Parkland's Senior Citizen Program by lanyuehua


									                   Engaging Senior Citizens in Schools

Parkland School District Community Stats
72 Square miles, suburb of Allentown
Population: 46,000
Total Students: 9,000
Free & reduced lunch: 6%
Budget for senior citizen engagement: $15,000

1. Dinner concerts
2 Senior Citizen Dinner Concerts - one each in Fall and Spring - $6000
400 seniors at each dinner $7.50 per plate. They sign up when the newsletter comes out.
    Feed them in your cafeteria
    Tie in school concert
    Recruit student volunteers to serve food and create activities
    Recruit administrators to volunteer
    Develop a theme/use this time to communicate with flyers on the table,
       presentations, etc.
    Get other student groups to talk about their achievements
    Generates amazing amount of goodwill – they have a connection to the

2. Adult Education Series
Seniors sign up through newsletter, classes expose them to your facilities, your teachers,
the students. They feel they are getting something in return for their taxes…they feel
vested in your community. Use waiver release forms for exercise classes.
     AARP Driver Refresher Course - $10/head
     Water Aerobics – use community volunteers to teach and pay lifeguard $20/hour
     Use water aerobics teacher at $20/hour (use Aquatics Exercise Association for
      Computer courses – Intro to Excel, Word, Using Digital Cameras, Editing Digital
       Photos, Intro to Computers, Tips on Buying a Computer or Digital Camera, Intro
       to Email, Intro to the Internet (1 or 2 classes each)
      Teachers make hourly rate ($34.80)and are also given 1 hour prep time for each
       instructional hour (same as professional development policy)
      Ballroom dance ($5/person/hour), 4 week class
      Cooking ($22 per hour plus materials)
      Forever Fit – teacher teaches class
      Fall 2006 – 380 registrants for classes.
      To see a sample of our registration pages – visit: and click on the September 2006
       Newsletter at the bottom of the page and view pages 4 and 5 of the newsletter.
      Set up an automated RSVP line.
3. Volunteers in Education Tax Rebate Program
Seniors volunteer to provide instructional support to students and/or teachers. They work
one-on-one with students or small groups who need remedial help in academic subjects to
reinforce basic skills. They can also help non-English speaking students increase their
skills in understanding, speaking, reading, and writing English. Eligibility requirements:
     Paid property taxes in full
     60 years or older
     Owned & Occupied Residence
     Maximum rebate of $500
     Volunteer service in secondary schools
     15 rebates in 2006-07 totaling $3,128 (district with 12,000 students and about a
         40% free and reduced lunch rate)

4. Senior Citizen Tax Rebate Program
Helps alleviate tax burden of seniors living on fixed incomes. See handout.

5. Other ideas
Invite them to events/open house, hold a senior citizen prom, bus tour, tour a new
school/facility, work with Agency on Aging to share info, visit over 55 communities with
information, tailor communication to your target audience.

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