Plan for “Aerobic Memory Game” Lesson by lanyuehua


									Debbie Seitz, Jeff Martin, Brian Nelson
Stafford Twp. Intermediate School
                                Plan for “Winter Wonderland”
Standard: Indicator 2.5-A, 2.5-B, 2.5-C, 2.5-D
Use for Grades 5 & 6
45 minute class, 24 - 60 students
Team Teaching Setting
Equipment – Hockey Goals, Yarn Balls, Gym Scooters, Gym Oars, Buddy Walkers, Pedalos,
Mats, Box Hockey set, Plastic Hockey Sticks, Roller Racers, Parachutes, Stereo
Objectives – The students will:
- Develop cardio vascular endurance during a game activity.
- Improve Upper Body and Leg Strength
- Learn and have fun!!

Activity                                         Approx.       Assessment/Differentiation/Modifications
Take Attendance.                              1 – minute     Respond when their name is called.

Brief Introduction                            1 minute       Teachers will give a brief overview; Students
Demonstration of Activity                     3-5            Teacher and Student demonstration .
                                              minutes        Are students paying attention to directions and
Activity – Winter Wonderland                  35 minutes     Students all active in activities.

Speed skating – students skate counter                       Make sure students stay under control at all
clockwise around speed skating rink on                       stations. Abide by the rules.
carpet squares.
Rudolph & Hermie’s Ice Boats - Students                      Safety First.
cross over the icy water (Gym Floor)using
the ice rope and ice boats                                   Assist any student who is having difficulty at
2 Person X-Country Skiing – Students                         any station.
partner up and walk across gym floor using
the Buddy Walkers                                            3 – 4 minute shifts at each station.
Polar Express – Student moves across gym
floor riding the Polar Express (Pedalos)                     Students set up station before they move on to
Clark Griswold’s Sled Mountain –                             the next station.
Students slide down man made mountain on
the parachute floaters
Box Hockey – play Box Hockey 3 on 3
Santa’s Sleigh- Students travel across the
world (Gym Floor) riding the sleigh (Roller
Elf Bowling – students bowl at pins that
have elf pictures on them. 6 pins per group
Ice Hockey - Use carpet squares as Skates.

Line Up. Students gather their belongings      1-2 min       Straight, quietly, no pushing, etc…
and get in line to leave. Review what we
liked, areas that need to be improved upon
***SGI assist other Phys.Ed. teachers, (take students to nurse, make copies, help with students)

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