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					                  Calhoun County EMS Advisory Council

            Quarterly Meeting Minutes August 12, 2010

Members Present:
Name                                      Representing

Kerrie Hull                               EMA/911 Coordinator
Mathew Ringgenberg                        Lake City Ambulance
Darius Miller                             Citizen
Shirley Ellis                             SMCH ER
Tami Kinney                               Calhoun County Public Health
Jason McKenney                            Fire Service
Jeff Vosberg                              Farnhamville EMS
Kim Gutz                                  Calhoun County EMS-Pomeroy

Members Absent:
Name                                      Representing

Mike Anderson                             Law Enforcement
Ken Hying                                 City Mayor (Lake City)
Paul Arens                                Iowa Central Community College
Kris Kavanaugh                            Lohrville Ambulance
Open                                      Hospital-Administration
Open                                      Medical Director
Luke Winkelman                            Calhoun County EMS-Rockwell City
Lisa Lang                                 Calhoun County EMS-Manson
Scott Jacobs                              Calhoun County Supervisor

State Regional Representative:

Charles Peyton, Calhoun County EMS
Nick Dunbar, Calhoun County EMS

Meeting called to order at 1905 by Hull, EMS Coordinator

We originally had an official quorum present at this meeting, but one member had
to leave for ambulance call. All agenda items that need a vote, will be held over to
our next meeting.

Approval of the January 28, 2010 minutes and April 29, 2010
Minutes distributed, no vote

Old Business:

A. County Funds, MOU’s. The forms for Farnhamville and Lohrville given to Vosberg
   and Kinney during the meeting. Lake City’s was given to Ringgenberg earlier.
   Electronic versions will be sent. No changes in the amounts. This year the main
   focus will be to make sure all providers are up to date in the requirements necessary
   by OSHA, the State Bureau of EMS, DHS and the Federal Government. Instead of
   waiting until June and checking all providers, this will be done quarterly. If providers
   are missing some of the required training, funds will be held until completed.
   Hopefully this will assist service directors in making sure the trainings are done.

New Business:

A. I-Jobs II grant. Hull discussed the recent grant application submitted on behalf of the
   Calhoun County EMS service to apply for funds to build a new ambulance station.
   As part of the grant, it also must address disaster prevention, so the EMA office will
   move to the building as well if grant funds are received.

B. EMS website. A copy of the very draft home page of the new website was
   distributed. There are many corrections to be made in the content, it is in the
   building process and this was put in by the designer. This website is for the Calhoun
   system, to include all services and be a place where providers and public can refer to
   for information. We will put in the training classes to be held, in public events, the
   Advisory agenda and minutes, etc. Hull asked for suggestions to be sent to her.


A. Coordinator Report:
      1. Training/Exercise

       Please pass on to your service members that the Protocol In-service to be done
       in September has to be postponed due to the State in the process of redesigning
       the protocols. They are not expected until January 2011.
       No other training noted at this time
       We did a mass casualty exercise in Lohrville last summer, would like to do one in
       September in Pomeroy this year. Hull will work with Gutz on planning this.
       McKenney discussed that Law Enforcement has done a walk-through of the Lake
       City School recently and looking at doing an active shooter exercise to include
       fire and EMS.

       2. EMS System Standards

       Hull reported that the pilot programs and stakeholders group met twice this
       summer. The last meeting was August 3rd and from that meeting a final draft was
       completed. It has changed from 80 standards when we completed the project to
       approximately 50 at this time. We combined several that were felt to be
       duplicates, changed some of the language to be less demanding of other
       agencies that will be involved. The draft document was presented to the council
       for review. The next step is for the pilot counties and stakeholders to review the
       draft, it will be presented to EMSAC in October and voted on in January. This
       will allow legislation efforts to be started and hopefully approved like the Public
       Health Modernization Act was done this past year.
         3. CQI and Measurable Outcomes:

         Distributed to services in attendance. We do not have any records from Lake
         City to present to the council.
         Peyton stated to the council that the measurable outcomes has improved over
         the last year. Sometimes it is still difficult to determine what was done from some
         of the reports. Vosberg stated it is ongoing effort to get documentation done
         well. Hull discussed a Defensible Documentation DVD available and will make
         copies for both Farnhamville and Lohrville. Will present this in Pomeroy and
         Manson after harvest as will focus more on mass casualty drill this fall.

         3. Satisfaction Survey Report

         Reports for all services distributed. This only includes 1 month of Lake City as
         they are doing their own and have not presented their reports.


Hull distributed the following:

Draft EMSAC minutes from July 14, 2010
IEMSA Voice newsletter

Ringgenberg announced before he had to leave that Lake City had hired 3 full-time
Paramedic Specialists. Two will start by the 23rd and the last by the 30th of August. Two
are from Audubon and 1 from Ida County.

Vosberg discussed looking at ways to assist in recruitment efforts.

Meeting adjourned.

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