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									Article: Word of Mouth Marketing with Twitter

Word of mouth marketing is the most cost effective marketing available to any business. While it is also the
most difficult to gauge or measure, there is no doubt, positive word of mouth marketing is more than
The most challenging part of a marketing campaign that is strictly word of mouth is getting people to talk
about your business. In the information age this is not nearly the mountain climbing issue it used to be. In
fact, it’s quite easy these days. You just have to know the proper venues for doing so.

Well over one billion messages are sent in one day’s time on Twitter, and your business should be
contributing its share. Twitter is an instant billboard - A split second public message putting your business in
front of the masses to get them talking about you. Using Twitter effectively, efficiently, and regularly
creates a direct relationship between you and your customers, and potential customers. You cannot afford to
neglect this opportunity.

The first effort to make before fully launching a word or mouth campaign on Twitter is to familiarize
yourself with how it works, the common vernacular used, and the etiquette within the Twitter community.
Next you will begin to build a network suitable for marketing your business. Twitter has a search engine
where you should plug in your business interests, and then you follow the people that show in the results.
Soon you will be followed in return. Many are very surprised at how quickly a following is built.

Now you’re almost ready to Tweet. Realize that Twitter is about breaking news and good conversation.
Adjust your promotions accordingly. Think about what you offer of value to those you want to become your
customer, and brand yourself as strongly as you can. Your best choice is to tweet a blurb about full content
you have on the web in another place by posting a link within a personable and interesting sentence about
why the reader should visit your site.

You are becoming a part of a community. Everyone in that community is a potential customer. Use it to
your advantage. Plan out a strategy, and then dedicate some time each day to interact and talk with your
followers, and those whom you follow. This will give the personal Twitter Touch that people love about the
community itself. This is social media, the key word being social. If you choose not to utilize this aspect of
the campaign, you might as well not start the campaign at all. You wouldn’t think of neglecting customer
service anywhere else, so be as diligent to your Twitter customers as you would be to the sales floor.

Finally, a word about gauging the success of your word of mouth Twitter campaign. Open a free account at
Bit.ly and utilize it to your greatest advantage. With this service you can shorten URL’s to use in your
tweets. This allows you to track how many people actually respond to your tweet by clicking on the link.

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