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					                                                                          Issue 1 – March 2002

CONTACT                                                              The ABB India Magazine

                      Creating Value for Customers

             Partnership   Rectifiers     Syria –      Outdoor
CylmateÒ        with                                                                 Interactive
                              for         largest      VCB with   IndustrialIT        Business
introduced    Chettinad    Hindalco     export order   MA Drive
              Cements                                                                   Portal
CONTACT                                                                                                                             Issue 1 – March 2002

 CONTENTS                                                             ABB introduces CylmateÒ
                                                                      The monitoring system for optimization of large diesel
                                                                      engine performance.

                                                                      A complete solution for enhanced efficiency at

                                                                      Chettinad Cement plant

                                                                      3 more Rectifier Systems for Hindalco                                         8

                                                                      ABB and Sustainability                                                        9
                                                                      – The Green Brigade
                                                                      – News Round-up

                                                                      Across the seas                                                              10
                                                                      – Largest export order for high voltage substation from Syria
                                                                      – Switchgear overhauling - first overseas assignments
                                                                      – Service beyond expectations

                                                                      Customer value creation                                                      12
                                                                      – LPG terminal for IOCL
                                                                      – ABB’s training programme for India’s largest transmission utility
                                                                      – Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with magnetic actuator drive

                                                                      Real-time enterprise solutions with                                          14

                                                                      Technology Digest                                                            16
                                                                      – PMUs - A new approach to power network monitoring
                                                                      – Solutions for condition-based maintenance
                                                                      – Polymer instead of porcelain

                                                                      ABB at ELECRAMA 2002                                                         21

                                                                      Channel line                                                                 22
                                                                      – ABB’s Interactive Business Portal

CONTACT – Editorial Team                                                             ABB Ltd.

Harmeet S. Bawa, Vikram V Kanth, Samrat Mitra, Alok Sharma,                          GF-Corporate Communications, India

Mahesh Kulal, Manish Bhargava, Namita Asnani.                                        Khanija Bhavan, II Floor, East Wing,

                                                                                     # 49, Race Course Road, Bangalore - 560 001.
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2                                                                                                                                               CONTACT
A        BB’s vision to be ‘The
Value Creator’ starts by being
close to our customers. Working
closely with them understanding
their business needs and local
market conditions, we are
committed to ensure their
success through quality
excellence in our products and
service offerings and through
innovative solutions, which
combine world-class
technologies, proven global
expertise and strong local

Traditionally, corporations in our
business have been organised         • Manufacturing and consumer         decades of experience in every
around either technology or            industries like automotive and     industry and across the world –
geography – and sometimes              food and beverage                  with world-class products and
both. For large and global                                                services.
                                     • Oil, gas and petrochemicals
companies, this leads to many
                                     • Channel partners, like original    In keeping with our ongoing
units serving customers in
                                       equipment manufacturers,           quest for enhancing the value we
parallel with different products
                                       system integrators, distributors   deliver to our customers, we
and services. Quite simply, we
have decided to break that             and dealers                        bring to you through this
mould. We have now made it           The challenge for our customers      customer newsletter some of the
easier for them to do business       in today’s fast changing,            recent developments at ABB. We
with us. We have organised our       globalised and networked world       have named this newsletter
company around customers and         is not only how to keep pace         ‘CONTACT’, to emphasise the
channels to market, building our     with advances in technology and      key motivation behind it and
whole organization from their        the speed of information, but        look forward to your support in
perspective and working our          how to tap those advances to         making this initiative an ongoing
way in. We have transformed our      become more competitive. This        success.
enterprise around our main           is where we create value for
customer groups:                     them. We combine our expert
• Power, gas and water utilities     knowledge of their markets, their
• Process industries like pulp and   business and their business          Ravi Uppal
  paper, mining and metal,           processes – what we call ‘domain     Managing Director
  chemicals and pharmaceuticals      competence’ gained over              ABB India

CONTACT                                                                                                     3
ABB introduces

The monitoring system
for optimization of large
diesel engine performance.

CylmateÒ is a new intelligent
engine monitoring system
developed for large diesel
engines. It raises the quality of
performance data and analysis to
                                        The quality of the data
a completely new level. It is an
                                     ensures significant benefits
advanced system for continuous
                                      from improved reliability
performance monitoring of diesel
                                          and reductions in
engines running at low or                  operation costs.

                                    medium speeds. Cylmate is a           by a variety of methods, mainly
                                    unique combination of                 by manually measuring the
                                        measurements of cylinder          pressure of each cylinder and the
                                           pressure and crankshaft        crankshaft angle at sporadic time
                                           position plus advanced         intervals. The collected data has
                                           mathematical engine            then been used to check the
                                           modeling, which provides       condition of each cylinder and
                                           accurate, real-time data for   the engine. For the propulsion of
                                          monitoring and diagnostic       ships or for generation of power,
                                         analysis. The quality of the     optimum engine performance is
                                       data generated by Cylmate          essential, ie., maximum
                                       results in significant benefits    availability and reliability of the
                                       like improved reliability and      engine, low specific fuel
                                       reductions in operation costs.     consumption and low emission
                                       With soaring fuel prices and       of harmful gases. Low
                                     increasing focus on                  maintenance cost is another key
                                    environment-friendly                  issue, which results from longer
                                    performance of diesel engines, it     time between overhauls and
                                    has become important to know          prolonged life of components.
                                    and control the combustion            All this demands an advanced
                                    process of the engine.                system for the monitoring the
                                    Traditionally this has been done      engine’s performance conditions.

4                                                                                                    CONTACT
                                              line compensation of the load                    system uses the measured
                                              dependent, torsional crank shaft                 combustion pressure and
                                              deflection.                                      application specific engine
                                              The Cylmate Angle Transducer is                  dimensions for correction to the
                                              a new, patented angular position                 true TDC of each cylinder by
                                              indicator. It is based on the                    evaluating both mass-elastic and
                                              unique Pulse Eddy Current                        thermo-dynamic engine models.
                                              technology recently developed                    The Cylmate Controller 100 unit
                                              by ABB. The angle transducer is                  collects significant operating
                                              mounted adjacent to the engine                   information from standard
                                              flywheel. This purpose-designed                  engine instrumentation via serial
                                              transducer uses time based pulse                 data links or via its analogue
                                              synchronization measuring the                    signal interfaces. The principal
                                              crank angle with an accuracy of                  combustion pressure data, such
                                              0.05 degree.                                     as IMEP, Pmax and Pcom, is
                                              It is known fact that the                        checked continuously against
                                              crankshaft of a big diesel engine                alarm and performance limit
                                              will twist due to the torque                     values, which are recalculated
                                              load. This crankshaft deflection                 during each cycle and related to
Cylmate Pressure Sensors are delivered with   can be up to 1 degree and                        the actual engine loading.
engine specific adapters for the indicator
                                              varies over the turn and differs                 Depending on the system
channel mounting
                                              from cylinder to cylinder. A lot                 settings, alarms are reported by
                                              of efforts and research from the                 digital outputs to sophisticated
ABB has addressed this need for               project team has resulted in a                   automation and control systems.
an advanced system through the                patented engine model that                       The engine plant menu presents
Pressductor® technology. For                  include as Top Dead Center                       the operator with a real-time
example, the measuring device                 (TDC) compensation function of                   overview report and also allows
for the cylinder pressure is                  torsional crankshaft deflection                  for trend analyses using the
based on the ABB Pressductor®                 by an on-line computed                           historical diagram function
technology, which was                         mathematical engine model. The                   packages stored in trend files.
introduced in the early 60s and
has a wide operating experience
across a variety of applications.
The system is designed for use in
engine room environment and
complies with the latest
international quality standards.
One system can process signals
from up to ten engines, each
having up to 20 cylinders.
The key components in the
Cylmate System are the pressure
transducers, the crank angle
scanner on the flywheel and a
powerful controller including an
advanced mathematical engine
                                              All equipment is suitably protected for engine room environment and complies with the latest
model, which provides an on-                  international quality standards.

CONTACT                                                                                                                                      4
                                       A complete solution
                                       for enhanced efficiency at

                                       Cement plant
                                             The new 1.1 MTPA, state-of-the-art unit of
                                              Chettinad Cement Corporation Limited
                                             showcases ABB’s committment to value
                                                  added customer partnerships.

The advanced ABB automation            The interface to the public sector   with VVVF control, MV squirrel
and optimisation solutions             utility – TNEB is provided by a      cage motors with VVVF control
implemented at Chettinad               110 KV, 1500 MVA outdoor             and reactance starting MV
Cement Corporation Limited             switchyard, which is primarily       slipring motors with rotor
(CCCL) for increased productivity      the switching station for this       resistance control.
from its cement plant at Karikal,      plant. This houses 145 KV, 40 KA
                                                                            The electrical network powers a
Tamil Nadu, truly reflects ABB’s       SF6 breakers, 21 MVA power
unique ability to leverage its                                              total of 8 MV motors and more
                                       transformers, 6.6 KV motor
unparalleled domain competence                                              than 700 LV motors.
                                       cubicles, LV distribution and
in providing enhanced value to         MCCs with more than 200              ABB’s ability to integrate
its customers through state-of-        cubicles. Reactive power             hardware and software for
the-art technology.                    compensation is provided using       operational efficiency and data
Right from the 110KV substation        two methods, i.e. individual         acquisition has enabled CCCL to
to the field I/O communication,        compensation for motor feeders       fully optimise the power system.
the CCCL project has many firsts       at 6.6 KV level and as group         All the MV feeders and majority
to its credit.                         compensation at 415 V level.         of LV feeders are provided with
At CCCL, ABB has extended the          ABB has also installed               numerical relays, which deliver
complete plant electrification.        distribution duty transformers       extensive data on power quality
The design scope included              and converter duty transformers.     and system operation condition.
• equipment rating assessment          These are specially designed for     They provide the platform for
• evaluation of protection             achieving reduced harmonic           optimised operation and
   philosophy                          distortion, highest possible         monitoring of all primary
• system response to faults and        reliability and efficiency.          equipment covering a wide area,
   control of system losses            Different methods of motor           beginning with instrument
• grounding system and                 starting have been adopted           transformers and switchgear
   application of surge arrestors      depending on the load                drive mechanism to indigenously
• controlled switching devices and                                          designed load monitoring
                                       requirements – LV squirrel cage
   optimal feeder configuration etc.                                        systems.
                                       motors with full voltage starting

6                                                                                                    CONTACT
Retrofit VCB                         MV Switchgear                             Substation

ABB has always believed in the                                                advantages of ABB’s medium
                                                At CCCL, ABB has
efficacy offered by open systems.                                             voltage AC drives.
                                                  implemented a
In CCCL, ABB has implemented
                                            first-of-its-kind Profibus        ABB’s technical prowess backed
the Profibus communication
                                            communication protocol            by excellent project management
protocol. Executed for the first
                                           in any cement plant in the         made it possible to commission
time in any cement plant in
                                               Asia-Pacific region.           the plant in a record span of just
the Asia-Pacific region, this
                                                                              19 months – two months ahead
technology offers advantages like
                                                                              of the scheduled deadline.
high speed data communication,          commissioned the ACS 1000,
reduced field wiring and the            medium voltage AC drives. A
flexibility to multi-drop various       revolutionary concept in the field       Some salient highlights of
devices on the same field               of drive control, ABB medium             the project are:
network cable. Besides these            voltage AC drives offer efficiency
                                                                                 • Total Plant Technology
                                        in excess of 98%. The drive uses
                                                                                   concept for the first
                                        Integrated Gate Controlled                 time in India.
                                        Thyristor (IGCT) and Direct
                                        Torque Control (DTC)                     • Field I/O Concept up
                                        technology with Profibus and               to the MCC feeder level
                                        Modbus communication protocol              commissioned for the
                                        options. Features like regenerative        first time in India
                                        braking, compactness, precise            • Profibus, Modbus and
                                        speed control for the entire               AF100 Slaves
                                        speed range (compared to                   numbering 422. This
                                        erstwhile SPRS Drives) and a               massive field bus
Profibus installation
                                        downtime commissioning time of             network is biggest in
                                        less than 2 days are few of the            Asia-Pacific region.
advantage this solution has
enabled CCCL achieve seamless                                                    • MIS Client Server
integration across the devices in                                                  Package, indigenously
the field network, totaling 423 in                                                 developed by ABB
                                                                                   India, using open
number. Field bus protection
                                                                                   system software like
modules are a part of the total
                                                                                   Oracle and Visual Basic
                                                                                   with GCOM as the link
Building upon years of                                                             between AC450
experience in the field of drives,                                                 controller and the MIS.
ABB has successfully                    ACS 1000 Medium Voltage AC Drive

CONTACT                                                                                                        6
3 more Rectifier Systems for


Hindalco Industries Limited         complete rectifier plant control
reinstated their confidence in      and harmonic filters.
ABB by placing an order for
                                    Other elements of the project
rectifier systems for aluminum
electrolysis application. The
                                    • 132 kV Switchyard Equipments
scope included design,
                                      comprising of SF6 Circuit
engineering, supply, erection and
                                      Breakers, Isolators, Surge
commissioning of 3 Rectifier
                                      Arrestors, CTs, CVTs, Power
Systems for their Aluminium
                                      Line Carrier – Communication
Potlines # 9, 10 & 11, each of        Equipment
rating 900 V DC / 70 kA with
100% redundancy. Hindalco           • Regulating Transformers of
                                      rating 81.5 MVA (6 Nos.)
Industries Limited had earlier
purchased a 850 V DC / 66 kA        • Rectifier Transformers –
Rectifier System from ABB in 1995     2 x 36.8 MVA (6 nos.)
for their Potline # 7.
                                    • Rectifiers – 900 V DC/ 70 kA
The solution offered to Hindalco      (6 Nos.)
is based on ABB’s well to proven    • Harmonic Filters
PSR digital-based controls and
water-cooled diode rectifiers of    • DC Current Measuring System
high efficiency and robust          • DC Isolators – 80 kA, 2000 V DC
Rectibloc construction. The           (24 Nos.)
solution also includes a Human
                                    • AC/DC Auxiliary Power
Machine Interface (HMI) for
                                      Distribution Boards (9 Nos.)

8                                                                       CONTACT
ABB and Sustainability

   The BT-TERI survey team
   set out to find India’s most
   eco-friendly companies and
   what kind of ‘green’ policies
   they follow. Are bigger firms
   more environmentally
   responsible? And does eco-
                                                                             Green initiative - Delhi
   efficiency help or hurt the
   bottom line? A first-of-its-
   kind BT-TERI, cross-country
   study of environmental
                                                                             News round-up
   management practices                                                      • The ABB Group was
   finds out.                                                                  ranked first in corporate
                                                                               sustainability by the Dow
   Of the 47                Stricter environmental         environment-        Jones Sustainability Index
   companies           regulations across the world,       friendly.
                                                                               (DJSI) topping the electric
   surveyed by         growing consumer preference
                                                           In India, as in     components and equipment
   Business              for eco-friendly companies,
                             and the inherent cost         all ABB             industry for the third
   Today and the        advantages in lowering toxic       markets there
   Tata Energy                                                                 consequitive year.
                            waste, are encouraging         is a dedicated
   Research                industries big and small
                                                           sustainability    • The head of ABB Group for
   Institute                      to clean up.
                                                           controller who      sustainability affairs visited
   (TERI), more
                                          reports directly to the country      India and made a presentation
   than three quarters had an
                                          manager reflecting its local
   environmental policy in                                                     on ABB’s sustainability vision
                                          commitment to the society
   place. While only four out of                                               and implementation at a global
                                          and the communities it
   10 had a formal environment                                                 CSM summit at Kolkotta.
                                          operates in.
   certification (ISO 14001), 60

                                                  The 10
   per cent had a separate                                                   • ABB sponsored the Quality
   environment department.                                                     Center at Bangalore promoted
                                              Greenest Companies
                                                                               by CII, the apex body for
   Among the companies
   featured (see list), ABB was           ABB
                                                                               Indian industry. It was
   among the top 10 eco-friendly                                               inaugurated by the Union
                                          Bayer (India)
   companies in India.                                                         Power Minister (May, 2001)
   Commitment to sustainability
                                          Clariant (India)                     to promote long-term
   is enshrined in ABB’s vision           Coromandel Fertilisers               competitiveness of industries
   statement.                             Gujarat Ambuja Cements
                                                                               in India.
   ABB India’s manufacturing              ICI India                          • ABB provided immediate
   units are ISO 14001 certified.                                              relief through corporate and
   ABB has a separate section             Indian Aluminium Co.
                                                                               employee initiatives to
   dedicated to sustainability on         Orchird Chemicals &
                                                                               earthquake-affected Gujarat –
   its website. It speaks of the          Pharmaceuticals

   company’s sustainability                                                    being followed-up with power
   thrust and initiatives to make
                                          Philps India
                                                                               infrastructure rebuilding
   its products more                      Tata Iron & Steel Co.                assistance (eg. Anjar substation

CONTACT                                                                                                           9
Across the seas
Largest export order for high voltage
substations from Syria
ABB India has been awarded a            ABB will supply products such
large contract from PEEGT               as power transformers, outdoor
(Public Establishment of                circuit breakers, instrument
Electricity for Generation &            transformers, medium voltage
Transmission) the generation and        switchgear, capacitor banks and
transmission utility of Syria, for      control & relay panels which are
supply and installation of three        manufactured at its Vadodara,
new 230/66/20kV substations in          Nashik and Bangalore facilities.
the industrial areas of Aleppo,
                                        The order has been won against
Homs and Damascus. The
                                        the stiff competition from
substations will help improve the
                                        international companies which
power supply to these cities.
                                        include Siemens (Germany),
The scope of the order (Financed        Isolux (Spain), Magrini (Italy),   execution capabilities as well as
by the Government of Syria)             Ozok (Turkey), Matalec             comprehensive product offering.
includes design, procurement,           (Lebanon) and Parsian (Iran).      It proves ABB’s global sourcing
manufacturing, supply, installation     Winning this export order          philosophy to optimise its
and commissioning of all the            demonstrates ABB’s strong          worldwide presence and
substations.                            engineering and project            strengths.

Switchgear overhauling - first overseas
The service group at Vadodara has successfully
carried out the overhauling of 362 kV Air Blast
Circuit Breakers supplied way back in the 70s.
This work was entrusted to ABB through BHEL as
part of the rehabilation assignment received from
Zambia Electric Supply Company (ZESCO).
Though ABB’s service group has overhauled more
than 500 air-blast breakers in India, this is its first
overseas experience. ABB India also supplied the
spares for the 30-year old imported breakers with
quality levels to the satisfaction of ZESCO.
The customer expressed a high degree of
satisfaction and commended the professionalism
shown by the ABB team.

10                                                                                                   CONTACT
Service beyond expectations

Abul Khair Steel Ltd., Bangladesh   control and power interface           first AGC commissioned by ABB
entrusted ABB India to upgrade      circuitry with the latest state-of-   India on a 20-Hi mill.
and recommission a second-          the-art DCS600 DC Drive. The
                                                                          The customer was all praise for
hand 20-Hi steel rolling mill       old MP200 system was replaced
                                                                          the dedication and the hard
originally commissioned by ABB      with the latest state-of-the-art
                                                                          work put in by the ABB team in
in the mid 80s.                     AC450 automation system. The
                                                                          his letter of appreciation.
                                    software was upgraded with the
The good old Tyrak 8A analog        latest Rolling Mill solutions. The    The ‘One Team’ approach
drives were upgraded to digital     complex technological control         adopted by ABB has proved
drives by retaining the thyristor   function of Automatic Gauge           ABB’s commitment in delivering
stack while replacing the power     Control (AGC) was also                service beyond the expectations
components and the entire           implemented - the                     of its customers.

CONTACT                                                                                                 10
Customer value creation
LPG terminal for IOCL implemented on
Windows NT
Indian Oil Corporation Limited, a
Fortune 500 company, awarded a
complete C&I LSTK job to ABB
India. This is the first LPG
Terminal project implemented on
a Windows NT platform within
the ABB Group. The project was
successfully executed for IOCL’s
LPG Terminal at its Gujarat

The success of this project has
given ABB a
unique and important reference
site for many of its prospective
customers to develop future
projects on the Windows NT

     ABB’s training programme for the engineers
     of India’s largest transmission utility
     Training of engineers from Power Grid               In this connection, the Dy. G.M. – HRD, Power
     Corporation (PGCIL), India’s largest transmission   Grid, Delhi issued a letter of appreciation for the
     utility, took place at ABB’s Vadodara factory.      programme.
     The training also included H.V. Components,
     Power Transformers and Circuit Breakers as part                                              programme
                                                                                    received, the
     of the programme.                                        “From  the feedback                     icipants
                                                                                        and the part
                                                              was high   ly successful                      re
                                                                                             actical exposu
                                                                              by way of pr
                                                               gained a lot                 ring and  assembly
                                                                             the manufactu
                                                               especially in
                                                                              ue in ABB”.
                                                               which is uniq                                 ta
                                                                                                Venkat. S. Ta
                                                                                                  anager  (HRD)
                                                                                   Dy. General M
                                                                                               PowerGrid, D

12                                                                                                                 CONTACT
Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker with
magnetic actuator drive

                                                        12kV Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

The magnetic actuator
drive is a bi-stable                                    The Magnetic Actuator Drive offers the
magnet system                                           following advantages:
consisting of two                                       • Few parts as compared to conventional
permanent magnets and                                     spring operated mechanism.
two electro-magnets.                                    • Long mechanical life – up to 100,000
The drive takes care of                                   operations.
the operating mechanism                                 • Low energy consumption by operating
functions of the breaker. The opening and closing         mechanism.
of the vacuum interrupters in the breaker poles are     • Self-diagnostic electronic control unit,
controlled by the magnet system of the drive. A           monitoring and controlling all switching
capacitor unit provides the coil energy for switching     functions.
operations. A self-diagnostic electronic control unit   • The result is a maintenance free device with
with sophisticated sensors monitors the functions of      very high reliability.
the circuit breaker.

CONTACT                                                                                                  13
Real-time enterprise
solutions with IndustrialIT
The ABB Group has committed            • A robust family of compatible
to a broad program of product            and reusable products that
development under the                    will serve as the “knowledge
IndustrialIT umbrella. It is an          components” for IndustrialIT
initiative geared towards                solutions.
increasing standardisation of          • A powerful and open
                                                                           Now, consider the impact if
ABB products as the “building            architecture for enabling each
                                                                           distributed plant devices could
blocks” of larger solutions.             component as part of a real-
                                                                           inherit functionality from the
IndustrialIT will allow multiple         time automation and
                                                                           environment in which they were
products to interact seamlessly as       information solution.
                                                                           placed – new devices would be
components of real-time
                                       • Deployment of ABB’s vast          configured not by a host control
automation and information
                                         domain industry expertise         strategy, but as a direct result of
                                         through a customer-focused        the business setting in which
                                         organization serving key client   they were deployed – process
     In its simplest form,               industries.                       transmitters and valves would
     IndustrialIT could be                                                 inherit the range information
                                       Why IndustrialIT?
     characterized by an open                                              required for the current “recipe”.
     control system that               In approaching the commitment       Motors and drives would adjust
     automatically configures          to IndustrialIT, ABB has done       their control set points as a
     and re-ranges hundreds of         some hard thinking about what it    function of current line speeds.
     plant instruments to the          can really offer its customers.     Robots and manufacturing cells
     real-time needs of a new          Our conclusion was that ABB’s       could be moved from one task to
     production run and much           most valuable “product” isn’t       another – retrieving new control
     more.                             sold in a box any longer. Enter     software as they “recognize” the
                                       the era of knowledge-based          new process and its
Far more important, however, is        solutions.                          requirements.
the long-term commitment from          Imagine, for example, that each     Just as these devices could
ABB to three critical factors that     physical plant device was           automatically inherit
will differentiate IndustrialIT from   accompanied by a dynamic,           characteristics from their
its imitators:                         living software entity – carrying   surroundings, they could also
                                       with it not only configuration      report information and influence
                                       data but control software,          operations in other parts of the
                                       purchase and cost information,      enterprise. Through the
                                       maintenance records, mechanical     integration of diverse systems for
                                       drawings, and networking            manufacturing, sales pursuit,
                                       information. Next, imagine that     fulfillment, and enterprise
                                       the same approach could be          logistics, the vision of real-time
                                       applied to products - endowing      “e-Productivity” could be
                                       each batch, barrel, or box with a   stretched all the way from
                                       dynamic set of real-time            procurement of the most basic
                                       characteristics.                    raw materials to delivery of

14                                                                                                    CONTACT
                                      • The products must take            Model (COM), this
                                        advantage of the Aspect           platform considers the
                                        ObjectsTM Architecture (ABB’s     myriad of enterprise
                                        dynamic platform for real-time    objects (plant devices,
                                        integration).                     machines, materials and
                                                                          products) as the
                                      • The products must be tested       building blocks that
                                        and certified for compliance      make up a total
                                        to the ABB IndustrialIT           business
                                        Enabled technology standard.      scenario.
                                      Symbolic of this commitment to
                                      compatible and reusable
highly customized finished                                                various
                                      technologies, the IndustrialIT
products.                                                                 objects
                                      strategy even changes the way
                                                                          and their
                                      products from ABB’s numerous
   This enterprise arena,                                                 associated software may reside
                                      business units are named and
   spanning ABB tools for                                                 on multiple networks or
                                      brought to market. In place of
   production, asset lifecycle                                            computers, each object carries
                                      the stylized trademarks often
   management, and real-time                                              with it an integral collection of
                                      applied, IndustrialIT components
   collaboration, defines the                                             characteristics or aspects such as
                                      will enjoy a common, descriptive
   space we call the                                                      configuration, efficiency,
                                      naming approach based on their
   IndustrialIT Value Chain.                                              maintenance status, mechanical
                                      respective product suite. Here
                                                                          and electrical drawings, etc. A
                                      are a few examples...
                                                                          click on any object icon quickly
Enterprise Building Blocks            • DesignIT – Tools to assist in     offers up a wide range of
To ensure deployment of the             design of primary equipment,      context-sensitive, real-time
required tools for every link in        process trains, plants, and       information.
this value chain, ABB has               supporting systems.               An IndustrialIT "system" is created
defined some 30 functional                                                by dynamically linking a series of
                                      • OperateIT – Tools to facilitate
categories for the technologies                                           these distributed objects - and
                                        interaction between
that will comprise the IndustrialIT                                       their real-time characteristics -- as
                                        automation systems and
portfolio – and our ongoing                                               software clients. Drawing from
                                        human operators.
development focus. Each of                                                a vast library of dynamic
these categories corresponds to       • ProduceIT – Tools to improve      enterprise objects, the Industrial
an IndustrialIT Product Suite – to      the planning, scheduling, and     IT architect will deploy real-time,
be filled with pre-engineered,          manufacturing of finished         repeatable automation scenarios
reusable building blocks. These         products.                         to fit a wide variety of business
components – whether                                                      objectives. Just as one would
hardware, software, or service-                                           browse the files in a PC
based – must be distinct to join      Putting the Pieces Together         directory, the user will browse
the IndustrialIT portfolio on three   To facilitate the real-time         among and configure multiple
accounts metioned below:              integration of these IndustrialIT   structures of enterprise assets -
                                      building blocks, ABB has            assigning each to the most
• The products must be
                                      developed a powerful enterprise     productive and profitable task at
  standard and available for use
                                      architecture called Aspect          hand.
  by other business units across
                                      ObjectsTM. Based on the             For more information, log on to
  ABB, without additional
                                      Microsoft Component Object

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Technology Digest
PMUs – A new approach to power network
David G. Hart, David Uy, Vasudev Gharpure, Damir Novosel, Daniel Karlsson, Mehmet Kaba

Power system measurement,              for extremely accurate time                          microsecond when the phasor
synchronized on a global basis, is     stamping of the power system                         measurement is taken is
moving from the lab to the utility.    information. A GPS satellite                         permanently attached to it. The
                                       receiver provides a precise                          device assembles a message from
What makes this possible is the
                                       timing pulse, which is correlated                    the time stamp and the phasor
Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU)          with sampled voltage and current                     data in a format defined in IEEE
– a device which, by employing         inputs - typically the three phase                   standard 1344 [fig. 2], which can
widely used satellite technology,      voltages of a substation and the                     then be transmitted to a remote
offers new opportunities in power      currents in lines, transformers,                     site over any available
system monitoring, protection,         and loads terminating at the                         communication link. Positive-
analysis and control. ABB is           substation. From these data                          sequence phasor data from all
                                       samples, positive-sequence                           substations equipped with such
presently involved in developing a
                                       voltages and currents are                            devices are collected at an
PMU product and advanced               calculated [fig. 1] and time-                        appropriate central site using a
solutions. PMU functionality is        stamped so that the exact                            data concentrator or exchanged
also being integrated into ABB
protective relays, providing a
hardened platform for substation          Phasors – What and Why
applications. Pilot installations at      If one part of a power grid becomes seriously out of synchronism with the rest, the

several utilities are already under       whole network can become unstable and shut itself down. This is how a blackout

                                          occurs. Something which power engineers have therefore always wanted to do is
                                          monitor the relative phase angles of the voltages and currents throughout the grid.

A recent events, particularly in          And in real time.

the USA, have shown, electric
                                          In the past, a lack of adequate computing power and the huge difficulties involved in
utilities are having to face
                                          collecting, coordinating and synchronizing the grid data made this impossible.
increasingly complex issues in a
                                          However, new technology now available has radically changed this situation.
continually evolving business
environment. Two issues stand             To make life even easier, engineers have simplified the mathematics they use. This

out: power grids are expected to          was done to circumvent difficulties with differential equations and long expressions

operate closer to their maximum                                                ω
                                          that included terms such as ‘Asin( t +    φ)’ – which is typical of sinusoidal waveforms,
capacity, and there is an                 like the AC mains power, that vary with time.

increased need for accurate and           The simplification involves transferring the equations from our usual time domain to a

better monitoring of the network.         different coordinate system. For example, the AC power outlets in our homes, below

                                          left, can be equally well represented by the diagram on the right.

Phasor measurement                        The line rotates and traces out the circle, like a

                                          rotating vector, with frequency   ω. The length of
Being able to determine phasors
                                          the line represents the full amplitude, in this
across the power system at a
                                          case of the voltage. The vertical component is
fixed point in time has the
                                          equivalent to the Asin( t +   φ) in the AC power
potential to solve these
problems. One of the key
components of future utility              This rotating line is called a phasor. Use of this phasor notation considerably

systems will therefore be Phasor          simplifies not only the mathematics but also the electronics and processing power

Measurement Units (PMUs).                 required. And it is this simplification that facilitates the grid-wide PMU monitoring

PMUs rely on a GPS time signal            described.

16                                                                                                                           CONTACT
between local units for
protection/control applications.
Collecting and collating these
measurements provides a basis
for new, very powerful
techniques for monitoring,
protecting and controlling power

Communication issues
Different technologies
Communication of the time-
stamped measurements to the
data concentrator is critical to the
implementation. While time is
distributed to the PMUs through
an intricate network of satellites,
present devices utilize telephone,
digital serial and ethernet
communications technologies to
provide the connection to the
data concentrator. The different
technologies involved in the
communications infrastructure
include direct wiring, licensed
and unlicensed radio networks,
                                       PMUs from different                   the power system from real-time
microwave, public telephone,
                                       manufacturers.                        measurements. The state of the
cellular telephone, digital
                                                                             power system is defined as the
wireless, plus combinations of
                                                                             collection of the positive-
these technologies.                    Power system applications
                                                                             sequence voltages at all the
                                       The synchronized phasor               network buses obtained
Synchrophasor format                   measurement technology is             simultaneously. The technology
IEEE Standard 1344 [2] defines         relatively new, and consequently
                                                                             of state estimation currently in
the formats for output files           several research groups around
                                                                             use was developed in the 1960s,
provided by the Phasor                 the world are actively developing
                                                                             and is based on measurements
Measurement Units. Two files           applications of this technology. It
                                                                             that are unsynchronized. This
(Header and Configuration) are         seems clear that many of these
                                                                             results in a non-linear equation
defined for setting up and             applications can be conveniently
                                                                             that must be solved on-line to
assisting in interpreting the          grouped as follows:
                                                                             estimate the state of the system.
phasor data, as well as the            • Power system monitoring
                                                                             Due to the low scanning rates
format for the real-time binary        • Advanced network protection         and relatively slow computations,
output file consisting of phasors
                                       • Advanced control schemes            present technology is incapable
and the time stamp, which
                                                                             of providing information about
comprise the principal output of
                                       Power system monitoring               the dynamic state of the power
the PMUs. The standard has
                                       One of the most important             system. The synchronized phasor
been of great help in ensuring
                                       elements of modern Energy             measurements provide a
that all future applications of
                                       Management Systems currently          completely new opportunity to
the synchronized phasor
measurements are able to access        deployed by electric utility          re-cast the entire state estimation
the phasor data provided by            companies is state estimation of      process.

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With the use of this technology,     network, and using concepts             between the local variables and
much of the delay inherent in        from transient stability analysis, it   system state.
the present state estimation         is possible to design improved
                                                                             Synchronized phasor
systems will be removed and the      out-of-step relays. Field trials of     measurements offer a unique
utilities will be in a position to   this concept have been carried          opportunity to bring in the
move on to advanced static and       out on the Florida-Georgia              remote measurements of system
dynamic contingency analyses of      interconnection, and the results        state vector to the controller, and
their network in real-time.          have shown the concept to be            thus remove from the control
                                     sound. An installation of a             loop the uncertainty associated
Advanced network protection          similar nature is the ‘Defense          with the mathematical model.
Another category of applications     Plan’ of Electricité de France          Thus, the controller becomes
of synchronized phasor               (EDF) [5]. In this scheme, phasor       primarily feedback-based, rather
measurement is that of               measurement from different              than model-based, in its
enhancing the effectiveness of       regions of France are compared;         implementation.
power system protection. This        upon a pre-set limit being
involves equipment and system        exceeded, trip commands are             Outlook for PMUs
protection, as well as remedial      issued to the appropriate
                                                                             PMUs facilitate innovative
action schemes. For example,         substation, isolating that part of
                                                                             solutions to traditional utility
traditional line protection relies   the network which is in
                                                                             problems and offer power
on system measurements at one        imminent danger of causing the
                                                                             system engineers a whole range
end of the line terminal to          entire power system to collapse.
                                                                             of potential benefits, including:
determine if a fault is present.
For critical lines, measurements     Advanced control schemes                • Precise estimates of the power
are synchronized through some                                                system state can be obtained at
mechanism to provide                 Controllable devices installed by       frequent intervals, enabling
differential protection schemes      the electric utility industry           dynamic phenomena to be
for fault detection. Differential    include power system stabilizers,       observed from a central location
protection is recognized as the      static var compensators (SVCs),         and appropriate control actions
most reliable form of protection.    HVDC links, universal power             taken.
In the future, PMUs could be         flow controllers, etc. These
                                     controllers are designed to act in      • Post-disturbance analyses are
utilized to provide differential
                                     such a way that the defined             much improved because precise
protection. This also has the
                                                                             snapshots of the system states
potential to limit the damage that   control objective functions are
                                                                             are obtained through GPS
can be caused to the power           optimized. For example, a power
system by catastrophic events.       system stabilizer may have as its
For example, the status of certain   objective the damping of                • Advanced protection based
circuit-breakers and switches,       electromechanical oscillations in       upon synchronized phasor
power flows in key transmission      the power system. The objective         measurements could be
lines, voltages at critical buses,   of an SVC controller may be to          implemented, with options for
power output of key generators,      improve the voltage profile at          improving overall system
etc, could be used to formulate a    certain critical buses in the           response to catastrophic events.
strategy of responses if these       network. In all cases, the              • Advanced control using remote
parameters should fall within        controllers use locally derived         feedback becomes possible,
‘dangerous’ patterns. An example     signals as feedback. Since the          thereby improving controller
of phasor measurements used for      phenomenon being controlled is          performance.
protection is given in the           often defined in terms of wide
adaptive out-of-step relaying                                                ABB is confident that in the
                                     area system variables, present
study reported in [4]. This work                                             coming years more applications
                                     day controllers depend upon a
has shown that by using real                                                 of this technology will be
                                     mathematical model of the
time measurement of phasor                                                   discovered.
                                     control process, the system
angles at key locations in the
                                     dynamics and the relationship                        Source: ABB Review

18                                                                                                      CONTACT
Solutions for condition-based maintenance
                                      of tools and techniques.                continuously grow and improve
                                      ARMADACMS will help integrate           the existing capabilities. Further
                                      and automate diagnostic tools           development in the future will
                                      and enable the ABB Service              provide an even more
                                      structure to diagnose problems in       comprehensive range of
                                      rotating machines.                      diagnosis. This can vary from
                                                                              dedicated modules for vibration
                                      ARMADACMS is built much like a
                                                                              analysis of other equipment, such
                                      database in the new ABB
                                                                              as pumps and gear-boxes, to
                                      standard, compiling automatic
                                                                              fault classification of defects in
                                      reports as ABB Service
                                                                              roller bearings without the need
                                      employees monitor electric
                                                                              of bearing data.
                                      motors to increase efficiency,
                                      predict problems and optimize           For Web applications, more
                                      productivity.                           complex data exchange and
                                                                              direct access to the machine
                                      ARMADACMS is the result of
                                                                              database can be enabled via a
                                      intense cooperation between
                                                                              browser. This can provide plant
                                      ABB Corporate Research Centers
                                                                              visualization, upload routes to
                                      in Poland and Finland, ABB
                                                                              data collectors, a learning
                                      Lenzohm Service India and
Centrifugal pump                                                              network, on-line expert support,
                                      several ABB Service companies
ABB is moving into many areas         around the world. Corporate
of knowledge and service, and to      Research has been responsible           The software is now working its
fuel this fast-growing market it is   for several key achievements that       way into plants and factories
expanding its software portfolio.     have resulted in higher-quality         around the world.
One such addition to the              measurements and diagnosis              Looking to the future, imagine
portfolio is a unique software,       than with the methods currently         the value of a database of
called ARMADACMS (Advanced            in use.                                 countless machines being
Rotating Machines Diagnostic                                                  repetitively measured according
                                      Unlike the traditional ‘expert
Analysis, Condition Monitoring                                                to identical standards, registering
                                      systems’, which usually require a
Software), which can monitor,                                                 behavior and failure modes and
                                      large effort for initial set-up and a
analyze and report on machine                                                 enabling comparative data
                                      learning period (to create their
conditions in plants of all types                                             extraction.
                                      own database history) to be able
around the world.                                                             By using data mining techniques
                                      to respond to machine behavior,
The condition monitoring              ARMADACMS is designed to                we can learn much more about
techniques commonly used in           simplify the analysis procedures        the machine life cycle, thus
predictive maintenance rely on        to a single set of measurements         allowing very precise diagnosis
planned inspections or testing of     integrating measurement                 of complex problems, as well as
machinery, which in most cases        templates, vibration and                being able to preview the
can non-intrusively determine a       dielectric analysis, and easy           remaining lifetime and take
machine’s health. However, one        reporting. It is a comprehensive        preventive action much earlier
single machine is often               solution that, thanks to its            than is possible with the methods
maintained by different teams,        modular conception, can                 in use today.
each counting on a wide variety                                                             Source: ABB Review

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Polymer instead of porcelain
ABB’s new surge arresters will survive an earthquake

                                        they face. Consequently,               and a vitally important earthquake-
                                        manufacturers have searched            proof design.
                                        long and hard for a replacement
                                                                               PEXLIM arresters already satisfy a
                                        – and now they have it.
                                                                               major portion of the demand for
                                        PEXLIM is an ABB surge arrester,       the standard applications in sub-
                                        which features a polymer               transmission. Furthermore,
                                        housing. Its weight is half that of    PEXLIM provides a number of
                                        a conventional arrester, it is more    opportunities for new
                                        rugged (transport-damage proof)        applications and installation
                                        and safer (no splinters if there is
                                                                               methods, thus enhancing the
                                        an accident).
                                                                               reliability of the protected system
                                        The performance of the                 or reducing the total investment
                                        technology has been                    cost. One good example is the
                                        continuously enhanced and it           recent supply of seismic-proof
                                        has even been recently used in a       PEXLIM arresters for the 550-kV
                                        record-breaking 800 kV                 systems of Southern California.
                                        application. The major
                                                                               The conversion from porcelain to
                                        achievements paving the way for
                                                                               polymer insulation for arresters is
                                        the competitive product are
                                                                               rapid and, in response to
                                        single shot direct molding with
                                                                               growing market demand, ABB is
                                        hydrophobic material,
Los Angeles Department of Water and                                            presently doubling production
Power (LADWP) 550-kV surge arrester –   manufacturing control loop
seismic proof.                                                                 capacity for PEXLIM by bringing
                                        design and robust process
                                                                               in a second production line and
Lightning, switching and other                                                 shortening lead times by fine-
transients events cause                 This innovative arrester family        tuning the process parameters,
potentially damaging energy             covers all applications ranging        aided by statistical methods and
surges in power systems. To             from sub-transmission voltages to      leaner logistics. Some countries
combat these surges and thus            ultra high voltage (800 kV). It uses   now ask only for polymers. It is
minimize equipment damage,              the same world-class ABB ZnO           expected that more than 50% of
surge arresters are routinely           discs as porcelain-housed ABB          production for applications up to
installed to protect valuable grid      EXLIM arresters. The novel outer       and including 245 kV will be
components.                             polymeric insulation – silicone        PEXLIM this year already. This
Traditionally, these arresters have     rubber – is molded onto the active     dramatic increase is fueled by
housings made of porcelain –            elements. This offers a number of      increased market share and
not the best material for a device      advantages such as freedom from        conversion from the ABB EXLIM
which has to withstand both             partial discharge, freedom from        porcelain arrester family.
earthquakes and vandals – to            additional sealing needs, highly
name but two of the hazards             improved pollution performance                      Source: ABB Review

20                                                                                                          CONTACT

ELECRAMA, the most visible           ABB also displayed a few           presence in India
tradeshow of the electrical and      IndustrialIT products – the        and has pioneered
industrial electronics industry      AC800M as part of its Control      many technologies.
was held in January, 2002 at         Suite of products and the Human    We are poised to
Mumbai. The largest tradeshow        System Interface as part of its    accelerate our
of its kind in Asia, ELECRAMA        Operate Suite of Products.         growth in the standard products
2002 was a resounding success.                                          market by adopting a more
                                     Cylmate, ABB’s monitoring
The exhibition was spread over                                          aggressive strategy and
                                     system for optimization of large
30,000 sq. meters and had over                                          introducing world-class products
                                     diesel engine performance was
1000 exhibitors showcasing the                                          as well as expanding our range
                                     also introduced.
latest products, systems and                                            in India, where we have
technologies. Over 10,000 visitors   STATCON, an indigenously           tremendous potential.”
thronged the exhibition every        developed power compensator        ABB sponsored and played a key
day.                                 for low-tension applications and   role in the ‘Trafotech’ and ‘Cable
                                     erratic and fluctuating load       & Wire’ seminars held in
                                     situations was another new         conjunction with ELECRAMA.
announced the launch of several
                                     technology introduced.
new and innovative products.                                            ABB’s offerings were also
                                     ABB also displayed its range of    showcased on a web site called
New low voltage products like
                                     offerings in power and             Virtual ELECRAMA.
Electrical Installation Bus (EIB)
                                     automation technologies for
concept for building automation,                                        ABB’s stall was adjudged
                                     utilities and core sector
a wider range of MCBs, MCCBs,                                           runners-up in the overall best-
ELCBs, soft starters for motors                                         stall category by IEEMA (Indian
and an array of electrical wiring    Mr. Ravi Uppal, MD, ABB India,     Electrical and Electronics
accessories, switches, sockets,      while inaugurating the ABB stall   Manufacturer’s Association), the
etc. for mass consumption.           said, “ABB has a long standing     organisers of ELECRAMA 2002.

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Channel line


The e-Business team at ABB          products can be accessed and           many more value-added features
India has just rolled out an        downloaded by ABB’s channel            in this portal.
Internet portal called Channel      partners. These resources are
                                                                           There is a discussion forum for
Support. The portal simplifies      also searchable by topics.
                                                                           channel partners to express their
the sales process of ABB            Channel partners can create
                                                                           views and suggestions. The chat
standard products such as drives,   offers on-line on this portal, track
                                                                           function provides inexpensive
motors, PLCs, instrumentation,      past offers and convert them into
                                                                           but live interaction to resolve
low voltage products and many       orders. The portal also provides       specific issues.
more through its channel            on-line status of orders till final
partners. ABB channel partners                                             A training programme is under-
can log on to this portal through                                          way to educate both the ABB
a secure password and access a      The ABB marketing team can             marketing team and channel
whole range of resources on this    track offers and orders created        partners. With the introduction of
web site. One of the most useful    by individual channel partners,        this portal ABB now offers faster
sections is the sales desk where    look at business summaries,            interaction and response over the
sales promotion and sales           create targets and forecasts for       Internet for the benefit of its
support material for various        each channel partner. There are        valuable customers.

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   This initiative is also aimed at sharing knowledge with our customers and partners in an increasingly
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   We hope you like this inaugural issue and look forward to establishing an on-going dialogue.
   We would welcome your valuable feedback, comments and questions to enhance the value
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