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					                                     HSL relies on donations of items needed to operate the shelter and
                                      feed and care for the animals. Please consider making an in-kind
                                    donation from the list below. Donations can be brought to the shelter
                                       Tuesday-Friday from 12:00pm to 6:00pm and Saturday’s from
                                                             11:00am to 4:00pm.

19665 US Hwy 59
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501
                                                  WISH LIST
                                 Urgent Needs
           Bleach                 Kitten Food (dry)                  Paper Towels
                               Dog Treats & Cat Treats               Garbage Bags
Laundry Soap (Dry & Liquid)    Dog Biscuits & Rawhides             (13& 30 gallon bags)
         Pine Sol                 Canned Dog Food                Copy Paper (8 ½ x 11)

                              ~Animal Supplies~
   Adult Dog Food (dry)           Kitten Food (dry)               Canned Puppy Food
      Cat Food (dry)           Canned Adult Dog Food               Canned Cat Food
     Puppy Food (dry)                 Cat Treats                     Dog Treats
   Rawhides/Chew Bones                Cat Litter              Puppy/Kitten Milk Substitute
     Durable Dog Toys                 Cat Toys                Pedialyte (for sick animals)
     Cat Play Towers               Scratching Posts              Puppy/Kitten Bottles
    Ear Mite Treatment         Flea & Tick Treatments           Flea & Tick Shampoo
                                  (Drops & Spray)
     Dog/Cat Brushes                Dog Leashes                  Dog Collars (all sizes)
   Durable Nail Clippers       Electric Hair Trimmer             Safety Collars (Cones)

                              ~Cleaning Supplies~
          Bleach                   Laundry Soap                      Clorox Wipes
       Garbage Bags               Dishwasher Soap              All Purpose Cleaning Spray
    (13 & 30 gallon bags)          (liquid or dry)
       Paper Towels                   Dish Soap                       Hand Soap
 Disposable Rubber Gloves          Hand Sanitizer                       Windex
         Pine Sol                 Room Deodorizer                 Toilet Bowl Cleaner

                               ~Office Supplies~
    8 ½ x 11 Copy Paper          Manila File Folders             $.44 Postage Stamps
        Paper Clips                Colored Paper                   Post-it Note Pads
  8 ½ x 11 Ruled Paper Pads     5x8 Ruled Paper Pads            8 ½ x 11 Plastic Sleeves
    2 Pocket File Folders           Scotch Tape                   Ring Binder Clips
        (school style)                                            (medium & large)

       Dryer Sheets                  Cotton Balls                        Q-tips
          Kleenex              Batteries (AA, AAA and D)               5160 Labels
Grooming Supplies (Dog &      HP 1018 LaserJet Printer       Gift Cards to: PetSmart/Petco,
 Cat Shampoo (regular &           Q2612A 12A Ink            Wal-Mart, Kmart, Menards, Becker
                                                            Pet & Garden, Office Supply Store
  sensitive), Conditioner,     HP DeskJet (#60-black
     Puppy Shampoo)                and color) Ink
 Lint Rollers for Pet Hair    Ziploc Baggies (all sizes)           Laminating Sheets

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