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					                                       POLICY 3-096

                      The Scarborough Campus Students’ Union


                               Effective Date: May 11, 2007


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedural guidelines with respect to the allocation
and re-allocation of space, herein defined as any common, retail, new, or previously
allocated space, in the University of Toronto Scarborough, Student Centre.

1.0    Purposes of the Student Centre

       1.1    The Student Centre is a building intended to be the focus of student life and
              student government at U of T Scarborough; a haven for campus life and a
              location for student meetings both formal and informal.
       1.2    The Student Centre is a multi-purpose facility incorporating space for
              student government, student societies, various student services and retail
              outlets as well as high-demand meeting rooms, lounges, and certain space
              allocated for University purposes.
       1.3    The Student Centre is a social activity space that may be used for the
              development of student leadership, management, and civic mindedness. It is
              a place where students, through the aegis of the SCSU, may assume a pivotal
              role in the stewardship of all facets of its operation.
       1.4    The SCSU is the primary steward with respect to the management of space
              in the Student Centre. The SCSU will not allocate or re-allocate any of its
              respective space in the Student Centre for any purpose unless in accordance
              with the terms of this policy and the Student Centre Management Agreement

2.0    Classification

       2.1    All Student Centre space will be classified and recorded by the SCSU
              Business Manager, and will be confirmed in a space audit conducted at least
              every three fiscal years.
       2.2    The SCSU Business Manager will be responsible for coordinating this audit
              in consultation with the SCSU Vice President Operations.
       2.3    All Student Centre space must be classified prior to being allocated or re-
              allocated. Classification can take only one of the following forms
              2.3.1 Student space; herein defined as any space used by U of T
                     Scarborough students for recreational, organizational, social,
                     academic, or personal purposes.
              2.3.2 Retail space; herein defined as any space leased to outside
              2.3.3 University space; herein defined as any space used by the
                     University of Toronto for institutional purposes.

            2.3.4  SCSU space; herein defined as any space used by the SCSU for
                   organizational purposes.
      2.4   The subsequent classification of all Student Centre space must be approved
            by the SCSU Board of Directors prior to any allocation or re-allocation of
            space taking place.

3.0   Space Allocation

      3.1   The allocation or re-allocation of space in the Student Centre may only be
            initiated in cases where an existing space has been vacated or is vacant;
            when an existing space, excluding University space, is being partitioned for
            the purpose of giving any part of such space to another party; or when the
            SCSU, in consultation with the University, has deemed it necessary to
            expand the Student Centre for purposes of improving its functionality and/or
      3.2   In cases of 3.1, the SCSU Business Manager shall chair a task force
            comprised the SCSU President, Vice President Operations, Vice President
            Students & Equity, Vice President Campus Life, and three Directors as
            appointed by the SCSU Board of Directors.
            3.2.1 If any members of the taskforce have a conflict of interest, they must
                    declare it before the taskforce begins to meet.
      3.3   This task force will be responsible for issuing requests for proposals (RFPs)
            and, subsequently, assessing these proposals in accordance with the purposes
            of the Student Centre. Copies of these RFPs must also be provided to Capitol
            Projects, University of Toronto for consultation purposes.
      3.4   The task force responsible for space allocation must clearly establish firm
            deadlines as to when all proposals for space allocation must be submitted.
            These deadlines should be clearly specified in the RFP.
      3.5   The task force responsible for space allocation must alert the entire U of T
            Scarborough campus of the issuance of an RFP for Student Centre space
            allocation through a minimum of one (1) form of campus-wide media if the
            RFP is intended to solicit feedback for the allocation of student space. This
            notification must occur prior to the deadline for parties to submit proposals
            for the allocation or re-allocation of space.
      3.6   Only SCSU executives and directors on this task force may vote on validity
            and viability of space allocation proposals in the Student Centre.
      3.7   All requests for allocation or re-allocation of space in the Student Centre
            must be accompanied by a detailed proposal, that, at minimum, must include
            all or a portion of the following information:
            3.7.1 Corporate/group/program information and history
            3.7.2 Forecasted one-time and annual financial expenditures associated
                    with the set-up and maintenance of the proposal
            3.7.3 Technical needs
            3.7.4 Product/service/program information
            3.7.5 Benefits and value offered to SCSU membership
            3.7.6 3-year business or strategic plan
            3.7.7 Stated level of impact on SCSU resources
            3.7.8 Valid references

      3.8   It is the responsibility of the task force assessing space allocation proposals to
            clearly stipulate what criteria from 3.7 must be included in submitted
            proposals. This information must be included in the RFP.

4.0   Consultation

      4.1   The task force responsible for assessing space allocation proposals must
            present their final recommendations to the Student Centre Advisory
            Committee before implementation.
      4.2   The Student Centre Advisory Committee will act as a consulting body only in
            the allocation of space in the Student Centre except in instances where the
            allocation of space is implicitly intended to restrict new users or unfairly
            gives preference to users who might be unacceptable to the University and/or
            a majority of SCSU members.
      4.3   In the case of 4.2, the Student Centre Advisory Committee, by vote, will be
            given the provision to veto a selection made by the task force responsible for
            space allocation in the Student Centre. Successful motions will require a two-
            thirds majority to pass.
      4.4   Any space allocation to any university unit, retail entity, or student group
            will require a written contract signed by the SCSU Business Manager and
            SCSU President and the party that is to occupy the space in question.

5.0   Exclusions

      5.1   Internal changes in room occupancy by current occupants for internal
            purposes are generally not of a significant enough nature to warrant the
            creation of a taskforce responsible for allocating space in the Student Centre.
      5.2   In the case of 3.1, the authority to allocate existing internal space, herein
            referred to space that is used to conduct one’s daily operations, for internal
            purposes will belong to the respective party responsible for management of
            the space in question unless the space is managed by the SCSU.
      5.3   Changes in room occupancy of internal SCSU space will be only granted
            through the written consent of the SCSU Vice President Operations and
            SCSU Vice President Human Resources in consultation with the SCSU
            Business Manager.
      5.4   Internal changes in room occupancy of SCSU space may only take place once
            per fiscal year.

Date of Approval by the Policy and Bylaw Review Committee: NONE
Date of Approval by Board of Directors: May 11, 2007
Date of Last Amendment: None yet (new policy)

President _____________________________________________________________
Chair of the Board _____________________________________________________
Vice-Chair of the Board _________________________________________________


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