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					    UIC Resolution

Joyce Sackleh, Oakland Schools
     What is a UIC?
• UIC = Unique Identification Code
• 10-character number
• Assigned to each student reported
  via SRSD.
       Why is the UIC
• The UIC is the primary field for tracking
  students from one district to the next in
  the state
• It is essential to the Drop out/Graduation
  report and to reporting of AYP and MEAP.
• The UIC is the key field for linking data
  systems at the state level (e.g., MEAP,
 Getting better all the time…
• First UIC Resolution was Fall 03-04.
• Very little resolution done for Fall and Spring
  of 03-04.
• Resulted in a large number of records
  requiring resolution for Fall 04-05.
• Improved UIC resolution and a change
  resolution logic resulted in a lower number of
  records in Spring 04-05.
• The 05-06 school year showed a dramatic
  decrease in the percentage of Spring records
  to resolve.
    Getting better all the time…

                           32,355   33,938


  2003              2004             2005
 Getting better all the time…
The match
 rate for
 for EOY
 2006 was
         Think about it …
The more often a UIC is submitted, the
 more times potential UIC issues
 (possible matches, multiple UICs) may
 be identified.
Therefore, UICs for students who have
 been submitted since Fall 2003 have
 had NINE opportunities for issues to
 be identified and resolved.
• Programmatic counts
  obtained in the aggregate
  by MDE are beginning to
  match single record
  counts (e.g., LEP).
• Through continued
  evaluation, MDE refines
  the data collected in
  SRSD (e.g., CTEIS)
What happens when I
 submit my record?
                            UIC                                MEAP
Spring 05-06

                          UIC          What UIC should
                                       be attached to this
                          Resolution   student?

  Submitted                                                    DATA
  Record                                                     WAREHOUSE

                 FTE Counts                                     Dropout/Grad
                                                                Federal Reports
                                                                Et cetera . . .

                      $$$ STATE
    Where do I Start?

If you’re brand new:

Go to Look for the
   document called “New to the
            Essential Resources

•       CEPI New User Orientation
•       SRSD | Help and Training Resources
    –     SRSD/UIC Application User’s Guide
    –     SRSD/UIC FAQs
    –     7 Habits of Highly Successful Resolvers
CEPI Web Site
 Document everything you
• Print reports
  – Unresolved Possible Matches
    • available to the user following Phase 1 and
      Phase 2
    • gives the detail of all Unresolved Possible
      Matches still existing for that student
    • presents basic data about the student
What happens in Phase 1?
• Phase 1 answers the question: What
  information (name, district, school, exit
  status) should be associated with this UIC
  in the UIC Master Table?
 Phase 1(name, DOB, gender)

                   UIC MASTER TABLE

  FROM DISTRICT    Name, Date of
                   Birth, Gender
First Name, Last
Name, Date of
Birth, Gender
            Phase 1- Rules
• If a blank UIC is submitted, and there is no match
found, AND the matching score is below 85%, a new UIC
is assigned.
• If there is a single unique match where the matching
score is 95% or above, the UIC is automatically
• For records whose matching score is 85% to 94%, if the
the UIC, Student ID, and District Code match, the record
is automatically resolved. If not, the record is put out for
Positive Matches: 1 match
found (95% or above
match score).

Multiple Matches: More
than 1 match found (95%
or above match score).

Possible Match – 1 or
more records with match
scores 85% - 94%
During submission and Phase 1
• If both students are continuing, the
  record with the most recent enrollment
  date will update the UIC Master Table.
• If the enrollment date is the same,
  the submitted record will update the
  UIC Master Table.
•    If a submitted record indicates a
    student has graduated, that record will
    update the UIC Master (regardless of
    enrollment date).
                            HOLLIDAY, BILLIE                          Keep This UIC | Create New UIC

Example 1: possible         1010100339     1234567   HOLIDAY BILLIE

Selecting “Use This UIC”
from the second record
will attach #1111121224
to the submitted record.
Since the submitted         HOLLIDAY, BILLY (89.19% Match)                             Use This UIC
record has the more
recent enrollment date,     1111121224 03252005 HOLIDAY BILLY
the submitted information
will replace the helper
fields for #1111121224.

                            HOLLIDAY, BILLY (62.16% Match)                             Use This UIC

                            1010100339 1234567   HOLIDAY BILLY
                             HOLLIDAY, BILLIE                          Keep This UIC | Create New UIC

Example 2: possible          1010100339     1234567   HOLIDAY BILLIE


                             HOLLIDAY, BILLY (89.19% Match)                             Use This UIC

                             1111121224 03252005 HOLIDAY BILLY

Selecting “Use This UIC”
from the bottom record
will attach #1010100339
to the submitted record.
                             HOLLIDAY, BILLY (62.16% Match)                             Use This UIC

Since the enrollment date
is the same, the
                             1010100339 1234567   HOLIDAY BILLY

submitted information will
replace the helper fields
for #1010100339.
Example 3: possible
match. Submitted
  My student has more
    than one UIC!?

Note: You may notice that your student has more than one UIC.
These are the result of records submitted with blank UICs that came
up for resolution and were not resolved. If so, print the screen. It is
important that these UICs be linked. Resolve the UIC and make a
note on your hard copy (printed page) regarding the UIC you have
chosen as primary. You can then use these pages for the linking UICs
process. It is important to print the screen before resolving because
the screen will refresh upon making your selection.
See Linking Guidelines in the SRSD/UIC User’s Guide.
     What happens if I
        don’t link?

1. The records are likely to keep coming back
   for resolution.
2. Future efforts to track or search for these
   students will be affected.
3. Public reports like Grad/Drop and MEAP will
   be incorrect for your district.
When am I done with
     Phase 1?

• When Multiple Positive Matches
  Found & Possible Matches Found are
  all resolved.
• Status switches from “Verify” to
         Now What?
1. Any unresolved records with blanks
   from Phase 1 are assigned a UIC by
   the system.
2. We begin Phase 2 (students with
   the same UIC)
     Phase 2 (same UIC)

                     UIC MASTER TABLE
  DISTRICT A               (CEPI)
 UIC #0123456789
                     UIC# 0123456789

UIC #0123456789
          What happens in
            Phase 2?
• Districts do one of the following:
   •“Confirm” that the student in their district
   • Select “Do not Submit”
   • Create a New UIC.
• Phase 2 results are stored in a “History Table” at CEPI.
This means the same student won’t require resolution
again in subsequent submissions until he or she moves
buildings or districts.
Phase 2 Example
 How do I contact someone
 else who might be using my
       student’s UIC?
• Click on the "District/PSA Resolver List"
• View contact information of school and
  district level resolvers across the state.
• This list is a snapshot of the users at a
  given time and will be updated periodically.
     Who decides
    which district
    gets the UIC?

• Districts must negotiate. Typically,
  there is no problem. One of the
  districts generates a new UIC for
  their student.
  Now am I finished?

You are not done until the
 “decisions” you’ve made are
 reflected in your local
 Student Management System.
   How do I capture the
    decisions I made?
• Export File of all Submitted data with UICs
  – includes all the same batch data that was submitted and
    adds the new 10-character UICs assigned to each record
  – The UIC appears in position 871 to 880
• Export File of all new UICs
  – all the newly generated UICs
• Export File of all Matched UICs
  – all the positively matched records
   Updating Local System

                           TEXT EXPORT

                UIC Code       Available after district’s
                               Phase 2 Resolution is

Local Student
   Updating Local System
Virtually all Student Information Systems that
accommodate the SRSD provide an automated
means of importing updated UIC codes. They
typically link on the local Student ID number to
import the updated UIC information (obtained
from CEPI as an export file after the district’s
Phase 2 resolution is complete).

Consult your Student Information System manual
or contact your vendor for assistance.
Using the “Text Export” file and
updating the UICs in their local
system, Detroit Public Schools
reduced the number of records
requiring resolution by 80%!
 What do I do when I’m
• Print reports
   – List of All New UICs
      • Presents a list of all the newly generated UICs created
   – List of System Generated UICs
      • when users do not resolve duplicate UICs, the system
        automatically generates UICs for those records at the
        initiation of Phase 2
      • presents a list of those UICs that were generated by the
   – List of Changed UICs
      • provides a listing of students where the submitted UIC is
        different from the UIC assigned by the district resolver.
        These are UICs you selected to changed.
 What does CEPI recommend
    I do to plan ahead?
• Upload for UIC Request
  – a batch (or file) that is submitted outside of
    the regular SRSD submission process
  – processed using the same methodology as an
    SRSD batch, although no updates are made
    in the UIC Master Table when a Positive
    Match is made
  – must be formatted according to the
    standard NonSRSD Batch File Layout (this is
    accommodated by most vendors).

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