77                   T +41 55 222 8888
www.intertraffic.com                                                  E mail@karin-klingelhoefer.de       E hanspeter.hunziker@deltablue.ch

In cooperation with China Transport                                   Italy – Roberto Rampazzo            UK/Ireland – Avanti Sales &
Technology Exchange Center (TTEC)                                     Roberto Rampazzo                    Marketing
                                                                      T +39 049 807 0457                  Nigel Hurcomb
                                                                      E roberto.rampazzo@tin.it           T +44 173 724 2803
                                                                                                          E n.hurcomb@virgin.net
                                                                      Russia - RESTEC
                                                                      International LLC                   USA – The Molen Group Inc.
                                                                      Ms Anna Simbirtseva                 Jan van der Molen
                                                                      T +7 812 603 2323                   T +1 704 243 0236
                                                                      E simbirtseva@restec.ru             E molen@usarai.com

                                                                                                          ALL OTHER COUNTRIES
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WE’RE THERE TO HELP!                                                                                      Albert de Soet
The Intertraffic team consists of a dedicated group of exhibition                                         T +31 20 549 2216
experts. If you need advice on your participation or assistance                                           E a.d.soet@rai.nl
with event-related marketing activities, we would be delighted to
help. Please do not hesitate to call us… Individual contact details
are available on www.intertraffic.com

The successful Intertraffic formula is applied in various strategic
locations around the world:
• Intertraffic Amsterdam
• Intertraffic Istanbul
• Intertraffic China

These events offer you an excellent opportunity to profile your
company in economically attractive markets. Further information
and dates can be found at www.intertraffic.com

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