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									                                         Contacts for Specific Commodities
                     Description                             Buyer         Telephone                  Email
 Audio-visual, photo and production,                   Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Audio,visual,photo:equipment and supplies             Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Cable, hydro, gas and water                           Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Cafeteria services and equipment                      Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Cellular, Autocel & Satellite                         Lemos,Rachel       604/276-3179
 Construction projects and renovation                  Herbert,Cathie     604/276-3285
 Consulting: construction & building                   Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Consulting: education, training and human resources   Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Consulting: IT                                        Yamanaka,Mark      604/232-7768
 Consulting: management, professional                  Yamanaka,Mark      604/232-7768
 Consulting: medical                                   Groom,Matilda      604/214-6707
 Copier, MFD purchase/lease                            Lemos,Rachel       604/276-3179
 Courier, mail                                         Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Data entry, transcrip, scan index                     Yamanaka,Mark      604/232-7768
 Disposal of equipment/assets                          Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Environmental waste& recycle                          Herbert,Cathie     604/276-3285
 Facilities: building materials & supplies             Herbert,Cathie     604/276-3285
 Facilities: equip rent, lease and maintenance         Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Facilities: equipment supply                          Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Facilities: floor, blinds, window coverings           Herbert,Cathie     604/276-3285
 Facilities: major building maintenance and service    Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Facilities: repairs and maintenance                   Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Financial services                                    Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Fire safety and security                              Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Furniture                                             Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Graphic arts, advertising and writing                 Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Health services                                       English,Kathy      604/231-8812
 IT hardware, software and peripherals                 Lemos,Rachel       604/276-3179
 Lab equipment maintenance and testing                 Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Marketing, surveys and research                       Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Office equip(excludes copiers)                        Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Office equipment purchase and maintenance             Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Office supplies - ergonomic                           Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Office supplies including toner and paper             Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Printing services                                     Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Promotional goods and supplies                        Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Property management                                   Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Records management                                    Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Signage                                               Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636
 Strategic Initiatives                                 Yamanaka,Mark      604/232-7768
 Telecom/network: maintenance, phones, lines, rent     Lemos,Rachel       604/276-3179
 Tradeshows and conferences                            Affleck,Carolina   604/276-3110
 Training (excl Consulting)                            Stojcic,Todd       604/279-7413
 Translation/Interpretation                            English,Kathy      604/231-8812
 Travel, hotels and car rental                         English,Kathy      604/231-8812
 Vehicle purchase, maintenance and parts               Tse,Nancy          604/279-7636


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