Grant-Proposal-Steps by lanyuehua


									                         HANDY DANDY CDRC PROPOSAL
                            SUBMISSION CHECKLIST
                                        Task                                      Who?   Done
                             WILL I OR WON’T I SUBMIT A PROPOSAL?
Read every word of the RFA
Decide whether you have a feasible plan, given amount of award available,
   how many awards to be funded, timeline, etc.
Decide whether to apply. Are you going on a honeymoon or vacation before
   the grant is due, perhaps you should reconsider.
Discuss plan with funder’s program officer if appropriate.
PI completes and submits PI Checklist to GCO as soon as they are aware of
   pending due date, whether for new submission or Annual Performance
   Report. The PI must fill in the Due Dates and submit to GCO via email.
PI schedules Face-to-Face Meeting with GCO.
GCO confirms receipt of PI Checklist and meeting date/time.
PI and GCO conduct Face-to-Face Meeting and review RFP, Timeline to
   Submission, budget, and required submission documents. Determine any
   preliminary steps and if any documents need GCO and RGC approval (i.e.
   Letter of Intent, Supplement, Incoming Subaward, Amendment).
PI identifies single point of contact from the writing team who will be in
   charge of the application (PI is preferred point of contact).
Determine who submits final to funder once complete and approved.
If doing Annual Progress Report, what financial information do you need from
   GCO or SPA (i.e. carryover fund prediction, staff FTE devoted to project for
   the reporting period).
                                  FORMULATE A PLAN OF ATTACK
Print out every piece of information: RFA, submission guide, application
   package and all required forms.
STUDY these documents. You must follow all instructions to the letter. You
   must use exact format as laid out in guidelines.
Develop a plan for the proposed project: what will the activities be? What
   staff are required? What type of evaluation is needed? What collaborators
   will you involve? Where will the work occur? How many participants will be
Come up with a great title for the project.
Create an outline of the narrative, USING THE HEADINGS PROVIDE in RFA or
   the SELECTION CRITERIA, if applicable.
Request eRA Commons ID if needed (Danny Stockdale /
   and register for specific electronic submission site, if applicable.
Ask colleague to share successful application for this competition.
Does the agency allow pre-proposals? If so, go for it.
Does the agency provide webinars or other forms of training related to grant
submission? Go for it.

                         HANDY DANDY CDRC PROPOSAL
                            SUBMISSION CHECKLIST
                      (NOON 15 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO DUE DATE)
PPQ: download and sign current PPQ)
Write Abstract (usually 1 page only)
Develop Budget (with GCO): the budget dictates everything else:

      How many staff, what FTE needed?
      Consultants? What to pay them?
      Subawards? (need budget and official Letter of Intent from agency
       with whom you arrange subaward)
      What participant costs are involved? Will you pay incentives? If so,
       how many participants does you research design require?
      Is cost share required? How and who will provide funds?
      Are non-CDRC personnel involved? If so, the PPQ will need to be
       signed by that person’s Department.

Nail down any external collaborators:
        Give deadline for Letter of Support/Commitment/Agreement
        Provide “model” Letter, if needed
Arrange for statistical consultation, if needed (need power analysis to decide
  on # participants)
Request Subaward Budget, Letter of Intent, other material as needed per
  funder. Provide date material date required; over estimate time required to
  obtain materials.
Request CVs/Biosketches from staff/collaborators in required format
                         (NOON 10 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO DUE DATE)
All elements must be in final format (e.g uploaded to site or forms, but NOT
  submitted until GCO and RGC give final approval for submission). Use
  version control on circulating documents.
Narrative (may be draft)
Budget (Final)
Budget narrative
Biosketches/CVs (in requested format)
Human subjects statement (if applicable)
Letters of support/agreement/commitment
Miscellaneous requirements (e.g. Person Loading Chart, Pending/Current
  Support, Staff Availability/Logic Model, etc.)

                         HANDY DANDY CDRC PROPOSAL
                            SUBMISSION CHECKLIST
                                            FINAL DAYS
Find someone to critique your draft who will provide honest feedback
Complete narrative. Tell them EVERYTHING they want in the LANGUAGE that
   they want you to use and in the ORDER that they request it. Provide all the
   facts that are needed, but also write a compelling story.
Be aware of cascading effects of changes to any piece of the application
Refer back to RFA and submission guidelines constantly
Respond to any request for edits from RGC review
                                        SUBMIT PROPOSAL
3 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO DUE DATE Provide all components to GCO in
   final format by NOON. Late applicants will not be allowed to submit.
                                        POST SUBMISSION
If submission, watch for email confirmation, and log into your eRA
   Commons site to track submission. Coordinate response to errors and
   warnings with RGC if required.
If required by funder, fax, email or send by US Post any other required hard
   copy documents to funder.
Celebrate !!!! Have a beer! Take that honeymoon!
                                 AWARD NOTICE

      If not funded, RGC requires actual funder notice for their files. Please
 forward funder letter to GCO.

       If funded, congratulations, go have another beer!!


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