how to arrange a visit by lanyuehua


									                                     Arranging a Talk in the Detector University

AA=administrative assistant
VC=visit coordinator

This procedure describes the steps for arranging a visit. The VC is responsible for ensuring that all arrangements in
this document are made to the satisfaction of the visitor. Template files are stored here:
Once filled out, these files should be stored in the following directory for individual visitors:

                                   The Director emails an invitation to the visitor. The email should make the
                                   invitation and note that the VC can handle all arrangements for the visitor.
                                   The VC should send an informational email to the visitor immediately after the
                                   invitation email is sent. This email should contain all the details and web page
Informational Email                links that the visitor will need to access in order to arrange for the visit. The
                                   template is here:
                                   A draft agenda should be developed internally by soliciting the best times for the
                                   talk, individual meetings, tours, and meals. When the agenda is ready to be sent
                                   out ensure that the agenda document is saved in: internal>products>talks. Also,
                                   ensure that the link to the agenda that is sent to the proper distribution list has the
                                   speaker’s full name within the link address.
                                   At least two weeks before the visit, an invitation to meet with the visitor
                                   (including a link to the agenda and a link to the announcement if one has already
                                   been made) should be emailed to the following: anyone the visitor has requested
                                   a visit with, astro group, and others per Don’s request. As requests to meet with
                                   the visitor are emailed back to the VC, receive Don’s approval that the requests
                                   are okay to add to the agenda. After adding a requested meeting to the agenda,
                                   make sure to confirm the meeting time and place with the individual that made
                                   the meeting request.
                                   Ensure that the draft agenda is sent to the visitor no later than one week before
                                   arrival. 2 to 3 business days before the day that the “finalize agenda” task is due,
                                   email the CfD staff the same invitation email and add in their requested meeting
                                   times last. The template for the agenda is here:
                                   A draft announcement should be emailed to the director and visitor about 6
                                   business days before the visit, in order to receive approval. A final announcement
    1.   announcement              should be finished no later than 5 business days before the talk.
                                   The template is here:
                                   A speaker bio should appear at the bottom of the flyer. It should include:
    2.   bio                       educational background, employment history, number of papers and journal
                                   articles, and number of patents (if applicable).
                                   The announcement should be sent out at least two business days before the talk.
                                   The final announcement should be sent to a subset of the following:
                                        1. All COS (Dale Cenzi, x5774, email, for distrib. lists)
                                        2. All COE (Karen Ester, x7135, email, for distrib. lists)
                                        3. COE PhD & Microsystems Students (Sharon Stevens,
    3.   email                          4. Students (all COS and COE)
                                        5. People who will meet with the speaker
                                        6. Friends of RIDL
                                             a. U of R
                                             b. ITT
                                             c. Ball
                                   d. Teledyne
                                   e. Raytheon
                                   f. JPL
                                   g. MIT LL
                                   h. Other universities (TBD)
                                   i. DVW distribution list (if it is a DVW talk)
                                   j. CCD World, if applicable, 3-5 days before talk
                                   k. Rochester OSA chapter-Cristina Canavesi
                          The flyer should be posted at the following locations no later than one week
                          before the talk:
                              1. Bldg. 76 (front door, and each level)
                              2. Bldg 8 (main doors and each level)
    4.   posting              3. Bldg 17 (main door, outside SMFL, in the breezway)
                              4. Bldg 9 (main door, each floor)
                              5. Bldg 78 (within 1st floor of CIMS)
                              6. On the door of the talk
                              7. Innovation Center
                          RIDL will reimburse the visitor for airfare. Visitor is responsible for making air
    1.   air              reservations; unless they notify the director they would like RIT to make
                          VC will ensure that hotel reservations are made for the visitor at Radisson Hotel
                          Rochester Airport. 175 Jefferson Road, Rochester, NY 14623
                          Note that the charge must be made as tax exempt.
                          The Radisson does not use charge accounts, so hold reservations using the
    2.   hotel
                          ProCard, but tell the visitor to take over the reservation with their credit card at
                          the time of checkout. (Or use our direct-bill set-up– code is 011, they will fax a
                          form for us to fill out and fax back.)
                          Please see How to Book Hotels for Visits.doc for information on special
                          rates/procedure for specific hotels and possibilities for arranging direct billing.
                          RIDL will reimburse the visitor for rental car. Visitor is responsible for making
    3.   rental car       rental car reservations; unless they notify the director they would like RIT to
                          make reservations.
                          VC will ensure that there is a parking pass for the visitor. This can be done by
                          emailing Adam Petzold,, to advise him that we have a visitor
                          coming. The e-mail should include the date, time, and vehicle information. Adam
    4.   parking pass     will then issue the parking pass. The VC should arrange for the parking pass to be
                          held in the Visitor Information Center so that the visitor can pick it up on the day
                          of their arrival. Template: \\hawk\RIDL\docs\admin procedures\visits\Parking
                          Pass Request.txt
                          VC will set-up the visitor lunch at a location and with a guest list specified by the
                          VC will ensure that dinner reservations are made at a local restaurant taking into
Dinner                    account the visitor’s dietary/cuisine preferences. VC will invite guests based on
                          input from the Director. Director will pay for dinner using the RIDL Procard.
                          Director will introduce the visitor. If Director is unavailable, the VC will
                          introduce the speaker.
                          The visitor will have 50 minutes for the talk and 10 minutes for questions. VC or
                          AA should reserve the room from 30 minutes before the talk through the end.
    1.   timing
                          If using the Auditorium of Building 76 for the talk, please see
                          \\Hawk\ridl\docs\how to set up for a talk in the Auditorium of building 76.txt.
    2.   introduction     The introduction should be a summary of the speaker’s CV.
    3.   coffee/cookies   VC will ensure that coffee and cookies are ordered for 30 minutes prior of talk.
                         -Don’t need so much sugar/cream
                         -Assign someone to clean up after talk
                         -Wegman’s Archway cookies (4-5 Packs) and Dunkin Donuts Coffee (2 Boxes)
                         VC will have RIDL students set-up Adobe connect for presentation broadcast.
                         Student will let the VC know if there are any problems with the broadcast.
                         Ensure that the Camera and Voice pod is set to “High Bandwidth” and
        a.   streaming   “Landscape” mode. Also, set the Audio Quality to “Best” on “Advanced” tab of
                         the last page of the Audio Setup Wizard under the Meeting menu option.
                         -Make sure that there is a laptop dedicated to giving the talk
                         -Make sure laptop has AC power
                         VC will ensure that the talk is recorded in Adobe Connect. The students will also
                         set-up an external microphone to the laptop for recording. The VC will notify the
                         speaker that the talk is being recorded and where they should stand during the
        b.   recording   presentation. If there are issues with the recording, the student shall notify the VC
                         and the VC will then notify the speaker to move closer to the microphone.
                         -Zoom Zi8 to show screen only
                         -Get better sound recording for Zi8
                         Mount the Kodak Zi8 on one of the small tripods on a desk/seat in the first few
                         rows of the room. Ideally, use an external condenser microphone connected to the
                         audio input of the camera. Ensure that the video rate settings are 720 (not 1080 or
                         720/60fps). Orient the camera so that 100% of the projected image on the screen
        c.   HD video
                         will be visible in the recording; you may have to move the camera further back
                         from the screen to accomplish this. Press record button and let it run until the end
                         of the question/answer period. Note that a fully charged battery will NOT last one
                         hour, so use the AC adapter.
                         A copy of the HD video should be stored here:
        d.   storage
                         Links to the Adobe Connect and HD video recordings should be sent to:
                              1. the speaker
        e.   email
                              2. RIDL members
                              3. people who are on a special list to receive these emails
                         VC will ensure that lab tours are set up. The following labs may be toured:
                              1. RIDL
Tours                         2. SMFL
                              3. NanoPower Research Labs
                              4. Others?
                         VC will inform the speaker to email or send via postal mail all receipts and a
                         completed Determination of Citizenship form associated with the visit. An email
                         template is here: \\hawk\RIDL\internal\projects\DVW\Reimbursement Email
                         and Instructions.txt . Once the VC receives the receipts, the VC will prepare an
                         IPF. The VC will email the speaker to ensure the address is correct on the IPF
                         and to send the total amount of the request on the IPF. The VC will then get the
                         Director to sign the IPF. The VC will scan the IPF, file on HAWK, and send to
Reimbursement            the Accounts Payable office. The VC will confirm that the speaker received the
                         check within three weeks of the IPF being sent to Accounts Payable. **Per Peg
                         Murrer 11/17/2011, if we are just reimbursing, a W-9 is not needed. However, if
                         speaker is not a US citizen, AP will instruct on any additional paperwork that
                         may be needed. Generally, packet should include the signed IPF, all receipts, a
                         vendor set-up form (annotate as “Reimbursement Only” at the top), signed
                         determination of citizenship, and a copy of the speaker announcement. (AA can
                         be assigned to do some of these tasks with overall responsibility with the VC).

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