HR Proposal PEGPETIA Grant by lanyuehua


                                     PEGPETIA - 2008

1. APPLICANT’S NAME                  Herman R. Crump II

2. MAILING ADDRESS                   13 Frances Hunter Drive


 CITY, STATE, ZIP                    New Haven, CT 06511


4. CONTACT PHONE NUMBER              (914) 619-6518 (Cell)

5. FAX NUMBER                        (888) 811-0173

6. EMAIL ADDRESS           


8. AMOUNT REQUESTED ($)              $ 176,409.25



*Under the penalty of law, I affirm that the information provided herein is true and correct to the best
of my belief and understanding and that any errors of omissions will be timely corrected and
resubmitted to the Department
Before completing the application, please read all instructions and guidelines
carefully and thoroughly. Separately provide responses to the following:

Description and estimated costs associated with the PEGPETIA Grant request:

   1. Describe fully the activity or project that the PEGPETIA Grant will cover.

The PEGPETIA grant will go toward an educational program that
teaches about personal growth and advancement. This program is
designed to educate youths and adults, providing tools to overcome
personal hindrances and to develop a vision for their lives. This
program will offer a 2 day workshop on the weekend followed by a
week of individual and small group counseling for those who sign up
for it. The workshops will be broken into 6 separate segments
designed to provoke change through creative teaching, and visual &
learning activities.

Anger Management
This Learning seminar utilizes motivational speaking and
illustrations that will educate on how to deal with anger issues! The
objective of this class is to educate on how to manage emotions by
identifying and dealing with what causes the anger. This class will
educate on how to deal with resentment, disappointments,
frustration, hopelessness, and more. In addition, this class with
teach ways to be proactive instead of reactive.

Becoming a better me
This class educates on how your attitude affects your altitude. It
educates on a variety of things such as: how to overcome personal
hurts, the power of forgiveness, how to tame your tongue, and ways
to understand yourself. Similarly, the class demonstrates a variety
of ways to balance life’s obligations, while still enjoying your life. It
gives understanding on how to manage fear, stress, and emotions
without losing hope.

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Change your Mind
This workshop will educate and provide understanding on mindsets
and how they can either advance you or hold you back; it will
breakdown what a mindset is and how it can be changed or
strengthened. Similarly this class will open up an individual’s
understanding of how their environment (what they take in, what
they see, hear, think about, etc) plays an intricate role in who they
are and who they will become. This class will educate through
quality teaching and hands on activities in order to help illustrate in
a variety of ways how success and failure are directly linked to an
individual mindset.

Character Transformation
This class breaks down what character is and emphasizes the
benefits of having good character. In this workshop attendees will
participate in character building exercises that will help develop and
strengthen core values that can be built upon in an individual’s day
to day life.

Relationships in review
Most people have great ambitions for their relationships, but do not
know how to implement foundational principals in choosing and
building successful relationships. This class will help individuals
examine and understand the various component that go into
building successful relationships. It will teach how to: find a
partner, break unhealthy cycles, understanding what is needed in a
relationship, look at things realistically, and maintain your identity
in a relationship.

Achieving your dream
This class deals with the various components of success. It will
educate individuals on how factors like opportunity, strategy,
determination, vision, discipline, and exposure are intricate parts of
success. Project and visualizations will be utilized to dispel the
notion that the attendees do not already have what it takes to
achieve greatness.

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  2. Explain how the requested PEGPETIA Grant will enhance community access
     programming (Public, Educational and/or Governmental or (PEG)).
This program will increase the quality of programming that is
currently offered in that it will address issues relevant to every
viewer. Similarly, the subject matter that is covered will be
illustrated in fun, unique ways that will give viewers great
understanding as it pertains to the covered topics. Next, this
program will add to the variety of educational programs offered
because it deals with personal growth and development, a topic that
has not often been taught about on public access. Finally, this
program will increase the quantity of programming offered because
it explores several aspects of personal growth and development, and
each class can be shown on public access. I believe that seeing this
educational material offered in such a unique and powerful way will
excite individuals about the information they can receive on
community access program. Also, it will increase the likelihood of
viewers to continually tune in to community access programming to
find out what other educational material will be offered.
Furthermore, I believe that people will share with others their
excitement about the quality educational programming being offered
resulting in an increase in viewers.
  3. Identify the geographical area(s) and/or school system(s) that are expected to benefit
     from the PEGPETIA Grant.

This program will benefit individuals in the greater New Haven
  4. Provide the total number of subscribers/students that are expected to receive benefit
     from the requested PEGPETIA Grant.

This program is anticipated to benefit 700-900 people directly, but
upward of 2,500 through word of mouth & public access

  5. See the criteria listed in Sections B, C and D, in the Decision, in Docket No. 07-10-
     11, DPUC Proceeding to Establish Administrative Guidelines for the Public,
     Educational and Governmental Programming and Education Technology Investment
     Account Pursuant to Public Act 07-253. Explain and provide examples of how
     receipt of Grant funds sought in this Application will satisfy these criteria.

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   People are taught how to manage everything but are often left
   wondering how to manage themselves. This program will add to
   the quality of programming currently offered because it will teach
   achievable techniques that can be utilized in everyday life to
   reshape and strengthen an individual’s character, outlook, and
   aspirations. Moreover, this grant will allow for a variety of
   programming because it will fund a topic, personal wholeness,
   which is often left unexplored but is vital to change. Lastly, the
   several workshops that this program is broken into will be
   conducive in increasing the quantity of educational programs
   being offered in the state of Connecticut.
   6. Provide the total estimated cost of implementing the project or undertaking the
      activity associated with the requested PEGPETIA Grant.
The total cost of implementing this project will be $ 176,409.25
   7. Provide a complete budget for the PEGPETIA Grant request.
Please refer to itemized budget detailed in question 9
   8. If applicable, indicate any additional funds from other sources that will be used to
      supplement the PEGPETIA Grant sought in this Application.
Not Applicable
   9. Provide a list of the vendor(s) who will deliver the goods and/or services and an
      itemized list of costs associated with the project. Provide your response in the
      format shown below. Indicate the importance of each item in order from the most to
      least important.

Vendor Name                 Item Description                     Total Cost of Item
(1) Marriott                (2)Venue @ $12,000.00 (wknd)         $ 24,000.00 (most important)
(2) Preferred Photo         (3) Video Camera @ $4,672.20         $ 14,016.60 (most important)
(3) Pro audio Super store   (1) Microphone system @ $4889.00     $ 4,889.00 (most important)
(4) Apple                   (1)Mac Computer @ $2966.94           $ 2,966.40 (most important)
(5) New Egg                 (2) PC Computer @ $2099.99           $ 4,199.98 (most important)
(6) Preferred Photo         (1) Projector @ $2000.00             $ 2,000.00 (most important)
(7) Preferred Photo         (1) Electric Screen @ $389.00        $ 389.00    (most important)
(8) Guitar Center           (1) Set of Speakers @ $1899.98       $ 1,899.98 (most important)
(9) Guitar Center           (2) Floor Monitors @ $269.99         $ 539.98    (most important)
(10) Guitar Center          (1) Mixing Board @ $4999.00          $ 4999.00 (most important)
(11) Guitar Center          (1) Compressor @ $4195.00            $ 4195.00 (most important)
(12) Guitar Center          (1) Subwoofer Pair@ $679.00          $ 679.00    (most important)
(13) Guitar Center          (1) Amplifier @ $4299.00             $ 8588.00 (most important)
(14) Neato                  Dvd printer & dup.@ $3399.00         $ 3399.00 (most important)

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(15) POS           (5) Color Ink @ $49.95             $ 249.75    (most important)
(16) POS           (5) Black Ink @ $41.65             $ 208.25    (most important)
(17) Labor                   (8)Labor @ $16/hourly for 120/hrs $ 15,360.00 (most important)
(18) Equipment Labor         Setup, use & breakdown @ $ 6,500 $ 6,500.00 (most important)
(19) MTM Catering            (2)Food @ $7,000                   $14,000.00 (most important)
(20) G&R Business Group      Webpage & Supplies@ $ 4,200        $ 4,200.00 (most important)
(21) Teachers                (4) Educators @ $3,000.00          $ 12,000.00 (most important)
(22) Proaudio Super Store    (1) Wireless lapel Mic             $ 1099.00 (most important)
(23) Honda                   (1) Generator @ $5491.95           $ 5491.95 (most important)
(24) Xerox Direct            (1) Printer @ $2099_               $ 2099.00 (most important)
(25) AMS                     (1) CD Recorder @ $1199.95         $ 1195.95 (most important)
(26) POS           (1) Retail Software                $ 1150.00 (most Important)
(27) POS           (1) Hand Scanner @ 475.00          $ 475.00     (most Important)
(28) Sony                    (1) Still Camera @ $999.99         $ 999.99     (most important)
(29) Allen Display           (1) Podium@ $947.28                $947.28      (most important)
(30) Apple                   (1) Final Cut Studio @ $1376.99    $ 1376.99 (most important)
(31) Microsoft               (1) Microsoft Office @ $499.95     $ 499.95    (most important)
(32) B & H                   (1) External Hard Drive@454.95     $ 454.95    (most important)
(33) Guitar Center           (25) Mic Cords @ $83.95            $ 2098.75 (most important)
(34) Guitar Center           (2) Equipment @ $50.00             $ 100.00    (most important)
(35) Guitar Center           (6) 16 chan. Stage Snake@ $403.99 $ 2423.94 (most important)
(36) Preferred Photo         (3) 35’ VGA comp. Cable @ $179 $ 537.00        (most important)
(37) Preferred Photo         (3) 4m Comp. Vga Cable@ $169.00 $ 507.00 (most important)
(38) Preferred Photo         (3) 8m Comp. Vga Cable@ $169.00 $ 507.00 (most important)
(39) X1UP                    (6) Power Surge Cord @ $55.99      $ 335.94 (most important)
(40) Public Storage          (1) Storage Room @ $1596           $ 1596     (most important)
(41) Cd recording software   (10) Color Ink (DVD) @ 37.95       $ 379.50 (most important)
(42) Cd recording software   (10) Black Ink (DVD) @ $100.00 $ 400.00 (most important)
(43)              (8) Walkie Talkie @ $290.00        $ 2320.00 (most important)
(44) Preferred Photo         (3) Video Light@ $239.99           $ 719.97 (most important)
(45) Preferred Photo         (3) Video camera Tripod @ $299.99 $ 899.97 (less important)
(46) Sony                    (1) Flash @ $299.99                $ 299.99    (less important)
(47) Sony                    (1) Camera Tripod @ $179.99        $ 179.99    (less important)
(48) Sony                    (1) Memory Card @ $199.99          $ 199.99    (less important)
(49) Preferred Photo         (15) Video Tape @ $14.99           $ 224.85    (less important)
(50) Preferred Photo         (3) telephoto lense @ $499.99      $ 1499.97 (less important)
(51) Preferred Photo         (3) Rechargeable Battery @ $199.99 $ 599.97    (less important)
(52) Neato                   (20) DVD’s @ $39.24                $ 1569.60 (less important)
(53) Neato                   (20)Recordable CD’s @ 26.58        $ 531.60    (less important)
(54) PosMicro                (2) Scan System @ $2299            $ 2299.00 (less important)
(55) Green Light Office      (7) Scan Cards @ $ 17.81           $ 124.67 (less important)
(56) Neato                   (40) Jewl Cases @ $22.46           $ 1796.80 (less important)
(57) MysimpleCity            (3) Headphones @ $ 98.99           $ 296.97 (less important)
(58) Staples                 (2) Labeler @ $89.99               $ 89.99    (less important)
(59) Preferred Photo         (3) Hard Cases V-Camera@ $449.99 $ 1347.00 (Less important)
(60) Sony                    (1) Camera Carrying Case @ $84.99 $ 84.99     (less important)

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(61) Exxon                   (367) Gas @ $ 4.09 p/Gal          $ 1501.00        (less important)
(62) Enterprise              (1)Cargo Van                      $ 273.63         (Less important)
(63) ENTERPRISE              (1) Suv                           $ 505.84         (less important)
(64) Preferred Photo         (3) Warranty V-camera@ $599.99 $ 100.00           (Least important)
(65) Preferred Photo         (3)Lcd screen @ $ 9.99            $ 29.97          (Least important)
(66) Preferred Photo         (3) Camera cleaning kit @ $9.99   $ 29.97          (least important)
(67) Costco                  (6) Tables @ $107.59              $ 645.54         (least important)
(68) Guitar Center           (2) Portable rack Mounts @ 499.99 $ 998.98         (least important)
(69) Preferred Photo         (1) Projector Warranty @ $269.99 $ 269.99          (least important)
(70) Preferred Photo         (1) Equip. Hard Case @ $394.99    $ 394.99         (least important)
(71) Staples                 (2) Markers                       $ 255.00         (least important)
(72) Staples                 (1) filing cabinet                $ 149.99         (least important)
(73) New Egg                 (2) Warranty Computers @139.99 $279.98             (least important)
(74) Taxes & Shipping         Warranty Computers @139.99       $279.98          (least important)
(75) Guitar Center           (2) Warranty - Amplifier @399.99 $799.98           (least important)
(76) Guitar Center           (1) Warranty - Subwoofer @109.99 $109.99           (least important)
(77) Guitar Center           (1) Warranty - Compressor @399.99 $399.99          (least important)
(78) Guitar Center           (1) Warranty - Mixer @399.99      $399.99          (least important)
(79) Guitar Center           (1) Warranty - Speakers @199.99 $199.99            (least important)

   10. Provide copies of all bids, estimates, prices, and other supporting information.
Please see pp. 10-42
   11. Describe the experience of the Applicant in PEG-related activities, video production
       activities and grant administration, as applicable, include relevant reference(s).

I have over 15 years of experience orchestrating community,
educational, and outreach events. I have hosted several events in
NY geared toward empowerment such as youth explosions, “A
powerful me” seminars, and “the warrior within” workshops. These
events propelled me into starting a non-profit organization where I
feed the hungry, teach classes on personal empowerment, and
provide counseling and support for those attempting to reform and
improve their lives. Also, I am an accomplished motivational
speaker who travels to several U.S. cities providing teaching about
personal wholeness. I also have capable individuals available to
setup and operate all of the equipment.
This is the first time I have applied for government financing
however, I do have experience distributing large budgets. When I
compiled my album, I orchestrated my own tour throughout the U.S.
and traveled with a band, backup singers, and staff; so I understand

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the several elements that go into planning, budgeting, and
completing a successful event.
Please find my bio on page 43 and references on pp. 44-46

Performance Measurement

   12. Describe the Applicant’s expectation to achieve from the successful implementation
       and completion of the project.

The successful implementation of this program will empower people
to examine their actions, emotions and decisions making process; it
will equip them with the necessary tools to evaluate and change bad
and/or destructive habits. Furthermore, it is my desire through this
program to see people thinking bigger and setting higher
expectations for themselves; I want them to understand that what
they desire is attainable, greatness is not for someone else; it is for
them.      In addition, this program will increase the quantity of
quality educational resources available to the public so that they are
able to receive free tools that will make a humongous difference in
the vision and direction of their lives.

   13. What steps will the Applicant take to ensure that the project’s objectives are met?

I understand that an event cannot be successful without the proper
thought and preparation, so I will take the following steps to ensure
the success of this event:
   1. Secure a venue to accommodate all attendees.
   2. Purchase & test equipment to ensure it is working properly for
   3. Promote the event & secure attendees.
   4. Have a webpage developed for people to signup, ask questions,
      get directions, request DVD when completed, and more.
   5. Get a team together to help with errands, purchasing,
      bookkeeping, answering calls, mailing, assist at event, etc
   6. Develop a checklist to help with scheduling and time

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   7. Bring in accomplished business owners and individuals who
      have changed the destiny of their life to motivate and educate
   8. Bring in capable audio and video people to setup, tape, and
      breakdown equipment.
   9. Correspond with educators to develop and ensure quality
      lessons that are relevant and will inspire all attendees and
      those who will view this event.
   10. Videotape and submit a copy of the event.

Partner Organization (if applicable)

   14. Provide the name and address of any partner organization. Include a letter or
       statement indicating that the partner has agreed to take part in this project.
Not Applicable!
   15. Explain the role of the partner organization in the project or activity.
Not Applicable!
Any Other Information (if applicable)

   16. Provide any other information that the Applicant believes will exemplify the benefits
        of the project or activity.
Not Applicable!

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