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									                                         When We Gather:                                          Stockton
                                         ◊   Sunday Worship ~ 11:00 am                            Presbyterian Church
What We Offer:                           ◊   Sunday School ~ 9:45am
◊   Bible Education for All Ages         ◊   Sunday Adult Education ~ 10:00 am
       ◊   Sunday School
                                         ◊   Bible Study ~ Fridays at 9:30 am
       ◊   L.I.G.H.T. House
       ◊   Bible Study                   ◊   Vocal Choir ~ Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
       ◊   V.B.S.
◊   Celebration of the Holy Sacraments   Where We Are:
◊   Childcare during Worship Services
◊   Music program                        Address:
       ◊   Adult Choir
                                                22 South Main Street
                                                Stockton, NJ 08559
       ◊   Children’s Choir
       ◊   Bell Choir                    Telephone:
◊   Fellowship Opportunities                    (609) 397-0130
       ◊   Coffee Hours
       ◊   Pot Luck Suppers
       ◊   Concerts
       ◊   Special Speakers              On the Web:
       ◊   Dances                             StocktonPresbyterian.org
◊   Social Clubs
       ◊   Book                          Follow Us on Twitter:
       ◊   Crochet/Knitting                   StocktonPresby
                                                                                           22 South Main Street
◊   Community Service Programs
                                                                                           Stockton, NJ 08559
                                                                                              (609) 397-0130
                                              “We love, because God first loved us.”
     Stockton Presbyterian Church
A Message from                                                                          Our History
the Pastor                          Who We Are:
                                    ◊   Open Fellowship of the Living Presence of
                                        Jesus Christ
I’m honored to gush pride over                                                      Stockton has always been about
the Stockton church.                ◊   Diverse Congregation                        connection.
                                             ◊   Age, Race, Status, and Faith
There are authentic expressions                  backgrounds                        The town’s first names were Reading
of faith, filled with joy, peace,                                                   Ferry and Howell’s Ferry, because of
questions, struggle, triumph and    ◊   Family striving to be Faithful              the connection by ferry. We were
grace.                              ◊   Connected to the Community                  renamed Stockton after the Post
                                                                                    Office branch was opened in 1851.
There are healthy people who en-                                                    And this church has been worship-
joy one another and caring for      How We Serve God:                               ping God here each week since 1867.
others.                             ◊    Weekly Worship & Education
                                                                                    Times have changed. There have
                                    ◊    Local and Global Missions
Good memories and experiences                                                       been ups and downs.       And the
strengthen people here for daily             ◊    CROP Walk                         church has seen God’s faithfulness.
living.                                      ◊    Operation Christmas Child         We remain connected:

I see a church open to the future            ◊    Project Mosquito Net              ◊    To Almighty God
that God has in store.                       ◊    Project Troops
                                                                                    ◊    To the beautiful and mighty Dela-
                                             ◊    Bike-a-Thon
And I could see you in that fu-                                                          ware river
ture! I think you would find what   ◊    Local Emergency Assistance
you are looking for here.                    ◊    Stockton Flooding                 ◊    To the charm of small town

Grace and peace,                    ◊    Feeding those in Need                      ◊    To all who worship here
                                             ◊    Food Pantry
Kenneth Good, pastor                         ◊    Meals on Wheels connection        And to you!

                                    ◊    Scouts Sponsorship                         Are you part of the next chapter in
                                    ◊    AA Meeting Place                           the story of Stockton Presbyterian?
                                    ◊    Meeting Facilities Available
                                             ◊    School Programs
                                             ◊    Receptions
 Stockton Presbyterian Church
                                           “We love, because God first loved            Stockton Presbyterian Church

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