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The Shoppes of MSMJ, LLC want you
to succeed in your business endeav-
                                                                                       The Shoppes
ors. Perhaps you have always
dreamt of having a retail business or
maybe you already have a home-
based business and have always                                                             of Main Street
wanted to have storefront presence
in the Mount Joy community. This
just may be the opportunity you
                                                                                           Mount Joy, LLC
need to help turn your dreams to a
reality. This program increases your
chances of success by helping
∗   Establish market footholds
∗   Build customer base & traffic
∗   Boost exposure
∗   Reduce initial overhead costs
∗   Share marketing expenses
∗   Ease staffing demands
This program offers short license
terms too, so that you don’t feel        The Shoppes of
strapped with long term commit-          Main Street Mount Joy, LLC
ment. As you grow and build stabil-
ity, we will be there to help you spin   Incubator Location:
off into your own retail destination,    84 E. Main Street Mount Joy, PA 17552
hopefully along Main Street.
                                         Store Hours (subject to change):
Please note that this program is for     Mon - Thurs 10 AM - 6 PM, Fri 10 AM - 7 PM
businesses that sell merchandise.        Sat 10 AM - 4 PM, Fourth Friday till 8 PM

                                         If Interested, Please Contact:
    WE WANT YOU TO                       Main Street Mount Joy
                                         PH: 717.653.4227
                                                                                      A Retail Incubator Program
      TO SUCCEED!                        Email:
            The Shoppes of Main Street Mount Joy                                                                      LLC

Incubator Mission                                 The Shoppes of MSMJ, LLC
                                                                                          The incubator offers 6 rooms plus a
                                                       Responsibilities                   restroom and kitchenette. The rooms
To provide a coordinated growth op-        •   Oversee the overall sustainability of      vary in size and therefore license rates
portunity for entrepreneurs seeking to         the incubator                              are set per room.
build their individual retail business
                                           •   Provide space, utilities, & sales equip-
dreams while also collectively creating                                                   RATES
                                               ment (see brochure panel to right)
a retail destination for shoppers to                                                      License rates range from
find a selection of quality, locally-      •   Review applications and assure mer-
                                               chandise diversity                         $160 to $350 per month.
focused merchandise.                                                                      Rates are non-negotiable.
                                           •   Orient & train business participants
                                           •   Oversee staffing & hours of operation      INCLUDES
                                           •   Coordinate co-op advertising               License rates are inclusive of all of the
                                           •   Collect license payments monthly.          following:
                                               Distribute bi-weekly sales checks.         • Heat, Water, Sewer, Trash, Central
                                                                                              Air, Electric, Common Phone Line,
                                           •   Provide individual financial reports to
                                                                                              Wireless Service
                                                                                          • Snow Removal of Front Walks
                                                     Business Participant                 • Transaction Equipment, including:

It is preferred that business partici-
                                                       Responsibilities                       Cash Register, Money Drawer, Sales
                                                                                              Counter, Credit Card Machine, Drop
pants of The Shoppes of MSMJ, LLC          •   To staff the incubator & uphold the es-
                                                                                              Box, Receipts, Bags, & other misc.
sell merchandise that is handcrafted,          tablished hours of operation
                                                                                              register supplies
designed, authored, created, or crea-      •   To provide exceptional customer ser-
                                                                                          • Regular, monthly co-op marketing
tively assembled, in full or partly, by        vice to customers of The Shoppes and
                                                                                              of The Shoppes. Additional market-
the business &/or be indigenous to             ring up all sales while staffing the in-
                                                                                              ing is at the businesses expense
the Lancaster County area. However,            cubator following outlined instructions
                                                                                          • Shared window to showcase a selec-
in order to provide a variety of mer-      •   To abide by all Shoppes procedures             tion of each business’s merchandise
chandise to customers, it is permissi-         detailed in the Shoppes manual             • Bi-weekly financial reporting
ble to sell products other than those      •   To pay license rate on time monthly
that meet this description. Businesses                                                    Note: Credit card transaction fees are
                                           •   To closeout the register at the end of
may only sell merchandise that they                                                       not included.
                                               the day and report according to proce-
have the legal right to sell. The Shop-        dure outlined by The Shoppes               TERMS (full details outlined in contract)
pes of MSMJ maintains the right to         •   To keep accurate inventory of all their    Businesses must staff the incubator at
decide what cluster of businesses will         business’s merchandise                     least one full day per week although
exist in the incubator based on mer-
                                           •   To participate in Shoppes coordinated      they can be there as often as they wish.
chandise variety. Businesses already
                                               development training & promotions          Agreements are for 6 months and then
having a store front in the Main Street
                                           •   To keep an attractive, clean, and or-      month to month, up to 3 years. A $50
designated area are not typically eligi-
                                               ganized space                              security deposit and proof of liability
ble to participate unless an exception
                                           •   Report sales tax to the State according    insurance is required. Rates increase 8%
is deemed warranted.
                                               to law                                     each year.