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					           Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game
                    and Student Involvement

                                   Megan Mathews
                  Representative of the Braylon Edwards Foundation

                                    October 24, 2011

                                       Prepared for

                          Students in the School of Kinesiology

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011     Mathews   1
 The Braylon Edwards                                                  6689 Orchard Lake Rd.
                                                                      West Bloomfield, MI 48322

  FOUNDATION                                                          (248) 755-0375

TO:            Kinesiology Students
FROM:          Megan Mathews, Representative of the Braylon Edwards Foundation
SUBJECT:       Braylon Edwards’ Celebrity Basketball Game
DATE:          October 24, 2011

The purpose of this report is to inform you of the relationship between Braylon
Edwards’ annual celebrity basketball game and the University of Michigan and to
also encourage more student involvement.

Suzanne Lavelle, a student representative for the Celebrity Basketball game, was
interviewed on October 12, 2011 for information regarding possible student
internships for the Braylon Edwards Foundation.

Other information regarding the celebrity basketball game was taken from

Braylon Edwards, a former football player at the University of Michigan and a
current NFL player for the San Francisco 49ers, hosts an annual celebrity charity

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011         Mathews    2
basketball game in Ann Arbor to raise awareness and money for organizations
affiliated with the University of Michigan. His foundation emphasizes the
importance of education to under-privileged children by providing scholarships and
incentives towards athletes.

For additional information on how to get more involved with the Foundation
contact the foundation office at (248) 755-0375.

University Support
The University of Michigan is affiliated with the event because of the scholarship
endowment Braylon Edwards created for football players/students at the University
of Michigan. The endowment is awarded to the football player who wears the no. 1
jersey and works hard in both academics and as a team player. During the 2011
Charity game the University of Michigan football player who was awarded the
scholarship endowment, Mike Martin, gave a presentation promoting the Braylon
Edwards Foundation.

All proceeds from the Braylon Edwards Charity event went towards the University
of Michigan’s A. Alfred Taubman Medical Research Institute. The research institute
was selected by the Braylon Edwards Foundation to receive all proceeds from the
annual event. The year before, in 2010, all of the proceeds went towards the
University of Michigan Women’s basketball program. The money from the 2011
event help funded ALS research and help Dr. Eva Feldman, the director of the
Taubman Institute continue her research on the disease.

Event Location Changed Increased Donations
For the last two years the annual celebrity basketball game has took place in Ann
Arbor. In 2010 the event took place in Crisler Arena, the University of Michigan’s

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011          Mathews    3
Basketball Arena. However last year, on April 15, 2011, the game took place at
Pioneer High School. This change in venue did a number of positive things for the
foundation but may have decreased the number of student supporters from the
University of Michigan.

To host the event at Crisler Arena in 2010 was more expensive to rent then to host
the event at Pioneer High School in 2011. At Crisler Arena there needed to be
several more people to operate the facility. There were more ushers, more
concessions, and more people involved with the technological elements in Crisler
Arena. As a charity event, the Braylon Edwards Foundation wanted to maximize the
amount of money they were going to raise and to do this they need to change the
location to a much more money-conscious place. Pioneer High School is less than a
mile away from Crisler Arena and is more affordable to rent.

Pioneer High School was not only the affordable option but offered a smaller gym
that filled up quickly. Since the gym was filled, the noise level and excitement was
also higher then the previous charity game. According to Suzanne Lavelle, the
student intern for the Celebrity Basketball Game, “being hosted in Pioneer made the
crowd much more excited to be apart of something that seemed ‘so big.’”

Since the location was moved from the home of the University of Michigan Men and
Women’s Basketball team to a nearby high school there was less publicity of the
event. It was harder for the foundation to convince students to watch the game from
a location that was even farther off campus then Crisler Arena.

However, there was no change in the number of student interns that were asked to
help produce the event at Crisler Arena.

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011          Mathews      4
Student Involvement
Kim Hafley, Director of Marketing and Recruiting at Foster, Swift, Collins & Smith,
P.C. in East Lansing, reached out to students majoring in sport management at the
University of Michigan to help with the production of Braylon Edwards Celebrity
Basketball game. Internships that were available last year include a social media
intern, a public relations intern, and a sponsorship/marketing intern. Suzanne
Lavelle and Ryan Knapp were both selected to represent the School of Kinesiology
as student interns at the event.

Both Suzanne Lavelle and Ryan Knapp recruited student volunteers interested in
sport management to help on the night of the event. All volunteers were assigned
different tasks that included ticket sales, concessions, and ushers. It is important to
note the event saved more money by being able to have student volunteers take
over many jobs in the 2011 celebrity game then the 2010 celebrity at Crisler arena

Goals of Future Event
To publicize the Foundation and the Charity game to more students affiliated with
the University of Michigan. A lot of the fan base at the event included families and
friends of the players involved in the 5 on 5 grudge match. Students who get
involved with event are able to experience first-hand what it is like to operate a
business through sports. The annual celebrity basketball game is produced very
similar to other sport-related charity events. This game is a great learning
experience for students to get involved and meet current NFL players, and past
Michigan athletes. Below is a photo that shows both the bench and fan base at the
event on April 15, 2011.

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011            Mathews       5
     [On the bench include NFL
     players from the New York
     Giants, New York Nets, and
     previous Michigan
     basketball player Jimmy

Each year Braylon Edwards produces a celebrity basketball event that helps bring
awareness and funding to University of Michigan organizations and programs.
Students involved in the school of Kinesiology should become more involved
because it provides great insight into the business of sport.

Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011       Mathews     6

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Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011                  Mathews      7
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Braylon Edwards Celebrity Basketball Game as of October 24, 2011                  Mathews      8

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