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                               CASE STUDY

                                First B2B
                                Global EDI specialist relies on Rackspace
                                First B2B Limited is a Global Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specialist with clients
                                all around the world. They match, integrate and exchange data in real time between
                                retailers, suppliers, manufacturers and customers. The time critical nature of the
                                business requires absolute reliability and guaranteed network uptime for the web
                                based business. Their integrated supply chain technology and Just In Time (JIT)
                                ordering and delivery processing has revolutionised cash flow and warehouse

                                New IT Infrastructure
                                Ian Ford is the Managing Director at First B2B, “When we first set up the business
                                we opted to manage all our data in-house and look after our own servers, taking on
                                board all the patching, updates and 24-hour management that the task entails.
                                However, the success of the business and the critical time nature of much of the
                                data, which was being processed 24/7 meant we had to invest hugely in a brand new
                                IT infrastructure or look for an external hosting partner with the security and uptime
                                guarantees we needed.” Ian said, “I happened to see an article in the computing
                                press that talked about Rackspace® Hosting and its claim to provide Fanatical
                                Support®. This certainly struck a chord with us and we contacted Rackspace to see
                                how they could help.”

                                Millions of transactions
                                Ian revealed, “The decision to transfer all our web hosting to be managed by
                                Rackspace is one for which we are thankful now, but at the time was a very
                                significant commercial investment that equated to spending nearly 7% of our
                                turnover. Today, we are a major provider in the EDI sector and the group’s
                                technology is utilised across the globe processing millions of transactions each year,
                                with invoices to the value of well over £1 Billion being exchanged each year.”

                                Reputation, Reliability and Security
                                Ian went on to say, “Rackspace has been a key partner in our success. Their
                                reputation, reliability and security are critical to the business and the 100% network
                                uptime guarantee absolutely essential for our business. The Fanatical Support® team
                                is remarkably proactive and will report on potential problems before they happen. It is
                                a totally meticulous approach from people who genuinely care about our business.
                                The Rackspace team does things that people simply don’t think of. It is the reason
                                why we can claim a 100% server uptime for the last year with an average document
                                processing time of just 2.68secs. Rackspace also maintains a full backup service
                                and firewall protection.

                                 Massive data processing task
                                 Ian summarised, “Our enterprise is designed to assist business leaders, senior
                                 project members, supply chain executives and managers with supply chain and EDI
                                 initiatives including, business process evaluation, system optimisation, best practice,
                                 business process re-engineering, supplier rationalisation, promotional management
                                 programs and inventory management. It all adds up to being a massive data
                                 processing task requiring extreme reliability and immense power. Millions of
                                 documents are successfully processed and delivered in seconds. The partnership
                                 with Rackspace has been instrumental in our reputation and remains a very
                                 significant factor in the success of the business. I would have no hesitation in
                                 recommending Rackspace as a commercial hoisting partner.”

                                 Cloud technology
                                 Finally, Ian said, “We have now started to make use of cloud technology for areas of
                                 the business that require extreme flexibility and scalability as opposed to the
                                 stringent security and protection demanded of the document processing servers.
                                 Cloud servers have been deployed for traffic management and corporate websites,
                                 as well as other non-core business activities. The ability to simply run up a server in
                                 minutes for test and development is absolutely ideal and the fact that we only pay for
                                 what we use is another very significant benefit. We are now looking at linking
                                 managed servers and cloud technology and incorporating data warehousing.

                                 Fully managed solutions
                                 If your business relies on documentation, First B2B’s fully managed solutions will
                                 allow any size of organisation to trade electronically with their customers and
                                 suppliers, whether they are a family-run business supplying a major retailer, or a
                                 manufacturer wanting to integrate an entire supply chain. For more detailed
                                 information and advice please visit the website at or call
                                 the expert sales team on +44 (0) 1246 350000.

                                 Critical sites
                                 If your website is critical to your business and you need a hosting partner that offers
                                 security, reliability and guaranteed network uptime, then take a look at
                        or call the business hosting specialists on 0800 988 0100 for
                                 a FREE friendly and informative chat.

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