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Fashion Marketing Career Pathway


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									Marketing, Sales, and Service Careers

                   Fashion Marketing
                   Career Pathway
                     Introduces students to the fashion industry
                     including the fundamentals of fashion
                     marketing, types of businesses involved
                     in the industry, and the array of career
                     opportunities available in fashion marketing.
Students will develop skills in such areas as fashion economics,
marketing segmentation and target marketing, product
selection and buying, and inventory systems. Advanced Fashion
Marketing focuses on the application of knowledge and the
performance of key skills required in a retail environment.
Students develop skills in pricing, visual merchandising,
advertising, special promotions, professional sales, and
customer service. They will be able to explain the fashion
cycle and the use of fashion forecasting as well as learn to
understand the concept of economics and the laws regulating
the fashion industry.

Courses Offered
Marketing Principles*
Introduction to Fashion Marketing*
Advanced Fashion Marketing*
Marketing Co-op

Possible Career Options
•   Clothing Manufacturer
•   Department Store Buyer
•   Fashion Coordinator
•   Fashion Designer
•   Manufacturer’s Representative
•   Merchandise Displayer and Window Trimmer
•   Merchandise Manager
•   Purchasing Agent for Apparel and Accessories
•   Purchasing Manager for Apparel and Accessories

                              *Required for CTAE Pathway Completion

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