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					                                 PROJECTS & SECONDARY PLANS TO AUGUST, 2009
    PROJECT NAME                  AUTHOR                         STATUS & COMMENTS

Official Plan Review       Planscape                   OPA No. 33 to update consent policies, replace mapping and add agri-
                                                        tourism policies adopted by Council on March 17th, 2008 by By-law No.
                                                        2008-023. Submitted to County for final approval.
                                                       OPA re: Growth Management and Cultural & Heritage required by
                                                        June, 2010, pending County OP.

Hillsdale Secondary Plan   Ainley Group with           Public Open House Jan. 30/08 at Hillsdale Public School
                           Planscape                   Informal Public Meeting on June 23/08
                                                       Statutory Open House on August 18/08 at Springwater Room
                                                       Statutory Public Meeting on September 2/08 at Springwater Room
                                                       Council adopted OPA No. 37 on Oct. 20/08 by By-law No. 2008-102.

Midhurst Secondary Plan    The Planning Partnership    Development Interest meeting on May 4/04
                           with Planscape              Public Open House on May 6/04
                                                       Stakeholders meeting Nov. 10/05
                                                       Residents meeting March 30/06
                                                       Planning Partnership met with Council, then Stakeholders on Oct. 9/07
                                                       Public Workshops Nov. 14 and 15/07 at Willow Creek Baptist Church
                                                       Non-statutory Open House Aug. 5/08 at Midhurst United Church
                                                       Statutory Open House Aug. 28/08 at Midhurst United Church
                                                       Statutory Public Meeting Sept. 8/08 at County Council Chambers
                                                       Council adopted OPA No. 38 on Nov. 3/08 by By-law No. 2008-106
                                                       NVCA Peer Reviews:

Centre Vespra Plan         Meridian Planning for       OPA No. 28 adopted by Council Nov. 6/06 by By-law No. 2006-101
                           Yorkwood Properties          and approved by County on June 14/07.
                                                       EA completed and forwarded to the County on July 3rd, 2009

Doran Park                                             PR to May 25/09 PC. Subject to be raised again following approval of
                                                        Midhurst Secondary Plan.


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