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					FYP 2011 Name List

S/N   NAME                          Project                             TITLE                                  SUP 1                SUP 2                    SUP 3           EXAMINER
                                              Active force generation in a novel viscoelastic solid
  1   Phyllicia See Yee Lin          BIE03                                                                   Buist, Martin      Corrias, Alberto                -
                                              model                                                                                                                          Nhan Phan-Thien
  2   Tjokro Gunawan                 BIE05    Using iPhone as a Fall Detector and Pill Reminder             Chan, Casey                 -                       -            Kim Sangho
  3   Li Gongchao                    BIE07    Laplace-domain diffuse optical tomography                    Chen, Nanguang               -                       -            Sheppard, Colin
  4   Joo Wei Xin                    BIE08    Sample preparation for focal modulation microscopy           Chen, Nanguang               -                       -            Sheppard, Colin
  5   Liew Min                       BIE09    Optical brain imaging                                        Chen, Nanguang               -                       -            Ong Sim Heng
                                              Diffuse Optical Tomography for Monitoring Response to
  6   Jessie Cheah Phaik Ean         BIE10                                                                 Chen, Nanguang               -                       -
                                              Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer                                                                                      Zaidel-Bar Ronen (NRF)
                                              Realize the function of Optical Coherence Tomography
  7   Lim Qi Xiang Terence           BIE11    with a customized portable bi-functional bioimaging          Chen, Nanguang      Dr Zhang Jing Bo                 -
                                              system                                                                                                                         Huang Zhiwei
  8   Qin Yunquan                    BIE12    A measure to assess footwear comfort                         Chong, Desmond        Toh Siew Lok                   -            Lee Taeyong
                                              Characterisation of the fixation strength of the hip
  9   Phang Jie Min                  BIE13                                                                 Chong, Desmond         James Goh                     -
                                              fracture fixation device                                                                                                       Lee Taeyong
                                              Characterization of monoclonal antibodies targeting stem                          Tan Heng Liang            Vanessa Ding
 10   Melissa Wirawan                BIE14                                                                  Choo, Andre
                                              cells and cancer cells.                                                                BTI                       BTI           Raghunath, Michael
                                                                                                                                                     Liao Ping
                                              Electrophysiological effects of splice variants in the
 11   Ferdinand Chan Wai Kit         BIE15                                                                 Corrias, Alberto       Buist, Martin      National Neuroscience
                                              infarcted heart
                                                                                                                                                     Inst                    Leo Hwa Liang
 12   Joshua Ch'Ng Ya Song           BIE16    Role of the Purkinje system in cardiac arrhythmia            Corrias, Alberto       Buist, Martin                              Leo Hwa Liang
                                              Understanding the success of Amiodarone, the leading
 13   Xie Bingying                   BIE17                                                                 Corrias, Alberto       Buist, Martin                 -
                                              anti arrhythmic drug                                                                                                           Russell, Bruce Malcolm
                                              Nanomedicine: quantitative control of drug T\targeting by
 14   Tan Guang Rong                 BIE19                                                                  Feng, Si-shen               -                       -
                                              surface functionalized nanoparticles                                                                                           Russell, Bruce Malcolm
                                              Functionalization of bioresorbable poly-epsilon
                                                                                                                                 Wong Hee-Kit
                                              caprolactine - 20% tricalcium phosphate cage devices to
 15   Ding Wei Yung                  BIE20                                                                   Goh, James       Orthopaedic Surgery,              -
                                              enhance delivery of biological factors in interbody spinal
                                              fushion                                                                                                                        Choo, Andre
                                                                                                                                                     Nathan, Saminathan
                                              Bioreactor Culture of Osteosarcoma Cells for Drug                                                      Suresh
 16   Govin Dass Naidu               BIE21                                                                   Goh, James          Toh, Siew Lok
                                              Testing Applications                                                                                   (Department of
                                                                                                                                                     Orthopaedic Surgery)    Feng Si-Shen
                                              Characterisation and Chemosensitivity Testing of Three-                                                Nathan, Saminathan
 17   Chia Su Shin                   BIE22                                                                   Goh, James          Toh, Siew Lok
                                              dimensional Tumour Co-culture Models                                                                   Suresh                  Feng Si-Shen
                                                                                                                                 Khin Yin Win           Teng Choon Peng
 18   Lin Yijun                      BIE23    Nanoparticles for oral delivery of drugs                     Han, Ming Yong
                                                                                                                                    IMRE                      IMRE           Li Jun
                                              Assessment of liver fibrosis in animal models using
 19   Malathi D/O Pannir Selvan      BIE24                                                                  Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              nonlinear optical microscopy imaging                                                                                           Chen Nanguang
                                              Integrated spectroscopy and endoscopic imaging for
 20   Khoo Wei Ling                  BIE25                                                                  Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              early cancer detection in the head and neck                                                                                    Yim, Evelyn
                                              Investigation of liver disease using coherent anti-Stokes
 21   Koh Cui Fen                    BIE26                                                                  Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              Raman scattering microscopy                                                                                                    Sheppard, Colin
                                              Investigation of Raman photon propagation in biotissue
 22   Peng Han                       BIE27    based on Monte Carlo simulation and regression                Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              techniques                                                                                                                     Qiu Anqi
                                              Surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) microscopy
 23   Li Lu                          BIE28                                                                  Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              for cervical cancer cell imaging                                                                                               Chen Nanguang
                                              Fluorescence lifetime imaging for tissue diagnosis and
 24   Fatin Zunairah Bte Zulkifli    BIE29                                                                  Huang, Zhiwei               -                       -
                                              characterization                                                                                                               Chan, Casey
                                              Investigation of Plantar Soft Tissue Properties using an
 25   Lim Hui Xin Cynthia            BIE33                                                                  Lee, Taeyong                -                       -
                                              in-vivo Adaptive Foot Indentor                                                                                                 Chong, Desmond
                                              Investigation of the Biomechanical Effect of Variable
 26   Low Jin Huat                   BIE34    Stiffness Shoe on External Knee Adduction Moment in           Lee, Taeyong                -                       -
                                              Various Dynamic Exercises                                                                                                      Toh Siew Lok
                                              Effect of estradiol on the osteoblasts response to fluid
 27   Low Eng Jock Marisa            BIE35                                                                  Lee, Taeyong                -                       -
                                              shear                                                                                                                          Low Hong Tong
                                               Response of osteoporosis to low-magnitude high-
28   Yacincha Selushia Liem            BIE36   frequency whole body vibration (WBV) treatment using            Lee, Taeyong                 -              -
                                               bone microstructure and viscoelastic analysis                                                                   Corrias, Alberto
                                               Design and development of a transcatheter mitral heart                                 Cui Fangsen,
29   Chan Zhi Wei                      BIE37                                                                  Leo, Hwa Liang                               -
                                               valve                                                                                  IHPC, A*Star             Kim Sangho
                                               Computational study of blood flow characteristics through                            Nguyen Vinh Tan
30   Chong Jia Loon                    BIE38                                                                  Leo, Hwa Liang                               -
                                               abdominal aortic aneurysms: a patient-specific study                                  IHPC, A*Star
                                                                                                                                                               Corrias, Alberto
                                               Development of an in vitro physiological fluidic set-up for
31   Ng Wee Suan                       BIE39                                                                  Leo, Hwa Liang                -              -
                                               assessment of vascular stenosis in hemodialysis patients
                                                                                                                                                               Low Hong Tong
                                               Development of an in vitro physiological fluidic set-up for
32   Lee Mei Hui Petrina (Li Meihui)   BIE40                                                                  Leo, Hwa Liang                -              -
                                               the assessment of endovascular implant                                                                          Nhan Phan-Thien
                                               Biomolecule immobilization and sample surface
33   Song Xia                          BIE41                                                                       Li, Jun          Dr Zhang Jing Bo       -
                                               functionalization with surface chemistry                                                                        Kanchanawong Parkorn Tony (NRF)
34   Kritika Kumar                     BIE42   Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Detection of                Li, Jun           Huang, Zhiwei         -
                                               Cancer Marker                                                                                                   Raghunath, Michael
                                               Protein biomarker detection in saliva using silicon                                Dr Zhang Zhongxing
35   Diao Bishuo                       BIE43                                                                       Li, Jun                                 -
                                               nanowire biosensor                                                                        IMRE                  Zhang Yong
                                               Injectable supramolecular hydrogel for controlled release                              Liu Kerh Li
36   Chua Jie Shi                      BIE44                                                                       Li, Jun                                 -
                                               applications                                                                              IMRE                  Yim, Evelyn
37   Apurva Parthasarathi              BIE45   EEG Study of visual spatial attention                            Li, Xiaoping               -               -   Yu Haoyong
                                               Developing a new microfluidic biochip for the early
38   Ong Xue Guang John                BIE46                                                                  Lim, Chwee Teck               -              -
                                               detection and diagnosis of cancer                                                                               Toh Siew Lok
                                               Development of a microdevice to detect fetal nucleated
39   Vanessa Woo Hui Ting              BIE47                                                                  Lim, Chwee Teck                              -
                                               cells in maternal blood                                                                                         Yu Haoyong
40   Tan Wen Wei                       BIE49   Non-Intrusive Flow Test in Dental Microcirculation            Nhan, Phan-Thien               -              -   Kim Sangho
41   Li Yue                            BIE51   Cognitive Function Decline in healthy Aging                      Qiu, Anqi                   -              -   Li Xiaoping
                                               Brain Atrophy in Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular
42   Tan Ming Zhen                     BIE52                                                                     Qiu, Anqi                  -              -
                                               Dementia                                                                                                        Buist, Martin
43   Chong Gim Hong                    BIE53   Influences of fetal growth on eye shapes of neonates              Qiu, Anqi                  -              -   Buist, Martin
                                               Histone demethylating agents as a potential therapeutic
44   Tai Liwei                         BIE55                                                                 Raghunath, Michael             -              -
                                               agent for fibrosis                                                                                              Shivashankar GV
                                               The effects pf macromolecular crowding on cellular
45   Jane Antony                       BIE56                                                                 Raghunath, Michael             -              -
                                               metabolism                                                                                                      Shivashankar GV
                                               Comparative biomechanics of malaria infected red blood
46   Davin Mahardhika Wangsa           BIE62                                                                   Russell, Bruce       Lim, Chwee Teck        -
                                               cells                                                                                                           Corrias, Alberto
                                               Synthesis of metallic nanorods with different surface
47   Gao Conger                        BIE63                                                                  Sheppard, Colin       Dr Zhang Jing Bo       -
                                               treatment for advanced bioimaging                                                                               Qiu Anqi
                                               Realize the function of confocal microscopy with a                                  Dr Zhang Jing Bo
48   Song Xuezhen                      BIE64                                                                  Sheppard, Colin                              -
                                               customized portable bi-functional bioimaging system                                Data Storage Institute       Qiu Anqi
                                               Advanced optical imaging by twophoton luminance and
49   Sheng Jie                         BIE65   second harmonic generation mediated with metallic              Sheppard, Colin               -              -
                                               nanorods                                                                                                        Huang Zhiwei
                                               Real-time 3-D biological imaging using high resolution
50   Nithya Ramakrishnan               BIE66                                                                  Sheppard, Colin          Zheng Wei           -
                                               full-field optical coherence tomography                                                                         Raghunath, Michael
                                               Electrospinning Nanofibres for Annulus Fibrosus Tissue
51   Cheong Jen-Ghis                   BIE67                                                                   Toh, Siew Lok          Goh, James           -
                                               Engineering                                                                                                     Lim Chwee Teck
                                               Electrospinning Thermoresponsive Polymers for
52   Mabel Yap Wan Ching               BIE68                                                                   Toh, Siew Lok          Goh, James
                                               Culturing Aligned Mesenchymal Stem Cells Cell-Sheets.
                                                                                                                                                               Lim Chwee Teck
53   Wang Enyi                         BIE69   Polymeric Microspheres as Tissue Engineering Scaffolds         Tong, Yen Wah                 -              -
                                                                                                                                                               Li Jun
54   Leow Thiam Aik                    BIE70   Babies on a Chip - IVF with microfluidic devices               Tong, Yen Wah                 -              -   Trau, Dieter
55   Ng Chan Way                       BIE71   LbL-Encapsulation for Core Shell Materials (I)                  Trau, Dietar                 -              -   Zhang Yong
56   Lum Wey Run                       BIE72   LbL-Encapsulation for Core Shell Materials (II)                 Trau, Dietar                 -              -   Zhang Yong
                                               Hand Held Photometric Device for Bio/Life-Science
57   Chit Su Yi Mon                    BIE73                                                                    Trau, Dietar                -              -
                                               applications                                                                                                    Chan, Casey
                                               Differentiation of neural precursor cell for neurologic
58   Luo Yongqiang                     BIE74                                                                    Yim, Evelyn                 -              -
                                               repair                                                                                                          Choo, Andre
59   Tann Yong You, Jason         BIE75   Optimization of PEGlyation of chitosan                     Yim, Evelyn   -   -   Tong Yen Wah
60   Choo Kwan Tien Royden        BIE76   Nanotopography for tissue engineering vascular graft       Yim, Evelyn   -   -   Tong Yen Wah
61   Syafiqah Bte Baderulshah     BIE77   Gait analysis for stroke patients using powered orthosis   Yu, Haoyong   -   -
                                                                                                                           Chong, Desmond
62   Muhammad Faizal B Zulkifli   BIE78   New fluorescent probes for bioimaging                      Zhang, Yong   -   -   Subramanian Tamil Selvan
63   Akshaya Bansal               BIE79   Intracellular delivery of siRNA using nanoparticles        Zhang, Yong   -   -   Subramanian Tamil Selvan
64   Lee Soon Aik                 BIE80   Use of functional nanoparticles in photodynamic therapy    Zhang, Yong   -   -
                                                                                                                           Han Ming Yong
65   Tan Yue En Jonathan          BIE81   Bead Based bioassays on microarrays                        Zhang, Yong   -   -   Trau, Dieter
                                          Development of nanoplasmonic biosensors for bacteria
66   Phoong Yoke Xi               BIE82                                                              Zhang, Yong       -
                                          quantification                                                                   Trau, Dieter

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