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                                                                POSITION DESCRIPTION

   Type of Position Request: (choose one)
       New Position

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                   Key Contact:                                                                      Phone #:
              Employing Org #:                                                          Employing Org Name:
              Hiring Manager:

       Proposed Working Title:                                                             Supervisor Name:
         Comparable Positions:                                                     Supervisor's Working Title:
                                                                               Supervisor's Career Stream and
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   POSITION SUMMARY STATEMENT: (type text below)
   Oversee all aspects of the Food Services department including development, communication and implementation of policy and programs. Provides
   input and suggestions to the University administration regarding issues affecting campus life for students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Participates in
   and leads campus wide efforts to improve efficiencies and effectiveness of campus services. Represents the University in the local community and in
   national higher education and food service/hospitality arenas. Oversees campus identification card system.

   ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: (in descending order of time spent)                                                  % of Time
   Administration: Provides overall administrative support for over 20 service providing units, Food
   Service staff support areas, food service support functions (bakery, cook-chill, vegetable processing,
1. warehouse, meat processing) and the university identification card system including card                                        30%
   manufacturing, privilege and debit systems. Organizes the department to effectively and efficiently
   meet goals and objectives and the expectations of the university administration and the various
   customer groups. Effectively staffs the department with competent, qualified individuals. Provides
   Planning: Identifies issues affecting the ability of the food service department to meet the food
   service objectives of the campus community. Develops long-term strategic alternatives to manage
2. these issue and communicates recommendations to university administrators. Develops,                                            25%
   communicates and implements departmental strategic plans that allow the department to effectively
   evolve in a manner that satisfies the university and customer expectation of the department. Works
   with the food service management and administrative staff to develop synergistic operating plans to
   Leadership: Provides leadership to a staff of over 50 professional managers and administrators who
   in turn manage the daily operation of the department. Develops and communicates the expectations
3. and parameters for each of the 20 plus service providing units, working with the senior food service                                   15%
   staff. Establishes goals, along with the function managers, for each of the staff support areas such as
   purchasing, nutrition, business, information technology, facility management, marketing, and culinary
   to assure effective assistance to the service units. Provides direction to the administration office staff.
   Controlling: Monitors and takes necessary action pertaining to the departments multi million dollar
   budget. Provides oversight and holds operating management accountable for achieving the financial
4. goals as established in the annual financial operating budgets and equipment and facility upgrading                                    15%
   and replacement plans. Monitors overall department and staff support output to assure adherence to
   financial and operating plans including, labor usage, policies and procedures of the department and
   university and to assure consistency with the strategic plan of the department and all of the
   Representing: Represents the department to other university departments in efforts to communicate
   the services and products that are made available by food services, solicits input as to expectations of
5. the department and promotes and coordinates cooperation in daily activity to reach the overall goals                                   15%
   of the university. Sits on committees that advise or develop policy regarding general campus
   conditions. Chairs campus committees to advance services and systems for the good of the
   university. Provides assistance to other university departments to meet their objectives, such as ACE,




                                                                                   Total of all percentages
                                                                                     should equal 100%


     Choose the statement that best describes the type of problem solving the position is routinely responsible for:
     - Problems require conceptual and abstract analysis and are more strategic than operational; solutions may require unconventional and multiple

     Choose the statement that best describes the impact of the typical actions or decisions made in this job:
     - Decisions made and actions taken typically affect the University.

               Please provide an explanation of decisions made:                       Please provide an explanation of the impact of decisions made:

               Example: Increase the number of incoming freshman                    Impacts the number of faculty, housing capability, number of courses offered

                                                                               Impacts student and staff satisfaction and enhancment of campus life. Impacts
     Develop and organize retail food service operational model to
                                                                               financial outcome and subsequent support of University initiatives. Impacts
     enhance student and faculty life in a self sustaining financial matter.
                                                                               design and development for new construction and renovations throughout

     Develop residential dining operational model incorporating traditional
                                                                            Impacts residential student life. Supports Student Affairs mission.
     dining with retail debit opportunites.

                                                                               Impacts the mission of other campus departments including academic and
     Assess and recommend new food services related functions
                                                                               administrative areas

Choose the statement that best describes the level of policy and development and change responsibility in this job:
 - Establishes organizational policy for function and interprets, executes, and recommends changes to university wide policy.

Provide an example of this position's policy development and change responsibilities: (type text below)
Develops policy for use of campus identification card use including use of electronic privledges and financial debit systems.


Choose the statement that best characterizes the position's responsibilities for providing functional guidance or direct supervision over others:
- Has authority or responsibility of a function and typically supervises management personnel and indirectly supervises subordinate staff under this
position’s line of authority.

If the position has responsibility for supervision , please fill out the following:
                                Direct Reports (# of employees reporting     Indirect Reports(# of employees
                                          directly to position)               reporting to the direct reports)

        EIC Employees
       NIC Employees                                                                       430
      Mgmt Employees                                8                                       18

     Contract Employees
    Temporary Employees
     Seasonal Employees                                                                    200
     Student Employees


                       Supervisor's Supervisor
                     Name: John Affleck-Graves
               Working Title: Executive Vice President

                     Name: David Harr
               Working Title: Vice President of Auxiliary Services

                               This Position                                                     Other Titles Reporting To Supervisor
                                                                                                  A. Name:
               Working Title: Director
                                                                                            A. Working Title: Facility Operation
                                                                                                  B. Name:
                                                                                            B. Working Title: Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore
                                                                                                   C. Name:
                                                                                            C. Working Title: General Manager, Morris Inn

                    Direct Reports To This Position
                  A. Name: William J. Yarbrough
            A. Working Title: Senior Associate Director, Residential
                  B. Name: Mark King
            B. Working Title: Associate Director, Retail
                   C. Name: Lisa Wenzel
            C. Working Title: Assistant Director, Catering

** Alternative - you may send an organization chart as an email attachment.

List any hazardous conditions or physical demands required by this position:            (type text below)
Typical office environment


Choose the statement that best captures the degree of independence under which this position operates:
 - Receives only broad administrative guidance. Assignments are in terms of setting objectives within strategic planning goals. Employee has
responsibility for planning, designing and implementing programs, projects and studies and sets goals for a department, function, or college.
Approval from higher supervision may be necessary only in terms of financial impact and availability of funds but little reference to detail is
discussed with the supervisor.


                  Education: Bachelor’s degree (4 years)
                Experience: 7 or more years
          Degree Required:        Bachelor's and/or MBA degree in the field of Hospitality, Restaurant, or Management
                               Seven to ten years of seasoned and first hand experience in developing and managing service oriented organization of
 Experience/Skills Required: significant scale, complexity, and stature; demonstrated record of progressive and innovative problem solving,
                     (Ability) program enhancement, incorporation of best practices, or significant program achievements; and highly effective
                               interpersonal and communication skills with an ability to work and communicate effectively with all levels of staff,
                               colleagues, and students in a collegial environment

 Supplemental Qualification
         Required: (Licenses,
Certifications, Registrations)

                                 This position is called upon by various University departments for consultation and input regarding campus services,
                                 policy and procedures. This position plans, directs, and oversees more than 550 full and part-time staff and is
                                 responsible for providing senior level leadership and direction, major policy development and implementation,
                                 strategic planning for both operations and facilities, and oversight of all operation budget areas.
      Additional Comments:

                                    Please complete 'Approval and Funding' tab before submitting to compensation.

                                                                         Form Date 4/12/2011

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