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					A Novel Framework to Simulate Maritime Wireless Communication Networks

A Routing Approach for Inter-Ship Communications in Wireless Multi-Hop Networks

A Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols for Maritime Wireless Mesh Networks
Challenges and opportunities in managing maritime networks
Characteristics of sea reflection fading in maritime satellite communications
Differentiated Reliable Routing in Hybrid Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks
marine communication , marine engineering , ocean waves , ships
oceanographic equipment , oceanographic techniques ,                           978-0933957-35-0/08
radio access networks
ad hoc networks , marine communication , radiowave propagation , ships ,
telecommunication network routing
marine communication , mobile radio , routing protocols                        978-1-4244-1997-5/08
ad hoc networks , mobility management (mobile radio) ,
telecommunication network routing , telecommunication traffic
Marine-vehicle communication, Radio propagation terrain factors                0018-926X/85
ad hoc net., routing protocols, telecomm. links, vehicles, wireless channels   978-1-4244-2075-9/08
Range                                               Paper Title
        An analysis model of DoA in maritime environment for ship-to-ship/shore
        wireless communications
  y     Application Scenarios of Nautical Ad-hoc Network for Maritime Communications

 o      Emerging maritime communications technologies

  x     Future maritime communications technologies

 o      Integrated Wireless Networking Architecture for Maritime Communications

 2      Intelligent middleware for high speed maritime mesh networks with satellite communications
        Muli-channel Transmission with Efficient Delivery of Routing Information
        in Maritime WiMAX Mesh Networks

direction-of-arrival estimation , marine comm., ships , wireless mesh net.

IP networks , ad hoc networks , marine vehicles , mobile communication

VHF devices , marine comm. , mobile comm., satellite comm.

VHF radio propagation , digital communication , satellite communication

ad hoc net., cellular radio, marine communication, satellite communication
marine communication , marine engineering , marine systems , middleware ,
satellite communication , wireless mesh networks
Broadband wireless access; IEEE Std 802.16-2004; Mesh network;
Maritime communications; Multi-channel trans-mission

DoA                                  978-1-4244-5346-7/09   IEEE

                                     978-1-4244-4960-6/09   IEEE

MarCom Project, StarCom,MARINTEK     978-1-4244-5346-7/09   IEEE

                                     978-1-4244-2522-8/09   IEEE

                                     978-1-4244-7422-6/09   IEEE

Maritime ITS System, I2R and NICTA   978-1-4244-5346-7/09   IEEE

                                     978-1-60558-569-7/09   ACM
Range                                            Paper Title

  2     A communication monitoring system to support maritime security

  y     Innovative maritime communications technologies

 o      Integrated Wireless Networking Architecture for Maritime Communications

  2     Intrusion Detection System in wireless Ad-hoc Networks Based on Mobile Agent echnology

  x     Novel maritime communications technologies

 o      MaritimeManet: Mobile ad-hoc networking at sea

  y     Performance study on delay tolerant networks in maritime communication environments

marine communication , mobile satellite communication , security             978-1-4244-6371-8/10   IEEE

Communication industry , Communications technology                           978-1-4244-5288-0/10   IEEE
ad hoc networks, cellular radio, marine communication,
                                                                             978-1-4244-7422-6/10   IEEE
satellite communication
ad hoc networks , computer network security , mobile agents , mobile radio   978-1-4244-6347-3/10   IEEE
VHF radio propagation , marine communication , mobile communication,
                                                                             978-1-4244-7241-3/10   IEEE
satellite communication
marine communication , mobile ad hoc networks                                978-1-4244-8894-0/10   IEEE
WiMax , marine communication , routing protocols , satellite links,
                                                                             978-1-4244-5221-7/10   IEEE
wireless mesh networks
Range                                                   Paper Title

 2      A modified AOMDV routing protocol for maritime inter-ship communication

 1      Effective Channel Exploitation in IEEE 802.16j Networks for Maritime Communications

  y     An Integrated Wireless Communication Architecture for Maritime Sector

 1      Design of radio transmission technologies for VHF band ship ad-hoc network

  x     Design and implementation of a π/4-DQPSK transmitter for maritime VHF digital communications

marine communication , mobile radio , quality of service , routing protocols   978-1-4577-1267-8/11
WiMax , channel capacity , marine communication , quality of service,
radio access networks, scheduling , wireless channels
Communication Architecture, Network Intergration, Maritime                     LNCS 6886, 193-205

marine communication , mobile ad hoc networks , radio transmitters             978-1-4577-1267-8/11
VHF radio propagation , differential phase shift keying,
electronic data interchange , electronic mail, marine communication,





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